Thursday, 1 January 2015

GEMINI May 21st - June 20th

Saturn is now in your opposite sign of Sagittarius and he will haunt the first 3 or 4th degrees this year as he slowly meanders back and forth from Sagittarius to Scorpio and back again. Initially those most affected are born up to May 26th.  For this group issues to do with relationships become important. Focus will be on them and a reality check over others and what one needs to do to move forward will become more obvious. Good relationships go through a bit of a constitutional crisis and improve or get consolidated, and bad relationships can have a serious wobble. Others will be also quite testing and you may feel they are blocking your path. Others may well be teachers.

Also this year Jupiter moves into Virgo on August 11th which enhances your solar 4th house but which can also bring for 12 months after that date some over-indulgence or extravagance, so have a care. Meanwhile he is still in Leo enhancing your sign. In fact for those born June 9th to 14th this month is a time of buoyancy, optimism, positive thinking and intelligent communication and thought.

Neptune may cause some self deception, deception or confusion from others this coming yearn if born May27th-June 1st, notably career wise ., so check small print , but know you are in an evolutionary metamorphosis of some sort.

After the 3rd all of you may have the benefit of love life enhanced by travel or in a long-distance context, or a love of learning will show itself, and after the 5th, communications, wisdom, intellectual focus are also strong for all born up to June 10th but after the 11th beware that your ruler Mercury moves retrograde which means that there may well be misinformation, mis-communications, frustrations, blocks and some travel hiccups as well, so be aware

Before the 12th Mars will be giving you dynamic energy if born after June 13th notably in terms of ideological passion, intellectual pursuits and purposeful travel. However after the 12th if born up to June 7th be aware that there may be some impatience and irritability around you from you to others and others to you, particularly on the professional front. Try to count to ten before over-reacting.

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