Monday, 1 September 2014

GEMINI May 21st - June 20th

Tread carefully on the home and domestic front, as although there is a strong focus there, you could also find yourself at the centre of some irritating circumstances. However from the 2nd, your ability to talk yourself in and out of any situation with charm is impressive and all forms of communications, whether written or spoken can work very well for you. Communications romantically and with offspring are fruitful. After the 5th any efforts to beautify or refurbish the home can excel because of your excellent taste and aesthetic sensibility.

From the 13th all born up to June 3rd need to be aware there may be some war drums distinctly audible from others, either unexpectedly or not. Mars in Sagittarius from that date is in opposition to your sign.  Others will be challenging, maybe needlessly so, and you have to decide whether their input in your life is something that you need to listen to, or whether you need to walk away. You too may be a little bit of a force to reckon with. Strong interchange in relationships is powerful and for women, the impact of men is particularly strong, but this doesn't have to be negative.

If born up to June 7th, Jupiter is bringing ease of communication, luck, positivity of thinking and an upbeat attitude. Opportunities are there to be grasped and travel is flagged up.

Uranus is also very much onside in his rare transit to your Sun if born June 4th to 7th. Friends are stimulating, inspiring, and new groups can open your mind. Your own individuality and your uniqueness is now being honoured by yourself and recognised by others; and a new charisma is yours.

Neptune from his home sign of Pisces is till squaring the Suns of those born May 26th-29th. For this group there is a need to recognise a feeling of confusion and uncertainty around professional situations, both inner or outer . A sort of divine discontent needs honouring, as your heart is having more of a say in your assessment of life than previously. Watch the journey unfold; this a redemptive period.

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