Thursday, 1 January 2015

CAPRICORN December 22nd - January 19th

Saturn's recent move into Sagittarius does suggest that the year ahead will have, at times, for many of you a feeling of some privacy, as sense of being on one's own, and maybe feeling unable to ask for help on some level. It is a time this year when you need to learn to reach out to others and not feel that you just have to manage everything in isolation.

Jupiter's move into Virgo in August, having been in Leo for a year, will suggest that from August 11th Jupiter will be in harmony with your sign and when you can look forward to new opportunities academically and in terms of travel and adventure and a feel-good factor. Before that point however, Jupiter remains in Leo, which brings depth of thought and understanding and connections.

Uranus and Pluto both continue to impact your sign this year in they’re long slow journeys through Aries and Capricorn respectively. All born Jan 3rd –12th will be touched by one of these players, in terms of revolution/change and potential real empowerment. Some endings of chapters are also likely for some.  Two certainties exist in life and one is change.

This month, Mercury in Aquarius moves retrograde on the 11th, bringing possible financial glitches and delays and so before then and with Mars helping focus on getting financial moves achieved and rubberstamped. After the 12th Mars in Pisces will bring assertive constructive communication for all born up to January 6th.

In the first 3 days all born after16th will be charmed with extra love and grace and affection, and thereafter till the 27th financial progress is helped along through your charms rather than intellect. After the 27th if born up to December 27th, Venus enhances your charisma and draws love and support to you.

The Moon is full in your opposite sign of Cancer on the 5th, suggesting that all born Jan 4th-6th will maybe feel on that day, a sense of denouement in a certain relationship. Others will be a source of a wake up call.

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