Sunday, 31 March 2019


Mercury moved direct at the end of last month (having been retrograde since March 5th and opposing Theresa May’s natal Mercury)… heralding a sense of movement forward and some clear trajectory has to emerge (positive or negative) for individuals and in certain global issues…

The Brexit total chaos we see now will fade during this month (but then the real fallout will commence when decisions are made). Theresa May started to feel much relieved late last month when Jupiter started to trine her Venus, allowing her to decide to lift the stress, by choosing to try to step down from being PM. Try, being the operative word

Pluto is squaring the ascendant of England’s chart currently (every aprox 124 years), which represents the death/break down of a constitution/system and a protracted political/systemic/economic crisis, which will last several years. Other nations will not be so accommodating as supposed.  Serious power struggles and ruthless ones will be evident in our country, both in government, within the population and potentially with other nations. 

Also, Neptune, has since last May, been opposing England’s natal Saturn position and will continue to do so over the coming year. (This happens every once every 165 years). This is very undermining in terms of a dissolving of our global status and solidity and indeed slowly undermines our basic political system and old established structures.  This dissolving however can ultimately, after a long period of being lost and uncertain, lead to a restructuring in a way that allows a better value system and a necessary and fated change of consciousness, but it is a long, insecure and confusing ride.

We will come to realise how much we have been blindly fiddling while Rome burns.

Uranus (unpredictable change and shocks) is now established in Taurus and the shifts on our planet will be manifest, notably by significant, scary unpredictability in the power of nature, not least as a result of human interference and use of science and technology (Uranus) with natural atmospheric energies and ecosystems (Taurus). The structure of economies and how we use money (Taurus) will start to also be revolutionised.

Pluto now moved to 23 degrees of Capricorn is very significant for the USA and Trump.  It opposes his natal Saturn and starts to oppose the USA Mercury. Crisis is in the air and despite a seeming exoneration recently relating to Trumps link to Russian collusion, forces are clearly circling astrologically in Trumps chart relating to a significant threat to his position (Pluto opposition his Saturn, only every 248 years). Enforced change is indicated in his working life. Security and continuity is undermined. This is suggested and in the air in his chart this month and next, but it returns with a vengeance at the very beginning of next year… when it is also significantly reinforced by a simultaneous Saturn transit opposing his natal Saturn.

Between the 20th and 25th this month, when the Sun is conjunct Uranus, the chances of geophysical disturbances are high; e.g. earthquakes, extreme storms, volcanic eruptions etc and around the 12th –16th is a potentially dangerous time socio-politically, when force and explosive abuse of power in geopolitics is strongly suggested.

Between the 25th and 29th of April, Mars squares up to Neptune. This indicates that confusion, slight of hand and smoke and mirrors are very likely going to prevail in many areas of life and global concerns.

The full Moon on the 19th falls at 29 degrees of Libra and the New Moon falls on the 5th at 15 degrees of Aries.  Full moons equate to culminations and finalisations in some way, and the new Moon equates to the initiation of the new.


This is your month so it is in theory a time to shine and indeed after the 17th, Mercury in your sign for all born up to April 10th, will find their communications skills and their desire to communicate will be powerful.  Just remember to listen as well as talk.

Also, Venus, after the 20th, will, for all born up to April 3rd, be bringing extra charm to your appearances.  Warmth and love you attract and you give and your creative skills are enhanced too. 

Mars, now in Gemini is also giving intelligent energy and drive to all born up to April 11th.  Your ability to communicate with convincing ardour and constructive intelligence, which gets admired, is underlined and your actions and your mind work very well together. 

Jupiter is excellent now for those born April 13th to 16th.  Trining your Sun, he is bringing the opportunities for growth and travel, particularly international benefits and also academic gains as well.  A feeling of big picture wisdom, understanding and optimism is yours. 

However, Saturn is creating a very different energy for those born April 9th to 12th.  This square to your Sun currently is bringing some stresses and strains and some obligations and hard work that you may be reluctant to face up to in your career.  Doubts about your career direction are strong.  Make sure it isn’t lack of confidence that’s the problem.  Be patient, not exactly your greatest asset. 

Pluto is now, as last month squaring the Suns of those born April 13th to 15th.  This once every 124-year hit can feel quite onerous.  Power struggles within yourself and at work can be problematic.  Keep patient and draw boundaries round abusive power.


Before the 17th Mercury, for those born after May 3rd is advising you to bear in mind that you get very good advice and give very good advice to friends and when in a leadership role your intellect is admired.

Before the 20th, for all born after April 27th, Venus is creating an atmosphere of love and cooperation from others and friendship and love can interchange.  You are popular.

