Thursday, 1 January 2015

LIBRA September 22nd - October 23rd

Saturn has just moved into Sagittarius and he will be haunting the early degrees of that sign for much of the year, suggesting that there is a need in a very positive way for some very constructive, serious practical and grounded thinking to be done and it's very good for academic and scholarly studies as well.

Jupiter's move into Virgo from August brings an element of protection for the following 12 months from the 11th of that month, but in a very private, quiet behind-the-scenes way. A sort of quiet guardian angel effect.

Uranus proves a little disruptive in energy this year for all born October 5th-13th. Others bring surprises and this can be disorienting, but their actions and input, though at first upsetting can be a catalyst for changes you are ultimately thankful for.  Pluto still challenges in 2015 those born October 6th-9th. Family issues loom large and power struggles are possible, but only if you allow them to happen. Don’t play a hopeless game, and accept that endings of chapters are inevitable and new ones will start.

Focus on the home is very strong this month for your sign. Planning and communications with family members and real estate is a necessary activity.

After the 3rd however all of you will have a great deal of joy in some children's issues in fun and in creative work. Social life is rich and also after the 5th, many of you will be feeling very powerful in terms of your creative communications with others, but make sure you get most of this successfully achieved before the 11th as thereafter Mercury retrograde can cause complications, misunderstandings and delays.

Before the 12th Mars in Aquarius is particularly powerful for those born after October 14th. You won't take no for an answer, romance is looking good, children's issues are buoyant as are creative issues and there is much creative effort put into enjoying life to the full.

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