Saturday, 1 September 2018


 Well at least we have a direct Mars and Mercury now (and Saturn goes direct after the 6th).  Hence we will now see a quicker, more decisive direction of travel in our lives and indeed in the global socio-political realm. I am not guaranteeing that it will be all good, just that we will start to know more clearly where we stand… even if the chaos is just more clear chaos.

The Trump saga will hot up and the Brexit journey will become more intense in its controversy, now the seemingly crazy show is really back on the road.

Uranus in Taurus (the bull) now, is and will indeed produce a bull market, which initially will be celebrated, but its overvaluation will soon become apparent and its volatility will cause some economic havoc globally. This Uranus shift into Taurus started back in May this year and teases us till November … and then resumes his rather unpredictable position in Taurus from March 2019 till May 2026. The whole business of money and how we handle it will be revolutionised and old ways dismantled during that period. There will also be significant and probably justified rebellion against the financial establishment. The last time Uranus was in Taurus correlated with the Wall Street crash.

However with Saturn (conservative, grounded reality) in positive alignment with Uranus (unpredictability) right now, there is currently some sense of steady as we go in the air, but from next March we will really see some “interesting” changes.

Uranus (shock /change) in the sign of Taurus, which is a sign, as well as being linked to money, also has strong connections with nature, hence we will see shocks re the behaviour and events in the natural world and the landscape. This has already been apparent with unprecedented heat, floods and fires over the last few months. Climate change will not be easily predictable in its manifestation, but big and disturbing changes in our weather and the natural world will happen very significantly over the coming 7 years or so. Issues about sustainability of land /farming /produce/seas, long overdue, will be in our face.

Although Neptune, so strong in its own home sign of Pisces now and since 2012, can create more empathy with, sensitivity to; and a valuing of nature (especially in the generation who are born with this placement i.e. 2012-2025). Its down side however, is that it brings a potential powerful collective brainwashing effect, or subliminal influences to bear (smoke and mirrors/fake news etc).  Neptune rules the collective unconscious and knows no boundaries and is amorphous (like the sea and music, both ruled by Neptune). He has a hypnotizing effect and rules addiction /escapism.

This effect has become gradually increasingly more apparent through the power of social media. Social Media originally was (and still is) a great way of breaking barriers and connecting/merging with others (Neptune) but only now are we really seeing the downside and potential damage that this phenomenon can do to individuals and collectively. It has also allowed people to hold power and influence because they are able to take full advantage of and be exploitative and abusive of the social media gateway to influencing public opinion and which has in turn, also produced a sort of psychotic mood in some of those who hold or influence power.  Populism has been very much of course, directed/influenced by the power of social media..

Alternative facts are fast and loose, so that we have a powerful, emotive counter narrative that often completely contradicts solid facts.  Binary politics and opinions increasingly dominate. There is a sort of passive (at the moment) civil war apparent in many countries. 

We have ended up with often not knowing what is true or false and indeed those in power, who may lie, can be delusional enough to believe their own lies (extreme Neptune influence). Hence we can teeter into controversial queries re mental health. The problem with Neptune is that he can range in influence from enabling an inspiring and hugely benign creative imagination, right up to creating a web of dangerous/distorted and often slightly paranoid fantasy and illusion that is perceived as truth. . The idea put forward to the populace by certain politicians vying for power and some powerful current leaders, that they are a saviour (Neptune in Pisces) of their country, is often a cover for the reality of their motive, which is more often about their own increased power/glory and ego gratification. The word “ narcissist” has become a familiar one now when describing the personalities of many in positions of power or indeed vying for power.

The ongoing combination of Pluto (power) in Capricorn (establishment) from 2008 –2025, with Neptune in Pisces since 2012 -2025, has created an interesting and unique mix of idealism and often mistaken fantasy/illusion and misleading information, combined with ruthlessness.

Inconvenient and often obvious truths are all too often brushed aside or denied on the altar of power, money (and fear).

The influence of Neptune is strong this month around the 7/8th when it is opposed by the Sun. This can bring inspiration, spiritual interest and hypersensitivity, but it can also bring real confusion, deceptive circumstances and fog too. Also when Mercury opposes Neptune on the 14th, there are dangers of communication confusions and deceptions for all.  However those same dates can be truly beneficial for those involved in the creative arts. The power of the sea during those periods will be also be potentially significant on our planet.