Saturn is challenging, in a very constructive way now, for those born May 8th to 12th.  His trine to your Sun is basically saying step up to the plate and get on with it.  This is positive and the work that you do and the discipline that you have and maturity will bring you gains later and you gain admiration. Travel for work or for duty is particularly significant and constructive.

Uranus, now in your sign for the next seven years, is currently directly hitting those born April 21st to 23rd.  For this group there is an internal undeniable feeling of restlessness and the need for change and disruption is in the air, possibly from outside factors.  Career and status issues are challenged, but above all you want to express uniquely whom you truly are and not be held down by habit or mere security issues. 

Neptune however is really inspiring the lives of those born May 7th to 9th.  Your creative and spiritual side and your emotional side is very much to the fore; and caring and nurturing for those who need you is underlined in a very positive way. 

Pluto meanwhile totally empowers those born May 14th to 16th.  Long distance, academic issues and your wisdom really put you on the map. 


Before the 17th, if born after June 3rd, ensure that there is complete truthfulness between you and others at work.  Misunderstanding or being economical with the truth on your or on others’ parts, can be problematic. 

However, after the 17th, if born up to June 10th, your communications are direct and forthright and there are leadership skills. 

Before the 20th, if born after May 27th, there is a simultaneous need to beware that excessive charm may not always get you what you want and could even land you in trouble.  Be honest and realistic in your career situation. 

Mars however is in your sign this month, directly emphasising the energies of those born up to June 12th.  Ambition and drive is certainly strong – just ensure it doesn’t tip into self-assertion.

Jupiter is now opposing the Suns of those born June 14th to 17th, bringing good times, optimism but possibly over-confidence and over-expectation of other people and beware other people tempting you to bite off more than you can chew or encouraging unwise action. However  with moderation and care, good times can roll,  it is particularly good for travel and relationships can indeed be very expansive, possibly a little too much so.

Neptune warns those born June 8th to 10th that there is now a tendency for others to be less than honest, again particularly connected to work and your ideals about work may be over emphasised, which can bring a sort of divine discontent.  Check everything out. 


Before the 17th, if born after July 5th, your ability and aptitude academically is outstanding and your communication skills are impressive with their wisdom and you can get good news from long distance sources and travel is very beneficial. 

However, after the 17th if born up to July 12th there is a different mood, where misunderstandings are very possible at work.  Check the small print.

Before the 20th however, for all born after June 29th there is definitely a feeling of love being in the air, but it may be linked to other countries and a love of study can all be part of the picture. 

After the 20th, Venus moves into Aries, suggesting that for all born up to July 5th may note that their charms at work are successful, but don’t exploit them.

Saturn is now opposing the Suns of those born July 11th to 14th.  This brings blocks and restrictions, which you perceive as coming from other people or outside sources and indeed relationships are under duress.  This is the time when you feel that you need to look long and hard at people to see if the challenges they are bringing into your life are valid or unnecessary and oppressive.  Obligations and duties may be necessary but burdensome people may not be.  Look after your health as well and get rest.

Uranus however is now in his once every 42-year angle to your Sun in a very positive way is inspiring those born June 23rd/24th.  New ideas, new freedom, new authenticity is desired and can be had and your humanitarian desires are undeniable.  You are awakening.

Pluto is currently opposing the Suns if those born around July 17th. This a tome of potential power struggles with others in a rather primeval way and it is important to not countenance misuse of power or indeed to draw boundaries round those who would misuse power in relation to you . Endings are in the air as are rather dramatic events.. Be as conscious as possible.. as others may not be.

Finally if born around July 10th, your idealism is strong, your creativity and spirituality cannot be denied.  Yearning for other boundaries and borders are strong. 


Travel may figure strongly and positively this month, notably after the 17th when all born up to August the 12th may find that communications long distance, travel and indeed academic and legal affairs are on your side. 

After the 20th, Venus moving into Aries suggests for all born up to August 5th, that love and long distance issues can very much go hand in hand.  A love of learning is underlined as well. 

Mars in positive connection now to the Suns of those born up to August 13th gives intelligent thinking and planning when it comes to action and your leadership skills are certainly constructive and coordinated with others.  Others may look to you for leadership.

Jupiter is also very well placed for those born August 16th to 19th this month.  He brings speculative skills, romantic opportunities, more confidence, belief in self and creative abundance.  Dealings with children are also positive.  The good times roll.  A sense of well-being is yours. 

Uranus, however, is a little bit disconcerting now for those born July 25th/26th. This every 42 year square to your Sun is making you feel a bit disgruntled , impatient and unpredictable, particularly when it comes to your career and events in that area start to feel a little unsafe.  This is an awakening and an enlightening change that is around you, but don’t push the river.  See it as a journey.  What seems uncomfortable and unpredictable now, can ultimately actually be liberating. 


