Saturday, 29 February 2020


A significant astrological shift is occurring this month. Saturn is moving out of Capricorn and into Aquarius on the 22nd.  This is a temporary toe dipping exercise till the beginning of July, when he moves back into Capricorn, in order to finalise his work in that sign, completed by mid December 2020. He then commits to Aquarius to test the principles of that sign till March 2023.

On an individual level when Saturn is in Aquarius, natives of that sign, also Leos and to some extent, Taurus and Scorpio, will go through significant learning curves and reality checks, which ultimately are strengthening. Initially however between late this month and till early July, it will only affect people born around the 22nd of January, July, April and October.

Saturn is a benevolent despot, or can be described as a karmic schoolteacher.

On a global level, from Capricorn, which Saturn rules, he has continued to show us the downside of the validity of the prevailing socio/economic and political system and the current establishment. (Especially for Capricorn ruled England and Cancer rued USA) and makes evident the fallout of the ruthless pursuit of economic growth at all costs, even in the face of existential issues such as climate change. Saturn brings a certain nemesis to bear, but the establishment figures cling on furiously to this model (Saturn, negatively, tends to stick to the perceived safety of old habits)

From the air sign of Aquarius, (ruled by Uranus and sub ruled by Saturn) Saturn, will force a wake up globally to the more powerful karmic fallout from the power of technology and its abuse. (Uranus rules Aquarius and is very linked to technology and futuristic issues for good or ill and is also a humanitarian sign).  From Aquarius, the system will be forced, maybe uncomfortably so, to look outside the box and recognise alternatives to our habitual value system.  Positively, when we face certain problems that Saturn always flags up, we are, during his Aquarian journey, forced to work hard, out of necessity and often reluctantly, to combat and change things that have gone wrong with our thinking (Air signs relate to the mind and Aquarius enables the need to think out of the box/divergently). Saturn in Aquarius will point out undeniably, how we need to use technology for only the greater good.

It will cause basically a clash between the ongoing desire to pursue technological power for selfish, monetary/political gain, and the realisation that out of urgent necessity (Saturn) we have to direct technological progress (Aquarius) to develop more quickly, for the greater good of humanity and our planet.

We will have to find more new ways, of necessity, to change sources of energy and to apply many new technological abilities and breakthroughs to make headway to reverse, or stop the ongoing impact of our abuse of the environment, that has been underway over many decades. It will also bring a need to recognise a need to be free from the same old, systematic patterns of how we use power, and what power means.

Uranus the ruler of Aquarius, now in Taurus (May 2018 till May 2026)
is seriously waking us up and shocking us (the job of Uranus) to the fragility and value of our natural world and environment (Taurus), as chaos on our planet (floods, fires, drought) run amok, largely as a result of misuse and abuse of human power over it. .

Saturn from Aquarius will also be squaring Uranus (ruler of Aquarius) strongly in 2021 and that will really be a true clash of the titans.  However because Saturn will be in Aquarius (ruled by Uranus and co ruled by Saturn), the need for freedom from old outworn systems and values, versus the desire to stick with the old power systems, (especially as championed by many of our increasingly despotic leaders) can really become a serious battlefield.  The clash between freedoms to do as we individually wish, versus our collective responsibility to the planet, will be very real. However this combination will likely evolve, so as to only allow us to have freedom (Uranus), when it is combined with a huge sense of global responsibility (Saturn). This may even become a matter of global acceptance, as it becomes so obvious and in all our faces.

Scientific achievements will bring huge breakthroughs that are not related to the power of mere wealth. There will be a realisation of the need to set aside ego and see things in the light of impartial, impersonal law. A need for a sense of global responsibility will become undeniably apparent.

Neptune still in Pisces till April 2025 is bringing to our attention the lack of boundaries that a globalised world has and how what happens in one part of the world affects us all in some way now, not least the impact of climate change, technology and globalised capitalist economic forces. Neptune knows no boundaries and in Pisces, his own sign, his invisibility and permeability are extra strong, so this is totally underlined now. The Corona Virus (Covid 2019) issue is a classic manifestation… and its global affects on the economy.  To try to separate ourselves from a globalised world is impossible now.

The idea of setting a nation up as an independent power, cutting off from many other countries, is totally a rebellion against an inevitable need to work together in a very interrelated world, in order to combat huge globalised problems,

I have talked a lot previously about the significance of the current Saturn conjunct Pluto and that continues on and off for most of the year. This rare combining in Capricorn, of necessity also forces us to rethink our lives and to differentiate between what we want and what we need. It puts us all to the test, both individually and socio-politically/economically… about our choices of how we live, with repercussions that are existential, as never before, in their fallout.

Mercury remains retrograde till March 10th, so there remains till then a sense of uncertainly, confusion, delay and blockage, but actually it is really a time to stop, take stock and reconsider issues; a necessary and important pause for reflection, both personally and globally.

The Moon is full on the 9th at 19 degrees of Virgo; and is new on the 24th at 4 degrees of Aries.