Thursday, 1 March 2018


We live in interesting times! … March spans the signs Pisces and Aries and the contrast between watery confusion and empathy (Neptune) and the fiery assertiveness of Aries (ruled by Mars, god of war) coexist, very frustratingly. The war in Syria particularly, so hard to define because of its multifaceted, multi nation involvement, is increasingly more ruthless and tragic whilst the world and the UN stand by, paralysed as so many vested interests are involved. .. We can only wring our hands with compassion for the suffering and feel totally at a loss. Never has war been more complex and less binary.  Globalisation has a significant downside… and when Pluto (power) was in Sagittarius (internationalism) from 1995-2008, its potential fallout and complexities were established.

Mercury in Aries from the 6th moves retrograde on the 23rd and remains so till April 15th. When Mercury moves retrograde it often correlates with frustrations misunderstandings, technical hiccups and travel disruption and from Aries, personal will is particularly frustrated. It is in fact a period, thrust upon us, as it is a need for pause and reflection and a need to rethink direction and policy with some humility and to be prepared for learning curves, both globally and personally.

Mars is strong this month especially around the 1st and the 24th and 31st. Aggression and ruthlessness are highlighted.

Whist Jupiter (enlightenment) sails through Scorpio (sexuality), there is an ongoing revelation of sexual scandal, paralleled by ongoing unprecedented determination to stand up for justice (Jupiter) and to cleanse any abusive cultures.

Scorpio also rules issues related to death and the recent horrific gun crime against schoolchildren in the USA, is now facing a significant backlash from many, against the status of the current gun laws in the States. Again a need for justice and a revolution re the power of the gun lobby is demanded. Even Trump, hugely supported financially by the gun lobby (the RA), is conceding a problem, but his solution is not quite what many have in mind….

Trump has a difficult Saturn transit opposing his Mercury (every 30 years) through March and it becomes stronger again in May. Blocks to action and a need to rethink policy and reality checks abound and his financial issues are challenged, but he also has some protection from Jupiter this month that may stave off some issues temporarily till May.

Theresa May is also haunted by Saturn squaring her Sun (every 15 years) throughout March (and April) and strong again in May, significantly challenging her power and standing on the international stage, as the Brexit negotiations continue to be fraught with uncertainty and chaos and rebellions..

Positive forces this month are on the 13th and 14th when the Sun trines Jupiter, the 11th when the Sun sextile Pluto and the 2nd and 3rd when Mercury trines Jupiter, which can bring some positive energies at work on our planet.

This is another rare blue Moon month (meaning 2 full moons within the same month) as indeed, very unusually, we also had in January.   As noted above, we live in interesting times

The first full Moon is on 1st/2nd at 11 degrees of Virgo at 0.52 GMT. The second is on the 31st at 10 degrees of Libra at 12.38 GMT. The full Moon is synonymous with the culmination of the old and outworn. The unconscious erupts and there is a feeling of rather violent release of pent up emotions; a high tide of the unconscious in fact.

The new Moon this month is on the 17th at 26 degrees of Pisces at 13.13 GMT.
This equates with the birth and initiation of the new. When we need to and can, sow new seeds.


April is a time for some self-reflection and privacy, but from the 6th all born up to April 7th will find your mind in hyper charged state and communications will be important to you, but beware that from the 23rd Mercury moves retrograde ,which can indicate misunderstandings, delays, blocks and failed communications.  Try and achieve progress before that date

Also from the 6th, all of you will however have Venus on your side bringing love, affection, charms, admiration and positivity around relationships.

Before the 17th, if born after April 9th, there is drive and energy for academic work and travel.  You are constructive, driven and energised.

However, after the 17th, if born up to March 29th there is irritation, impatience, lack of tolerance, particularly at work and others may prove difficult.  Stop and think. 

Saturn is also now squaring the Suns of those born March 27th to 30th.  There are some blocks, delays, restrictions and tiredness.  Take care of your body.  Be grounded, disciplined.  Step up to the plate and don’t let lack of confidence get you down, particularly at work.

Uranus is currently still creating some chaos for those born April 15th to 19th.  Change is big, but has been for some time.  Be flexible.  Go with the flow and know this is a transition that will shortly be over and you will be in a very difference place to where you were a year or so ago. 

