Thursday, 1 August 2013



by Leigh Oswald (London-based Astrologer and Teacher)

This is the month of Leo, which is the sign of the lion, the king of the beasts, the sign of regality and the divine right of kings. Whether one is interested or not in royalty (and it may well be that your sympathies lie with the satirical magazine, Private Eye’s front page, which merely stated “Woman Has Baby”), it is interesting to look at the new Prince George’s chart, as a signifier of the world he will grow up in, how he responds and how it will shape his destiny

Prince George, born July 22nd 2013 at 16 24 BST in London, in fact avoided being born under the Royal Sun sign of Leo, by around half an hour. He is a very strong Cancerian, with the Sun, Mercury, Mars and Jupiter all in that water sign. This is a very, very sensitive, emotional, nurturing and family orientated and home loving person, with strong impact from the mother.  His feminine soul will be very attractive, but with a strength that should not be underestimated as importantly, he has Scorpio rising. He is rather dominated by the unconscious and the power of self-protection and his lack of Fire in his chart will make him rather watchful and rather covert in temperament. He has however, to his terrific advantage, a tremendously magical and very, very rare sensitive grand trine between Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune, which has been operative all July and lingers for this month…and he has also got Mars thrown in. This all combines to give him statesman-like qualities, emotional intelligence and a strong empathy, compassion and sensitivity, creativity and a huge idealism, which he will be determined to make real and to manifest.

 He will also have a rather private but determined pragmatic zealous/pioneering drive (Mars conjunct Jupiter), if able to express this fully. He will not be afraid to fight for people power and for what he believes in. Because of his powerful, intense and passionate, but private Scorpio rising and with Jupiter, Mars and Mercury all in opposition to Pluto (his ruling planet), he will be no pushover and will fight tenaciously with a powerful if a little indirect will… when it is necessary. He will also like and get challenge and will have a rather maverick side with his strong Uranus input too. In fact he has a powerful T square with Uranus at the apex and involving his ruler and three personal planets.  He will therefore like a bit of risk and adrenaline. There will be many challenges to the constitution as he matures and there are likely to be radical changes in his expected role in his lifetime, as there is a conflict between his second house and the eighth house, suggesting some insecurity of role and a shift in value system being imposed upon him. Some significant power struggles, both intellectual and situational are highlighted in his life.

 Being born at a full moon (Moon in Capricorn opposition his Sun in Cancer), he will feel the contrast keenly between his parents back grounds, which will serve to give him balance and greater breadth of vision, but also a feeling of inner contradiction. This Capricorn Moon sign (his mother Kate is a Capricorn) also gives him a conservative, self-protective feel, which will conflict with a need to accommodate and flirt with inevitable change.  His mother also has a full Moon chart with her Moon in Cancer opposition her Sun in Capricorn and Prince William was born at a new Moon (Sun and Moon both together in Cancer). The sign Cancer is a powerful input in the recently evolving line of British royalty, introduced strongly since the late Princess Diana (Cancerian) came onto the royal scene. This in itself marks a shift from the proud, rather remote “divine right of kings” tendency of the power of Leo, to a more people centred and more vulnerable, emotional consciousness in those who are now taking on the royal status.

The strong mix of Scorpio and Cancer in Prince George’s chart will indeed make for a very emotionally passionate and deep person. At times inscrutable and private, but he will know how to take a stance and lead, when he has to. He will have quite psychic intuitive powers and x ray vision into truths, with profound intelligence and deep insight and with depths and a strength of will that should not be underestimated, especially if challenged. He will not like being parted from his parents when young and early childhood experiences have a huge resonance on his adult life…He may at times be quite passively resistant and will withdraw into his crab like Cancerian shell, in response to certain expectations of him, when he feels overwhelmed by influences around him. However his pioneering, even slightly maverick side will become evident. In this respect he shares some characteristics of his Scorpionic grandfather, Prince Charles. His Virgo Midheaven and Venus in Virgo gives him high standards and the ability to serve with quiet dignity, but his sensitivity is such that he will also need much privacy and time for withdrawal. His compassion and empathetic sense is strong and like his late Grandmother, Diana and it seems, Prince William, his father, he will be a natural champion of the vulnerable, but never losing his sense of dignity, self-containment and self-protection.  

