Thursday, 1 January 2015

SCORPIO October 24th - November21st

The year ahead sees Saturn hanging around the early degrees of Sagittarius, having moved in there last month. This will not directly affect your sign, but it does imply finances need focus, a grown-up approach and some consolidation.

From August 11th Jupiter will move into Virgo for a year which will be helpful for your sign and bring benefits and friends, groups and will help bring luck to your goals and life.

This year, your ruler Pluto will be empowering all those born November 4th-9th. Intellectually you will be more forensic even than usual and the power of your written and spoken communications will hit home in a constructive, truthful and powerful way. The ripples will reach far. Also for the coming year Neptune will be inspiring all born October 29th –November 3rd. the arts , love life and children can be magical

Much focus is on group connections and work and social life this month, notably before the 5th when communications with others and fun and enjoyment and love life are also particularly underlined, particularly if born after November 15th. However after the 3rd Venus will move into your solar 4th house, which brings a sense of happiness in the home, a desire to beautify it and not a little extravagance in doing so.

After the 5th communications with family are important but you need to clarify what you need to say and make sure it is easily understood, particularly after the 11th when Mercury moves retrograde and there is a great deal of room for misunderstanding.

Mars also is in Aquarius before the 12th, which does not augur too well for those born after November 13th. You may be a little bit of a bull in china shop in your home base, and others may also be equally obstructive. Battles of wills are possible and stubbornness can be counterproductive.

After the 12th however, all born up to November 22nd will find that their energies become easy, happy, enjoyable and extremely creative, not least on the love life front.

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