Friday, 1 February 2013

Overview for February 2013

This is the month of Aquarian energy, which is ruled by Uranus; hence it tends to focus on Uranian big-picture understanding and wisdom and often brings a boost to scientific discovery, and also promotes maverick rebellion. However there is also much influence from Neptune ruled Pisces this month; in fact the energy is divided between the two sign. Mercury moves into Pisces on the 5th and Venus moves there on the 26th. Mars is in Pisces from the 2nd and the Sun moves into Pisces on the 18th

The difference between Neptune ruled Pisces and Uranus ruled Aquarius, is that Uranus (Aquarius) is more to do with the scientific, objective and big picture awareness and indeed is more drawn to the occult (hidden) and esoteric understanding (more akin to quantum physics) whereas Neptune (Pisces) is connected to more subjective mystical and spiritual consciousness and is concerned with the spiritual oneness of the universe and its creatures (metaphysics).   There is an interface developing between these two approaches to life, as we increasingly realise how much we are indeed all made of atoms that have always existed in the universe.

We really are all made of stardust

In fact astrology can be viewed to be an interface between quantum physics and metaphysics.

The power of water (Neptune which rules Pisces now so strong in the water sign of in Pisces for the long haul i.e. till 2026) has been increasingly focusing all our minds on water, as flooding and typhoons intensify in seriousness, linked to the warming of the oceans, rising sea levels and the changing global air currents.  The insidious spread of geophysical challenges to our globe will be increasingly in our face and we will need all the expertise and innovative genius of Uranus in Aries (not to mention political will) to counteract the truly scary environmental consequences (largely self induced) that lie ahead, if it is not too late.

Importantly and hopefully this month, Jupiter sextiles Uranus for most of the time, which can really underline the potential for unpredictable break-throughs and windfalls for the planet, notably in terms of technological progress.

Neptune rules invisible morphing and has no boundaries in its effects and brings quiet, subtle changes of a positive or negative sort; and can be likened in power, when in sneaky mode, to termites eating away at foundations, silently and invisibly, until suddenly the floor caves in. Also Neptune rules epidemics that spread invisibly and amorphously. He also rules drugs (pharmaceutical grade and otherwise), which do their work invisibly, and which subtly change chemical and physical reactions. Hence with Neptune now so strong in Pisces, there is an urgent growing sense in the medical world of the need to recognise the speeding up of the evolution of antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria; bugs which we used to assume we could always knock on the head when they showed themselves, leading us to take many infections in our stride. Complacency is a great human enemy.

We have in the last half-century or so, started to increasingly abuse antibiotics, using them to fatten livestock, so they are regularly in the food we consume; and doctors have pandered to our desire for a pill for every ill, even when they are not necessary or even are inappropriately prescribed  (they do not work against viruses).  Pharmaceutical companies have poured money more recently into drugs for chronic illness that need constant usage, rather than focusing on new antibiotics, for obvious economic reasons. Now we are starting to face the consequences.

Hubris and Nemesis is an eternal story in the human condition, both collectively and individually.

We worry about the economy when indeed there are bigger more lethal elephants in the room, to which we and not least, (especially), governments, are being wilfully blind.  Climactic change and health issues are looming as massive challenges.

Neptune in Pisces will prove a powerful underminer of complacency.

Neptune however can and should be ultimately redemptive.

 The symbolic fish of Pisces was after all, the ancient Greek symbol of Christianity: Icthus.

Certainly on the plus side of Pisces and Aquarian energy this month, there will be a drive for greater compassion on the planet and equally a drive for greater social justice, as the polarisation globally, between the rich and poor simply escalates. However the barely undeclared war between the haves and have-nots will erupt powerfully in summer, as Uranus in Aries (revolution re the claimed rights of the individual) catches up again with Pluto in Capricorn (established power bases) to challenge his dominion and that will be in Europe too, not least the UK.