Apologies to those who really are not interested in the chart of one child, but as an insight into someone who will be so much in the media attention, it is an interesting exercise.

 As for this month, there is much smoke and mirrors around in terms of world affairs and politics between the 25th and 27th and the unexpected is in the air and hidden revelations abound. With the rare and rather beautiful water grand trine that continues to resonate this month, the demand by many on the planet to redress our values and to get the balance between nature and money more sensitively expressed, will be significant.  The power of the collective unconscious for more resonance with the natural world of humanity is getting louder and dare I say and hope, is getting heard.

As someone named Kokomo J. said in a post on the Internet recently
“We could get a better understanding of life if we were part of the eco system, not the ego system”.
Says it all really!
Mars in Cancer before the 28th may put some focus on the USA and there will be some assertive forces emanating from her and also towards her from other nations.

Accident-prone days and events that are left field and uncomfortable are suggested around the very beginning of the month when Mars squares up to Uranus, as indeed this is published.

The new Moon falls on the 6th at 14° of Leo and the full Moon falls on the 20th/21st at 28° of Aquarius. The full Moon is expiation and the new Moon is an initiation.

ARIES March 21st - April 20th

August is definitely party time and accentuates powerful romantic drives too. Good communications connected to romantic relationships are very empowering between the 8th and 23rd, and after the 16th, particularly for all born up to April 8th, Cupid is definitely on your case and your charms are undoubted. Other people’s generosity to you is also underlined.

However before the 28th all born after April 1st have Mars in square angle to your Sun which suggests that there may be some people on the domestic front who are feeling the power of your assertive side and who are maybe standing up to you. Mars is your ruler and is powerful when he affects you, making your own self-assertion and determination a little negative and too ego-ridden, and other people will respond in equally strong reaction back to you, so have a care.

If born March 27th to April 4TH beware of being a little over-confident, over-generous or over-immoderate. The good times roll but you can just push out the boat a little too far.

For those born March 31st to April 3rd. Uranus in his once every 84 year visitation is very powerfully on your case. He is making you restless, adrenaline prone, unpredictable with a volcanic need for excitement and change, and change is inevitable. This energy is with you on and off until April 2014, so don’t push the river, let it evolve, see this as a journey when you need to be flexible, and hang loose. Know you are awakening to a new chapter and new gifts and new intuitions.

However if born around March 29th to 31st, Pluto squaring your Sun is warning that there are some power struggles in the air within yourself and because of your own desire for greater power, possibly reflected in power struggles with other people. Stand up for the highest principle and avoid being tainted by unsavoury, ruthless people, and equally it is important that you keep squeaky clean yourself. It is a time to know your own power but remember that the only corollary of that should be humility.

TAURUS April 21ST - May 20th

 Leo is a square energy to your own and so can be a little uncomfortable in effect. It can make you feel a little stressed, particularly on the home and family front, but good communication between the 8th and 23rd with family members or domestically can alleviate issues.

Before the 16th all born after May 1st can be in quite a celebration of life mode, enjoying social and romantic life, and children’s issues and creative skills abound, and a love of beauty is underlined after 16th. Your harmonious ruler Venus is bringing advantage in your working life.

Mars before the 28th is making you quite forthright in your ideas if born after May 2nd, but in a very constructive and powerful way, but after the 28th for that short period, be aware that if born at the very beginning of Taurus around April 22nd, you need to tread carefully with tact.

Jupiter is protective for Taureans now if born April 27th to May 5th. He enhances your intellect and communication skills and sibling issues are buoyant too. Intelligence is your luck now.

