Tuesday, 30 April 2019


So Uranus (anti establishment /awakening/enlightenment/shock) now firmly in Taurus (the earth, its resources/security and infrastructure) has certainly made itself and its new wakeup call heard.

Climate breakdown issues are top headlines, courtesy of ardent, peaceful activists, Extinction Rebellion, David Attenborough, school strikes, and one pioneering 16 year old, Greta Thunberg, who are really now coming together in timely fashion to shout out the truth and who are no longer going to tolerate the passive attitude and the lack of willingness to take serious action, within the prevailing political and economic establishment.  Taurus connects with our value system and what makes us feel secure; and Uranus now in that sign for the next 7 years, is awakening us to the fact that all the money/growth and greed in the world in the prevailing system, is not going to make us secure, when the current trajectory of ecocide and the collapse of our climate is now such an existential threat to our very survival… and coming soon.  In fact it is that very system of the unthinking and obsessive worship of eternal economic growth, that has brought us to this place. The much-increased rise of veganism is all part of the realisation about the contribution of excessive meat production to climate change. Uranus in Taurus (the bull)

People from all generations are now consciously or instinctively seeing that global systemic values have to change fundamentally, if we are to offer a tolerable future to the burgeoning generations.

The whole Brexit issue is a sideshow, when compared to the big global picture. Fiddling while Rome burns could not be a more apt phrase. Uranus is nothing, if not a shocker of a wakeup call and very unpredictable. The earth will indeed over the next 7 years experience geophysical, climate change related events, that certainly will shock and truly awaken us to our plight… and jump start us, out of total necessity, into change and technological progress (Uranus) to offset what we can, before it is way beyond possible to do so. Technology has to become the friend of our planet and its people, not the exploiter and destroyer. Money usage (Taurus too) has also to be fundamentally rethought.  Inequality within humanity is now rife economically on our planet, as is the terrifying inequality between our ruthless consumerist wants; and the dwindling resources/ health /sustainability needs of our home; planet earth. Uranus brings rebellion against those injustices… but only after undeniable very significant and alarming wake up- calls..

We have forgotten to discriminate between what we want and what we need. The planet cannot sustain our greed, but it can sustain our need, when we have respect for our earthly home, humility, reflection and careful planning. Rampant capitalism has a lot to answer for when it comes to encouraging our excessive material desires and exploiting our personal insecurities.

The old Cree Indian prophecy, is totally pertinent “When the last tree is felled, the last fish is caught, and the last stream is poisoned, only then will we realise that we cannot eat money”

The astrology speaks loud and clear.

There are two extremes of protest going on in many countries. One is the rightful desire to redress blatant economic inequality. This anger has fuelled the desire to re empower the individual and also the borders of the nation, and it is felt that this can only be enabled by taking back control and breaking the current status quo of the establishment and importantly it has fed a mood of anti globalisation, which is seen as a threat. An anti establishment, strong, nationalist leader is sought, who will break rules if necessary, in order to do this.  Strong national identity has become a main motivation for many, in terms of a form of tribalism.

This desire for re empowerment of the individual and the feeling of the need to regain the mood of a perceived glorious past, so as to reimbue pride in a nation and its people, has manifested in the rise of extremist nationalism/populism. This started as a strong eruptive energy around 8 years ago, fed then by Uranus moving into Aries (ego identity and individual assertion).  

The other more recent protest, which has been stimulated by Uranus leaving Aries in March and committing then to Taurus, for the coming aprox. 7 years, is a more existential one.  This strongly motivated protest movement is caused, as outlined in the first paragraph, by collective insecurity and fact based fear about the breakdown of the infrastructure of our planet earth (Taurus) creating a rebellion against the abuse of the whole prevailing global value system, in terms of its now increasingly visible eruptive fall out for the whole earth, and therefore for all our lives.

