Wednesday, 1 October 2014


 by Leigh Oswald (London-based Astrologer and Teacher)

 Uranus still continues to square Pluto as he has done for several years and will continue to do for several years to come. All is in flux, all is in change in the world and it is very self-evident to us all. Scotland's decision to stay in the Union is no great surprise, but the genie is out of the bottle in terms of the collective unconscious of many to have more freedom, autonomy and a sense of federalism. Centralisation of power for many feels unacceptable, particularly as that power is increasingly run by big business, rather than the needs and well-being of the people. The Scots are a catalyst for much change in the UK, and represents a desire to fight against the powers of globalisation and to become more tribal and to determine one's own future away from the abstraction of remote powers

Mars (god of war) now in Sagittarius is now bringing a sense of globalised anger and indeed cooperation against any powers that are felt to be threatening and indeed America will be taking more of a leadership role, as Sagittarius is its rising sign.

Mars will be actually going over the American US chart ascendant this month, which suggests that military decisions taken will certainly embroil the US in a protracted sense of international conflict, rightly or wrongly. Confrontations are in the air and the fact that Mercury is retrograde this month between the 4th and 16th suggests that for many of us between those dates, there will be a sense of block, frustrations and restriction, and lack of progress. The aim of Mercury retrograde is to force a rethink and review and to step back.  We need then to try no less than to be human beings, rather than human doings.

Days that are eruptive and uncertain are definitely around the 7th and 8th when the Sun opposes Uranus and that can also be a time when geophysical disruptions such as earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis possibly, are likely to be in the ether, especially as a full lunar eclipse will also occur on the 8th which is always a significant time and brings things to a head that are difficult to confront. Also Venus in eruptive mode squares Pluto on the 8th.  Climate change issues will also be very much in the collective unconscious as a focus of attention.

The 4th and 5th will also be a time of some power struggles and some dark forces being apparent on the globe, but there are also many very positive transits this month, suggesting a wake-up call and awakening and a realisation that some things cannot be hidden away or ignored any longer, not least climate change issues.

The 11th and 12th are times of some unexpected events but feel more social than political.

Both David Cameron's and England's chart are very afflicted this month. The repercussions of the military intervention in Iraq and from the Scottish independence issue and promises made in relation to that and its implications for the rest of the UK, will hit him hard. His Sun at 15 degrees of Libra is directly opposed by the lunar eclipse on the 8th at 15 degrees of Aries. This will prove quite a wakeup call for him in some way around that period, not least from dissenting colleagues and international challenge.

For the USA the lunar eclipse of the 8th, may well bring some less than uplifting news re the US economy as it opposes Saturn in the USA’s chart, which rules the domain (2nd house) of finances.

The solar eclipse however on the 23rd at 1​ยบ Scorpio can bear the fruit of the positive and the new for many.

But there is no doubt that around the 7th and 8th are the most critical times of the month when events strike us all as significant.

ARIES March 21st - April 20th

The Sun in your opposite sign brings a month for focus on relationships and the power of others on you, but be aware that Mercury retrograde, particularly after the 10th brings the potential for feeling frustrated in terms of misunderstandings/miscommunications particularly before the 16th. Thereafter things improve and you make headway.

Venus is helping, so at least you have your charms, which can help overcome problems.
Also for April born Aries, Mars is very supportive before the 26th. He brings ideological vigour; intellectual strength and travel can be an exciting adventure, which can be very constructive.

After the 26th however, if born between March 21st and 25th, be careful that work doesn't become an arena for some aggression, aggravation, irritation and some inflexibility.

Jupiter is also helpful now if born April 4th to 11th. He is bringing exuberance, confidence, optimism, a sense of luck and protection, particularly connected to creativity, love life and offspring issues. You may feel a bit of a party animal too.

Pluto from early 2013 till December this year has continued to challenge the suns of those born March 31st-April 2nd. So know that this chapter is finalising. Power struggles with authority figures and any abuses of power are to be called time on by the universe and new chapters arise out of the ashes of the old. You are stronger after this period.

Uranus since May, still sits on the Suns of those born around April 3rd to 6th and remains so until April 2015. It’s a time of change, disruption, waking up to new possibilities, seeing things through a new prism and becoming more radical in outlook. It’s positive and kick-starts you into a freer future. Meanwhile do not be too impulsive or burn bridges. You are awakening.

