Monday, 1 September 2014

CANCER June 21st - July 21st

This month enhances your mental and communication powers and siblings are more important than usual somehow. Also Mercury in Libra from the 2nd, suggests that family and home issues are a focus and good, calm, clear communications in that area are paramount., especially round the 9th/10th when things are tense.

If born after July 12, before the 13th, the passions are strong and one's emotional and affection needs are potent. Creatively you are a powerhouse and the ability to achieve things with ruthless determination should not be underestimated.  After the13th, when Mars moves into Sagittarius, emphasis moves to energy being directed into work.

Saturn is also supportive if born July 9th to 13th. He is bringing discipline and focus to your ability to handle romance, and creative and speculative issues. Also there is a very grown-up quality about your dealings with these, and children are very grounding.

Uranus is a little chaotic and less than peaceful in its influence if born July 5th to 8th. Professional issues are very uncertain and you are restless. Everything is changeable and you are on the edge of your seat. This is a period of liberty proceeded by insecurity. Don't rush too much to make change. Change will greet you; you just need to embrace it.

Neptune is still a lovely kindly influence if born June 26th-29th.. Yearnings for travel and romantic ideals are strong and you are blessed with strong sensitivity, almost psychically towards others. You absorb knowledge osmotically and boundaries between you and others are weak.  Pluto, by contrast is still warning all those born September 2nd-5th to continue to be careful about the potential for the abuse of power in your life, as power struggles can feel quite ruthless and need conscious handling…Closings of chapters may well be part of the picture too.

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