Friday, 30 November 2018


The drama of Brexit and the Trump tale continues. 

As mentioned last month, from the 1st-12th, Saturn is bringing reality checks and significant challenges to the power, in both the birth charts of Trump and Theresa May, with not a little karma thrown in. If there is a clear conscience, it will be accepted with humility. If not, it will be painful and fought.

Mercury moves direct from the 6th when events can be released from paralysis, both in individual lives and indeed globally.

Around Friday the 7th is a particularly interesting few days for Theresa May, when Mars, the trigger planet, conjuncts its own place in her chart.

The England birthchart, that seems always to make sense on terms of what is happening and be correct, is the one for the 25th December 1066 (the birth of a new constitution after the battle of Hastings). This chart makes us a Capricorn country with Aries rising. The whole Brexit saga has been clearly etched on this chart, since day one.  In February 2016 when the referendum decided “leave”, Uranus (shock, radical change, anti establishment and push for freedom) was sitting on the ascendant of this chart (every 84 years) and has been edging through its defining first house ever since.

Saturn also has been haunting the area around the Sun and Midheaven (Identity and national standing) of this chart (every 30 years) for much of this year and will finally and definingly be conjuncting these crucial points from the beginning of this month till the 21st. This is a reality check that is massive in terms of what it demands of England.

Significantly also from last May (2018) Neptune has opposed the natal Saturn in the England chart (every 165 years). This influence is particularly strong from March 2019, lasting till February 2020. It has and will continue to indicate huge uncertainty, a sense of a meltdown and a dissolving of the old system; a certain loss of security, a sense of unsustainability and a huge wobble ideologically and materially, with a distinctly thick fog, confusion, acute division, and blindness along the way. It represents a profound discomfort with the fundamentals of the status quo, a sort of divine discontent, but with no clear road map as to how to move forward to better ground. There is also a sense of quick sand also being all around and no compass is helping to guide. This phenomena was/is, it seems, inevitable, no matter whether change seems wise to us or not.

Brexit of any sort, or no Brexit, this Neptunian journey is a major power at work for England over the next 14 months at least; and those in control of the country are in reality, just as lost.

The downside of Neptune in negative manifestation, is that he represents, idealism, sentimentality, illusion and delusion and even unwitting self sacrifice, despite his potential for sensitivity, creativity and inspiration in the right artistic /emotional/spiritual context.

Generally, globally, Uranus (rebellion/ future) now fully back in Aries (the individual) till March 6th, is testament to the need for the individual to have a voice, reminding us all of the power of populism and nationalism. Recent demonstrations also about the failure to tackle climate change /environmental destruction and a feeling of the lack of wise priorities in governmental policies re poverty, housing problems/ mental health/children’s well being, education and a downgrading of the importance of the arts, in the ruthless pursuit of austerity, are gathering momentum.

Additional to this, Pluto, the planet of power, and which tests for the responsible or otherwise use of that power, is now in the last 10 degrees, also of Capricorn (the financial establishment) and will be till 2025, when he finally leaves that sign. This period will therefore bring to a culmination all the nemesis/fallout resulting from the obsessional (Pluto) pursuit of financial growth, irresponsible capitalism and the power of corpocracy, that has been left unchecked since 2008, when Pluto first set foot in Capricorn (every aprox 248 years). Pluto also ensures that abuse of power ultimately equals self-destruction.

Saturn (lessons/karma/humility) now also in his home sign of Capricorn (establishment) till December 2020 and since late 2017 (every aprox 30 years) is now simultaneously underlining the reality of the failings and complacency of the established global system over the last decade or so. The fallout of the peoples’ response to the imposition of inequitable austerity (Saturn) for the majority, although lauded as being cruel to be kind by many in power, is now hitting establishment upholders hard.

The karma (Saturn) of the realisation by the powers that be (Capricorn) that the people are not tolerating growing inequality any longer, leads to false promises of redress by establishment figures (even though, like Trump, they may sell themselves initially as anti establishment). Eventually these promises come back to bite them when not delivered.