The Lunar eclipse falls in your sign on the 8th targeting this same above group. Therefore this small band of Aries will be feeling around then, a real culmination of events that somehow erupts from your own unconscious, but they may be catalysed by others words and actions. It is a time of endings that ultimately can be fruitful, but be prepared to face truths from self and others. It’s a time of expiation.

TAURUS April 21ST - May 20th

Work, routine, rationalisation of everyday life is important this month, but with Mercury retrograde from the 4th, you could find up to the 10th that relationships are fraught with misunderstandings and after the 10th everyday work schedules can be frustrated and technology may not be that reliable. After the 16th the jigsaw starts to fit together again, so important stuff needs to be addressed before the 4th and after the 16th for best results.

Your charms are constant all month and after the 23rd if born in April, then love life and people's affections can be relied on to bring satisfaction, and new relationships are promising.

After the 26th if born up to April 25th energy and intellectual energy is strong, which brings the ability to think in a way that energises you psychically. Travel and adventure calls.

Jupiter is bringing for those born May 5th to 12th a sense of self-indulgence, particularly to do with real estate and family and a little bit of complacency and over-confidence too. Beware!

If born between May 11th and 15th Saturn brings strains, stresses, obligations, reality checks, maturity from the direction of others. Relationships can feel burdensome. Only you can decide whether this is a valid experience for you to have. Blocks and restrictions are likely and hard work is necessary, as is duty. What we need and what we want are often two different things
Pluto is still bringing courage and strength to those born May 1st-3rd. He is expanding consciousness and the power of wisdom, travel and powerful long distance influences are creating real opportunities to show what you are made of. Destiny is in air . This influence of the last 2 years wanes from December, so savour now Neptune too is a blessing now if born April 25th –27th. Friends with empathy and compassion are there for you as you are for them.  Love of nature and creative appreciation and ability abound now too.

The solar eclipse falls in your opposite sign on the 23rd directly affecting all born around April 22nd. For this group this is a very positives sign in relationships when the new can be born or the healing of the old can be in the air. This can set a new mood for the future.

GEMINI May 21st - June 20th

October is a time to excel creatively. It also focuses on offspring and the full enjoyment of life. It can be party time and romance can be much involved.

Mercury, your ruler, retrograde from the 4th suggests that before the 10th there may be disruptions at work or problems with colleagues, not singing from the same hymn sheet, and after the 10th, romantic and offspring issues may be complex, but from the 16th things start to calm. It’s a good idea to get important communications finalised before the 4th or after the 16th. However Venus in Libra till the 23rd enhances and protects love life and your creativity.

Mars is in your opposite sign before the 26th so for all born after June 2nd keep on your toes re others who are confrontational and you also can be on the warpath. Your assertiveness can be constructive provided it isn’t over-assertiveness, but showdowns are in the air.

Jupiter is benevolent now if born June 5th to 12th. He adds wisdom to your thinking and power to words. People listen and it is a good time for signing contracts, rubber-stamping deals and for making sense of your thoughts in a way that is lucky for you.

Uranus too if born around June 5th brings eureka moments and people are light bearers and way-showers for you, particularly friends who are unusual, unique and they can really kick-start a new idea, thought or adventure and you can think outside the box in order to pursue goals and ingenious paths when working in a group. Your uniqueness can shine.

If born around May 25th to 28th, be aware that Neptune continues to confuse, delude or inspire, if grounded, in your working life, but if you aren’t working for what you believe in and which your heart embraces, you will not be happy. This is a time when you have to consider the power of the feelings as much as the brain, but be clear about professional issues and don't take too much at face value. This is a time to float and trust the trade winds, as change is subtle and you are undergoing a bit of a metamorphosis, particularly in your profession.

CANCER June 21st - July 21st

Domestic bliss calls and the desire for nesting, but Mercury moves retrograde from the 4th suggesting that before the 10th a few issues connected to creativity, offspring or love life can get a little slowed, and after then, and particularly before the 16th there may be some domestic hiccups and family communications are not so successful. However after the 16th everything eases, so delay important communications and messages until then. Despite all this, Venus in your 4th house suggests contentment within your being,

After the 23rd if born up to July 2nd, there is a spark of love life lit up.

After the 26th if born up to June 26th there is a suggestion of feisty people being in your life and there may be challenges that you have to rise to in relationships. People are not pushovers, and you too can be quite forceful in response.

Saturn is constructive if born July 13th to 17th. He is making you work hard and with discipline and with patience, particularly when it comes to romantic and creative input. Duty and obligation is in the air and you can earn respect for maturity.