Mercury moves retrograde on the 23rd in Pisces and he stays in that motion until March 17th during which time things will not behave, including technology. There will be delays, blocks, hiccups, restrictions and frustrations, not just gratuitously for its own sake, but to make us stop and think and if necessary change path.

Also, and especially during the last five days, Saturn in Scorpio has moved to sextile (60 degree alignment) Pluto in Capricorn. This is a fairly rare transit. Pluto is power and Saturn is pragmatism. When Saturn in Scorpio sextiles Pluto in Capricorn, it has the great potential to allow an individual’s or a collective’s power/will to work intelligently and effectively within the establishment and it gives the ability to organise and control power successfully. It also confers talent in physics and maths, bringing breakthroughs in those areas. Tremendous almost obsessive energy can be focused on tasks, that there is a will to accomplish, so it can be a time of great achievements.

 Economic ruthlessness to achieve a certain goal can also be evident. However what is a great achievement for one person /country, could be a threat to another, so motive is everything. Syria is thought to be a Scorpio country (Although some consider it be Aquarian) and the ruthlessness of both government and rebel forces could escalate…. this however may be a catalyst for effective external intervention.

This combination can also enable governments to force their ideological agenda (mostly not evidence based) upon their people’s lives, for good or ill.

However Saturn moves retrograde on the 18th, remaining so till July 8th, and this will give the feeling globally and individually, of being more powerless and unable to take control of difficult events. Karma feels thrust upon us.

Neptune in Pisces is undermining the old foundations of our global values. We need a new root and branch discourse.

Upbeat days of idealism, creative inspiration, if not some illusion are the 4/5th, 22nd and the 28th. Days of potential opportunity, luck and positivity are the 7th. Days of creative courage and disciplined focus, are around the 15th/16th. Days when there can be a global mood of arrogance, over confidence and dangerous complacency are 9th/10th and the 25th/26th

Then new Moon falls on the 10th at 21° of Aquarius and the full Moon on the 25th at 7° of Virgo.

Aries March 21st - April 20th

Many of you feel an urge to be very sociable along with a desire to work for the greater good in a collectively, but also with the desire to be quite retreatist and to contemplate your navel, and to look into your unconscious to gain solace. Mercury also moving retrograde from the 23rd brings a sense that the world seems a place that just is on a different page. Try and value communing with your own wisdom till the 17th.

However for most of the month you will be very popular and in demand, even if a bit alienated, so it may be hard to be on your own, but with Mars in your solar 12th house from the 2nd, it will be important to remember not to sit on any anger and seethe, but to get it out at the right place, at the right time, to the right person, if frustrated with them.

Jupiter however will be harmoniously advantaging all born March 25th –29th.This Jupiter transit is enhancing your sense of grasping a lucky opportunity, because of mental acuity. It is good for travel and excellent for communications and getting listened to.

Uranus however is sitting absolutely on the Suns of this same group, so although there is protection from Jupiter, there is the unexpected, the unpredictable and the adrenalizing going on within and also externally. Your rebellious, innovative side and the desire for freedom is on fire. Just be careful about impulse and jumping out of a frying pan into a fire, but liberty and freedom is demanded. See this as a journey, not an arrival/. You have had this for around a year, but it is about to finish with a lucky flourish.

Pluto however is directly squaring those born March 30th to April 2nd. For this group there are internal power struggles within you and indeed with others possibly connected with career. It is a time of critical change, endings and new beginnings. The aim of the game is to empower you without your abuse of the power and to stand up to those who need standing up to, but with dignity. You have to shine the light on the dark now in order to regenerate yourself, which involves some self-analysis, even if uncomfortable.

Taurus 21st April - 20th May

Focus is definitely on career, even if it is frustrating, but from the 2nd your charms can really smooth the passage of your professional life. Be wary however before the 3rd, if born late Taurus, i.e. after May 17th as you are definitely in the midst of some rather confrontational energy that can come from you or others. However this same group can be feeling some joy simultaneously in the realm of private life realm. Your social life can be very sparked and your wit, wisdom and company can be in demand.

