Thursday, 1 February 2018


This is the month of Aquarius, the sign ruled by Uranus. A sign of the innovative, even the maverick and also the intuitive, the humanitarian, the inclusive and the outside the box, big picture vision and of the future. It also directly relates to the technological and what can be made possible through this. That is all-fine, as long as the motive is for the greater good of all and the planet, and not just related to money and greed.

Jupiter is now established in Scorpio till November 8th. This is a position of intensity, insight and forensic in nature. Finances and economic issues loom large in consciousness and truth will out re the failings of economic systems and re secretive misused power in that arena and also, as has already been shown, the failings in our sexual attitudes. Powerful stances will be made as strong principles are highlighted and felt and demonstrated powerfully re money and sexuality. Insular desires for self-protection and nationalism however will remain strong.

Mars has left Scorpio finally. He was there from December 9th till January 26th. That position is powerful, secretive and can bring significant use of power and real standoffs, because of fixity and refusal to compromise, that can be dangerous. Mars is a trigger planet and when in Scorpio those triggers pulled can have powerful consequences… Again motive is everything. Great good, or the opposite. Scorpio power can be likened in its intensity to either that of saint or sinner.  Globally, Scorpio puts emphasis of discovery of abuse of power financially and related to sexuality

From Mars’ new position in Sagittarius, he is more international, idealistic, open and adventurous.  Globalised issues and the fight for equality and human rights will be addressed more vociferously. Global dynamics will be an increased focus.

When Jupiter moves into Sagittarius next November, a new chapter of reclaiming the benefits of working together globally will be revealed.

Saturn now established in Capricorn, since December 20th 2017 and where he will stay till December 2020 will be trying for England, (Capricorn country) economically and structurally. No prizes for seeing that one coming.

 It will be difficult for Trump in this month and next as Saturn squares his Neptune (every 15 years) and then opposes his Mercury (every 30 years), bringing disappointments/reality checks, disillusionment and blocks to his plans and also challenges re finances, relating to his own and other countries, despite the recently much vaunted US economic boom.

 Teresa May will also be facing Saturn challenges and reality checks and frustrations connected to her personal reputation and authority in March, April and May as Saturn squares up to her Sun. (Every 15 years). She also has Neptune back on her Mars again this month, which indicates a weakening of her position and hidden smoke and mirror forces and conspiracies from men in her orbit.

The second half of this month sees Venus in Pisces from the 10th and Mercury and the Sun in Pisces from the 18th. This globally will bring some idealism at best and supports the arts and the outpouring of emotion and creativity, but negatively it can bring lack of objectivity, smoke and mirrors, deceptions, over idealism and even potential delusion, notably around the 25th/26th when Mercury conjuncts Neptune (in his home sign of Pisces for the long haul).

The arts (particularly music and film) are particularly favoured around the 22nd/23rd when Venus conjuncts Neptune.

Around the 17th and 18th, when Mars squares Neptune undercover issues are strong and lack of clarity is dominant. Also there is also a potential sense of emasculation in the face of some global challenges.

There is a partial solar eclipse on the 15th at 27 degrees of Aquarius, exact at 20.52 GMT. This is in good relationship to Uranus and Mercury This will signify a furtherance of a renewed fighting for human rights and humanitarian issues, not least women’s rights and the fight for equality. Changes and crises that may happen then can ultimately be a force for good.  The eclipse also opposes Trump’s Mars suggesting major changes in his position as a result of events and challenges from others.


A month of working together with others for a cause, which  also can be  sociable, is flagged up and your leadership potential and shine. 

Indeed, all of you before the 18th will have excellent communication skills, contributing to a common goal. 

Before the 10th, if born after April 7th, love and friendship can combine and affections are forthcoming from others with whom you collaborate.

Mars, now in Sagittarius, is bringing for all born March 22nd to April 10th a pioneering attitude to travel and your determination and courage is underlined, as is success and ambition. 

Saturn, now in Capricorn, is challenging those born March 24th to 29th.  Restrictions and problems at work are likely.  Have patience, be real and get rest, but there are reality checks around. 

Uranus is still haunting those born April 14th 17th.  This will be over by the end of March when you will look back and see what revolutions have occurred in the last year or so and what change has been affected that has catapulted you into a more aware sense of self and the future.

Finally, Pluto is still bringing to those born April 7th to 10, the potential for some power struggles within oneself and with others in authority.  Ensure you do not abuse power or indeed allow others to.  Be conscious, controlled, but know you are in a period, particularly career wise, of transformation and self-reinvention.  Just keep control.


There is no room for taking your eye off the ball at work, where you can shine, but be careful that you do not over-reach or be over-confident.

For all born after May 7th, it is important to remember that before the 10th, sycophancy may not pay off. 

All of you need to ensure that your communications are thoroughly understood in the work place.