However, by contrast Saturn is unfortunately dampening this energy a little if born April 25th to 29th. Other people are burdensome and demanding, and hard work, discipline and patience are necessary, and possibly difficult loyalty is asked of you. Realty checks are around re others and only you know what you need to do. The necessity principle is at work, but get rest and look after the body too.

Pluto is very positive however if born around April 30th. He is bringing home some rare metaphysical truths to your awareness and is also enabling very empowering travel and bringing good contacts overseas to your door.  It is a time of belief, self-reinvention and personal transformation.

Neptune is also a bit of magic now if born April 24th –26th. Friends are sensitive and you are feeling very benevolent to those who need you and your heart and spiritual centre are enhanced.

GEMINI May 21st - June 20th

You are a communicative, intelligent sign and with the Sun in Leo now in your solar 3rd house, these qualities are underlined and accentuated positively, notably strongly between the 8th and 23rd. Before the 8th many of you will find that your best communication is done rather privately and subtl

Before the 16th all those June born may be spending time happily and enjoying beautifying the home, but after the 16th it is all systems go for all born up to June 9th, for creativity, enjoyment of life, party time and indeed romance. Joy around children’s issues may emerge.

Finances are looking protected if not even enhanced by Jupiter’s position in your solar 2nd house, but don’t take your eye off the ball at work where a slow, sure, steady slog brings gain.
Mars is also currently making you quite proactive in getting the money you feel you are owed and helping you plan your increased security.

Uranus is very proactively positive for those born June 1st to 4th. He is bringing a new awareness and a new ideological and political activation. He is also bringing you the ability to work for the greater good in group situations and a desire to be quite revolutionary. Your ideas and your intuitions are strong, and your desires are strong now in relation to being innovative and being true to yourself in quite a public fashion, where you can make a difference and wake people up. Expiate this positively now.

By contrast, Neptune if born May 24th to 27th can make you a little blind-sided to events that are going on at work, with colleagues or authority figures. There may be some smoke and mirrors professionally. Just make sure you keep in the loop and beware people who have hidden agendas, but importantly it is a time for you to recognise your emotional needs and sensitivities and to realise that some things are just too important in life to be just left to the mind alone.

CANCER June 21st - July 21st

Your emotional and financial security is important to you and this month certainly focuses on your need to revamp, reorganise and to try to secure your monetary issues, notably through good communications and intelligence between the 8th and 23rd.

Before the 8th however, all born before July 11th have the gift of the gab. Your excellent people skills are impressive and effective and negotiations can be very successful.

Also Mars in your sign until the 28th suggests for all born after July 2nd, that there is great forthrightness, determination and courage given to your presentation of self.

Jupiter of course in your sign is adding to luck if born June 28th to July 6th. For this group this is a period of growth, travel, a pushing out of boundaries, confidence and sense of protection. Health and work are also benefited. Saturn too is supportive of your energies romantically and creatively/artistically in a very practical, measured way if born 25th to 9th June.

Uranus is a little disruptive for those born July 2nd to 15th. There may be uncertainties and insecurities at work and you are feeling restless anyway, but change is around you and you cannot repress this feeling, but don’t jump out of the frying pan into a fire, or throw out the proverbial baby with the bathwater. However be flexible and know that even uncomfortable change can often turn out to be liberating.

If born June 24th to 27th, know that this is a period of time when your sensitivities become much greater and your ego is taking a back seat. Neptune is at work positively. Your sensitivity to others, empathy, compassion and growing awareness of more spiritual realms is growing and indeed more creative talents are seriously underlined too…enjoy and exploit and let others benefit from this shift in you.  Finally Pluto is sitting right opposite the Suns of those born June 30th –July2nd. This is a big one and can transform your life. It’s not over till the year-end. Don’t abuse power and know that chapters inevitably close to make way for the empowering new.

LEO July 22nd - August 22nd

This is your month – a time to shine. Your solar return demands your presence. It is in your nature to shine and with Mercury in your sign between the 8th and 23rd, you will all be able to command attention with your communications.

