Thursday, 1 January 2015

ARIES March 21st - April 20th

This year's planetary shifts of importance involve Saturn and Jupiter. Saturn moved into Sagittarius on the 23rd last month and will spend much of 2015 exploring the early degrees of that sign. For your sign this is no bad thing. It brings challenge but in a constructive way and dutiful/, obligational travel and study are part of the picture and responsibilities are yours, which you will rise to magnificently. It is a time of constructive hard work and practicality maturity and this serves you well. Initially this month it affects those born up to March 25th.

Jupiter's move into Virgo on the 11th August is a bit of dumb note for your sign, but it does augur well for career, health issues and protection in employment.

Uranus, still in your sign moves slowly this year to affect all born April 3rd-12th, by direct conjunction. This brings radical change within and without, which can be both disruptive and/or liberating. Avoid impulsiveness and always look before you leap, and you will find change comes anyway, so don’t push the river and always go more warily than impulse invites.

However Pluto still is creating potential for power struggles within self and from others re work matters this year, if born April2nd –6th. Keep your conscience and motive clean and avoid coercive behaviour. Endings are in the air, ready for the birth of the new. Trust.

Career is well starred this month. There will be effort and focus put in that area, in a charming way with good communication before the 5th, and love and work can mix well.

Have caution if born after April 13th. Stop and think before acting or speaking, but after the 3rd, love life, social life, group organisation, group goals, all are inspired by your intelligent charms

Beware that on the 11th Mercury will move retrograde, Organising and communicating can go rather sour and not everyone is reading from the same hymn book, so try before the 11th to get all your plans and communications done and dusted for maximum potential for success.

However before the 12th because Mars is so positive for you if born after April 11th you are certainly somebody that will get things moving for yourself and other people. Leadership skills are excellent and drive and determination to achieve what you want to achieve is yours. After the 12th, you may feel a little bit more reclusive and self-reflective, correctly so.

If born between April 8th and 13th Jupiter is on your side this month, romantically and creatively, to do with offspring and the arts, and it is a rather party period, so enjoy!

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