Times of danger and significant unpredictability and indeed accident proneness globally is strong between the 13th-21st when Mars squares up to Uranus. We all need to look before we leap more carefully than usual at that time.

The Moon is full on the 25th at 1 degree of Aries. Since Saturn will be squaring this aspect, this may be tricky in terms of endings of chapters and dénouements being in the air that are a bit tricky, and painful to behold.

The Moon is new on the 9th at 17 degrees of Virgo, a good day for the initiation of new chapters.


Your ruling planet Mars, now in full direct mode, should give you all a boost and you may be completing projects you started, or wanted to push forward last May. 

Before the 6th, if born after August 13th communications can be very constructive.

Before the 9th, if born after April 13th Venus is smiling on you in terms of relationships and affections.  Cupid is definitely proactive. 

Despite the renewed sense of direction, just be aware that before the 11th if born after April 18th other people may be feeling a little over reactive and assertive in your working life, or in connection with any authoritative figure and you yourself may be a little impatient. 

However, after the 11th, if born up to March 26th projects, group work and leadership abilities are very much in full successful throttle. 

Saturn is still, until the end of the month, is squaring your Sun affecting all born between 22nd and 24th March, in a way that can make one feel a bit frustrated at work.  If feels like you’re climbing a mountain or walking through deep mud and situations and possibly people seem to be holding you back or blocking your path. You are also likely to be feeling very tired and it is a time to pace yourself. However, after the 6th you may get a handle on what the problem is and deal with it constructively.

Pluto is once again, as he did last December and early January squaring up to the Suns of those born April 7th to 9th.  This particularly transit has been around on and off since February 2017 and will be completed by the end of November.  It has been and continues to be significant in terms of challenge to you, with potential power struggles within yourself and with others.  There has been a slightly ruthless feeling within you and the endings of chapters have definitely been evolving and the denouement of the situation is nearing, however. Trust that after this period is complete a new sense of identity will be born with the phoenix rising out of the ashes.  Meanwhile, be conscious and don’t abuse power or let others do the same to you.


For many of you this can be a period of fun and enjoyment of life, being extremely creative as well.

Before the 6th, however, if born after May 11th ensure that your communications are clear and not careless. 

However, between the 6th and the 22nd communications romantically and with offspring can be very positive and successful for you all 

Venus moves into your Solar 7th House on the 9th, which indirectly indicates that for all born up to May 1st there can be a great sense of joy in romance, affections, harmony and other people can really enhance your life. 

Before the 11th, if born after May 18th very constructive progress can be connected to travel, travel plans, academia and legal issues. 

However, after the 11th there is, if born up to April 27th, there is potential for some impasses and fixity and immovability in some context, passive or active with people, possibly in authority or at work.  Stubbornness will not help. 

Jupiter is still in your opposite sign, bringing currently for those born May 7th to 13th a great desire for pushing forward, confidence, belief in self, enjoyment, travel.  Just beware of over-confidence; over-doing or biting off more than one can chew. 

Saturn is offering some disciplined control currently, as he has been doing all last month, for all born around April 21st to 23rd. (very early Taurus)  Hard work really does pay off. 

Uranus, of course, now in Taurus and established there, is however for the same group, April 21st to 23rd, bringing a very strong sense of restlessness that you haven’t felt before, a desire for change, freedom and this is an awakening time, but be careful that you don’t jump into something too quickly or throw out the baby with the bath water. This once every 84 year transit needs careful handling and will be around on and off until Feb. 2020, but the new is definitely in the air, but don’t push the river.

Neptune is incredibly inspiring now for those born May 4th to 7th.  He is bringing empathy, sensitivities, spirituality and compassion to your hearts in a way that can’t be denied. 

And for those born May 8th to 10th, Pluto continues to bring you power, strength, big picture vision and a sense of destiny in a very positive way. 


Matters may be on hold for family issues is some wayand some frustrations maybe in the air .

Before the 6th, if born after June 12th, communications with family members, particularly siblings can be very constructive. 