Before the 28th however Mars is in Cancer which suggests that some of you will be feeling a little bit that you have to beaver away behind-the-scenes in an uncharacteristic way because of necessary pressures being made on you to give your life more infrastructure. More importantly, don’t let anger fester; and a reviewing of your life, your past and pondering on your own relationship to life is good, but as the month closes, you will emerge in your usual Leonine regal way.

However with Jupiter also in your solar 12th house, this is a time and opportunity for gaining psychological profundity and more peace for many of you.

Saturn is being less benevolent to those born July 27th to 31st. He is demanding that you pay attention to domestic and family issues and they will be making sure that you keep your nose to the grindstone, and bringing reality checks that may well be needed, if painful. Get rest, acknowledge that you are not getting any younger, look after the body and do simply what is necessary. What you want to do and what you need to do are often very different.

Uranus however is really bolstering the energy, confidence and belief in self if born August 3rd to 6th. This is an excellent time for enlightened, innovative travel and wisdom.

The new Moon falls in your sign on the 6th, directly impacting all born around August 7th.  For this group a new beginning is in the offing and a new vista tempts, whereas on the 20th/21st the full Moon directly impacts those born August 11th who may find some reality checks spoken by others or demonstrated to you, are in fact needed truths to be internalised.

VIRGO August 23rd - September 21st

Leo energy at work relates to your solar 12th house of privacy and the need to commune with yourself. It is a time when you will appreciate some retreat and quietness, notably for all of you between the 8th and 23rd. Karmic payments may be due to others now too. After the 22nd however, many of you will find that suddenly you want a place in the sun again, even in your modest often-self effacing way.

Before the 16th, when Venus is in your sign , all born after September 3rd have their charms very much shining, so despite a desire for some quiet, others will be paying you much attention and finances are looking positive. Indeed after the 16th many of you will be putting much effort into securing a financial situation.

Before the 28th, all born after September 4th will also have significant leadership skills and friendships are stimulating, courtesy of Mars in compatible Cancer. You will need to divide your time between retreat and being proactive for others.

A quiet intelligent luck is now surrounding those born August 30th to September 7th. Jupiter is giving his protection and to your life and allowing you to grab opportunities, and again friends can be invaluable.  Being graced by Saturn as well as Jupiter many of you are enjoying a sense of real balance of practicality, idealism and progress.

Neptune however, continues to directly oppose those born August 26th to 29th. This is a time to be very aware that other people can be very seductive and alluring, possibly without real gravitas or substance. Don’t be cynical, but check the small print. Sensitivity to others and compassion knows no bounds. Just don’t get taken advantage of. Don’t allow people to take advantage of your practical service orientation, without pulling their weight .

Pluto is also directly regenerating the energies of those born round September 2nd. Your creative, romantic, fertile and fun loving side is full on, confident and potent.

LIBRA September 22nd - October 23rd

Friendships and collective goals are highlighted when the Sun is in Leo and the ability to fulfil some of your hopes and wishes that are connected to group endeavours. Your leadership skills can also show.

After the 16th when Venus moves into your sign, all born up to October 12th have an extra strong aesthetic sense, and romance, enjoyment and social life have a particularly pleasing quality. Also your extra charisma shines and PR skills are accentuated.

Before the 28th however, Mars the planet of war, is in Cancer, your solar 10th house, suggesting that all born after October 6th have the distinct danger of those at work having the boxing gloves on. People are not pushovers and you need to be wary of your own impatience, perfectionism and over-assertion. Count to ten.

However if born between September 30th and October 8th, Jupiter is very protective of your career but there is the possibility of having a little over-confidence, which can sometimes, come across to others as complacency and extravagance.

If born October 4th to 7th, Uranus in his once every 84-year visitation, is creating a lot of unpredictable events around relationships. Others are unreliable, unpredictable and bringing some shocks and surprises into your life. In effect they are kick-starting you into a new chapter, and although change is uncomfortable, it is often liberating.

