Thursday, 1 January 2015

VIRGO August 23rd - September 21st

Saturn's move into Sagittarius will haunt those born in the early degrees of your sign on and off for this year, notably those born up to August 28th. He will bring a certain amount of hard work and challenge connected to real estate and family issues, some blocks, restrictions and delays, but all in all, ultimately a time of maturity and putting down a firm basis of hard work for your future. Do employ patience, discipline and not let negativity get the better of you.

Jupiter moves into your sign happily on the 11th August where from 12 months from that date he will act as a protector for all of you at some point, bringing growth, luck, travel and an inner and outer sense of well-being, so something to anticipate and look forward to.

Neptune continues to march slowly through your opposite sign of Pisces all this year and well beyond, and this will affect, by opposing your Sun, over the next 12 months, all born   August 28th-September 3rd. For this group, there is a need to keep aware that fantasies and wishful thinking re others does not cloud realistic judgement and be wary of deceptive circumstances emanating from others and self deception re others.

Pluto meanwhile spends 2015 boosting the creative, fertile and romantic powers and confidence of those born September 5th-9th

This is a happy month for many of you, particularly in the first week, when all born after September 16th can particularly enjoy life to the full and love life is blossoming.

After the 3rd many of you will be using your charms successfully in working life and communications at work are best achieved before the 11th as thereafter Mercury is mischievously retrograde, causing frustrations, and as he is your ruler, it is worth noting.

Efforts and energy are strong in your working life before the 12th, but after that date if born up to September 9th beware that there are others around you in close proximity in relationships who are not pushovers and are assertive, and you need to be aware of this. Some power struggles are in the air potentially.

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