Thursday, 1 January 2015

TAURUS April 21ST – May 20th

You will be relieved that Saturn has left Scorpio and entered Sagittarius as he has been opposing your Suns on and off at some point for 2½ years, although he does return to the late degrees of Scorpio briefly mid June to mid September. In Sagittarius he forces you to get realistic and intense about the deeper things of life and also to focus on complex financial issues of necessity, and some of the eternal truths of life that are not always east to contend with, but he is really a rather dumb note for Taureans, unless you have planets in Gemini (which many do).

Jupiter will move this year on August 11th into Virgo which is positive news for Taureans as Virgo is a compatible earth sign (trine relationship) and therefore brings bonuses in terms of creativity, children's issues and love life, and just fun in general, so look forward.

Pluto is a positive and empowering influence all this year for all born May 3rd –7th, notably re long distance issues and for the powers of the super conscious mind.

Neptune also enhances friendships, empathy, sensitivity the imagination, spiritual instincts and creativity this year, if born April 26th-May 1st

This month is good for travel for many Taureans. It is also good for academic studies and results, and for higher thinking, philosophical and ideological understanding.

After the 3rd, issues tend to get more centred on career and focus on your standing in the world in a positive way, but be aware that from the 11th Mercury moves retrograde, suggesting that career negotiations and communications can after that date go somewhat askew, awry, or at least get delayed so get important things done before then.

Mars is not too friendly before the 12th for all born after May 12th. Again focus on career confrontations is possible and there is a distinct possibility that your assertiveness and ambition could clash with someone else's ideas. Do not be stubborn and do not sink to other people's levels if they are contentious in an unacceptable way.

After the 12th all born up to the 7th will feel in leadership mode and you will be socially active and constructive and intelligent goals and action serve you well, and ambition is also strong.

If born May 8th to 14th Jupiter is tempting over-extravagance, over-confidence, over-everything, but enjoy.

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