After the 18th, all born up to May 10th will have excellent ability to receive and give wisdom from and to friends and leadership communication is underlined. 

After the 10th, all born up to May 13th will enjoy the opportunity that friends give for harmony, affection and living life to the full.

Jupiter in your opposite sign is now bringing to all those born May 11th to 15th a feeling of exuberance, confidence and belief.  It’s good for travel but it could also lead to a little bit over-zealous expectation or over-expansiveness. Enjoy, but with some care.

Saturn however is a very much a mature, constructive disciplining influence on those born April 24th to 29th.  Work may be to do with travel and serious attitudes are needed in study and in legal issues.  Duty is in the air, but it is all-progressive.  Discipline and patience is needed, which gains you admiration. 

Neptune is continuing to baptise all born May 2nd to 5th with a sense of empathy, sensitivity, emotional richness and a need for emotional connection with soul mates.  Creativity is hugely underlined and the heart and the spiritual cannot be avoided.

Finally all born May 9th to 12th are still enjoying the incredible empowerment that Pluto is bringing.  Wisdom, study and positive influences can come from long distance. Regeneration, transformation and a sense of destiny is yours, provided it is all used for the greater good.


This is an  excellent month for travel and planning for such; and for legal and study issues.

After the 18th, all born up to June 10th however, need to be aware that carelessness at work or not stopping and thinking before you speak or do, can backfire.  Don’t assume everybody gets the message.

After the 10th, all born up to June 14th need to be careful about schmoozing up to other people for the sake of personal advantage.  Hypocrisy could be in the air.

Mars may be bringing a temptation for a little bit of irritability and impatience for all born May 24th to June 11th; and this may well come from other people.  People are standing up to you and some tact and diplomacy would help on both your parts. 

Uranus is about to finish a long year period of creating the new and the exciting in terms of opportunities and more freedom for those born June 15th to 18th.  You are now recognising a sense of your own uniqueness and how it can benefit others. 

However, if born June 2nd to 5th, you are still susceptible to not seeing clearly and being self-deceptive or deceived by others in your public or working life.  Sensitivity is yours, so is over-idealism and potential projected fantasy about others or self.  Keep real.


There may be a need to focus on deeper truths in relationships as well as on complex issues connected to joint resources.

However, after the 18th, if born up to July 1st, one’s ability to learn and to be successful in academic issues and through persuading other people of the truth and having excellent communication skills should not be under-estimated. Travel too and long distance dealings are very favoured.

Also, after the 10th, for all born up to July 15th, love, combined with travel and study somehow may be underlined. 

Jupiter, now happily relating to your sign is bringing benefits to those born July 13th to 17th.  Full enjoyment of life is possible.  Confidence and belief in self.  Love life and children bring joy and creative skills are unleashed.  Buoyancy and growth is indicated.

Uranus, however, is about to complete his final journey of causing some disruption and unpredictability in the lives of those born July 16th to 19th.  Work has been uncertain, changeable and unsettling, but now you are realising that the journey is now more consistent and taking you to a more logical place for you. 

Neptune is still truly inspiring for those born July 4th to 7th.  Higher consciousness, higher learning, spiritual pursuits and creativity and extra sensitivity is yours.

If born July 11th to 14th you are still of necessity, being forced to deal with possible relationships that are coercive, pressured and challenging and you are required to be very conscious and controlled and to walk away if necessary, but draw boundaries.  Endings of chapters are around.


Relationships are full on this month and they may hold the power.  In fact, for all of you, communications are of paramount importance, but be sure you listen as well as speak.

Before the 10th, all born after August 9th may find an extra dose of Cupid charming your life but people’s generosity should not be taken for granted. 

Mars is also on your side all month if born July 26th to August 13th.  He is bringing confidence and competitiveness and constructive energy into all areas to do with romance, creativity and in speculative ventures. You’re fiery and determined and ambition can be successful. 

However, if born August 13th to 17th Jupiter can bring a tendency to be over-confident,  or over-expansive, or a sense of entitlement may become a problem, particularly to do with real estate and family issues, but positivity is yours if handled with caution and some humility. 

Uranus is just about to finalise a long eighteen-month period where those born August 16th to 20th have benefited from opportunities for growth and enlightenment from long distance issues, legal issues and intellectual learning.  This entire group will become slightly less subjective and more big picture orientated, which brings a positive and more enlightened view of self and the universe.  You are more super-conscious now.


Everyday work issues may need some rationalisation to your advantage and it’s also true to say that you can work hard successfully on health issues this month.   

Later in the month, relationships come to the fore and indeed, after the 18th, for all born up to September 12th, communications with those close to you, can be seriously enhanced and you receive very positive feedback from others. 

Equally, all born up to September 15th can attract love and affection and generosity from others.