The former protest movement wants to claim for example, ownership of land and seas as personal territory to be exploited/controlled only by the “country of ownership”, whereas the latter movement want to see the want countries to claim responsibility for the land and oceans of all the planet, so they can all be internationally environmentally cared for by all.

A coming together of nations for collective action and responsibility is sensed as vital, with no boundaries, (Neptune in Pisces) when it comes to the stewardship and very survival of our earthly home.

Both protests are a response to a betrayal of trust by the establishment, but only one addresses the long-term survival of the very infrastructure of the planet, and that is where Neptune has now strongly also raised his profile.

Neptune is indeed currently very powerful in his own home sign of Pisces and is now seriously at work in our collective unconscious (Neptune). The power of the soul is at its peak with this position, as is the sense of oneness with all nature and our connection with it.  All children born between February 2012 and April 2025 have this placement in their birth charts. They will be a whole different bunch of souls, with a whole different value system and who will rightly look back in horror, if they are enabled, at the value system held over the last century or so and it’s prevailing lack of connection with our responsibility to our planet and its creatures.  

Pluto (big power; use or misuse) is still in Capricorn (since 2007 till 2025) and is now combining his energy with Saturn (karma) now also in Capricorn, (Saturn’s natural home sign). Both are now in the last decan, i.e. last 10 degrees of the sign.

Capricorn is the sign of traditional economic and political establishments and structure, relating to status and power. This decan relates to important karmic lessons and fallout resulting from too much emphasis on, or abuse of this value system, and Pluto certainly is now showing the cracks and flaws in our political and especially our economic establishment, where abuse has occurred, not least by globalised corporations and their influence on governments. Also massive and totally unjustified economic inequality has trundled on unimpeded..

Systemic breakdown is palpably in the air. This is totally about the much-underestimated principle of hubris and nemesis, (Shakespeare’s work was a great exemplifier of this truth) a phenomenon that has recurred within power bases throughout history, but never on such a globalised and ecological scale as now. This coming together of these two powerful planets (Saturn and Pluto) is quite string now and last month, but truly culminates in December 2019 and January/February 2020, after building for many months in the background

The powerful impact of these two planets on Trumps birth chart then, is very significant. Karma and endings will be very much in the air… Issues that have been haunting him last month and this month will have resurfaced powerfully and decisively by the end of February 2020.  If he survives that, he has evaded all the normal human lessons and journeys… proving something quite disturbing about him and indeed the US constitution.

Days this month globally that are tricky are around the 9/10th when Venus squares Pluto, a time of some potential financial shocks and around the 5/6th when Mars opposes Jupiter, when reckless adventurism and large but delicate egos are unleashed.  Around the 8th, when Mercury conjuncts Uranus, communications/news have the potential to shock us, but also some groundbreakings ideas and breakthroughs in technology are possible.

Around the full Moon in powerful Scorpio on the 18th Venus also conjuncts Uranus, so unexpected truths are likely to be revealed, that have an element of a significant, powerful exposure, relating to an ongoing issue.


Mercury in your sign before the 6th will create an extra desire for communication for all born after April 9th.  Just be sure that you listen to others, as well as speak.  

After the 21st, for all born up to April 12th, your insight will be sharp and your versatile knowledge, for which your sign is known, will be easily expressed and accessed.  

Fortunately, before the 15th, Venus is also going through your sign, which means that all April born Aries will have an extra dimension of love and affection and charm added to their personas and their lives.  

Mars, your ruler, travels through Gemini before the 16th, bringing for all born after April 10th an assertiveness that is constructive and driven. Thought and action coordinate well; and your ability to argue your case is indisputable.  

Jupiter is in a very positive place for all Aries currently and from Sagittarius he is bringing great confidence and expansion, this month particularly for those born April 10th to 16th.  For this group travel, internationalism and study is all very well aspected and philosophical stances gives you an advantageous view on life.  Legal issues also are favourable.  