Between the 6th and 22nd however, you will all need to be careful during this period .. so take care throughout, about a real potenial for misunderstandings and confusion with others , noteably on the home/family and domestic front .Checkthe literal and metaphorical small print  in all communications to and from those around you..

After the 22nd, if born up to June 5th, communications in love life and with siblings are then significantly enhanced . 

All of you born after June 14th will find that this month has got a real note of creativity and fun and there is a need to shine somewhere, somehow and romantic themes are notably positive as are issue connected to offspring, both literally or artistically. 

After the 11th, if born up to May 28th, enthusiasm over travel, legal issues and higher learning is strong and successful.  Also your energies arewell coordinated and forthright on a constructive way.

Neptune is now in Pisces and has beeen since 2012.. which is in a square angle to your sign. (90 degrees) Currently he is hovering around 14 and 15 degrees.. so  just be wary, if born June 4th to 7th that this month, as he is  now squaring your Suns, there is a potential for some miscommunications, confusions, deceptions and uncertainties in your working life and you are also feeling the need for more sleep than usual.Your body maybe more sensitive too and your emotional levels are more sinsitive and susceptible. Your idealism is string and there may be a sense of perceiving things, or even people, not exactly as they are.  This influence has been around on and off since May 2017 but is still underway.  It is a very gradual, rather blind journey but trust that what’s happening is that your heart is growing and your direction of travel is changing a little, but it is very subtle.  Let it take you on this slow but evolutionary change, This transitional journey is nearly complete.


This can be a period of time when you are very aware of the need for thinking things through and communicating clearly and this can be very successful.

After the 22nd, if born up to July 7th be wary that there can be some misunderstandings connected to family. 

There is also the possibility before the 9th that if born after July 16th, rather more money than is advisable can be spent on self or home.

After the 9th, however, if born up to July 4th, there is definitely a boost to enjoyment, creativity, love life and some self-indulgence.

Mars however, back in Capricorn, may before 11th remind those born after July 21st of events that were underway in May and indeed last month, which are ongoing, which is causing some confrontation with other people, who are no pushovers and it’s very important to deal with these people in a measured and patient way. 

Jupiter is very much supportive of all born July 9th to 15th in a way that is conducive to creative success, romantic fulfilment, confidence, growth and enjoyment of life. 

By contrast, Saturn, back in early Capricorn now, is as he was last month, still targeting those born June 23rd to 25th.  Other people are distinctly burdensome or blocking your path in some way, either consciously or not and this transit which lasts until the end of September needs careful handling and demands that you don’t push your energy too hard, but stepping up to the plate, being realistic, doing what one has to do and sense of duty is very much on the cards.

Uranus is helpful however, for this same group.  He is giving you the ability to get the balance between obligation and freedom and you do need to get it.

Neptune is also extremely inspiring, as he has been for several years now, for those born July 6th to 9th.  Travel, philosophy, ideology and the power of your heart continue to grow. 

However, Pluto is still bringing his rare once every 248-year challenge to the door of those born July 10th to 12th.  This phenomenon has been in the air since early 2017 but is nearly over.  Your boundaries should be strong around those who are in any way coercive or abusive of power, and certainly don’t sink to their level, and know that you are going through this for a reason and that it is bringing to an end a chapter that has been necessary for you to understand something about human nature and yourself. 


It is important for all Leos to remember that Uranus is now in Taurus, which is not a particularly compatible sign with your own.  He is initially only affecting those born July 23rd to 26th and that is certainly true right now, but he will continue to affect you all at some point for the next seven years.  When Uranus is in a square sign to your own it just makes you feel very restless and life throws some curved balls and initially for the above group, who are now being directly affected, it is affecting your status, a your reputation, your career direction, in a way which can feel unnerving, but which ultimately strangely is truly liberating, but the unexpected within yourself and from outside events, can mean that the status quo has to shift; and for those very early Lions this is certainly true on and off  until  Feb. 2020.  It is a bit of a magical mystery tour .

Meanwhile, Mercury is currently supportive of all those born after August 13th.  Your communications skills are strong and you really will want to be heard and you can be successful but do listen to the others.

After the 22nd, if born up to August 7th, your reasoning skills and insights are strong, but this time with less ego involvement.

Before the 9th, Venus brings a lot of charm in your communications and effectiveness if born after August 16th and your aesthetic sense is also strong. 

