Monday, 1 September 2014

CAPRICORN December 22nd - January 19th

 September is an ideal time for vacations for Capricorns. It is also a time when your intellect is super-conscious and super-aware, and between the 5th and 29th many of you will be combining love life with travel very happily, and a  deal of happiness and love can also be found in centres of learning.

Before the 13th, if born after January 11th, your ability to take a lead in projects will be admirable and your courage to speak truth will be noted as is your ability to fight for others is strong. However after the 13th there is a danger of building up private resentment and not expressing yourself healthily when things go wrong.

Saturn your ruler is giving grounding to those born January 8th to 11th. Responsibilities and obligations to friends are important. Duty needs to be done and not avoided.

Uranus is still bring chaos and uncertainty to the lives of those born January 4th to 7th, particularly on a domestic level. This is a journey – go with the flow. Don't try to be too controlling, just be calm and know that change is a certainty of life.

Meanwhile Pluto is back sitting right firmly and squarely on the Suns of those born January 1st to 3rd. You are so nearly through quite a powerful and life-changing few years. Endings of chapters are inevitable. Accessing power consciously and with a good conscience is still important and destiny is playing a huge part in your life. This is a time of accepting your power potential and using it wisely. Accept endings philosophically as the time is ripe for a new chapter to rise from the ashes of the old.

Neptune is gently smiling on the lives of those born December 26th-29th. He is bringing a touch of spiritual acceptance regarding a change of outlook. Your thinking is very much sensitised to your heart and soul and compassion and empathy is strong. The arts are now potentially a real source of inspiration and solace. The sea, music and film /photography can also figure strongly in a harmonious way.

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