If born October 2nd to 3th Pluto is bringing some issues on the domestic or family front that can be troublesome. Power struggles are in the air. Deep-rooted buttons are being pressed and survival issues are strong in terms of emotional and psychological instincts. Draw boundaries, state your case, and recognise ends of chapters, within and without, but with humility and dignity.  Pluto forces you to face buried issues whose hour has come to show themselves for honest confrontation and understanding. That which we repress within us, controls us, that which we confront, we can control.

SCORPIO October 24th - November 21st

Leo is not the easiest of months for your sign, being in square energy to your own. It puts focus on challenges in your working life where you need to shine, but maybe reluctantly.

Before the 8th, if born after November 11th, academic results and activities are satisfying and certainly long distance communications and travel are also happily flagged up. Before the 28th, this same group have Mars giving particular energy in terms of your idealistic and zealous projects and travelling is a source of real enthusiasm and interest – much more than just a holiday.

Jupiter is currently in a particularly benign angle to the Suns all born October 30th to November 7th. For this group, again long-distance issues and travel are very favourable as are the powers of your super-conscious mind – a natural student with success. A general feeling of confidence and well-being and a pushing out the boundaries in your mind is strong.

However, by contrast, Saturn, our challenging friend, is directly sitting on the Suns of those born October 28th to November 1st as he was in May and June. This is a bit of a long, drawn-out bitter/sweet saga and is a karmic reminder of things that you need to attend to, even if you would rather not. A hard working, disciplined, patient, practical, logistical challenge is yours. You have to do what is necessary and what is very “grown up”. If you do, you will gain so much further down the line.

Neptune is harmonising the lives now of those born October 26th to 29th. He is truly inspiring you creatively, visually and musically, and also making you exquisitely idealistic in matters of romance, and indeed soul-mates are around, but just keep grounded. Your sensitivity is shifting your priorities a little. Compassion is strong.

Pluto your ruler is also allowing opportunities for those born around November 2nd to realise true Scorpionic insight, truth seeking and wise use of power and influence.

SAGITTARIUS November 22nd - December 21st

Leo connects with your solar 9th house which is excellent for promoting and pursuing your favourite subject, travel, and international dealings are also flagged up positively for all of you this month, notably between the 8th and 23rd, and for very early Sagittarians, after the 28th as well. Also academic progress is enabled and your ideological/metaphysical and super conscious levels of awareness are heightened.

Much very profound communications and focus on planning financially for the future is indicated for many of you, with a sense of assertion and action, but there is some protection financially currently.  After the 16th all born up to December10th have Venus enhancing your solar 11th house, encouraging good input from friends, a happy social life and extra strong people handling/PR skills

For those born December 3rd to 5th change is in the air in a very positive way. There is a liberating sense, both in terms of romantic issues and offspring issues, and a new sense of awakening, enlightenment and a kick-start into a newer, more innovative future is indicated, courtesy of Uranus. More involvement with technology can enhance your life, especially creatively.

Jupiter, your ruling planet is reasonably protective financially from your solar 8th house now and is therefore bringing potential bonuses from others and enriched intimacy is also suggested.

However if born November 25th to 27th be very careful that you are seeing people and situations clearly. Check out facts, check the small print and don’t be over-idealistic and project what you want to see onto others and onto situations…. Try not to let wishful thinking cloud your real judgement. Creatively you are truly inspired however and music and being near the sea can be very restorative of your currently extra sensitive nervous system

CAPRICORN December 22nd - January 19th

This is a month when you have to face some profound truths of life and to deal with intimate and private issues, such as joint finances and complex feelings openly and honestly. Before the 8th if born after January 9th, you have plenty of opportunities to thrash some issues out.

After the 23rd many of you will be focusing on academic issues or travel and are able to link travel with romance and a love of learning predominates. After the 16th many of you will be finding your charms work wonders in furthering your career.

Before the 28th however there is a warning for all born in January that there are people out there who feel a little threatened by you and who may pit their wits against you. Be well armed with truth and subtlety.