Finally Pluto is now squaring the Suns of those born April 9th to 12th.  This very long transit will bring endings and changes that are quite profound and deep.  Remember that Pluto can be eruptive and things come to the surfaces that have been bubbling for many years.  You are battling with yourself and therefore potentially with others.  Be very conscious, calm and know that ultimately there is a phoenix out of this transition that can feel quite fated. 


Friends and social groups and goals may be more significant this month and bring harmony and happiness to your life.

After the 6th, some of you may feel a need for some privacy as you may feel a bit isolated in your thinking.

Beware that after the 23rd when Mercury goes retrograde, things can become even more difficult to explain to people and misunderstandings are possible. 

Also, from the 6th, your affections are very private and your ability to be there for people who need your help is very strong.  Passion predominates in a rather behind the scenes way. 

After the 17th, Mars is very supportive of all those born up to April 29th.  Travel and academia is favoured and your delivery of energy and communications is purposeful and determined. 

Before the 6th, for all born after May 12th, love and friendship really can combine. 

Jupiter all month is very much impacting those born May 12th to 15th.  By opposition, he is bringing expansion, some extravagance, travel and bonuses from other people and enjoyment.  The only danger is beware of a bit of arrogance or biting off more than you can chew. 

Saturn however is providing a real focus of discipline and constructive activity for all born April 27th to 30th.  Travel may be for duty or work purposes, but there is a sense of pragmatism and practicality, which can take you far.  Reality checks mean that you step up to the plate.

Neptune is starting to really inspire the lives of those born May 3rd to 6th.  He is bringing extra empathy and compassion for those who need it.  Sensitivity to world events; and also a great deal of creative inspiration to do with music, the arts, literature and also spending time in the country near nature or by the sea is truly meaningful and precious.  Your heart centre is becoming more powerful and your ego is downgraded on that basis in a very relieving way. 

Finally Pluto, now directly trining the Suns of those born May 10th to 13th, is bringing real empowerment from higher learning, wisdom, far off places and a sense of courage.  He is regenerating you.


Career can be a focus this month, with so much emphasis on Pisces and from the 6th, communications with friends and about valued projects will be powerful, particularly if born up to June 8th

However beware, that from the 23rd, Mercury moves retrograde and as your ruler, that is significant for you, as you may find that your goals and communications with friends cause problems.  You may not be in the right place at the right time. 

However, Venus will for all of you, bring continued affection and a sense of a very good social circle, which provide you with happiness. 

Mars, before the 17th, is opposing the Suns of those born after June 10th.  Be aware that there are some people who are not a pushover and who may be challenging.  Be adaptable and tolerant, but keep an eye out. 

Uranus is currently giving a boost for a final time after several years of being supportive, to all those born June 16th to 20th.  Your humanitarian side and your ability to be a catalyst for others for change and for freedom is strong. Unusual, unique people are continuing to be a catalyst for you and for advances in your friendships. 

However, if born June 3rd to 6th, Neptune is bringing a little confusion into your life.  There is a feeling that suddenly you need your heart to be engaged with what you do and a sense of dissolving with your current status may be in the air.  You need more spirituality, more heart and more creativity in your life.  This is quite a long journey.  Let it unfurl gradually and know that some things are too important to be left to just the mind/intellect alone.


This is a good month for travel and for the higher mind’s purpose for learning. 

However, after the 6th, when Mercury goes into Aries, there may be some issues at work that you need to ensure clarity on in communications, particularly if born up to July 7th.  After the 23rd, many things will be put on hold or blocked, so achieve as much as possible before that date.

Also, after the 6th, all of you need to be a little bit careful about sycophancy at work.  Charm isn’t always the answer.  Don’t expect too much of people. 

After the 17th, if born up to June 30th, there may be some war drums from other people.  Other people are not pushovers and they may well be quite challenging, so tread carefully. 

However, if born July 14th to 17th, love life can get a boost, as does social life and issues to do with offspring are particularly pleasurable.  Creativity is also starred. 

For those born June 28th to 30th, there is also an opposition currently from Saturn, which happens once every 30 years and this will bring a feeling of some reality checks about people and wake up calls.  People can behave as if they’re blocking you or restricting you and you are recognising some facts that you have to deal with.  Look after your body and accept that restrictions and limitations are there to learn from.