However, for those born August 26th to September 13th, Mars is causing some irritation on the home front.  Other people are bumptious, contentious, irritated and you yourself may be creating waves with a sort of clumsy approach, around family or on the home front. 

Jupiter however is very constructive now for those born September 13th to 17th.  He is bringing the confidence in speech and thought, extra wisdom and belief in self, as optimism and positive thinking is underlined.

Saturn too is constructive now for those born August 27th to September 1st.  He is bringing a very mature attitude towards love life and a great sense of responsibility and duty towards offspring.  Hard work and discipline pays off creatively too.  Progress and enjoyment are the results of discipline and hard work.

Neptune is, for those born September 4th to 7th, still creating an atmosphere of over-idealism towards others, of perceiving them as either being heroes to worships or victims to save.  They are neither and you need to check out the credentials of people on a very realistic basis, but inspiration and idealism is yours; and appreciation of nature is a positive angle of this opposition from Neptune. 

Finally, those born September 10th to 14th are being empowered to believe in you and  to enable self-transformation and re-invention creatively, romantically and with a sense of destiny.  This continues until May 2019.  Enjoy.


This can be a month of fun, enjoyment, creativity and party time.  Romance too is very much part of the picture; and very good communication with offspring is underlined and it is also very good for writers.

All born after October 10th will have the favours of Cupid flagged up, as your charms attract those of others. 

Mars is also constructive now if born September 26th to October 14th.  You’re assertive in a very constructive way and can argue your case.  Your mind is powerful and persuasive and successful, as is your written and spoken word. 

Saturn is square to your sign now and is bringing some challenges to those born September 27th to October 2nd.  Some issues to do with real estate or family may feel problematic or restrictive or confidence may be lowered.  Delays are in the air, but if you are on the right path, a little more focus, discipline and patience will pay off, but look after your body and get rest.

Uranus long opposition transit is finally coming to an end now for those born October 17th to 20th in his influence that has been rather disruptive in terms of relationships.  Others’ chaotic behaviour has been uncomfortable but actually has opened new doors for you that maybe would not have opened for yourself and they are leading to better places; and awakening you to your true potential. 

Finally, Pluto is still affecting those born October 11th to 15th in a way that is not always comfortable.  Be aware that you are struggling with yourself as much as others, but others will trigger some disruption, notably on the home front.  This is about you finding your own true purpose.  Do it gently, with consciousness and rise above power struggles of a disruptive nature.


Home, real estate, family is big issue.  Communications connected to these is very important and it is vital that you have no room for misunderstanding from you to others or others to you, particularly with family. 

If born after November 9th, be wary of hypocrisy and also of over-extravagance towards home and family, or even over-optimism. 

However, after the 18th, all born up to November 12th will be very able to communicate with love and affection and also creatively.

After the 10th, all born up to November 15th will attract fun, love, and affections.  Sociability is strong and harmony with offspring is highlighted.

Jupiter, now in your sign of course, will be bringing for those born November 13th to 17th a once every twelve year boost to confidence, growth, luck and possibly financial gain.  Travel is also hugely implicated.  Just don’t push your luck with arrogance.

Saturn is constructive and maturing if born October 27th to November 1st.  He is bringing thoughtfulness, caution, care, and reflection to your thinking and your speaking which is ultimately constructive and focused.  Discipline is yours.

Neptune is still enhancing the lives of those born November 4th to 7th, with some magic that brings extra creative skills, particularly to do with music, the film world, and a love of the sea.  Great appreciation of children and love life has an idealistic fantasy level about it, but in a rather happy and constructive way.  The heart centre is powerful and empathy is too.

Finally, Pluto your powerful ruler is, for those born November 10th to 14th, still underlining your Scorpionic insight, profundity, strength, courage and truth.  Just be conscious of using this power wisely, constructively and for the greater good; and you can move mountains. 


Your mind and communication skills are extra sharp and you can combine love and reason very effectively before the 10th, if born after December 9th.

However, after the 18th if born up to December 12th, be aware that there is room for some misspeaking or confusion or misunderstandings on the home and family front. 

After the 10th, if born up to December 15th, over-indulgence of others or over-expansion and over-spending is also a possibility, connected again to home and family.

Mars is in your sign now, directly impacting those born November 25th to December 13th.  For this group, assertion, determination and ambition is strong.  It just needs to be reigned in, in case of a temptation for aggression or over-assertion, but determination can bring courage and success, not least related to foreign adventures. 

Uranus is finalising his long period of over a year of inspiring those born December 16th to 19th.  He has awoken many of you to the power of love, creativity and to the exciting impact of offspring.  He has liberated your uniqueness, which you are now more proud of. 