However if born around July 7th, Uranus still brings in his long haul and rare visitation to square your Sun, a sense of uncertainty, rebellion and adrenalin in your working life. All is unpredictable and you lack control. You need change and it is scary. Don't push the river – let change emerge. Embrace it when it happens and don't push it before it's ready.

Pluto also is challenging still for those born around July 2nd to 4th. Others are somehow challenging and you feel you are around people with dark agendas, and you have to be very calm, draw boundaries, don't sink to their level and if necessary keep as squeaky clean as possible. Endings of chapters and relationships are in the air as you see truth that may not be comfortable about others. This can be life changing but ultimately empowering as the phoenix rises out of the ashes of the old.

Neptune is pleasantly inspiring spiritually and psychically now especially though travel or study if born June 25th-28th.

LEO July 22nd – August 22nd

Leos often find that their intellect is a little interfered with by ego, but this month you are clear and objective. Mercury however moves retrograde on the 4th, so be aware that from that date and before the 10th, family confusion and missed communications can occur and there can be delays on real estate issues and you may not be thinking straight. Between the 10th and 16th your thinking is circuitous and it may be that you are haunted by hiccups with technology or transport. After the 16th there is a greater sense of equilibrium.

At least for most of you, Venus is on your side, which means your charms remain intact and after the 23rd if born up to August 3rd there is a feeling that your sense of self-indulgence can get the better of you a little, and beware of over-generosity to others.

Before the 23rd Mars is much on the side of those born after August 3rd. Romance is in the air, you won’t take no for an answer, you are also creatively forceful and energised. Offspring are very much in your life in a very proactive manner. Take advantage of extra energy and drive.

Jupiter is wonderful now, in his once every 12 year visitation, to those born August 7th to 14th. For this group, romance, travel, luck, speculative interests can all go very well, but there is just the danger of pushing the boat out a little too far, or of being complacent with your feel-good factor, but protection is yours, as is the potential for growth, internal or external.

However if born August 13th to 17th Saturn is holding you in check. Family members and domestic issues are restrictive and limiting, and reality checks abound which ultimately are good teachers for you. Do not kick the can down the road – do what is necessary, even though it's tough and it demands some humility.

Uranus however is very awakening for those born August 6th to 8th. He is good for long-distance and intellectual issues and awakens your conscious to a more super-conscious, metaphysical dimension and gives you a sense of uniqueness and a desire for freedom and a new chapter.

VIRGO August 23rd - September 21st

October is a time to focus on money, but because Mercury goes retrograde on the 4th many of   you may realise that the cheque is not in the post and all sorts of hiccups abound re finances. After the 16th things start to move forward again.

Before the 10th many of you will feel a little stressed at your inability to explain yourself in a way that other people understand or accept. Definitely not reading from the same hymn sheet as others. As Mercury is your ruling planet, you feel this.

Before the 23rd Venus suggests protection around finances, and after the 23rd those August born Virgos will feel enhanced by your own charms and the affections of others.

Before the 26th, if born after September 3rd energies around you maybe a little bit discordant on the domestic/ real estate front, and you are irritable. Other people somehow offend your sense of perfectionism. Be aware. Your energy is rather discordant as far as others are concerned. However after the 26th the mood changes to be more constructive in energy.

Saturn is keeping the tiller steady, sure, focused and disciplined if born September 12th to 17th. Your mind is grounded and sensible. It will bring reward even if it is a little tough going.

Neptune however is opposing still the Suns of those born August 27th to 30th. There is a feeling still of some uncertainty in the air and lack of solidity in relationships. Others feel elusive and some smoke and mirrors could be around, and you could also be projecting on to others what you want to see, rather than seeing reality, and others may be a little economical with the truth. It is great for the arts and spiritual pursuits, but keep grounded and see reality. Check the small print on all agreements.

However Pluto is really empowering the creative and romantic powers of all born September 3rd to 5th. Not for you self-effacement, but to own your empowerment this area without the problem of ego. Children of the mind or body are regenerative and of good consequence.

LIBRA September 22nd - October 23rd

This is your birthday month so you are in shining mood in theory. Mercury moves retrograde on the 4th and into your sign in this motion on the 10th suggesting that after that date, many of you will be revisiting issues from last month with a chance to get things more accurate this time. Mercury is a chance to review. After the 16th however, if born October 8th to 14th everything starts to slot into place.

Before the 23rd most of you will experience a sense of extra aesthetic appreciation, happiness, emotional richness and a sense of positivity, and after that date, many of you may feel quite secure and satisfied with financial transactions.