Uranus is finalising his long visitation by square to those born July 17th to 21st.  Over the last year or so there has been restlessness and a desire for change, possibly around career.  This journey now of some chaos and unpredictability is finally showing its conclusion. 

Neptune is inspiring now to those born July 5th to 8th.  Inspiration is coming from other countries, from learning, from wisdom and also is bringing extra sensitivity and creativity and a spiritual awareness to your being. 

Pluto however, is beginning to really impact the lives of those born July 12th to 15th.  Other people with power can feel quite over-bearing.  Draw a boundary around those who are in any way controlling and if necessary walk away.  Power struggles are potentials.  Deal with it with wisdom, consciousness and be squeaky clean in behaviour and motive. 


Leos are forced to be more profound this month and need to be aware of complex issues that go beyond the personal ego.

However, from the 6th, the added dimension of potential travel and communication skills are emphasised, but from the 23rd when Mercury goes retrograde, it is much more difficult to achieve your goals when you planned. 

However, also after the 6th, you will all get the benefit of the potential for love life or shining through travel or through higher learning in some way.  Your charms and the power of love are underscored. 

Before the 17th, all born after August 12th should feel that love life and children’s issues are especially enhancing of their lives.  Energy, drive, passion are all yours and it can be very constructive.

However if born August 14th to 17th, be aware that Jupiter is squaring your Sun, making you rather self-indulgent, extravagant and expecting too much of life.  Enjoy, but with caution. 

Uranus is finalising his rare trine transit to the Suns of those born August 17th to 22nd.  For this group the last year or so has brought a feeling of change, excitement, looking outside the box, insight and possibly awakening travel.  Others have been catalysts for you.  You are now beginning to really see the benefit and you will realise that you are not quite the same person as you were.


Relationships are significant factors in your life this month in a positive way.

Before the 6th, all born after September 14th will be the receivers of affection from others.  Love life is definitely flagged up.

For all born after September 12th, before the 6th there are ample opportunities for excellent communications and to receive very good feedback from others. 

Before the 17th, if born after September 13th, you need to be a little bit cautious on the home and family fronts as you are a little bit prone to be clumsy, in communications or in action; and family problems can result.  Your determination may not be in harmony with those around you and equally others may irritate you on the home front.

However, after the 17th, if born up to August 31st, your actions are constructive, creative and dealings with others, particularly offspring are purposeful and rewarding.
 Mercury, your ruler, is retrograde from the 23rd and will remain so till April 15th, so be aware of the delays and rethinking of issues that will be apparent and somehow necessary then.

Jupiter is also now favouring those born September 14th to 17th.  Wisdom is yours and harmony and your ability to communicate with others brings you a bonus.  Opportunities are there to grab.  Positive optimism is in the air. 

Even Saturn is on your side now, for those born August 30th to September 2nd, in a constructive and mature way.  You are being very focused and disciplined and able to do things that at other times you would find difficult.  Dealing with love life and offspring, although demanding, is something that you rise to with dignity and success.

Neptune is currently opposing the Suns of those born September 5th to 8th.  For this group, just watch for other people not being as completely black and white as you would think.  You are also projecting onto other people idealisations and generally not seeing clearly.  Keep grounded, check the small print.  Literally and metaphorically, but you are certainly idealistic, inspired creatively and sensitive, possibly more than you have felt for many years.

Finally Pluto is very positive for those born September 12th to 15th.  This rare transit is bringing confidence, courage, and assertion in a constructive way to do with creativity, children’s issues and romance. 
The full Moon of the 1st/2nd in Virgo, directly impacts those born September 3rd –5th. This may manifest a a bit of a wake up call to some burgeoning truths that show themselves and can also correlate with endings of certain chapters, that maybe necessary.


Routine, work and health may be things that you are particularly caring about this month.  

After the 6th, Venus will for all of you really highlight love life and affections of the heart centre.  Others are blessings in your life.

Also after the 6th, if born up to October 10th, communications with others are extremely positive and bring great progress.  However, on the 23rd, Mercury moves retrograde, which means that from then on, for a few weeks, communications are not so reliable, so get communications that are necessary achieved before that date.