The rare coming together of these two testing planets, Saturn and Pluto, in Capricorn is affecting both England by conjunction (Capricorn) and the USA, by opposition (Cancerian country) most powerfully and a failure to pass their tests in many ways, speaks loudly of the inevitable serious undermining of our current global system, not least in these locations.  Coming economic distress for these countries, will be a major issue on the journey. 

On a global level also when we have an existential crisis hitting us, like climate change and species extinction, it is psychologically and spiritually, both individually and collectively, profoundly disturbing. 

Depending on our personality type, we can either choose to face it, with great angst, anger and distress and decide to fight for change, or we can just despair with a sense of paralysis and depression, as it seems too big for the individual to do much about it. Alternatively we can just plain deny it, or choose to be in denial, in order to protect ourselves psychologically and our material values and trajectory.

Modern global uber capitalism is at total loggerheads in its values, with the environmental needs of our home planet , its creatures and their ability to survive.  Hence, again Pluto and Saturn together in Capricorn (financial establishment/system) are again forcing us to face the huge karma also of the environmental and climate fallout of the blind, ruthless pursuit of the values of this system.

As Paul Ehrlich said  “The perpetual pursuit of growth is the creed of the cancer cell”

Additionally, Neptune now so strong in his own sign of Pisces (2011- till 2025) brings a permeating influence that does indeed sharply polarises us on this matter and creates either a sense of total longing to save the planet, or a delusional total avoidance/denial of reality. Such are the two manifestations of Neptune

The power of nature will ultimately always have the last word in terms of nemesis. The phrase Hubris and Nemesis is not used, understood or revered enough especially by narcissistic personality types, that are so often found in positions of power, for obvious reasons.

The burgeoning new generation however, who are born between 2011 –2025 have this Neptune position actually in their birth charts. Hence they will be intensely sensitive to this life/planet threatening issue and its manifestations; and it will indeed totally dominate their lives. They will never forgive us, if it is not fundamentally addressed now. 


This is an excellent month for travel for many of you.  Mercury is direct from the 6th, making plans around travel and finances more concrete.  

From the 1st of the month, those born around April 19th may find that love really does win. 

Jupiter currently is very much favouring those born March 24th to April 2nd.  Creativity, literally or metaphorically is shining.  Your confidence is strong and love life can bring joy, as does social life. 

However, there is an overlap of Saturn, who is also creating, for those born March 27th to April 2nd, a challenge, possibly around work.  Hard work and reality checks are abounding, but which can, with patience, be worth it, in terms of facing up, and biting the bullet.

Uranus is once again bringing for those born around April 19th or 20th another shake up, which is over by March.

Finally, Pluto for those born April 8th to 10th, is in his last lap of influence, over by the end of next month, allowing you to understand what the power struggle has been about, within you and externally; connected to your goal, your status and work situation.  This may not be comfortable, but it does leave you by the end of January to an understanding of the journey that began back around March 2017.


Mercury, between the 1st and 12th, will bring for those born after May 17th, heads up to what other people are saying.  Communications might fall in deaf ears and you must listen as well as speak.
After the 6th, you will get the message and so will other people and progress can be made.

After the 2nd, Venus in Scorpio will bring for you all born up to May 14th, a definite input of the power of affections and love from other people.  You will be popular, admired and other people are there for you. 

Mars is extremely constructive now for those born after April 28th.  Your leadership skills and your ability to use constructive intelligence and action in helping others and pursuing your goals is admirable and your energy is tireless.

Saturn is a rather strict schoolteacher, but an extremely constructive one now for those born April 26th to May 2nd.  He is bringing a serious, grown up duty and hard work and work may involve long distance issues and travel, but the discipline that you are feeling and the maturity will bring you great admiration if your execution of what is necessary. 

Neptune continues to inspire those born May 3rd to 6th in this long journey awakening to your spiritual, creative and emotional truth and you need to value that; and your desire to know your ego on the altar of helping others is strong.

Finally Pluto, for those born May 10th to 12th continue to empower your wisdom, insights and belief in your destiny. 


The month of the importance of relationships and after the 6th your ruling planet moves direct which allows you to then feel that plans are back on track in work and with others; and communications after the 6th will be powerful and positive in helping you move forward. 