From the 17th all born after September 5th will be feeling the power of cupid in some way.  Love and affection from you to others and vice versa is bountiful. 

However Mars in square to your sign all month suggests that if born up to September 14th you need to be wary that other people may be a bit impatient or irritable in the workplace and indeed you yourself may well be so inclined.  Have patience and don’t rush into things - you may well over-react to others in an over-assertive way. 

Jupiter is currently squaring the Suns of those born September 16th to 19th.  This tends to over-indulgence, over-expansion and over-confidence, particularly to do with work, family and real estate issues.  Enjoy yourself by all means, but just have some curbs on extravagance. 

Saturn however is creating the opposite force for those born September 12th to 15th.  For this group very mature pragmatic discipline is yours in dealing with love life, creative issues and children’s issues.  These are necessary for your future growth and indeed others’ future too.  Technical skills abound.

Uranus is now happily trining the Suns of those born August 25th to 27th.  This once every 42 year energy is bringing an enlightening and awakening mode in terms of your bigger picture understanding, you are more intuitive and aware than you usually are and other countries can be a catalyst for this.  You are being awakened. 

However, there is also the fact that Neptune in your opposite sign now has reached the point where it is opposing the Suns of those born around September 11th.  Great care is needed that you don’t project onto others your ideals.  Take off the rose coloured spectacles and be wary that other people may not be as squeaky clean in dealings with you as you would have hoped.  On the positive side, it makes you more caring and nurturing and emotionally powerful, but be discriminating as to how you use this quality. 

 Pluto is empowering those born around September 18/19th. Intense, deep and transformative, indeed empowering issues round romance, the creative arts and offspring are all possible.


Relationships will figure strongly this month, not least before the 17th if born after October 6th.  Other people’s communications and yours with them can be important, powerful and enlightening.

After the 20th if born up to October 4th, love life takes on a particularly powerful influence and other people can bestow favours.

Mars too is very positively inclined towards your sign this month, particularly if born up to October 14th.  Your energy is wise and philosophically motivated.  The drive to travel is constructive and positive and there are achievements in a long distance context, as indeed there are in your bigger picture thinking. 

Jupiter too is well disposed by sextile to those born October 16th to 19th.  He is bringing to your communication skills extra wisdom and generosity of thought.  Luck is yours, made possible through your wisdom. 

However, Saturn is challenging those born October 12th to 14th.  He is bringing some issues that are disturbing or frustrating or blocking in your home and domestic and family issues.  You feel tired and you need to pace yourself, but also to face up to facts and bite the bullet about issues that cannot be ignored.

Finally Pluto is now squaring the Suns of those born October 16th to 18th and will continue to do so intermittently until January 2021.  Issues to do with change, with home life and domestic life are in the air.  It is just important that you are patient, not controlling and don’t allow other people to coerce you.  Endings followed by phoenixes out of the ashes are in the air.


Communication skills are vibrant and improve relationships in romance and with offspring and also improve your writing skills and all creativity before the 17th if born after November 5th

Indeed, before the 20th all born after October 30th can also look forward to added joy in romance in general and in social life; and love and warmth from others particularly offspring.

Saturn is a constructive help now if born November 11th to 18th.  This harmonious relationship to your Suns in this group are bringing maturity, common sense, groundedness, pragmatism and hard, constructive work, which can further your life and relationships.

Uranus, in his once every 84-year visitation to your opposite sign of Taurus, is now opposing the suns of those born October 25th to 27th.  This group will be experiencing very likely unpredictability and surprises connected to relationships. Other people will be restless and behaving in a way that can be disconcerting.  In many respects they are agents for change that is absolutely ripe for you now, even though you may feel slightly upset by it.  The changes brought to your door need your attention. 

Neptune however is remarkably inspiring now if born November 9th to 11th.  He is bringing your creative and artistic potential absolutely to a peak and will do so for about year.  He also brings your idealism around romance to an apex as well, but kindness, emotional sensitivity is yours and being near the sea can be very healing as can your favourite music. 

Finally Pluto, your ruler, is now bringing to those born November 14th to 16th your true insightful and forensic power and healing qualities.  Enjoy.


From the 17th, if born after December 4th, don’t be too self-indulgent.  Keep grounded. 

However, after the 20th, if born up to December 4th, enjoyment, love joy through children and creative inspiration is yours. 

Mars however is in your opposite sign this month, bringing the suggestion that for all born up to December 12th at some point , other people may be a little bit assertive, aggressive or impatient, blocking your path and you must ensure that you don’t invite this energy. 