However, Saturn is also challenging, from Capricorn, the Suns of those born April 9th to 12th.  For this group stresses to do with work are the most likely.  Tiredness and a feeling of endless responsibilities are likely and blocks and delays are there to demand that you are discriminating in what you have to do and you step up to the plate when necessary.

 Pluto is still squaring up to the suns of those born April 12th-15th. For this group this is a time of inner struggles about direction and identity and also others may be reacting to this quality in you and a a result be controlling obstructive in some way .. Be conscious and always have a clear conscience.  


This is your birthday month and therefore there is a kind of desire to shine.  

After the 6th, Mercury in your sign will bring for all of you extra communication vigour.  Writing and insight will be enhanced.  

Also, after the 15th, when Venus moves into your sign, this augurs well from a romantic point of view and from an affections point of view for all born up to May 11th.  It will also enhance appearances and your ability to attract and give warmth and affection.

Mars from Cancer, after the 16th, will also add a frisson of constructive assertiveness for all born up to April 30th.  Your directness and accuracy of communication and action brings constructive progress.  

Saturn is demanding hard work and action that this incredibly constructive if born May 9th to 12th.  Dutiful, travel and hard work, relating to study and possibly legal issues are achieved with thoroughness and effectiveness.  

Uranus of course is now in your sign.  This once every 84-year visitation is significant and directly affects now those born April 22nd to 26th.

Many of you were feeling this in summer 2018 and now it really is under way as energy.  Change, restlessness, excitement, some disruption and unpredictability that can be uncomfortable, but which is ultimately liberating is being strongly felt.  It needs to be understood and lived with.

 Neptune is creating now a stronger emotional response to issues in a compassionate way for those born May 8th-10th . Extra creative gifts are also yours and need acknowledged.. Sensitivity and spiritual issues are to the fore. 

Pluto is empowering those born May around May 15th (in a rare every 124 year transit) with a sense of implicit destiny and sense of determination and opportunity to be heard and effective. Use this power for the greater good.. Motive is all.


Before the 6th, if born after June 10th, your leadership abilities are powerful and your advice given to others and indeed received, particularly from friends is also to be valued.  

After the 21st, all born up to June 13th will also find that your mind is absolutely full-on, absorbing as much information and giving out much, but beware of being a jack of all knowledge, rather than a master of none; and listen to others.  

Mars is in your sign, powerfully before the 16th, bringing for all born after June 11th a great deal of assertion and determination, energy and competitive spirit.  Just ensure that this does not turn into over-assertiveness or even aggressiveness, but leadership skills are strong. 

Jupiter, in your opposite sign Sagittarius, has moved to exactly oppose the Suns of those born June 11th to 16th.  For this group travel is a very strong possibility, but also over-expansion and over-confidence, particularly when it comes to relationships and others may draw you into extravagance or foolish risks.  A good time can be had, provided care is there and that you read the small print.  

Neptune is however sounding a very subtle word of caution for all those born around June 9th to 11th.  There is a potential for over-idealism or selective perception when it comes to work in particular, but it also in terms of other people being maybe less than straight with you. Avoid all deceptions or deceptive circumstances and check everything and everybody out carefully, but the arts ands communing with nature in a more spiritual dimension can be strong, as are your emotions.  


Uranus, newly in Taurus, is bringing for all born June 24th to 27th, a new sense of awakening and enlightening and a detachment that gives you a humanitarian and ideological drive and passion.  You want to look at the big picture and express in your life a desire to make changes in your own life and indeed on behalf of other people as well.  Technology may play a significant part.  

Before the 6th, if born after July 11th, be conscious of misunderstandings or not listening properly, particularly in your professional context.  

Before the 21st, if born after June 28th, wisdom and good advice can be given and received, particularly in your friendship groups. 

Before the 15th, all of you born after July 4th need to be a little careful of a little bit of sycophancy at work.  Avoid hypocrisy.

After the 15th, all born up to July 13th can enjoy warmth, support and affection in their social life particularly, and you give back the same. 