However, for those born December 4th to 7th, there is still an on-going sense of a metaphoric rather blind voyage on a sea with not compass, no oars.  Trust the trade winds to get you to another place, but in the meantime value your heart, but get rest and a sense of the dissolving of the old, which can make one feel insecure, is a very necessary part of this journey.  Just don’t push the river out of panic.  This is a circuitous voyage.    Trust.


Finances may figure more than usual, although they are often a focus for your sign anyway, but after the 18th for all born up to January 10th, your mind is particularly sharp, insightful and imaginative. 

After the 10th, if born up to January 13th, your charms and ability to combine harmony and beauty with your intellect is impressive.

Jupiter, in harmonious angle to your sign now, is bringing for those born January 11th to 15th an extra sense of sociability and friends are very positive influences in your life, as is travel.  Your luck in groups and in leadership is shining.  Confidence is yours and growth too.

Saturn, in your sign now for two and half years, is currently directly impacting those born December 25th to 30th.  You are no stranger to your ruling planet, but he is, for this group, bringing a sense of a reality check, a block, a restriction and a need to look after your physical being, but hard work and discipline, which you are no stranger to, will bring deferred gratification.
Uranus is about to finish his voyage, which has lasted for about a year and has impacted those born January 14th to 17th.  You will now see that the unpredictability that has haunted you around family, home, real estate and the feeling of uncertainty is now coming to a close and you will understand the journey and its conclusion and why; and feel in a more liberated space.

Those born January 2nd to 5th are still experiencing the magic of Neptune in his long transit of your Suns, by allowing your brain to be less practical, less materialistic and more inspired, empathetic, passionate and creative.  You and others will appreciate this. 

Finally, those born January 9th to 12th are still feeling the empowerment of Pluto on your Sun in this once every 248-year chapter.  Power is the key word.  Use it wisely.  Know your destiny is there.  Endings are following by amazing new starts, but the only true friend of Pluto is humility and non-selfishness.


Your month; you can shine and you may find yourself the centre of attention both intellectually and affection wise. 

However it is important too after the 10th to keep an eye on finances, which through intelligence and a good value system, can bring you advantage. The arts maybe also be a source of gain to you too.

For those born January 23rd to February 10th, your leadership skills and skills in coordinating groups is excellent and your determination and courage and ambition really pays off. 

However, there is a danger for those born February 10th to 14th of a little bit of over wielding of power or over-confidence or even a touch of arrogance or sense of entitlement on the work front, as Jupiter squares your Sun.  However, success is well within your reach.  Just have the humility.  Also be cautious about over generosity to self or indeed others… and beware of trying to do too much, or metaphorically biting off more than you can chew, at the expense of carelessness in some form.

Uranus, your ruler, has been favouring for about a year, those born February 13th to 15th.  This journey is over and it has, for many of you, brought an even greater bigger picture understanding of your own uniqueness and what vision you can offer to others.  You are liberated to be more true to yourself and the power of technology may have been revolutionary in a very positive way and you are more trusting of your intuition and your eureka moments, as a result of the past years journey. You may even look slightly different as your appearance may you feel be needed to match your awakened strong sense of self.

There is a partial solar eclipse on the 15th in your sign at 27 degrees. This will directly affect those born February14th-17th. This indicates a rejection of /freedom from the dark and outworn and the inviting in of the new and progressive.


Many of you may feel a little escapist or private, or are feeling just very watchful this month.

After the 18th, if born up to March 10th your communication skills should be used to the maximum advantage, but do listen as well as talk. 

After the 10th, if born up to March 13th, your appearances and charms and charisma are emphasised and you can attract much love and favours to yourself. 

However, Mars is a little challenging to those born February 21st to March 11th.  There may some war-drums on the work front and there may be irritation from  others, professionally or vice versa.  Do not be impatient or too forceful or too ambitious.  Others may feel threatened. 

Jupiter is very helpful now if born March 11th to 15th.  It is an excellent time for travel and international dealings and bonuses legally are there too.  There is a general feeling of well being, luck and progress.  Enjoy.

Saturn is bringing some austerity, but in a constructive way, to those born February 22nd to 27th.  Duty to others and even obligation is strong, but your social conscience is telling you that you have got karmic obligation to others which, if accepted, will bring much satisfaction.

Neptune, your ruler, is still going through his very powerful once every 165-year conjunction to the Suns of those born March 2nd to 5th.  This has been with you since the beginning of 2017 and is not over until January of next year.  This journey is bringing inspirations, spirituality, creativity, hypersensitivity, but negatively also escape or delusion or some smoke and mirrors from others or from you to self.  Use this positively for inspiration and for the power of the heart, but don’t lose touch with reality.

Pluto is continuing, and will be until of 2019, to bring to those born March 9th to 12th, a sense of destiny in terms of leadership, being empowered by others and experiencing strong friendships, which are healing, and you are capable of being transformative to others.  Courage and insight is yours.  Use for the greater good.  It can be magnificent.