However, after the 9th, if born up to August 4th, beware that you need to be very careful that you do not behave in any kind of sycophantic way to others and that self-indulgence does not get out of hand.

After the 11th Mars moves into your Solar 7th House, suggesting that after that date, for all born up to July 30th, there may be some people who are squaring up to you or challenging you in some way and there is little room for manoeuvre, therefore it is beholden for you to be more flexible, but you will certainly have to justify yourself. 

Jupiter, now for all born August 9th to 15th is currently squaring your Sun, which means that there is a tendency to be over-confident, or even a little arrogant at times in the eyes of others.  Enjoyment is desired and possibly experienced but at the expense of potentially later regret, so have some moderation.


This is your time of the year, so a time to shine and certainly after the 6th and before the 22nd, you will all have an opportunity to get heard in an impressive way and your mind is sharp.

After the 9th, Venus, for all born up to September 4th allows you to operate with others in a way that is very persuasive and charming and creating harmony. 

Before the 11th, Mars, back in Capricorn, will be allowing all born after September 20th to re-visit constructively issues from last May and indeed last month that need to be pushed forward, particularly connected to creative projects, romantic issues and offspring issues.  This is a constructive time. 

Jupiter is also helpful if born around September 9th to 15th now.  Wisdom and confidence is yours and sense of luck is in the air, mainly created through wisdom.

Saturn is also on the side of all those born around August 26th as he has been for the last few weeks.  You’re constructive, controlled, hard working and disciplined with deferred gratification assured, particularly after 6th

Uranus is also very much supportive now from Taurus and is stimulating the desire for freedom, excitement, change and innovation for the same group, (born around August 26th.)  This is an excellent tie for the early Virgos to progress, particularly connected to higher learning, long distance issues and legal issues.  This is an awakening time. 

However, Neptune is still presenting a word of warning to those born September 6th to 9th as he has been on and off since early 2017, as there are people around who can be not as black in white as you would like.  Smoke and mirrors are in the air still and this is certainly in the ether until aprox. April 2019.  It also makes you idealistic, but possibly projecting on to people what you want to see, so keep grounded.

Finally, Pluto is very empowering, as has been for over two years, and has nearly completed his mission for those born around September 10th to 12th.  He has brought you into your own, given you a sense of destiny and courage and determination, creatively, in love life and connected to offspring issues.  You know your strengths and you can use them now.


Saturn has been, for most of last month, and certainly all this month a little troublesome possibly for those born around September 25th to 27th.  Feelings of tiredness and frustration are in the air and this was first felt in January 2018, but you will sort it out by the end of October, but it is definitely a time when you need to pace yourself and recognise that certain reality checks are in the air, possibly on the home front.  Blocks and restrictions are there to teach you – it is important to keep strong.

However, before the 6th, if born after October 16th, there is an opportunity to make headway with projects and in a social situation successfully. 

Venus is in your sign before the 9th, moth directly benefiting those born after October 16th and this does bring charm to your appearances and manner.  There is a sense of magnetism around you and warmth and love given out and received.  Enjoyment can be very much in the air. 

However, Mars, although now direct is still as he was in the second half of last month, slightly challenging for all born after October 19th/20th.  There are potentially a few issues of frustration and contention on the home front and also within you.  Impatience and intolerance is in the air from you or others.  Keep your cool. 

After the 11th, for all born up to September 30th, there is a very constructive input, as Mars moves back into Aquarius bringing strong overtones in terms of love life, creativity, energy, drive and determination that is all constructive and reminds you of last July/August in terms of progress.. 

Finally, Pluto is continuing,( but  over by the end of this year) to challenge, as he has done since early 2017, the energies of those born October 11th to 13th.  This journey has been frustrating around some impasses with other people and indeed within you.  Power struggles and a feeling of lockdowns and endings are not unlikely and this has forced you to stand up and drawn boundaries and to be humble and honest and to know when to walk away, but endings of chapters have definitely been in the ether, from which you will emerge stronger.