The big news is for those born December 28th to January 5th is that Jupiter still in your solar 7th house is bringing very special contacts from people, either from long-distance or from those with wisdom who certainly have the power to aid and abet you, and relationships can definitely flourish.

However if born January 1st to 4th there is also a feeling of rare restlessness in the air and also some disruptions that are unexpected and left field in your psyche and possibly on your home scene, so don’t be impulsive - change is needed but it will happen in its own time. This is a journey.  For those born around December 31st, Pluto is sitting powerfully on your Sun now and with Saturn, your ruler, and Jupiter both supporting you now, this is a tremendous once in a lifetime opportunity to acknowledge your real potential with confidence and to accept a real change involving wilful self reinvention of yourself and your life .

Neptune is gracing the lives of those born December 24th –27th allowing a greater sense of compassion, sensitivity to others, less ego drive and more spiritual/emotional idealism and also allows creative gifts to flourish.

AQUARIUS January 20th - February 18th

Leo is your opposite sign, suggesting that the power of significant others is operative this month in terms of love-life, colleagues, enlightened others and also at the end of the month, a few people who will pit their wits against you, but who can act as covert teachers.

Between the 8th and 23rd is definitely the best time for you all to get your best communications and agreements happily rubber-stamped.

Before the 28th many of you will have to focus strongly on working life. Ambition is strong and with Jupiter in your solar 6th house now, there is much opportunity for growth and at the very least protection in your everyday working life.

Saturn is not so kindly disposed now towards those born January 24th to 28th. For this group there is definitely some stress, blocks, restrictions and dissatisfaction with work conditions. Reality checks are in the air. Get rest, look after the body, but know that you need to learn an important lesson now that you should act on. Discipline and hard work may be necessary, but also the honesty and humility to know when change is also necessary.

However if born January 30th to February 2nd, you are in a period when you know change has to happen and your restlessness indicates that. The way you are thinking now is outside the box, even more than usually, and your intuition needs listening to, and your genius streak should be displayed with some confidence; but not arrogance.

The full Moon is in your sign on the 20th/21st, directly affecting those born around February 17th. This will be a period of time when you will not be able to contain unconscious forces, particularly re relationships. Primeval forces are at work.

Around the 6th, the new Moon at 14° of Leo affects those born around February 3rd. New chapters are starting, possible stimulated by the actions of others.

PISCES February 19th – March 20th

Leo flags up hard work and a sorting out of routine and putting a pragmatic infrastructure into your working everyday life, which will help clear your mind. Before the 8th, if born after March 9th, communications with offspring and in a romantic connection, pay dividends

After the 23rd if born any time up to March 5th, the joy of interchange with others who are close and with people who can benefit you is significant.

Fortunately, Venus is in your opposite sign before the 16th suggesting that all March born Pisces have the power of love in the shape of Venus on their side and popularity and social happiness is flagged up. After the 16th, things get a little more intimate for many of you.

Before the 28th many of you, especially if March born, are in fun loving, romantic and won’t take “no” for an answer mood, but don’t take your eye off the ball re ambitions at work.

If born February 25th to March 5th, Jupiter is bringing, luck, protection and definite opportunities, as he smiles on your Sun, notably in bringing creative skills and confidence and also around offspring issues. He is certainly brining Cupids influence to bear too. The desire and ability to enjoy life to the full is underlined. Many of this group are under the influence of a power rare grand trine still and this can create a real magic in life that allows the manifestation of the best of your being, talents and gifts.

Neptune is still affecting those born February 21st to 24th, bringing out the most exquisite sensitivity as never before, but there is a danger of illusion, escapism and hypersensitivity. Let this sensitivity allow you to elevate and inspire/help others, rather than letting this hypersensitivity make you want to withdraw.   

For those born at the very end of February, Pluto is bringing significant empowerment still and one should not abuse it. You can transform and regenerate yourself and others now. You know it is an important time to show what you are made of.