Monday, 30 September 2019


The world has hit a critical mass point environmentally, which it seems, is also directly reflected now in the state of our global politics.

 Climate crisis facts reveal that the destruction of our natural world is happening faster than even the science predicted and it is becoming uncomfortably real, visible and very disruptive, in our face in fact.  Simultaneously, our politics are becoming anarchic, destructive, chaotic and descending increasingly into a state of diminished democracy with little rationality in so many countries. The power of individual egos and financial interests dominates our times and it also corresponds with a persistent denial, in many cases, by those in power, of science and the glaringly obvious, if inconvenient, facts about what we have done to planet earth.  Even those who acknowledge the facts seem woefully inadequate and unable to step up to the plate.

 Even astrologers are shocked (well I am) at the extent and the speed of how the nemesis of Pluto in the last decan, i.e. last 10 degrees of Capricorn has now manifested. It is showing the results of, and the price we and our earth pays for the cumulative dark side of the power of wealth, globalised neo liberal capitalism and the chasing of the irrational god of eternal growth. Saturn is now joining, so rarely, with Pluto in Capricorn, bringing the manifestation of reality (Saturn) of the misuse of power (Pluto) totally to the fore.  This combining last happened in the early 16th century.

Extracts from WB Yeat’s poem, “The Second Coming”, keep looming up in my mind.  “Things fall apart, the centre cannot hold. Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world…  What rough beast, its hour come round at last, slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?”

Neptune in Pisces, since 2012 and till 2026, has however also correlated with a growing need for purity and the defence of the innocence of nature, felt especially powerfully by the very young… and wait till all born since then, get mature enough to shout out loudly. They will be such fierce protectors of the natural world, and will sacrifice much to achieve it, if not too late.

Uranus (shock/change) now in Taurus (earth) since May last year and for the coming 7 years, is now reminding us, that the power of the unpredictability of mother earth’s response to our carelessness, is a power to be in awe of.

When school children feel compelled to strike from school, because they are so correctly alarmed by climate crisis and Greta Thunberg has to take such a bold stance, it is a sign that these youngsters see the adults that are our leaders, behaving like children and therefore these children are feeling they are the ones who have to behave like adults. They feel a total compunction to get the much-needed serious governmental global focus on major changes to the fundamental infrastructure of our system, in order to manage and fight climate catastrophe. Nature doesn’t need people, but people need nature… and we have forgotten that at our peril.  Neptune is now awakening us all up to that..

Brexit chaos has descended into the unbelievable, basically rearranging the deckchairs, and now also chucking them at each other, while the Titanic sinks…. Boris Johnson’s chart was very challenged last month (clearly) and around the first 4 days of this month, Mars squares up to his Sun and his ruler Venus and this potentially brings further great challenge to his door that may make him lash out, or be totally defiant. However, the Sun on his ascendant then also, will give him confidence to win others over on a populist stance.  The first week also sees Mercury oppose his Jupiter when careless talk and decisions then, will come back to haunt him. The 9th/ 10th will bring a sense of triumph, but around the 20th –25th, Mars going over his ascendant and squaring his midheaven, will bring an even more warlike stance from him and indeed equal fierce opposition from others in authority, which will be major in effect… and will cause more extreme division in the country. People versus parliament, is the mood being engendered, not least by the incumbent government. Saturn conjunct Pluto reflects this powerfully. This lasts for the coming 12 months.

Johnson is like Marmite… not dissimilar to Trump. No indifference. Extreme responses to him are typical.

When born, Johnson’s natal Mars in Gemini is totally afflicted, which is not a good look for a leader, especially relating to the influence on him of those behind the scenes, but the apparent charm of his Libra rising, can and has, gone a long way for him.

Donald Trump has a powerful Jupiter, by transit, in conjunction to his Moon and opposing his Sun, from the 19th- to the 31st. This is an every 12-year event and will give him great confidence and much arrogant self-belief, despite economic and potential impeachment scares. He will be risky, zealous and overreach in ambition… notably on the 31st when Mars also conjuncts his Jupiter… His daring and self-congratulation will be evident, at least in the short term (possibly because he sees England as available for lucrative trade, if it indeed leaves the EU on that date).  Saturn squaring his Chiron this month will haunt him however, re past actions and bring discomfort.

The real denouement, in terms of personal challenge for Trump, as I have mentioned before, will start to seriously rumble in December this year, but will really bite in the first 2 months of 2020. This is when both Saturn and Pluto come together to oppose his Saturn (the last time this combining of Saturn and Pluto happened was 500 years ago) and then Saturn will also oppose his Venus (every 30 years). If he survives those transits, he is truly Teflon and seemingly impervious to normal human experience.

