Thursday, 1 January 2015


by Leigh Oswald (London-based Astrologer and Teacher)

Saturn (tests/karma) is now in Sagittarius (internationalism /passionate ideology). He remains there on and off this year, as he still has some work to do from late Scorpio, where he retreats to in mid June till mid September, after which he really gets into his Sagittarian mode…. but the Sagittarian lessons for our planet will now begin.

As outlined last month this will involve the realities of the negative challenges that globalisation has brought to our door and international co-operation may become more difficult, and devolution/localism will be sought more globally. The swing away from global consensus and cooperation will be tangible as fear, self-protection and increasing federalism gains hold,

People power will try to grow as the collective unconscious builds in its desire to overrule the power of large global corporations that are aided and abetted by many of our governments’ acquiescence to their vested power, which has little interest in anything but long-term profit and power.

People will increasingly demand to be at the centre of policy, not money.  Knowing the price of everything and the value of nothing is increasingly becoming distasteful as a value system to the general instincts of humanity.

Spain, Australia and possibly America may show some signs of stresses and strains amongst the populace for various reasons as Saturn in Sagittarius establishes itself, however the real impact of Saturn in Sagittarius will not be felt till next year. Greece will become a focus again as its political profile changes radically, as Saturn will be squaring its Virgo energy.

Jupiter’s move into Virgo from August 11th for a year, may well shift growth towards more awareness of the necessity for the protection of our ecosystem and a rethinking of global farming. Virgo is all about ecosystems/horticulture and the balance and benefits of nature. With climate change becoming an increasing desperately urgent issue, the concept of growth and flourishing of green technology, may well be aided and abetted by the powers of Jupiter in the earth sign of Virgo. This may be increasingly of a no choice issue, as Mother Nature rightfully continues to complain bitterly, and necessity will be the driver of new pro planetary health technology.

The up side of Neptune (sensitivity, spiritual awareness, compassion) in his long stint in his home sign of Pisces (the sea) since 2012, will not only put focus on awareness of the value of the seas and what the consequences are for them and us, as we continue our addiction to growth and exploitation of the natural world.

Also and water shortages plus flooding will continue to be highlighted unless we learn to sacrifice (Neptune) our greed and hunger for instant gratification on the altar of conservation and long term planetary survival.

Every time we harm the natural world, we harm ourselves.

At worse, i.e. the dark side of Neptune in Pisces, has proved to be rather insidiously the case since Neptune entered Pisces in 2012 (negatively: confusion /smoke and mirrors/ deception and disorientation), that global events are full of contradictions, mixed messages, unclear policies. Enemies become allies against other enemies, no clear-cut motives are visible, insidious infiltrations confuse allegiances and nothing is black and white any longer. Left and right politics have merged to a murky centre, leaving often-irrational extremists, political or religious, to emerge, which in turn create diversions from major central issues, such as climate change. The result is a feeling of confused powerlessness for the populace as to what to think or feel, or what or how to fight, as there is no clear enemy and those that cheat the system in the higher echelons of power often get away scot free whilst the heavy hand of authority is only too quick to punish the wayward small man. Evidence based policy has been replaced by ideological polemic.  A confused populace is less likely to show collective, effective dissent and this can only be an advantage to those with and in power.

Pluto and Uranus in Capricorn and Aries respectively, also continue in these signs all 2015 and considerably beyond in their lengthy stays, and remain squaring each other. Quite simply the disconnect between the powerful vested interests of ruthless uber capitalism and the interests of the common man and his natural world will continue to collide. The down sides of our current system with its dubious priorities will grow in manifestation, now Pluto is moving into the second half of his journey through Capricorn. This is the half that brings the nemesis, which follows the hubristic misuse of power on the planet, not least driven by money/greed over of the last 8-10 years or so.

Mars currently this month in Aquarius till the 12th continues to make Russia a rather formidable country in terms of ambition and hegemony, notably when under economic duress. From the 12th Mars in Pisces softens, but subtler behind scenes motives are more likely. However the religious and creative energies on the planet will be underlined as a force..

Mercury in Aquarius moves retrograde this month on the 11th for about 3 weeks and therefore we all need to be aware of delays, hiccups, problems, lack of progress generally and glitches in travel and communications, particularly to do with technology as Aquarius rules technology.

Issues to do with breakdown of technology or even the realities and potentials of cyber warfare may become more high profile this year This is preparing us for the future, when Pluto moves into Aquarius in 2025, which will certainly then show us the results of the powers and potentials of technology and not in such a pretty way..

Days this month, of some unpredictability and some geophysical eruptions such as earthquakes, etc. are around the 3rd and the 4th is also a day when power and the possible abuse of it, is in the ether.

The full Moon falls on the 5th at 14 degrees of Cancer, and the new Moon falls on the 20th at 0 degrees of Aquarius. Full moons always represent culminations and endings of cycles, whilst new Moons are linked to the new and births of chapters.  An old farming axiom is that we should sow on the new Moon and reap on the full Moon, and so these events correlate symbolically in our life chapters.

Light and love to all in 2015.

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