Thursday, 1 January 2015

CANCER June 21st - July 21st

The big change this year is that Saturn is in Sagittarius for much of the year, newly arrived, although this does not directly affect your sign. He does influence however your solar 6th house which suggests seriousness and focus on everyday work routine and rationalisation of life in a very constructive way and health regimes can be constructive. Also, Jupiter's move into Virgo away from Leo on the 11th August is positive for your sign, as it moves into harmonious sextile relationship and so will enhance your intellect, your communication skills and thought processes in a positive, upbeat way. It also augurs well for sibling relationships.

Uranus and Pluto continue to challenge your sign this year, Uranus will be directly squaring the suns of all born July 5th-14th at various times in the year. Bringing unexpected change and a need to be awakened notably re career direction.  Pluto continues to affect those born July 4th-9th by opposition. There is a need to beware power struggles and abuse of power from self or others. Endings and revolution are in the air.

Neptune is seriously inspiring spiritually, compassion wise and creatively all 2015, if born June 27th-Juy 2nd. Long distance interests and the power of the imagination are inspired.

Mercury will move retrograde on the 11th suggesting that before that date it would be wise to get all issues to do with complex finances sorted and rubber-stamped out of the way and communications around intimate and private issues are also best executed before that date.

Other than that, this is a month that can be very positive and very upbeat, notably before the 5th if born after July 15th. Relationships can be very enhanced both in terms of increased affections and communication serves to really fertilize all liaisons. Love life is underscored very positively, and there is a great feeling of bonhomie towards you from others.

Before the 12th much effort can be put into creating depth of connections with others and complex financial issues may need a lot of energy.

After the 12th if born up to July 9th travel and academic pursuits are thoroughly focused on.

The full Moon in Cancer on the 5th, affects all born round July 7th. For these souls there is a distinct feeling of some disharmony erupting within in a primeval way and which needs to looked at carefully and analytically

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