Uranus, now in Taurus, is bringing for all of you, a few potential changes that will be definitely affecting you all at some time over the next 7 years; but initially those directly hit are born after October 24th.  This energy will resume in April/May of next year and hover till Feb. 2020. Meanwhile be prepared for shifts and changes in other people, affecting your relationships, a sense of irritation and impatience and a desire to free oneself from frustrations that have been building for some time.  The force for change can come from other people, but ultimately it does kick starts you into a new consciousness.

Mars before the 11th is a helpful energy to those born after November 19th. He provides impetus and determination n thought and constructive action. However after the 11th, for those born up to November 30th, there is a distinct danger of having a   sense of your being like a bull in a china shop at home and family members maybe somewhat belligerent.

Jupiter is beautifully in your sign now, bringing advantages to those born November 9th to 15th.  For this group there is definitely a feeling of some sense of euphoria, enjoyment, love of life, great for travel and it can also be quite good financially, At the least, confidence is definitely underlined and you will want to shine. 

Saturn, is bringing, despite the influence of Uranus to very early Scorpios (October 24th to 26th) a sense of concrete, sure progress and a groundedness and wisdom that is guiding a need for change. 

Neptune, as for the last couple of years, is still encouraging for those born November 6th to 9th, a greater sense of spirituality and creative empathy and compassion.  Your heart centre is strong, as are your ideals and relationships benefit.

Those born around November 11th continue to benefit from the power of your ruling planet Pluto’s current enhanced angle to your Sun.  Insights, truth, power of communication and transformational abilities are yours.


This is a month which may focus on career and may be not in such an easy way, as there is a possibly a bit of cognitive dissonance about how you are feeling about it.

However, before the 6th, if born after December 13th, some wisdom and higher understanding and communication skills are strong. 

After the 6th and before the 22nd, you should all ensure that your communications, particularly with authority figures are clear and try not to let stress get the better of you. 

Before the 9th, Venus is kindly benevolent of all born after December 15th.  Friends and support groups are of great value and your leadership skills are filled with empathy and love.

After the 11th, for all born up to November 29th your ability to translate thought into action in a very constructive and a very determined way is admirable. 

For many of you, with Uranus’s recent move into Taurus, there is a definite feeling of shift in your attitude or interest connected to work and there is a feeling of change in the air and this is necessary in some way, but don’t push the river as this particularly journey of Uranus is going to be on and off for 7 years.  Not for all of you all the time, but through the whole of your sign, and right now those born at the very beginning of Sagittarius are feeling it to some extent, but this is a general shift in the mood for all of you, often connected to global events.

Neptune is still causing a sense of confusion and possibly some disillusionment for those born December 6th to 9th.  This has been ongoing on and off since early 2017 and will be complete by March next year.

Meanwhile, for this group there is this feeling of uncertainty and confusion about your roots, where you want to be, a feeling that you can’t commit to a particular location and a sense that things are dissolving and new things need to be born.  There is also an idealism and confusion which can sometimes be a little depressing.  This is a voyage that feels as if there is no compass and no oars.  You have to trust the trade winds and by early next year this group of Sagittarians will feel as if the fog has lifted and they can see a destination, but meanwhile you need patience.


Saturn is still in Capricorn as he will be until December 2020.  He is currently directly affecting, as he did in January and has been again in the last half of last month and all this month, those born December 23rd to 25th.  For this group there is a need to get rest.  One can feel slightly vulnerable, low, tired and burdened and blocks and restrictions seem huge.  It is also a time for very grown up, realistic attitudes towards life and possibly for a major restructuring.  Saturn is the karmic schoolteacher so he does force you to face things and do things that are necessary which you are grateful for in the future, even if at the time it feels like an uphill climb.  By October this weighty feeling will have gone and you will have completed something you needed to complete. 

Simultaneously, Uranus, for the same group (December 23rd to 25th) is bringing a great ray of sunshine.  He brings a desire for the new, for change, for freedom and to fully enter into your own uniqueness and look outside the box to all the possibilities that you haven’t looked at before, so this is a very interesting period for this early group of Capricorns 

Pluto, in his once every 248 year visitation since February 2017 on and off, is now once more sitting directly on the Suns of those born around January 8th to 10th.  This journey is over by December, but it is still ongoing and demands that you acknowledge your destiny, your power, endings of chapters, followed by regenerative work and although one has to acknowledge the intensity of life, but also the power potential that you have.  It is important to not abuse power, to have humility, to be hyper-conscious of the forces that are at work and bring them to birth in a controlled, honest, fair and regenerative matter. 