However, Jupiter, still in your sign, is now aiming his benevolence directly at those born December 14th to 17th.  For this group travel, optimism, luck, progress, pushing out boundaries, protection is very powerfully around you.  You feel good, look good and life is good. 

However, as warning for Sagittarians born around December 8th to 10th  you are starting a period that will be intermittent for about a year, where Neptune is squaring your Sun.  For this group there is a need to be aware of the need for rest, for sleep, look after your body because it’s hypersensitive and confusion and smoke and mirrors are possible around your home life.  A lack of certainty abounds.  Float, don’t push change – see where it takes you. The old is dissolving, the new will arise in its own time.  A sense of divine discontent is meant to be, but will resolve itself. 


From the 17th for those born after January 3rd ,your insight and communication skills are profound.  People listen.

However, after the 17th, if born up to January 10th, beware that communications family wise and domestically may have an element of discomfort, uncertainly or misunderstandings. 

However, before the 20th, all born after December 30th are able to exude charm and combine emotions and rationality effectively. 

However, after the 20th, if born up to January 4th be wary of spending a little too much on family or home.  You may regret it later.  Indulgence is in the air. 

Saturn, your ruler is now directly sitting on the Suns of those born January 9th to 12th.  For this group tiredness is inevitable.  You feel as if you are crawling through mud a little bit.  Look after your body and also recognise that the hard work that you do now and the obligations and duties and the pragmatism that you have to attend to ,will in the end be worth it, as you’re building a new infrastructure, even though it feels a struggle.  Reality checks are in the air, which you have to deal with on a very pragmatic level. 

Uranus however, is now trining the Suns, in his once every 42-year hit, of those born December 23rd to 26th.  This is an excellent period of energy, which will awaken and enlighten you and inspire you to the new, the out of the box, the innovative and the humanitarian.  You are reaching for the future in a way that you need to express your true authenticity, particularly creatively and indeed romantically.

Neptune is absolutely inspiring for about a year now for those born January 7th to 9th.  Your emotional sensitivity and creativity is outstanding.

Finally, Pluto in his once every 248-year visitation is sitting exactly on the Suns of those born January 12th to 14th.  This group will be feeling tremendous intensity of power and regeneration through change and through the power of fate.  Remember you are the steward, not he egotistical owner of the power.


After the 17th many of you born up to February 9th will be enhanced in your life through great communication skills and intelligence and wisdom. 

After the 20th, for all born up to February 2nd, there is a great input of affection and emotions in your communications, which give you charm, diplomacy and peace creating qualities. 

Mars is also very constructive now for those born up to February 10th. You are driven creatively and romantically in a very constructive way.  Energy is high, as is intelligent use of that power to make constructive changes in those areas of your life and progress.

Jupiter is also smiling on those born February 12th to 15th, allowing your projects and the goals close to your heart, to make real progress and friends and groups of like-minded people are incredibly useful for you, and you for them, bringing mutual joy.

Uranus, now is Taurus, is challenging to some extent the lives of those born January 22nd to 24th.  This once every 42-year square may be making you feel very restless and impatient with changes that you want, or that you are feeling in your professional life.  This makes you feel insecure, especially as Uranus is your ruling planet, but these changes are necessary, so that your true Uranium nature can be liberated.  Be patient.  This is a continuation of the energy that you felt in the summer of last year, but don’t be too impulsive about the need for change.  Let it happen.


Mercury in your own sign before the 17th will, for all born after March 3rd, bring an extra power to your communication skills.  Just ensure you listen as well as speak. 

Before the 20th, if born after February 26th, you will all feel that extra charisma is yours and your charm  attracts attention, love and affections and you create harmony. 

Mars, however, is square to your sign all month, most directly affecting at some point those born up to March 10th.  This atmosphere of some impatience, intolerance, irritation may come from family members or you yourself may be experiencing this mood.  Stop and think before you speak or act.  Irritation and impulse can cause accident proneness, particularly around the home front. 

Jupiter, from Sagittarius is squaring the Suns now of those born March 13th to 16th.  This is making you rather indulgent and over-confident, possibly in the work realm, also enlarging the ego a little bit too much.  Over-ambition and over-reaching can be a problem, but opportunities are in the air.

Saturn however is having a very restraining but constructive influence on those born March 9th to 11th.  A sense of obligation and duty to others is strong and it is constructive, well meaning and very helpful, particularly in a group context.  Your goals are well attained through maturity and focus.

Uranus is also extremely happily disposed now in his once every 42 year visitation to sextiling your Sun, if born February 20th to 23rd.  This is an awakening and enlightening energy that triggers a need for exciting change to recognise your uniqueness and it brings intuition and big picture understanding.  This allows you to be awakened in your move forward.