Use the very first day of the month if born around June 19th to maximise your love life. 

However, for all after May 30th   there is a danger of a potential misunderstanding or confusion, particularly in your profession.  Impatience and over-emotionality is not your friend. Make things clear and avoid any smoke and mirrors.

For all born May 24th to June 3rd, you can have an extremely indulgent time and enjoy yourself but there is a danger of pushing the boat out too far, or allowing others to tempt you to do so. 

Those born around June 19th have an opportunity now, until early March to return to issues strong in April and May, which allow you to move forward with a unique freedom for yourself. 

However, if born around June 3rd to 6th, it is important to not let confusion and uncertainty undermine you.  Things are changing, but they will take time.  Trust that this is a circuitous journey, which will lead you to the right track, and the divine discontent that you are feeling is for a purpose.  By late February you will have clarity.


After the 6th, confusion abates and the trajectory reinstates itself in terms of your communications, love life and work. 

For all born up to July 16th social life, enjoyment, and the power of cupid is very much in play, as are creative skills. 

Mars is also on your side if born after July 1st.  Efforts at earning and energy put into broadening your mind and travelling; and indeed legal issues pay off.  You have greater sensitivity and emotional intelligence. 

Saturn, however, is a little challenging now if born June 29th to July 5th.  Other people seem to be the source of problems as they block and frustrate you, or demand of you issues that are hard to deal with.  Energy is low, but reality checks need to be faced.  There is a difference between obligation and depression. 

There is some disruption in the lives of those born late July 20th to 22nd and you are reminded of what you were feeling in spring.  Unpredictability and restlessness at work is for a reason, and even if uncomfortable, it does kick start you into a better future, which you will understand completely by March.

Neptune continues to inspire if born July 5th to 8th, both creatively and philosophically.

Pluto, however, maintains his hold on those born July 11th to 14th.  This long transit, since March 2017 is trying in terms of other people and power struggles, but you’re well on the road to resolving this, provided you draw boundaries around abuses of power within yourself and more importantly other.  Do not sink to their level.

The Moon is full on the 22nd falls on the very 1st degree of your sign, directly affecting those born around June 22nd/23rd. This can create energy at that time of quite eruptive energies from deep within yourself, or indeed reflected in the behaviour of others.


Can be quite a fun month, with the Sun being in your Solar Fifth House, appropriately for the season. 

However, Mercury is retrograde till the 6th so delays or frustrations are around till then. From the 12th, however you will benefit if born up to August 16th, by powerful and constructive happy communications with others. 

If born around August 22nd, use the first day of the month for optimising social life and love life.

Jupiter in Sagittarius is now extremely beneficial if born July 27th to August 5th.  He really gives a boost to your positivity, optimism and, fun loving side and brings bonuses and benefits in love life.  You just feel as lucky and loved.

For those born August 21st to 22nd, you are now once again experiencing some excitement as you did around April/May time, and indeed last summer.  This is the final hit and by March 2019 you will have completed the cycle of liberty and progress and awakening in areas of your life, especially related to study or overseas issues.  At the very least you just feel freer to be true to yourself.  Relationships that have gone through a period of change are ultimately change for the better and your advantage, and you’re understanding of life and your big picture philosophy will tend to become more profound.  You are becoming a little bit more advantageously detached and objective.  


Home may well be a focus this month and your ruling planet Mercury moves direct on the 6th to allow you to feel more clearly understood and plans start to work out and you can get your points across successfully, particularly in family issues.

After the 2nd, all born up to September 17th, have added charm to your communications; and the heart and the mind blend well. 

There is an issue with Mars this month, which is opposing your sign, directly impacting those born after September 1st.  For this group you need to be wary of others who are being no push over and blocks and challenges to your energy may be subtle but very emotionally strong.  There may be indirect challenge, but it can feel quite potent.  Don’t assume you have not also been the challenger, subtly or otherwise. 

Jupiter is tempting many of you born August 27th to September 5th.  You may be feeling a little over-indulgent or spendthrift on the home front.  Also, beware of over-confidence and over-generosity. 