For all born after October 4th, from the 26th is a time when intellect is energised and you are able to make constructive progress in all efforts. After the 26th those born in the first three days of Libra, may feel like a bit of a bull in a china shop, and family issues are not easy.

Jupiter however is kind now to those born October 7th to 15th. Friendships go well, goals are fulfilled with good leadership skills, and you feel in the right place at the right time.

However if born around October 6th to 8th, you continue to have Uranus opposing your Sun, giving reason to feel a little chaotic and uncertain, mainly because of the influence of others that is unstable and unpredictable. They are in fact liberators, but you don’t like your peace and predictability disturbed. However in this case they are shaking you up for a better future.

Pluto also is still bringing a final chapter home to you after a long chapter of some uncomfortable overt or covert power struggles, if born round October 5th. Family/home issues are being finalised after some discomfort and a healing is at hand somehow.

The Lunar eclipse is on the 8th and is directly also affecting this same above group but also including those born around October 9th. For you there may well be a sense of eruptions and catalysts and truths to be faced, as other people present you with some truths that are difficult, but which ultimately mark the end of a chapter.

SCORPIO October 24th - November 21st

Perhaps a little retreat may help this month, and behind-the-scenes dealings with be fruitful. If you need things to happen without hitch, the first four days of the month, before Mercury moves retrograde is the time to hit the button. After the 4th and before the 10th, frustrations are likely for Scorpios born in the first few days of the sign. After the 10th and before the 16th, a sense of intellectual isolation may also be strong. After the 16th you start to get heard again.

Many of you before the 23rd could spend time happily behind-the-scenes helping others, without regard to ego, even in the face of some frustrations.

After the 23rd, all born up to November 3rd have love and Cupid on their side. Charms and charisma abound and others' affections enhance life. Love and money are favoured. Mars in Sagittarius underlines your natural drive for financial security and after the 26th those born in the first two days of Scorpio find that their intellectual prowess is on the ball.

If born November 7th to 14th, be aware that Jupiter is encouraging much self-indulgence and pushing the boat out a little too far. Arrogance and over-confidence at work can backfire.

However for those born November 12th to 17th, Saturn is very much slowing you down, blocking you, bringing reality checks and forcing you to work extremely hard at what you need to do and maybe rather than what you want to do. It is a time of karma and the necessity principle and look after your health. Tiredness is often part of the picture and some humility is helpful.  Pluto, your ruler is continuing to bring incisive, forensic insight and thought to those born November 3rd –5th. This decreases in power from December, so value. Meanwhile if born October 27th-30th, Neptune still is blessing you with a sense of creative inspiration and a gentleness of soul influences your relationships and decisions more than ever.

The solar eclipse falls in your sign on the 23rd in your sign and directly affects those born literally cuspal Scorpio (around October 24th). For this group a sense of a significant new beginning is in the air, a time to sow new seeds.

SAGITTARIUS November 22nd – December 21st

Friendships and collective projects are favoured this month, i.e. working for others not just for one's self. However after the 4th when Mercury moves retrograde, some of you may start to feel a little misunderstood and as if you are thinking very differently to other people and that is frustrating. After the 10th goals seem blocked and friends may seem as though they are not cooperating. However after the 16th the green light definitely goes on and you will understand why there was a need for a review. Despite all this, before the 23rd, you will never show unkindness and people will always give you the benefit of the doubt.

Mars is directly affecting those born after December 3rd. For this group you are really energised, driven and activated. You are kept on your toes and competitive, but make sure that your assertive nature, that is so strong during this time, doesn't tip over into plain aggression, and for women, the power of men will be impacting, and after the 26th some of you will feel the desire and have the will to secure finances.

All born December 6th to 13th have Jupiter on their side. Travel or news from long-distance is cheering and academic connections are very positive. Your philosophical nature is strong and optimism and luck abound. Remember to share your problems with others however and ask for help.

Uranus is excellent for those born December 6th to 8th. The power of love, the impact of offspring and a sense of liberation is in the air and creatively you are unique in your thinking. This is a period of celebrating your individuality and seeing a different future.

 Neptune however is creating still, for those born November 26th-28th a sense of vague uncertainty, confusion and maybe some feeling of having lost ones way a little. All is foggy and you need sleep and music and the healing power of nature and to check the small print of all ideas, plans and people.  You are in metamorphosis; so don’t make any decisions that are irreversible just now.