Saturn however is opposing the Suns for six or seven weeks of those born around May 2nd. This is not an easy time. Others are challenging you and there are blocks and restrictions and you are feeling tired. It’s a time of reality checks, of facing facts and doing what is necessary, even if uncomfortable. Saturn is a friend in disguise as not such a welcome presence. No pain, no gain, and the facts that people bring to your door are ultimately good for you to know. Sometimes our seeming enemies are friends in disguise, address these issues honestly and pragmatically before the 18th.

After the 23rd when Mercury moves backwards double check arrangements with friends or you could find yourself at the wrong place at the wrong time and don’t fret if buddies are a bit flaky.

Neptune is bringing to all born April 21st to 23rd a bit of magic. He is hyper-sensitizing you and bringing artistic inspiration. Egos are lessening and there is a great sense of compassion and your heart is on your sleeve. Enjoy! Intelligent compassion and sensitivity is ????

Finally Pluto is also very empowering to those born May 1st to 3rd. For this group there are bonuses going on which will continue until early 2014 connected to long-distance affairs, academic issues and your own persona is being given a sense of destiny and power. Use it wisely.

Gemini June 21st - July 20th

Many of you will be very drawn to boats, planes and train this month, but beware that on the 23rd when Mercury moves retrograde; there could be delays or hiccups in the schedule, so double-check.  Certainly for many of you, romance, travel and creativity can all meld hand-in-hand.  Also academic pursuits are in sharp focus and your ideological passions will be underscored

However work is also high on the agenda as Pisces, your solar 10th house sign is also emphasised this month and indeed for all born up to June 12th, be wary that after the 2nd there are irritations and critical people around you at work and indeed you may feel so-inclined yourself. Stop and count to ten before overreacting, even if they don’t..

Jupiter is in his once every 12 year hit on your Sun, absolutely advantaging those born May 27th to 30th, bringing real confidence, luck, growth and potential travel, and relationship issues are particularly highlighted in a very positive way. It is a celebration time. Equally this same group have Uranus inspiring you to explore your own unique individuality and view of life and also giving independence and charisma, and opportunities to break out in a new direction and liberation will be yours. The maverick in you and your humanitarian spirit is strong

However Neptune if born May 23rd to 26th is creating an ongoing,( and you have got used to this), sense of confusion and disorientation, and some sense of divine discontent with your professional situation. For once in your life you realise that your heart has to be as engaged as your brain. Avoid escapism and recognise this as a rather transitional voyage that is going to last another year. A rather blind voyage. Trust the trade winds and don’t panic.

 Meanwhile after the 18th, when Saturn moves retrograde, you will feel less empowered to make headway into a new direction work wise, so get moving before then.


This is a time to face up to some more complex issues of life connected to powerful and rather deeper and more uncomfortable events to do with to relationship issues and possibly complex financial issues as well, and these need focus now, but with care and gentleness these can be handled well.

However with Mars in Pisces from the 2nd all of you born up to July the 13th will be having great energy and determination to achieve, both academically and in terms of your ideologies. It is also a good time for enthusiastic travel for a purpose that one is passionate about. It is also positive for academia.

With Mercury moving retrograde on the 23th it is best to get as much achieved, particularly re complex finances, before that date as thereafter blocks and restrictions are likely to be in the ether and lasting until July 17th.

After the 26th all born May 22nd- 25th may feel the touch of Cupid, especially if there is a foreign connection.

Saturn meanwhile is really steadying the tiller in a very constructive way romantically and creatively, giving patience and discipline and a very mature outlook to all born July 2nd to 4th, and you will need this as Pluto is directly opposing the Suns of this same group and will so do on and off until the end of this year. There are people who are challenging you and you have to deal with this wisely and consciously. The darker side of life is brought to you through others. This once in a lifetime transit is an evolutionary journey and it will involve some endings and new beginnings. You have to go through the dark to get to the light. Addressing logistics in matters of creativity and romance are best achieved before the18th

However for all born June 22nd to 35th magic is in the air. Inspiration and spiritual ideals are to the fore. Your emotions are flourishing and the boundaries between yourself and others are really quite amorphous.