Mars moves into your own sign on the 16th, bringing for all born up to July 3rd a boost to energy, drive, ambition and determination and also competitive spirit.  This is excellent, provided it doesn’t tip into over-assertion.  

Saturn, of course, is still in your opposite sign of Capricorn and has now moved to affect all born July 11th to 14th.  This once every 30-year opposition is quite trying, because it brings blocks, restrictions and obligations and duties, particularly emanating from other people’s demands.  Only you can decide whether they are valid duties etc.  Others can be teachers but they can also be oppressive.  Look after your health as well as you need more rest than usual.

Neptune is however happily instilling those born around July11th with a sense of creative stimulations and increased emotional sensitivity to others and the planet. Idealism is strong and the longing to escape mundanity too. The sea attracts.

 However Pluto is now powerfully challenging to those born around July 15th. For this group this a need to be aware of the coercive power of others and to walk away from others abuse of power and don’t sink to the same behaviour as them. Intense experiences are in the air as are potential endings, which will have a fated sense about them. Be conscious of your inner powers of intensity of feelings, so you can guide them wisely


Uranus, newly in Taurus, is bringing for those born July 25th to 29th a feeling of some shift, change and restlessness and unpredictability, particularly to do with your all public standing and status.  You felt this in the summer of 2018 and now it really is hitting you hard.

Relationships may be a source of some uncertainty but a need to shift and change direction in some way, either within or without, is being flagged up, which will ultimately be liberating.  

Before the 6th, if born after August 11th, your ability to excel academically and to have excellent communications when travelling or staying in other countries or alternatively in legal issues, are underlined.  

However, after the 6th, you will all need to be aware that you need to listen very carefully to information received and check information that is given, is thorough and understood, particularly professionally.  

After the 21st, if born up to August 15th, social life and leadership skills are enhanced by your ability to engage well in communications with others and you receive wise words too.

Before the 15th, all born after August 4th may be able to link love with other countries or even with further studies, but travel and holidays are certainly enhanced.  

Jupiter is bringing for those born August 13th to 18th the joy of life and love and creativity.


After the 6th, all of you may find there is a certain feeling of advancement in you intellectual pursuits; and travel and learning go hand in hand as well. Your judgement is sound. 

After the 21st, for all born up to September 14th just check on detail at work.  Don’t assume you understand everything or that others understand everything.

After the 15th, if born up to September 14th, Venus in Taurus brings a great link between romance and travel and indeed possibly romance and study.

Before the 16th, however, all born after September 14th need to be wary of impatience, intolerance, over-perfectionism and over-assertion, particularly at work, either from others to you or vice versa.  Irritability is not going to help. 

However, after the 16th, if born up to September 2nd, your energy is calm, constructive and productive, particularly when working in a group situation.  

Jupiter is currently squaring your sign from Sagittarius, suggesting that all born September 13th to 18th are feeling a little on the unusually over-extravagant or over-confident side and spending a little too much or indulging too much on the home and family front and needs caution.  

However, Saturn is now bringing appropriate caution to all born September 12th to 15th.  He is bringing reality checks that are useful and constructive work and tireless determination in all matters relating to love, creativity and children’s issues.  

Uranus, now in Taurus, is also excellent news for all born August 25th to 29th.  Long distance issues and legal issues are liberating in some way, as indeed is philosophy and higher study.  You are being awoken to higher consciousness.  Enjoy. 

However, if born around September 11th to 13th, Neptune is now bringing a distinct possibility of over-idealisation of relationships, rose coloured spectacles, martyrdom, or even slight deception from others.  Emotion is strong.

If born around September 16th/17th, Pluto is empowering romance and creativity and all issues round offspring.. Courage and effectiveness is yours, as is a sense of no choice purpose in your life


Before the 6th, if born after October 12th, Mercury in your solar 7th house is bringing a district need for important communications with others in close relationships.  You learn well and you teach well. 

After the 21st if born up to October 14th, your intellect is particularly sharp.  Study, travel and wisdom go hand in hand very positively.

