Thursday, 30 April 2020


Unique times are upon us and the human landscape is in many ways unrecognisable. Saturn (karmic outcomes) has spoken truth to power (Pluto) in relation to power’s vulnerability in the face of nature’s forces. This is especially true when we have contributed to the creation of this crisis through our abuse of the natural world and its creatures.  Uranus, also which represents disruption /shocks/ rebellion, now in Taurus, a sign symbolising simplicity and the natural order of nature, is bringing home to us that we manipulate the natural order and its creatures, at our peril, in a way that we should have anticipated more profoundly.

Truth can be spoken to people in power, but for some in power, with egos larger than their intellect, those truth speakers immediately become their enemy.

We can try to blame 5G or escaped experimental laboratory viruses, all we want,  (Neptune in Pisces, negatively manifested, now loves a smoke and mirrors fantasy, so as to displace blame) but the science is pretty indisputable about the now relatively frequent events of very unnatural viruses being created because of our impact on the natural world.

Zoonotic viruses enabled by us are very tricky to handle.

Myself and no doubt other astrologers have mentioned before how difficult Donald Trump’s chart is most of this year. Most people with the transits that he has now would have to endure almost impossible pressures, which limit power enormously and often bring an ending of that person’s status quo… but he is Teflon. Capricorn rules the economy and it particularly rules the US economy (2nd house) and with the Pluto/Saturn combining there, so rarely now, and conjuncting the US chart’s natal Pluto in that house, I wondered what inevitably would hit the economy so particularly hard this year, and now we know.

Pluto is opposing both Trump’s Saturn and Venus now (every 248 years) and will do so till August and it hits him hard again in November. Saturn also joined in on the act powerfully in January/February and does again in September and October. These have been and will be periods of real crisis for him, whether he perceives it or not. He also however has a very strong Jupiter opposition to these planets too, which was strongly at work last month, (April). These influences boosted his ego, as he saw it, but the danger of arrogance, seriously over reaching and over selling himself then (disinfectant ideas and Covid etc) were very strong. He has this same Jupiter transit again strongly in June / early July and November this year, and his behaviour will undoubtedly be similar then. However the strength of Pluto and Saturn in his chart totally dominate and are overbearingly challenging and rather fatalistic in his career and in his life. So far he has defied much planetary pressure, and that is because of a denial. Whether he gets into power again or not, his 2021 will also be pretty hard going for him.

Of course Boris Johnson has had a baptism of fire, as he suffered a real personal hit from the virus. This may be a game changer for him and he can never now underestimate this virus, nor financially starve the NHS, after his life saving benefit from it, without a huge lash back in public opinion.  In a karmic way this may change him and his policies in a positive way, as many hard personal crises do.

He had Neptune exactly squaring his natal Mercury by transit, when he contracted the virus. This happens only every approximately 82 years in someone’s life.  Mercury is a powerful planet in his chart as he is a Gemini, which is ruled by Mercury.
Mercury literally rules the lungs. Neptune creates vulnerability in any planetary energy it challenges by transit. Neptune also rules specifically his 6th house of health and ability to function on a day today level. Simultaneously, he had Saturn (challenge) squaring his Moon (every 30 years). The Moon in his chart rules his midheaven (career point).  He therefore had a real undermining of those areas, both health wise and work wise throughout April.

This general vulnerability in his life, especially work wise, is underlined again to some extent in late summer and autumn. He may find he has to ease up somewhat on pressures then and his ability to fulfil projected policy plans may be significantly undermined, because of the fallout of events that have arisen since he became PM.
However on a global stage the impressive reaction of many governments (by no means all) and the intensification of scientific work, have shown also what the potential for human expertise and cooperation is, in the face of such a crisis.  This correlated perfectly with the temporary entrance of Saturn into Aquarius on March 22nd. Aquarius is absolutely about scientific insight and humanitarian progress and Saturn is a force of karmic necessity. Mars, also in Aquarius all last month and till May 13th helps energise and drive the fight for knowledgeable progress.  Saturn is in full throttle in Aquarius till the beginning of July in working on this cause, and then he retreats back to Capricorn, and will then commit itself to facing the problems of the economy again, till mid December this year.

