Thursday, 1 January 2015

LEO July 22nd - August 22nd

Saturn's new position in Sagittarius which will affect initially those born up to August 28th is bringing a need to work hard and be very much aware that you have to accept responsibilities and also you will have to face some reality checks over offspring. This is a very grounding but ultimately positive experience and you will be haunted by this several times over the year until you actually understand the benefit.

Jupiter will leave your sign on the 11th August and move into Virgo where he may bring some protection and benefits financially.

Uranus will awaken, enlighten and liberate many Leos throughout 2015, not least those born August 4th-15th

This month, notably after the 3rd, all of you may get a boost to your relationship area in life. People are loving and affectionate and people can come into your life who bring a sense of warmth and expansion to your door. Also after the 5th communications with others can go very well but make sure they are achieved before the 11th as after that date there can be room for lost emails, texts and some misunderstandings and letdowns.

Before the 12th Mars is in your opposite sign and for all born after August 14th this suggests that there could be a real sense of confrontation with others. People are on the warpath and you may respond similarly, but have a care and do not let stubbornness prevent compromise.

In the meantime, Jupiter, still in your sign, is this month benefiting all those born August 10th to 16th. He is bringing travel opportunities, protection, growth, creativity and positivity to your door.

The new Moon falls on the 20th at 0 degrees of your opposite sign of Aquarius, therefore on the 20th, all born cuspal Leos, around July 23rd, are likely then to feel a sense of reinvigoration in relationships with others, and initiations are in the ether.

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