It’s all about relationships with significant others now, they have a powerful impact on you. Good communication will be very valuable before the 5th to make headway and with Venus increasing your irresistible charms it’s a good mix. You have good karma this month.

However in the first 2 days, if born after August 20th there are a few slings and arrows coming in your direction from people who are as intransigent as you can be, and indeed with such an emphasis on Pisces now, the more profound side of human connections are very much indicated as needing attention, as indeed are complex financial issues, such as insurances, taxes, inheritances etc. but beware that from the 23rd when Mercury moves retrograde, you may find that others are obstructive re finances..

Positively however Jupiter is protective of the energies of those born July 28th to 31st. Friends are on side and are supportive and your leadership skills shine when coordinating groups of people. You are feeling lucky, intelligent and upbeat and your positivity attracts others.

However by contrast if born between August 3rd and 5th, Saturn is definitely creating some reality checks and forcing you to ground and face facts and don’t not kick the can down the road. After the 18th, you are more paralysed re issues connected to home, real estate / family. Saturn is the principle of necessity, do what you have to do, preferably before then, even if uncomfortable.

Meanwhile Uranus is a breath of fresh air in the lives of those born at the end of July and is creating along with Jupiter a great momentum for a desire for freedom, innovation, liberty and an assertion of your individuality and uniqueness, creatively, romantically and specifically if it involves pushing out the boundaries geographically. So basically this group is very favoured. Your confidence and uniqueness can push you forward.

The new Moon in Aquarius on the 10th focuses attention for those born round August 2nd on the potential for you or a partner to initiate the new in a relationship.


Some re-vamping and rationalisation of your working life and environment will not go amiss this month and indeed for many of you, romantic connections and work can blend and harmony with colleagues is underlined.

As Pisces is a strong sign this month, relationship issues can be specifically pleasing. Communications with others can really promote relationship health, if born up to September 12th, but be aware that for all born up to September 15th there is also a challenge from people who pit their wits against you and indeed you are no shrinking violet. In fact it is likely that unusually, you won’t take “no” for an answer.

After the 26th, if born round August 25th your charms prevail and luck and love combine.

However, be aware that from the 23rd when Mercury is retrograde, till March 17th, there could be a need to really ensure that you communicate clearly and there is no room for confusion in your arrangements with others, especially with significant others.

If born around September 4th, Saturn is keeping you on the straight and narrow with a measured intellect and mature attitude, and as Pluto will also be affecting you too, there is a wonderful opportunity to grasp your fateful destiny and with a great sense of responsibility, push forward your transformative powers and skills, creatively, romantically and in dealing with offspring. No more the shrinking violet but a force to be reckoned with.

However if born August 25th to 28th there is a distinct danger with Neptune which will last to the late 2013 of not seeing others clearly and being a victim of your own subjective perception and their conscious or unconscious deceptions. Avoid escapism, keep grounded and don’t let your ideals and wishful thinking cloud your intellect.

The full moon in Virgo on the 25th is a warning to those born round August 30th/31st that there could be primeval energies erupting then and probably within yourself...


This month is quite upbeat for many of you because it enhances your solar 5th house of creativity, the arts, self-projection and general fun. It can also enhance romantic interests and that’s true for all of you. It is a joie-de-vivre month and after the 5th communications in work will be vital so ensure you are on the ball and well versed. However from the 19th when Mercury moves retrograde you may find that some of your colleagues just don’t get it, or are at least elusive to talk to. Rethink methodology and you will need to be assertive in your professional capacity, more than maybe you are comfortable with in order to match others’ mood. Proactively address re finances before the 18th

Jupiter is enhancing the energies of those born September 29th to October 2nd and for this group travel may be on the agenda and positive input from long-distance is yours. Confidence intellectually and academically and luck in that direction is indicated.