However, Jupiter currently is also on your side and for all born January 7th to 13th there is a real boost to confidence and wisdom and a sense of support from the universe.  It also brings a sense of leadership skills and other people and causes are very much on your side.

Neptune is also hugely sensitising now for those born January 4th to 7th.  This has been on and off since the beginning of 2017 and the journey is nearly over.  Meanwhile he has caused you to be much more emotionally aware of your thinking processes, your heart has been very much more conjoined with your brain.  Your empathy, your sensitivity and your spiritual side have grown to your great advantage. 

Mars, in your sign for the second half of last month and all this month is now directly reminding those born after January 17th, in a final way, of work that needs to be done and there is an assertiveness and a positive determination in the air with this group, but beware it doesn’t become over-assertion or even aggression.


Uranus’s recent move into Taurus, in his once every 84 year visitation is continuing and he has since May to bring a little bit of a wobble to the consciousness of those January 21st to 24th.  This will return in April of next year and continue on and off, till Feb 2020.  Meanwhile, know that the signs are that there are changes afoot, you feel restless within and there is a need to acknowledge the need for changes without rushing into it, or without being too impulsive or destructive.   There is a need to acknowledge your true Uranian nature – (he is after all your ruling planet) which will bring alive your awakened, enlightened, big picture, unique individuality. Just don’t become rebellious for its own sake. 

Jupiter is for those born February 6th to 12th, bringing a tendency towards rash indulgent behaviour or over-confidence, particularly possibly in one’s public standing or career.  Stop and think.  Over-confidence and biting off more than one can chew can be ultimately disadvantageous.  It may also be important this month to take time out to look at the more private factors of your life in terms of relationships, and  in terms of complex financial organisation.

Between the 6th and the 22nd, Mercury is going to be very kind to all your minds in terms of giving extra wisdom and very good for travel, education and excellent communications. 

Before the 9th, if born after February 12th, love life and travel go hand in hand and a real appreciation of wisdom and harmony is yours. 

After the 11th, Mars moves back into your sign suggesting that for all those born up to January 27th there may be a time during this period when your assertive qualities are strong, to the point where they can be over-strong or even stubborn and too pushy, but used wisely, this is a time for great progress and constructive forward moving.  (This group had this same energy in the last half of May /early June, earlier this year).

Just a word of warning as well, after the 9th, if born up to February 1st, be careful about being charming to others just for your own gain.  Hypocrisy may not serve you well. 


Neptune, your ruler is still of course in your sign, which it is every 165 years, so it is powerful and currently, (as he has been on and off since Spring 201), he is still haunting in a potentially very positive way the Suns of those born March 4th to 7th.  For this group there is hyper ability to have empathy, sensitivity – all the Pisces stuff and also to become quite psychic.  The danger/downside is escapism, hypersensitivity to a fault and illusion or delusion about issues. However in terms of the musical and creative and artistic side, this is peak ability and your ability to have insight on a spiritual level is also profound.  Your heart is dominating, but ensure that you do keep grounded.

Uranus is very constructive now for those born February19th to 22nd  (the earliest
 Pisces) and will be so on and off until February of 2020.  He is offering to this group, a real sense of intuition, eureka moments and a wake up call to your true potential and destiny and a need for the new and the awoken. Saturn is also allowing this same group right now the added ability to be focussed and disciplined and constructive in your tasks, which you are happy to do. This is great and successful combination of planetary influences.. 

Pluto is also again offering to those born around March 8th to 10th, as he has been enabling since early 2017, a chance to really show your ability to lead in things you are passionate about and to have very intense connections with people who are constructive and empowering for the greater good. 

Jupiter is very supportive now for those born March 7th to 13th  This influence is very good for travel, internationalism, study, and a feeling of luck and confidence and indeed protection. 

Successful communications with others is great for all of you between the 6th and the 22nd

After the 9th, if born up to March 2nd, love lives is enhanced in an international context and indeed love of learning is a real inspiration.

Before the 11th, if born after March 17th you will be continuing on a course of action, that started last May, in way that is forthright and constructive.