 Of course, if we put the economy as a priority too soon this year, as our society as it is relies so much on the continuation of the same old status quo of eternal growth, we may well find ourselves with a serious rebound of the virus in the late Summer/Autumn, when Saturn once again challenges Pluto and then again the economy will take a further worse hit.

These huge problems will necessitate a fairly fundamental rethink of how the economy works; a restructuring no less.

From December, scientific and technological expertise will be intensified again, maybe of stark necessity, continuing till March 2023.

Interesting that Jupiter now also in Capricorn since early December, has also been conjunct with Pluto from late March and hovering there till late December this year. This has been a powerful positive catalyst for the impact of constructive group cooperation in the face of a crisis..  Wise and international (Jupiter) use of power (Pluto) has created at the least, much protection from the worse potential of this virus.  Never before has a crisis been so globalised in all its aspects, and rare global cooperation has been uniquely activated in social action, research and learning from each other, in how to deal with it. This is the real upside of Jupiter and Pluto together. As long as that combination is motivated always for the greater universal good and not for egotistical or personal aggrandisement, it can be magnificent and so powerful in achievement.  Motive is everything.

 The coming together of Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn is a virtually unique event in our history as a human race.  The last time it happened was 1894 BC…a period when the very earliest, crude principles of our economic laws were initiated.  We will now, going forward, have to initiate a significantly revised economic order.  The old order of political ideologies will largely become defunct on the altar of survival.

It is interesting to see how, when the threat and the very distressing death rate from this virus is so in our face personally and on our doorstep, we wake up and go into full on emergency measures to fight it, involving significant sacrifices from us all. We of course all realise that the economy is very threatened as the global astrology clearly indicates, and which started in January this year. Saturn so often brings an uncomfortable reality check, which is designed to stop us in our tracks and make us all re-evaluate our goals and indeed our value systems and priorities, but this one is collective and as big as it gets.

For leaders to assume that we will be able to, in the near future, automatically go back to the same system and continue building again to the same template as was, is a fundamental misjudgement.  There are only two certainties in life and one of those is change and astrologically this is globally massively indicated.

As shocking and tragic as this virus crisis is, in reality the existential threat of climate change is ultimately a more dangerous long term global catastrophe, it is just not so in our faces as yet… It is still sort of just out there. When this Corona crisis is managed to a reasonable degree, we and governments will need to realise that we will all have to cooperate and pull together and make sacrifices in the same way as we have done, and as urgently, to stop the acceleration of our burgeoning climate catastrophe.. If we don’t, the fallout will in the coming few decades or so, be much more globally catastrophic for us all, than is this pandemic, in terms of its destructive fall out for every thing we take for granted.

 We are in many ways in training now, or should be.

Our observations about the slowing of the melting ice caps and the resurgence of animal life since the lock down, is there to really wake us up to what we have to of necessity, change permanently. Uranus in Taurus will ensure more future shocks of nature if we don’t look and learn.

Starting in mid/late December, Jupiter and Saturn will both join in Aquarius for a year. This last occurred in 1962, around the beginning of a revolutionary (hippy) period, when there was a longing for a new world order after the terrifying Cuba crisis. This time, however, it will not be just seen as an indulgent luxury for the young to dream of. This will truly be the initiation of a totally necessary rethink of our society, its laws, particularly its socio-economic and political realities and values.. It will also see technology accelerated, out of stark necessity, for beneficial global purposes, and as a result of what we have learnt from these year’s events and vitally in relation to climate change realities. Additionally this will include the fight against antibiotic resistance.

One other significant planetary event this month is that Venus now in Gemini, moves retrograde on the 13th and remains retrograde till June 25th. This event happens on average every two years for around 6 weeks,

This retrograde motion of Venus always signifies a period when we have to all individually reconsider our value systems and true necessary priorities. It is a time of a necessary pause and reflection about our relations with others and with ourselves; and what really matters in terms of our life. It is also a time that collectively we have to do that as a society.  This is an unprecedented retrograde of Venus, because of its parallel with other planetary forces at work.  It is no time for mere habitual responses. This a time to understand more profound issues related to our value systems re economics, human relationships and the more existential global situation, not least, our relationship with the natural world.

The Moon is full on the 7th at 17 degrees of Scorpio and New on the 22nd at 2 degrees of Gemini. The Full Moon indicates endings of chapters and is the fallout of building stresses and pressures.  The New Moon represents literally the birth of the new and can indicate positive beginnings.