However, just as a protection on this one, Saturn is also bringing caution to those born August 30th to September 5th.  A mature, steady, hard-working, disciplined and focused attitude is yours. 

Very important now for all born September 5th to 8th is to be aware that other people may be less than straight or honest.  Deceptive circumstances are in the air and also you may be over-idealising somebody and not seeing clearly.  You are emotional, sensitive and inspired, but also possibly gullible. 

However, if born September 12th to 15th, enjoy your strengths, your power, your insight and your transformative ability, both creatively and in romantic issues and also connected to children. 


Your intellect is strong and your communication skills are admirable this month, particularly after the 6th when Mercury goes direct; and also choose the first day of the month, if born around October 21st/22nd to show your excellent taste and also ti enjoy the power of love. 

Jupiter is very kindly disposed, now in Sagittarius, to those born September 27th to October 6th.  You will be feeling a great deal of positivity and optimism and your communications have wisdom and power and travel is very beneficial.  There is just a feeling of well being , confidence and opportunity.

However, Saturn is a bit of a spoiler if born September 30th to 6th October.  He is also demanding there are areas of life mostly to do with family and domestic life, that demand duty, obligation, action and which may feel as if it is blocking your progress on some level.  Do what is necessary but stay grounded and get rest.

Uranus is also creating some upheaval if born around October 22nd.  It is an ongoing thing that started early last year and is over by March, but it is the last chapter of some shift and change and liberation, connected to relationships. 

Finally, Pluto is also still on his long march of challenge to those born October 12th to 15th.  The battle within you, the power and assertiveness are strong.  Be conscious of it and do not project it unnecessarily onto others.  You are learning to be true to you, and your power to be patient and honest.


Before the 12th, communications are very strong as a powerful issue with undoubted impact is in the air. if born around November 21st, but after the 6th, breakthroughs are indicated, and after the 12th, financial issues can get much more back on track.

After the 2nd, Venus is in your sign, bringing for all born up to November 16th, a great sense of enhanced charm, is good for buying clothes, enhancing yourself generally and also for the power of love from within yourself and from others to be pleasing. 

Mars is also very constructive now if born after November 1st.  He is really sensitising your energy so that you are acting intelligently and intuitively for the benefit of other people and your love life is enhanced by your sensitivity and your careful, but constructive actions.  Issues around children are favoured too. It is particularly powerful for musicians and artists in a successful way. 

Saturn, if born October 31st to November 5th, is bestowing you with a sense of pragmatism and practicality and the gift of hard, constructive work, which brings admiration and progress.

Neptune is also wonderfully and continuously inspiring for those born November 5th to 8th.  The artist and creator in you is truly inspired and your sense of spirituality, empathy and emotional sensitivity to others is very noticeable.  This chapter makes you far more successful when dealing with others.

Finally, Pluto your ruler continues to empower those born November 11th to 14th. He brings a forensic insight as never before and this has been going on since early 2017.  He empowers your intellect and your communication.  Enjoy.


This is your month so you can shine.  Mercury moves direct on the 6th, which means from the 12th all of you born up to December 22nd, when Mercury enters your sign, will feel that you really are in a position to communicate very successfully, powerfully and get listened to and you can make your plans progress. 

On the 1st of the month, all of you born around December 21st, can enjoy friendship and celebrate the warmth of other people.

However, Mars is not so kindly disposed to your sign if born after December 1st.  From Pisces, he is squaring your sign and bringing some sense of block, restriction and impatience and possibly a lack of clarity in the motives of others on the home and family front.  Real estate issues may have an element of frustration.  Your own anger can show itself as emotional distress.  Try and create patience and forbearance and don’t be underhand in any way. 

Jupiter in your sign is a very advantageous one in his once every twelve-year visitation and is now directly benefiting those born November 26th to December 5th.  There is a great feeling of protection, blessing, growth and contentment.  Since Jupiter is your ruling planet, this is a particularly powerfully, happy period and at the very least protective.  It is also excellent for travel, wisdom and general growth. 