Dangerous days globally generally this month, when power can be misused are the 1st and 14th when Venus and the Sun square Pluto respectively.

Unpredictable days of potential disruption, especially geophysically e.g. earthquakes and environmental shocks, are around the last week,, when the Sun opposes Uranus. The unpredictable is very much in the air generally then in all contexts.

Around the 7/8th and the 25th/26th when the Sun and then Mars square up to Saturn, are days of frustration, anger and blocks generally, both personally and globally.

The Full Moon falls on the 13th at 20 degrees of Aries and the New Moon falls on the 28th at 4 degrees of Scorpio.  The Full brings endings and eruptions of energies that have been building for some time, whilst the New, symbolises the new and the innovative.


 Being the month of Libra, opposite to your sign, relationships will figure strongly and hopefully very positively, but whatever issues is a focus.  

Indeed for all born after April 16th, communications with others will be highly significant and impact you strongly, all before the 3rd. 

Before the 8th, all born after April 10th, the power of love and affection figures very much to your advantage in love life, from you to others and others to you.  

After the 4th, if born up to April 8th, Mars opposes your Sun, which will bring some sense of challenge and possible confrontation from other people and indeed impatience, either yours or others. Impulse can be damaging.  Be conscious and careful.

Jupiter is now in harmony with those born April 8th to 15th.  It is an excellent time for travel, confidence, expansion, and growth and also for legal issues.  Luck is in the air.  

However, for those born April 4th to 7th, Saturn is squaring your Suns. For this group there are blocks, restrictions, frustrations, lack of confidence and possibly a feeling of tiredness and vulnerability health-wise.  Step up to the plate and face up to what needs to be changed or done.  Pace yourself.  Delays and frustrations are there to help you reconsider issues. 

Pluto is currently squaring the Suns of those born April 10th to 12th, as he was doing last December and early 2018.  By the end of the year, this will be over, meanwhile avoid misuse of power and also those who would impinge their negative power upon you.  Issues on the home and family front may well be forcing a crisis in your psyche. You must own the energy and be conscious of its depth of meaning, and act on it wisely, not explosively. 


Work is a focus this month and good organisation and good working relationships are emphasised.  

However, after the 3rd, all born up to May 18th will also have great opportunities for excellent, constructive communication with partners and those of significance in your lives. 

Also, after the 8th, for all born up to May 19th, there will be the power of love, romance and harmony in your life. 

Before the 4th, if born May 17th, your assertiveness and drive is constructive and positive.  Intelligent action is yours, as Mars is trining your Sun.  Creatively, you are also very constructive.  

Saturn is trining the Suns of those born May 4th to 7th all this month, bringing constructive discipline, reality, hard work, practicality and the ability to create positive, intelligent infrastructure in your life.  Travel may be for duty and serious thinking gives you an advantage. You can rise to challenges.   

Uranus now famously in your sign, is hitting directly those born April 23rd to 26th.  Some upheavals are bound to be showing themselves in your life, either internally or externally.  This will be around for some months.  It is awakening and enlightening and anything that has held you back or restrained you, or is not true to you, will be a force that you have to acknowledge and deal with.  Intuition is also strong. 

Neptune is bringing great sensitivity, empathy, compassion and creative talents to those born around May 6th to 8th.  

Finally Pluto is once again trining the Suns of those born May 10th too 12th.  Empowerment is yours, especially in terms of big picture insight and wisdom and possibly via long distance issues.


Before the 23rd, the good times roll for many of you, both in love life and creative skills.  

However, before the 3rd, if born after June 16th, your writing and communication skills are not only creative, but also very effective and attractive.  

Before the 8th, if born after June 1st, romantic issues loom large, as do children’s issues, which can bring enjoyment and fun and again your creative skills are fine-tuned. 

Before the 4th, Mars now is squaring your sign and will bring for those born after June 18th, some impatience and impulsiveness, particularly on the home front. You may also be rather clumsy and other people may challenge you and tempers and be frayed. 

However, after the 4th, if born up to June 10th, there is a great ability to show intelligence and constructive feelings, particularly with offspring and in love life; and creatively you are absolutely on the ball. 

Jupiter is currently opposing the Suns of those born June 9th to 16th. There is therefore a tendency to be over-confident, over-expansive or over-egg the pudding.  Enjoy by all means, but have some caution. Travel is also in the air. Don’t bite off more than you can chew.  