Venus, in your opposite sign of Aries until the 15th is also bringing for all born after October 5th, an increase in love input and others are prepared to show favours and affection and you give the same.  

Mars is also on your side before the 16th, if born after October 13th. Once again, travel is identified as a very energised input in your life and determination is legal issues and in study is very much to your advantage. 

However, after the 16th, if born up to October 4th, be wary about over-ambition or over-assertion, particularly in your work place.  Others will also be on your case.  

Jupiter is well disposed towards those born October 13th to 18th.  He brings confidence, opportunity, wisdom and expansion of horizons successfully to your door.  

However, Saturn is less kindly disposed now to the small group born October 12th to 15th.  Rather challenging issues to do with home or family may be in the ether and you may be feeling tired and life feels a little bit like an uphill struggle.  Face facts, step up to the plate and be pragmatic… You will get deferred gratification.  

Finally, Pluto is challenging the lives of those born October 15th to 17th. Avoid coercion and don’t be coerced, but know that certain endings of chapters within or without, are in the air. 


Relationships figure strongly in your life and after the 6th all of you may spend much of your month benefiting enormously from intellectual exchange and communication clear-ups.  

After the 15th, when Venus is in your solar 7th house, all born up to November 13th will feel the power of love, mutually given and received, strongly. 

Mars, in Cancer after the 16th, will also give a boost to all those born up to November 3rd in the context of determination that is constructive, connected to long distance issues, legal issues and higher learning.  Your Scorpio determination is in success mode. 

Saturn, however, is a brake, but a very intelligent brake, on the energies of those born November 11th to 14th.  He is bringing wisdom and responsibility of action; loyalty, duty and perseverance which is ultimately successful.

Uranus, however, now in your opposite sign of Taurus, will remind you of what you were feeling last summer if born specifically October 25th to 29th, thee is a sense of some disruption or unpredictability in relationships, possibly being brought to your door by a partner.   There may be bringing the very change that is needed, but might be initially felt as uncomfortable.   Change is in the background for approximately another year, but it is awakening.  

Neptune is hugely inspiring to those born around Novembe11th. Empathy and sensitivity, particularly creatively in the arts, in your emotions and around children is underlined and the power of love life is strong. 

Finally, Pluto, for those born November 15th to 17th, is really bringing insight and power to perceptions and communications in a controlled and intelligent manner. You are very forensic in your analysis. This is a rare and constructive visitation. 


Jupiter in your sign is now in his every twelve-year visitation, particularly enhancing the lives of those born December 14th to 17th.  For this group, travel, internationalism, confidence, growth, luck and at the very least, protection is very powerful. 

After the 21st, all born up to December 14th can enjoy real breakthroughs in communication with those close to you.  

Before the 15th, if born after December 4th, children, the creative arts and love life are very rewarding.

Mars however is in your opposite sign before the 16th, is bringing for all born after December 13th a sense of some potential enmity or challenge from others, which may be provoked by your own projected attitude.  Be prepared to defend yourself.  

Neptune has now moved to 18 degrees Pisces, affecting all born December 10th to 12th.  This square to your sun is accelerating your emotional sensitivity and your creativity and also your emotionalism, your escapist instincts and hypersensitive reactions.  Try and keep grounded and see clearly, particularly to do with domestic, real estate and family matters.  Check the small print as well. 


Saturn, in your sign, has moved now to directly affect those born January 9th to 12th. This once every 30-year conjunction brings stresses, strains and hard work, but ultimately important lessons in growth and pragmatism, as your ruling planet is doing his bit.  Obligations and duties are yours and learning curves are too, which ultimately you’re thankful for, but take care of your body and get plenty of rest too. 

After the 6th, you will all find that your creative skills, particularly communications and writing are enhanced; and communications with those whom you love and children are also useful.  

After the 15th, all born up to January 11th are in particular party mood. Love life, enjoyment, happiness and indulgence are welcome and underlined.  

