Thursday, 1 January 2015

SAGITTARIUS November 22nd - December 21st

Saturn has just moved into your sign last month. This means that year of 2015 and beyond will be a year to work hard, face facts, look after yourself and give yourself a good infrastructure for the future. It will not be without its challenges but challenges that if you rise to them, will serve you well in terms of the hard work that you do to establish your future. Saturn is a benevolent despot. Initially those most affected are those born up November 27th/28th. Saturn will be in your sign till December 2017, so these affects will be for many of you delayed till next year or the year after.

Looking further into the year in mid August, Jupiter your ruler will move into Virgo for a year and that can be very positive on the career front for your sign, but one needs to avoid extravagance and over-confidence.

This month feels very much as if there is a focus on finances and in quite a positive way, particularly in the first week. Thereafter, focus is on intellect, thinking, planning and communicating, but get those communications done before the 11th when Mercury moves retrograde and there can then be misunderstandings, blocks and delays. It is also true that transport and technology can let you down after the 11th and you may feel you are reading from a different hymn sheet to others, notably siblings, with whom you need to double check that you get your communications really understood.

Before the 12th however, all born after December 13th will feel very intellectually forthright. Communications with others are constructive, positive and convincing. However after the 12th if born up to December 8th, irritations can abound, not least on the domestic front, so stop and think.

 Uranus awakens and enlightens those born December 4th-7th this month; and all born up to December 9th can look forward to some sort of happy innovation in 2015 and sense of excellent intuition. Children and creativity can be especially liberating.


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