Monday, 1 September 2014

SAGITTARIUS November 22nd -December 21st

You have little choice but to focus on the challenges of work and your worldly position, and after the 5th negotiations in that area can go well, providing you are very clear and concise.

Between the 2nd and 27th all of you will have very good input from friends who offer wisdom, advice and good communication outlets.

Before the 13th be aware that you may well be harbouring inner tensions and resentments. Let them go or express them calmly. However after that date,  all born up to December 6th will be very energised, driven, be very proactive of necessity, but beware anger, irritation and impatience and be prepared for others to be a little harsh.

Jupiter is very well disposed towards those born December 2nd to 9th. Travel and holidays are particularly enhanced and overseas connections are pleasing.

Your own wisdom and ability to communicate in a way that engages others is powerful and you can get acclaim for your academic achievements.

Uranus is bringing a note of liberation to those born December 6th to 10th. Offspring issues and creativity are changing your life for the better and you feel more uniquely true to yourself than you have felt for many a year. You are being kick-started into a freer future, now you are nearer knowing where your true direction needs to be. You are being awoken.

Neptune however still haunts with a sense of uncertainty, the lives of those born November 26th-29th. There is a feeling of fog and insecurity re home /family /real estate, and a confusion about where you belong somehow. You are prone to illusion /and potential deception and you are vulnerable to undue influence from others. Beware escapist behaviour and of avoiding dealing with reality and facts. You also need more sleep than usual and recognise your increased sensitivity to the arts and the pain of others.

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