Uranus however is still haunting in terms of his unpredictability the experience of those born September 27th to 30th.For this group others are hard to second guess and their unpredictability or demands for greater freedom may be undermining, but could actually kick-start you into a better future too. In terms of relationships don’t assume anybody is set in stone. People are exciting ships in the night more likely, but it is a time to take a leap into the future.

However if born October 4th to 7th there are definite indications of some profound experiences that you feel you have to undergo in terms of conflicts within and power struggles without. It is time to stand up and draw boundaries around people who would abuse power, and it is also a time to recognise the end of a chapter and to unearth some deep-rooted issues that you would rather shy away from. You have to shine a light into the dark now. It will heal you.


Home issues can be fraught if you are inflexible, particularly in the first few days if born at the very end of Scorpio around November 21st to 23rd. However, after the 2nd many of you born up to November 14th will be feeling very much as though you will not take “no” for an answer, both romantically and in creative terms, and you will be driven by your emotions. After the 26th if born October 26th/27th cupid is on your side.

However after the 23rd, what you say may well fall on stony ground both in creative terms and when trying to impress. It is also a time to rethink approaches.

Saturn is in your sign as you know and is now sitting squarely for quite a long haul on the Suns of those born around November 3rd to 5th. He will be there until mid-March and this is an opportunity to really face up to some facts that need addressing. Karmic issues and reality checks are around you, but don’t kick the ball into the long grass, especially after the 18th. Be disciplined, austere and do what is necessary. You will be glad later. Saturn is a friend in disguise as a rather uncomfortable messenger, but even though from the 18th you may feel a little more powerless, in reality, if you look deeper, you are not.

However the good news is that Neptune, if born around October 25th to 28th is inspiring you deeply. It is great for musicians, photographers, filmmakers, anybody involved in the creative arts. It is also making you long for an ideal soul mate romantically. Keep real but enjoy the new sensitivity, compassion and interestingly, the diminution of your ego, which may well make you a more attractive person to many.

If born between November 2nd and 6th, Pluto currently continues to empower you intellectually and gives you a sense of power of mind over matter and people do listen, as your insight is profound and regenerative (even more than usual) Gasp!


Your mind is on top form and your big picture awareness is underlined. The first week is particularly impressive in this respect if born after December 14th, and all of you will have heart added to brain in order to enhance your charms all month. Late month many of you will find the comforts and privacy of home/family extra appealing.

However be aware that from the 23rd when Mercury is retrograde, there will be a feeling of some restriction or hold-up on the family/domestic front, and communications will need to be repeated with family members… or there are some issues re home/.real estate that just stubbornly frustrate. Have patience or reconsider approach

Jupiter is wonderfully enhancing of confidence if born November 26th to December 1st. Relationships are flourishing and good people are around you. Confidence is boosted but be careful you do not push out the boat a little too far, in overconfident extravagant manner.

Also if born around the same time, Uranus is really bringing a great sense of uniqueness to your being and confidence in expressing that individuality, as you want to take a leap into a more innovative future. It is also a time of initiating the new in romance and also connected to children’s issues. Creatively it is also a time for exploration of the daring and inventive. Your magnetic charisma is shining stronger than normally now., because of a new sense of personal validity and independent self belief.

Be aware that if born November 23rd to 26th you are still under Neptune’s foggy cloud of potential illusion and delusion. Make no definitive decisions, as you may not be seeing clearly and be careful you are not seduced by false gurus and don’t be escapist and beware addictive tendencies. Read the small print in everything and in people.


Time to focus on your most anxiety-creating subject, finances, as monetary security is very precious to you. Check out that you are getting the best out of your money situation, especially during the first week of the month. If born at the very end of Capricorn use the first two days for enhancing appearances or for promoting romance as your charisma is ripe for displaying. Thereafter your charms can be fully committed linked to ensuring extra security.