Neptune is also currently squaring the Suns of those born June 7th to 9th. This has been in the air since May of last year.  Beware of deceptive circumstances and smoke and mirrors - you to others or others to you and don’t be too idealistic, particularly on the work front.  Check out the small print and keep grounded. 


Home matters will be important, as will creativity and social life this month.  

Before the 3rd, if born after July 18th, ensure your communications are clear, as confusion can abound.  

Before the 8th, if born after July 13th, beware of over-indulgence or hypocrisy.

However, before the 4th, for all born after July 19th, your courage and intelligence verbally and in thinking is of great advantage.  

However, after the 5th if born up to July 11th, you may be a little bit like a bull in a china shop at home and impatience and irritation with others on the domestic front, or others to you, can be problematic.  Stop and count to 10 before reacting or acting. 

Saturn, still in Capricorn, is opposing your Sun sign and is currently directly challenging those born July 6th to 9th.  Other people will be problematic to you and you feel as if they are blocking or frustrating you. Indeed, authority figures can be a problem.  Reality checks are in the air and you need to be mature and step up to the plate and don’t kick the can down the road. Also, get rest, as your body will feel more tired than usual. 

Uranus, currently is bringing for those born June 25th to 28th a sense of the new and the exciting and a desire for a bit of adrenalin; an awakening and enlightening around you.  Enjoy.  

Neptune is also currently benefiting those born July 9th to 11th.  You are being inspired by travel, long distance issues and being near the sea is good for you. Your empathy, compassion and sensitivity to the disadvantaged is very strong and your heart screams out stronger than your brain, but that can be no bad thing.  You are truly inspired. 

However, Pluto is, once again, opposing the Suns of those born July 12th to 14th, but this long, protracted visitation is nearly at an end.  Power struggles are likely with other people and any coercive people around you need to be handled carefully but decisively. Out of any endings a phoenix will rise.  


Communications will be very important this month and will be of extra significance.  

Before the 3rd, all born after August 18th will be particularly gifted with eloquent and persuasive mental and communication skills.  

Before the 8th, all born after August 14th will also have added charm when dealing with others and when trying to persuade people.  Affections are highlighted.  

After the 4th, when Mars moves into Libra, this will advantage all born up to August 11th, as energy, drive, ambition constructive action and thought will be very advantageous and a competitive streak can be successful

Jupiter is very complimentary now to all those born August 10th to 18th.  He brings luck, more confidence than usual, worthy opportunities, particularly in romance and creative success.  In fact, social life and the good times flourish, as can travel.  

Uranus however is continuing to square the Suns of those born July 27th to 30th, bringing uncertainty to this group, as well as restlessness and unpredictability, particularly to do with public standing and career.  You are now easily bored and have a need to do something you feel that suits your unique individuality.  There is a greater rebel in you than you have experienced before.  The downside is do not be too impulsive.  Stop and think before you act.  Expect the unexpected, It will ultimately be liberating and other people may be great catalysts for change in a very unexpected way. Career may be a focus, in terms of the unexpected and as an area of some revolution..  


Emphasis on finances and security may figure strongly this month and putting an emphasis on that structure may benefit you.  

After the 3rd, all born up to September 21st will benefit from good, wise communication skills and you will receive good information from other people.

After the 8th, all born up to September 21st will find that their ability to combine heart and mind wins others over; and others will also show kindness in their communications too.

Before the 4th, Mars is in your sign, directly hitting this month those born after September 19th.  For this group there is a definite intensity of action, competitive instinct and courage, but there can also be impulse and risk and other people may be challenging.  Your determination will be obvious to self and others.  This can be very constructive, provided you count to ten before you jump right in.  

Jupiter however is squaring the Suns now of those born September 11th to 18th.  There is a risk for this group that they will be over-confident, over-reaching and over-indulgent.  Good times can roll, but you need some discrimination.

Saturn however is a very constructive and careful influence for those born September 6th to 9th.  He is bringing wisdom of action, forethought, pragmatism and an intelligent roundedness, which turns out to be very constructive and progressive, particularly in areas of romance, children’s issues and creatively.  

Uranus is also a very positive influence now in his rare once every 42 year angle to your sun, affecting those born August 27th to 30th.  Unexpected travel and international dealings are very advantageous and a desire for excitement and freedom and some adrenaline can be very constructive, but above all, it is a time when you philosophically want to be true completely to your individuality and not afraid to stand up for what you believe in and for the new.