Before the 17th, if born after October 13th, your mind is active, intelligent and determined and you achieve a lot with a sort of energetic spirit. 

However, after the 17th, if born up to October 1st, be wary that on the family and home front there can be a few little war drums audible, as others are irritated or irritating; and you may be a little bit over-assertive in that area.

Saturn is currently, as you probably know, in Capricorn, which is not so friendly to your sign and is currently squaring the Suns of those born October 1st and 2nd.  For this group some reality checks are emerging, potentially about home and family. Blocks, restrictions and frustrations are in the air.  You also need to recognise that you can feel tired, so pace yourself.  It’s a time for practical restructuring and facing some facts and not running away from them.

Uranus is coming to the end of a about a year long focus on relationships for those born October 19th to 22nd.  Others have been unpredictable and created some stress.  Relationship change, internally and externally has been around but it has ultimately been a catalyst for your personal freedom, even if it has felt uncomfortable. 

Pluto has now moved in his slow journey through Capricorn to square the Suns of those born October 13th to 16th.  There is a feeling for this group that over the next year or so of changes and endings of chapters.  Some battles internally are connected to your needing to empower yourself.  Do not be afraid of this confrontation.  Do not repress it. 

The second full Moon of the month falls in your sign is on the 31st and impacts those born October 3rd –5th.  Be prepared for closures and for the eruption of your or others unconscious, that can reveal some truths and realities, that need to be aired.


March can be a very positive time for many of you, creatively and romantically; and indeed before the 6th all born after November 12th will find that your communication skills, particularly if you are a writer, are particularly astute.  The communication with offspring and love life is very effective. 

All born after November 15th will have an opportunity before the 6th to really enjoy the fruits of romance, offspring and creative skills. 

After the 17th, if born up to October 31st, your relationship with Mars will bring you added assertiveness which will be constructive in your speech and communication.  Your energy is high, well focused and gives you achievement.

Jupiter, of course, is now in your sign, which is currently particularly excellent for those born November 14th to 17th.  For this group travel, expansiveness, confidence, buoyancy, growth – internally and externally – is all yours. Financial issues can also be a source of optimism and joy.  This once every twelve year visitation should be appreciated.

Saturn is giving a certain measure of caution to those born October 31st to November 2nd.  Your grounded, mature approach to thought and communications will serve you well.

Neptune is now really inspiring those born November 5th to 8th.  He is bringing extra inspiration to do with the arts, extra joy to do with offspring and idealism and fulfilment in love life.  The heart centre is really expanding.

Even your ruler Pluto is being constructive now to those born November 12th to 15th.  He is bringing even greater power to your elbow, which is being well used and constructive and regenerative and transformative in your thinking and your wisdom.  Enjoy.  It is with you for about another year.


Focus on home and family is strong this month and at times there may be a need to clarify issues and sort things out. 

However, after the 6th, if born up to December 17th, communications with offspring particularly and in creative fields and connected to those who you love, can be very improved, although after the 23rd, when Mercury goes retrograde, that can go a little bit off route, so make sure communications that are necessary are achieved before then.

Certainly after the 6th, for all of you, with Venus in Aries, there will be a great feeling of love permeating your life from others, as well as inspired creative skills as well, which will help you all. 

Mars is in your sign before the 17th, directly affecting all born after December 12th. This gives courage, determination, ambition and assertion, but make sure it doesn’t tip into over-assertion or slight impatient aggression. 

Uranus is coming to a close of being inspiring to all born December 17th to 20th.  The last year has seen you daring for new and awakening to new possibilities.  Creativity and love life has been given a spark with different people who have shown you new ways of looking at things; and even offspring issues have been a source of pleasant liberation and surprise.  That is now coming to a close and you will appreciate what you have experienced. 

Neptune, however, is slightly confusing now on some level to all born December 5th to 8th.  There is a sign of disorientation, tiredness, a sort of existential sense of realising that you are shifting and changing.  The ground beneath your feet isn’t so firm.  This is a natural and inevitable journey where you have to trust the trade winds to get you to the right place, but be sure that it is your heart and soul that is guiding you now, more than your ego and that is good.  Uncertainty is part of the picture. Trust.