You also have the ability this month to be extremely effective and persuasive in your knack of winning people over, but be aware that from the 23rd when Mercury moves retrograde, you may feel that others just don’t seem to follow your logic and indeed it may be their loss.  Also be aware that communication /technology and transport may be less than reliable and even faulty. Double all check messages actually arrive and are fully understood, or confusion could be rife.

Saturn, your ruler, is helping you hold the tiller steady if born around January1st to 3rd and responsibilities or duties to friends in need are obligations, which you can grow from; especially before the 18th. Karma is at work, and if born December 26th to 29th, expect the unexpected in real estate, home and domestic issues, and don’t be so volatile that you don’t look before you leap.

However Neptune is being very gently kind to those born December 23rd to 26th as he really enhances sensitivity, compassion, creativity and intuition and spiritual experiences are possible. Your value system is changing, and if born the first two days of January, Pluto is absolutely in his once every 248 year hit, creating a revolution in your life that is an evolutionary journey of your soul and involves the power of profound events and experiences.  You know what I mean.


Your birthday month means you really can shine, and with Venus moving into your sign on the 2nd for the whole month, you will all feel the benefit of looking good, feeling good and enjoying the good things of life, including increased affection from others.

Before the 5th, if born after February 20th, use that time for promotion of what you believe in and in the first two days, if born January 22nd/23rd you are a powerhouse of energy – use it wisely.

Many of you will also need to keep an eye on finances and can indeed be lucky in that area by using your intuitive intelligence, but be aware that from the 23rd and indeed until March 17th, blocks and restrictions on cash may well be to do with larger global issues. Rethink and be patient.  And bear in mind that that cheque may after all not be in the mail.

Jupiter is excellent now for those born January 26th to 29th. He brings creative confidence, luck and speculative insight, and romance can be enhanced.

However Saturn will be causing those born January 30th to February 1st to look at some realities that may be uncomfortable, particularly professionally. However after the18th when Saturn moves retrograde, there will be less of a sense that you are in the driving seat , so address issues before then. Rethinks ma be needed, but if born January 25th to 28th your ruling planet, Uranus is accenting your ability to think laterally and divergently, and enabling you to really  see a big picture, which gives you advantage and confidence in your uniqueness. 

The new Moon falls at 21 degrees of your sign on the 19th of the month. Hence for all born around Feb 9th-11th that day will be a time of potential new resolutions and new dawns, not least in professional matters, but personal relationships will also benefit from your new sense of renewal.


Some retreat, which you are happy often to indulge, is indicated. It can be best used to pursue your desires and goals in behind scenes fashion. However because Mercury moves into your sign on the 5th don’t neglect your enhanced communication powers, although from the 23rd when Mercury moves retrograde, you may well feel that life is creating many hiccups that you could do without., a time to stop and review.

After the 26th if born around February 21st/22nd, enjoy the Venus gift of feeling and looking good. However Neptune is also haunting the Suns of those born February 20th to 23rd. This long and rare transit of your ruling planet is underscoring Pisces energy to the nth degree. Positively it inspires spiritually, creatively and compassionately to an almost overwhelming degree. Negatively it can make you escapist, hypersensitive to the point of total retreat. It can make you avoid reality. Don’t let this energy drag you down – you must use it proactively and positively. It is very precious and if an artist, you can thrive. Many of this group feel that boundaries between you and others and even with other dimensions are so diminished.

Mars in your sign all month from the 2nd, indicates that for all born up to March 12th, even in retreat you will be assertive and driven in your own unique, passionate way.

Saturn now brings to those born round March 1st to 3rd, a sense of austerity, perseverance and patience that boosts intellectual pursuits and bring valuable learning curves from travel.

Pluto however is really enhancing the power to regenerate and transform other people, especially for the greater good, if born March 1st or 2nd. Friends are empowering; and you can empower them. Intelligent insight can be used to pursue what you believe in and almost magical power is yours.

The full moon in Virgo on the 25th can reveal for those born around February 27th that all is not as you thought in a certain relationship