 Neptune is currently opposing the Suns of those born around Sept 9th and this has been around for this group for much of this year. It brings vulnerability to self-delusion or smoke and mirrors from others… so keep real, but it also can inspire creatively visually and a connection with nature is strong. Music and being near the sea can inspire , but do not be too trusting, vulnerable or risky.  

 Finally Pluto is bringing still to those born around September 14th, a sense if forensic insight and extra power and influence in both creativity and indeed in the arena of the emotions, romance, love life and connected to children’s issues. Shyness is replaced by your wise shared empowering insight.


Your month, so it’s a time to shine.  Before the 3rd, if born after October 18th, your communication skills are spot on, as are your insights, but do listen to the other guy as well.

Before the 8th, if born after October 13th, love is in the air, your attractiveness in persona and personality shines and attracts those to you, who really appreciate this.  You look good too.   After the first week finances may be a focus in a very positive way.  

After the 4th, Mars moves into your sign, bringing for those born up to October 12th a great drive and determination, ambition and competitive quality.  You will also be impulsive and enjoy a little bit of risk and action.  Just ensure your determination doesn’t tip into over-assertion.  

Jupiter is harmonious now for those born October 11th to 18th.  He is bringing confidence though wisdom, good news, positivity and ease of working.  

However, by contrast, Saturn, for those born October 7th to 10th, is bringing a few hiccups, delays and reality checks, particularly connected to the home / family front, possibly to do with real estate as well.  Look after your health and accept that delays and frustrations are there for a reason to help you re-think and re-align.  Be patient and humble.  

Pluto, back to twenty degrees of Capricorn, is once again, as he was doing last December, squaring the Suns of those born around October 13th to 15th.  For this group there is a need to recognise any inner power struggles within yourself or indeed with family members.  Be wary of any abusive power, either your own or other. Draw boundaries around that. Always act in the greater interest for everyone and not just in your own. 


Emphasis on Libra this month does tend to incline you all to needing privacy and a needed reflection on the past. Behind the scenes thoughts, emotions and actions figure strongly too.  

However, after the 3rd, all born up to November 20th, will have extra sharpness to your intellect and communication skills.  Communications around money and siblings particularly can be powerful and positive. 

This same group., after the 8th, will also find that your own ability to attract love and affection and to also give it, is underlined as are an enhancement of your appearances, with no effort. 

Before the 4th Mars in Virgo will be positive for all born after November 19th.  For these late Scorpios’, leadership skills and energy put into furthering your causes you believe in and your goals, are successful and intelligent.

Saturn is also a very productive and hardworking influence for those born November 6th to 9th.  A seriousness and a groundedness and pragmatism really serve you well in what you are trying to achieve.  

Uranus, currently in Taurus, a rare, once every 84-year effect on your Sun sign, is currently directly affecting those. Born October 27th to 29th. This influence is there until May next year on and off and will be bringing the unexpected, particularly in relationships that may be uncomfortable, but which ultimately are liberating.  See it as a journey to which other people are catalysts.  

Neptune is still enhancing the Suns of those born around November 8th to 10th, bringing a great deal of idealisms, spirituality, empathy, compassion, caring and also huge artistic inspiration.  A love of the sea and a great ability to find spiritual satisfaction in relationships of all sorts is enhanced. 

Pluto your ruler is still empowering the energies, insights, determination and courage of those born November around November 13th. Communications are potent, impressive and insightful.


Theoretically this is a very sociable month for your sign and before the 3rd, if born after December 18th, communications with friends and leadership skills are impressive and constructive and having admiration for your communications from others is strong.  

Before the 8th, if born after December 12th, your popularity with others and kindness from and to friends is very happily beneficial.  

Before the 4th however, Mars in square to your sign, so then, for all born after December 18th, there is a need to be a little bit careful about impulsive impatience from you to others or vice versa.  Stop and think.  

After the 4th, all born up to December 11th, have drive and determination, which is very constructive, in terms of guiding others and inspiring them. 

Jupiter, of course, still in your sign, is now wonderful for those born December 10th to 17th.  As last February/March and indeed late April and May, luck is shining down on you and there is confidence, belief in self, travel and expansion.  Just beware of over-confidence and over-reaching.  

Neptune, however, is continuing to square the Suns of those born December 8th to 10th.  Since June 2018 you have been vulnerable to over-idealism or possibly trusting a little bit too much.  Just check people and things out and keep grounded.  


Career is a focus for needing care. 

Before the 3rd, if born after January 16th, make sure that communications with others have no misunderstandings, particularly in profession..  

Before the 8th, if born after January 10th, beware of sycophancy at work. Charms can work well for you but are no substitute for sincerity.  