Mars moves into your opposite sign however on the 16th, directly opposing the suns of those born up to the 1st January.  For this group, expect some confrontation or challenge from other people and be careful that you aren’t the author of this mood.  Assertiveness in relationships is assured.  

Uranus, now in Taurus, is currently very good news for all born December 24th to 28th.  As last summer, there is a feeling of liberation, freedom and there is a need for that. Also there is a sense of looking outside the box, particularly creatively, romantically and in connection with offspring issues and a need for enjoyment that is inspiring is triggered and your big picture understanding is liberating.  

Neptune is very helpful now if born around January 9th.  He is adding emotional sensitivity to your thinking; empathy creativity and compassion is powerful and can be usefully exploited and much appreciated by others. 

Finally, Pluto, still in your sign of course, is now directly hitting the suns of those born January 12th to 14th.  This can be a life-changing period of empowerment, transformation, regeneration and a phoenix out of the ashes and your destiny is underlined.  Do not abuse that power.  You are the steward, not the owner of it. 


Now Uranus has moved into Taurus, he is currently squaring the suns of those born January 22nd to 26th.  As last summer, there may be restlessness and a desire for change, particularly on the domestic front. This is strong as Uranus is your Sun ruler. Do not be impulsive, but know change is in the air.  It is awakening now your unique individuality and your gifts, but let change happen gradually.  Don’t push the river. 

Mercury before the 6th is, for those born after February 8th, bringing extra insights and communication skills.  

After the 6th, you all need to be aware of ensuring clarity of communication with family.

After the 21st, if born before February 11th, your creative and communication skills to do with the arts and in love life and with children are enhanced.  

Before the 15th, all born after February 1st, are able to add heart to brain and your charms are convincing.

After the 15th, if born up to February 10th, be careful of over-indulgence and over-expansion, particularly domestically. 

Before the 16th, Mars is very supportive of all born after February 9th. He brings a competitive and assertive mood, in a very constructive and successful way, particularly creatively and in love life, for you all. 

Jupiter, sextiling the suns now of those born February 9th to 14th, is bringing leadership skills, a boost to your goals; and friendships help you flourish and you do the same for others.  Your humanitarian focus and abilities are admirable, as is your intelligence in handling others. 


Uranus, now in Taurus is good news for Pisces, particularly now if born February 22nd to 25th, as there is a sense, as last summer, that your intuition and big picture insight and eureka moments are strong, as is your thinking.  Technology and attraction to the new and innovative is suggested as very advantageous.  Emotions are tempered by intuitive objectivity  

Neptune is now extremely strong in your sign and this once every 84-year visitation is now powerful for those born around March 9th.  An excess of emotionalism, idealisms, spirituality and creativity is yours.  Use it wisely and well and do not let it make you over-emotional, escapist, over-sensitive or potentially unrealistic about what is possible.  Avoid all deceptive circumstances, but music and the sea are a divine healing power for you. 

Pluto is also very positive now for those born March 12th to 15th.  Your ability to be a leader in groups and to empower yourself and others in goals, with your insight, sense of destiny and determination is tangible. Friends are beneficial and can empower you too somehow and vice versa.  

After the 6th, you will all have excellent intellectual acumen and your words get heard and are appreciated. 

After the 15th, if born up to March 11th, you combine love with intellect perfectly in your communications and you can create peace and charm.  

Before the 16th be wary if born after March 10th, of being a bit of a bull in a china shop at home, where assertiveness from self or other people or irritation from or with them is possible.  

After the 16th, if born up to March 1st, your energies in love life, creativity and the arts are very productive.  

If born March 10th to 15th, be careful of over-doing, over-reaching, over-expanding and biting off more than you can chew or being over-confident, particularly in career.  

Finally Saturn now in your solar 11th house is creating a sense of duty , maturity and constructivity in your heartfelt goals and joint projects, especially when for the greater good .. Hard work really is rewarding and pays off.