Uranus is also very stimulating now for those born around December 20th and the change that you have been seeking since summer 2017, is now beginning to manifest.  A sense of excitement and liberty is in the air.

The Moon is new on your sign on the 7th, directly impacting those born around December 7th .   For these people there is an opportunity to initiate the new and innovative in their life.


From the 6th clarity is improving communications and after the 2nd, all born up to January 14th will experience a boost to social life and friends show their loyalty and support and you can further your objectives. 

Mars is also very helpful for all born after December 31st.  Your ability to express yourself and your insights and emotional power and constructiveness is very influential on others.  You blend your ideals and intellect perfectly. 

Saturn is however, let’s not forget, in your sign which he is for two and a half years, every thirty years, and is currently affecting those born December 28th to January 3rd.  This is a time to look after your health, to take it easy, but to be focussed, constructive, hard working, grounded and mature. You will benefit if you are. 

Uranus is a little disruptive now however if born around January 18th.  This is a continuation of what you felt around April/May and summer of last year.  Change and unexpected issues around home and family is in the air. There is a kick-start into a new consciousness and future.  This is over by March. 

Neptune however is incredibly inspiring now if born January 3rd to 6th.  Your thoughts and your communications are blessed with inspiration, sensitivities and spirituality.   This is great for the artist and writer and empathy and compassion shine. 

Finally, Pluto in your sign is still bringing intense energy to those born January 9th to 12th.  Power is yours to use wisely and consciously.  Endings are in the air, sometimes painful, but ultimately the feeling of a rising out of the ashes will transforms you. 


After the 6th you will all feel a little relieved that some confusions are out of the way; and after the 12th particularly all of you born up to February 13th will feel that plans can forge ahead.

On the 1st of the month, those born around February 17th/18th may enjoy a boost in the affections, particularly connected to long distance issues. 

If born up to February 13th, however after the 1st, there may be a temptation to be a little over extravagant this month, stop and think before jumping into over enthusiasm and even at work, beware being over charming for just your own benefit. Counter productive sycophancy is possible.

Jupiter is very much a friend of all those born January 24th to February 2nd this month. Your projects get the green light and you feel intelligently able to move forward with wisdom and much support from other people.  Social life is particularly expansive and beneficial. 

Your ruler Uranus is also smiling now on those born around February 17th.  He is finalising a journey that started in summer last year, which is allowing a true uniqueness and intellectual insight to shine and be recognised and to kick start you into a new, more appropriate position in life.  It allows your true originality and intuitive intellect to shine. 


After the 6th you will all feel a little relieved that relationship communications improve and are constructive and after the 12th that will also show itself in work.

After the 2nd, if born up to March 14th, issues to do with academia, learning, travel and internationalism all bring a boost to your happiness and affections.; and love life can be specifically inspired. 

Mars is in your sign all month, is directly impacting those born after February 27th.  For this group you will have a real feeling of assertion, competitiveness and determination to achieve what you want.  You will want to engage and show what you’re made of and you can do this constructively, particularly in the creative and the spiritual world.  Your emotions are powerful. 

Jupiter in Sagittarius is currently bringing, for those born February 23rd to March 3rd, a tendency to be over enthusiastic or over-confident, or take on too much, but beware of excess in ambition and action. 

However, to compensate, Saturn is also ensuring that those born February 25th to March 3rd are grounded and other people and friends will act as a maturing influence and your sense of duty and obligation and common sense will also benefit you.

Neptune, your ruler, very powerful now in your sign since 2011, is now directly hitting the Suns of those born March 3rd to 6th.  For this group, your sense of inspiration, creatively, spiritually is massive, but there is also a downside, where your idealism and escapist tendencies and hypersensitivity can be counter-productive.  Used positively, it can bring the most exquisite sense of being at one with the universe and at one with the most creative potential you have; and your empathy and compassion for others can know no bounds.  It is almost too powerful.

Finally, Pluto is also very intelligently and powerfully constructive for those born March 9th to 12th.  He is allowing you to really constructively use your intensity and insight and transformative abilities in a group context and indeed for yourself.  Intelligent action and insight is yours and will benefit yourself, but above all others.