However, after the 3rd, for all born up to January 17th, excellent communications with friends, good news and leadership skills are indicated.. 

After the 8th, this same group, born up to around January 18th, can also find love, romance and harmony and affections are strong in your orbit.  Friends can introduce more love into your life.  

Also before the 4th, Mars in Virgo is trining the Suns of those born after January 17th.  This brings intellectual and academic determination. Constructive progress and travel can also be driven by very good and successful motive. 

However, after the 4th, if born up to January 8th, irritation and impatience can get the better of you at work. Other people will not be very tolerant either. Be prepared.  

Saturn of course is still in your sign and is once again conjuncting the Suns of those born January 4th to 6th, which he has been doing on and off for a few months and indeed at the beginning of this year.  

Blocks and restrictions are very possible.  Some negativity of thinking needs to be fought, but hard work, reality checks, discipline and groundedness are needed. Building structures whilst looking after your body are important.  Do what is necessary, even if challenging.  

Uranus is also currently for those born December 26th to 29th, creating a new sense of awakening and enlightening and desire to be uniquely true to self, particularly in love life and around children and creativity.  

Neptune is bringing extra emotional input into your thinking and communications if born around January 7th. Some things are too important to leave to the head alone. The heart needs honouring.

 Finally Pluto still famously in your sign is bringing for those born around January 10th-12th a power in your life, both within and without, that is undeniable in its impact on your life. Endings of chapters are felt and this has been rumbling for over a year.. You now understand the implications and understand how much it has changed you, and indeed brought huge transformation into your life externally and internally.. This is only a once every 248-year transit and should not be underestimated in its affect on your being. Empowerment through change is the best outcome to be fought for..


This is a good month for academic issues, philosophical understanding and for travel and also for legal issues.  

Before the 3rd, all born after February 15th will find their brain particularly enhanced in understanding, wisdom and travel is very intellectually stimulating. 

Before the 8th, for all born after February 9th, love and harmony and the arts all combine with long distance issues and travel. 

However, after the 3rd, for all born up to February 17th, be very aware that communications can be muddled or misinterpreted, particularly in career.  Check things out.

Also, for this same group after the 8th, beware creating favours for yourself through exaggerated charms that may not be sincere.  

After the 4th however, Mars in a good relationship to our sign, will be for those born up to February 8th, enable you to harness good, constructive determination, drive and success, academically and in long distance context. Wisdom and action prevail.  

Jupiter is harmoniously aspecting the Suns now of those born February 7th to 14th.  Popularity with others is evident, and also being able to drive your goals to satisfactory conclusions, because intelligence and luck combine.  

Uranus, your ruler, however, is squaring up to your Sun if born January 24th to 27th.  This once every 42-year transit lasts for some time into next year.  Change is in the air, particularly possibly domestically and family wise. Keep flexible.  It ultimately is a journey of awakening.  


There is a need to deal with quite deep and profound issues both personally and financially this month.  

After the 3rd, for all born up to March 18th, long distance communications and academic pursuits are all successful and travel and legal issues bring bonuses.  Communications are very on target. 

After the 8th, for this same group, love life and travel mix well and learning can bring great satisfaction to the soul.  

Before the 4th, Mars is opposing the Suns of those born after March 17th, suggesting for this short period that there will be some challenges from others and you will not be allowed to get away with much.  Consider the validity of the challenge.  

Also, for those born March 8th to 15th, there is a tendency to be over-confident or over-reach, particularly professionally or even over-spend. Stop and think before rushing into something and the good times can roll.  Just don’t bite off more than you can chew. 

However, by contrast, for those born March 4th to 7th, Saturn in bringing careful, considered action that is both disciplined and constructive, particularly when working collectively in a group situation.  

Uranus is now still harmonising the Suns of those born February 23rd to 26th.  This group have until May 2020, an opportunity to think outside the box, to be intuitive and have positive change that reflects your true being. 

Neptune, of course your signs ruling planet, is now in his once every 165 year visitation to your Sun sign is directly affecting now those born March 6th-8th This has been in action on and off, since May 2018 and remains an influence till February 2020 bringing out the most powerful positive and potentially negative Piscean qualities and consciousness.

Inspiration, spirituality, empathy and creativity is at a peak and indeed some sense of psychic insight is possible. However on the downside, there is the possibility of over idealisation, delusion, self-deception and negative escapism. Beware.

Pluto however is now empowering the goals, leadership skills and determination of those born March 10th-12th. Intelligent insight and power is yours, to be used for the good of all.