Monday, 1 September 2014

TAURUS April 21st - May 20th

September is a time for embracing life, enjoying it to the full and for accepting affection and love. It is also excellent for dealing with one's offspring in a very happy way. Creatively also talents excel and from the 5th all these factors are doubly underlined and certainly Cupid can be on the horizon. Also after the 2nd communication skills in your working life can be very helpful.

However Mars, still in the opposite sign of Scorpio, which has been causing a few stresses for Taureans for a month or so, is now bringing some challenges to those born after May 11th. For this group there is definitely a feeling that other people are being coercive, maybe unreasonable and conflict is in the air, not least some power struggles and you may also be the perpetrator. It is very important to make sure that energies are used with a squeaky-clean conscience, and you draw boundaries around those who misuse power.

If born May 1st to 7th, just be aware that you can be a little heavy-handed with spending and a little bit over-indulgent. Look before you leap. Over-confidence is in the air, although good times can roll.

Saturn is not going to be letting you off the hook re things that you need to face up to if born May 8th to 12th. For this group other people are making demands on you and honesty may make you realise that some people are actually becoming liabilities and you need to rethink your position with them and look after your body as well.

However for those born around May 1st and 2nd, there is the bonus of having Pluto trining your Sun currently, which gives you the courage, determination and ability to reinvent yourself in order to rise above difficult situations and to be philosophical and wise enough to handle life with courage. Neptune is kind now to those born April 25th-28th.friends are soul mates and your capacity for ego less concern for others is underlined.

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