CAPRICORN December 22nd - January 19th

A lot of focus is on your professional situation this month, but be aware that from the 10th you may be reading from a different hymn sheet from those you work with. After the 16th however things clarify and the green light goes on.

Before the 10th you may feel that your friends are off the mark and a little flaky. Be patient – they just need some space.

Many of you, despite some frustrations at work, will find that your charms and allures and PR skills are nevertheless your friends, and after the 23rd if born in December, social life and the affections from others are strong and positive.

Before the 26th many of you need to be aware that you are sitting on a bit of a cauldron of potential frustration and anger. Do not seethe. Get out your feelings calmly and clearly, as the issues arise.

However after the 26th if born December 22nd to 26th, Mars on your Sun is really energising. Ambition is strong, so be careful it doesn't tip over into over-assertion.

Uranus is a little chaotic still in his long stint for those born January 4th to 6th. This is going to continue until April 2015. It is a time for shaking you up and for change. It is a journey, not an arrival. Home and domestic circumstances are not certain. You are being kick-started out of a rut, whether you like it or not. Ultimately it is liberating, even if it doesn't feel that way.

Pluto is a huge influence now if born January 1st-3rd. this influence (once in a lifetime) has been with you since early 2013 and is weakening as a force from December. You are nearly through this life changing period of endings and new beginnings, and after some crises the phoenix will rise . You have had to go through the dark to find your power and true direction.

Neptune is sensitising the souls still of those born December 25th to 28th. Your compassionate feelings are now a vital part of your assessment of issues and should be. Creative input is important and your soul is speaking louder.

AQUARIUS January 20th - February 18th

This is a good time for travel and holiday plans but on the 4th when Mercury moves retrograde, be aware that those plans can somehow get frustrated, or travel becomes complicated. Academic issues can also be problematic and communications can go astray, and indeed between the 4th and 10th professional communications can be unsatisfactory. After the 16th, when Mercury starts to go direct again, more normality resumes

Before the 23rd however, love and travel can go hand-in-hand and higher/further study is underlined and after the 23rd many of you will find that your charms work for you at work provided you are not sycophantic.

Mars is very much on your side before the 26th if born after January 30th. Your goals and ability to work with others are impressive and successful. Intelligence abounds and ambition is strong, provided it is for the greater good. After the 26th however one need to be a little aware of not sitting on any frustrated anger and letting it seethe. Deal with it calmly with the right people at the right time.

If born February 3rd to 10th, Jupiter is tempting extravagance, the good life, over-indulgence and over-generosity to others. Be sure they are worth it. Travel is also a draw.

If born February 8th to 13th, Saturn is demanding his pound of flesh in the guise of challenges and difficulties and oppressions in your professional capacity. Rise to the occasion and do not let under-confidence get the better of you, and face facts.

Uranus however is powerful as your ruling planet in enhancing the lives now of those born around February 2nd to 4th. He quite simply is bringing your best intuition and desire to be uniquely you to the fore. You think outside the box and are impressive. Take a leap into the future that is more true for you.

PISCES February 19th - March 20th

Not a time for superficiality. This is a month for depth and for intensity re finances and relationships and many of you may be revisiting after the 10th, issues that were not fully resolved last month. From the 4th travel plans may be delayed, blocked, restricted and long-distance communications could suffer too when Mercury goes retrograde, and after the 10th it's likely that finances could become blocked, particularly when they are linked to others finances. From the 16th problems are lifted.

From the 23rd however, if born in February, emotions and affections are constructive, deep and satisfying.

However before the 26th, if born after March 2nd, Mars suggests that there could be some irritation, anger and confrontation connected to authority figures or in the work place, and your own drive and demeanour can cause problems with others. After the 26th if born up to February 2nd, constructive progress is indicated.

Travel for duty and connected to hard work is likely if born March 10th to 15th and a serious, metaphysical and philosophical outlook is demanded and study is hard but satisfying.

For those born February 22nd to 25th, Neptune still haunts you in a way that brings the most exquisite sensitivity and psychic, spiritual and creative gifts, but the flip side is desire for escape, and a super hypersensitivity that is painful. Addictive tendencies are also underlined. Some illusion and delusion is possible but empathy and compassion is very much the positive side of this sensitivity.  Keep your feet on terra firma.

Pluto is currently still enhancing in a very regenerative way the powers of those born March 1st-2nd. For this group there is a sense of influence over others and your intelligent insight gets noticed.  Using your power wisely for the greater good is the way to go. This happens every 124 years and has been with you since February 2013 and it is a power that wanes from December. Do not waste.