The power of the mind is strong this month and communications will bring progress.  Be aware however after the 6th, if born up to January 8th, communications can be a little trickier with family; and particularly after the 23rd when Mercury moves retrograde, so make sure everything is clear.

However, also after the 6th, for all of you, with Venus in your sign, love and generosity is strong.  Just beware that you don’t expect too much of others or of self and check that you’re spending is not out of control. For Capricorns, that’s rarely the case however.

Mars moves into your sign on the 17th, directly affecting all those born up to December 30th.  Therefore after the 17th, many of you born in that period, will be extremely assertive, determined, ambitious and driven.  Just make sure it doesn’t become bossy or aggressive.

Jupiter is very much in positive alignment now to the Suns of those born January 12th to 15th.  He is bringing a great deal of optimism to your goals and friends rally around to help.  You are a great leader and your intelligence in guiding you brings luck and expansion. 

Saturn, however, is in your sign now as you probably know, and is currently directly sitting on the Suns of those born December 28th to 31st.  This once every 30 year hit is designed to make you grow up, face facts, step up to the plate, look after your body and also to ensure that practicalities and pragmatism is attended to.  Saturn is your ruling planet, so this is significant.  Challenges should not be shirked through lack of confidence. 

Uranus is closing is long chapter of about a year, of some uncertainty and unwelcome disruption possibly for those born January 15th to 19th.  Home and family issues have not been too stable, but at the same time there has been some liberation as a result of changes.  Increased calm is very much imminent. 

Neptune is helpful for those born January 3rd to the 6th.  He is bringing more gentleness and sensitivity to your communications, thinking and increased empathy, as well as creative inspiration. 

However, Pluto is now really powerful in his once every 248 visitation to the Suns of those born January 10th to 13th.  This long period that you’re entering into is about significant challenge and empowerment.  Handle wisely, with consciousness and with a squeaky-clean motive and agenda.  Endings are potentially in the air over the coming year or so, but also the opportunity to show that you’re prepared to embrace your destiny in terms of what you’re meant to do.  Do not abuse power.  Do not allow yourself to be tempted into ego motivation.  This is about transformation, self-invention for the greater good, of not only you, but for everyone.  Humility is your best friend, as wise use of your power calls. If times are tough at times, remember the phoenix. 


Focus on finances and security will not go astray this month and after the 6th, all born up to January 28th will find their communications skills extra honed. 

For all of you, after the 6th, your communications will be tinged with love and charm.  Your heart and your mind will combine which will be very persuasive and impressive to others. From the 23rd , however ,when Mercury moves retrograde, till the 15th of April , beware of complacency re communicationd being clear and prepare for blocks and delays including potential transport difficulties. Take time out during this period to reflect. on direction and goals.

Before the 17th, Mars, for all born after February 9th, will give you leadership ability, courage and determination to achieve your goals, particularly when combined with other people’s efforts and your determination to achieve your idealism will be successful. 

Jupiter however, is going to be squaring the Suns of those born February 10th to 13th.  This brings temptation to over indulge or be over confident, particularly in your working life, or to take on too much, to bite off more than you can chew.  Also, just be aware of a tinge of a possible sense of self-entitlement or even arrogance.  Bearing that in mind, success can be yours.  

Uranus your ruling planet , (the maverick freedom loving planet) is curremrlystill harmomising wuth the Suns of those born February 13th-17th. For this group this is last chance saloon opportunity for , or the finalisation of, a period where you determineto be your own person, expressing yourself with the powerful intuition you have and to not be afraid to honour your big picture understanding of the world around you. Opportunities to express yourself clearly and intelligently with a characteristic detachment and futuristic spin, which has impact on others, are in the ether.


This is your month, so you can shine and enjoy yourself, particularly before the 6th when all born after March 12th have Venus contacting their Suns by conjunction. For this group, that period will be punctuated by love, happiness, friendship and a sense of well being. 
 Mercury your relationship ruler, will be moving retrograde from the 23rd till April 15th, so during that period ensure there is little room for misunderstandings with others, be clear.

Before the 17th however, all born after March 10th also have Mars challenging their Suns, which means that there will be simultaneously a sense of some over-assertiveness from others, particularly domestically and there will possibly be some impatience.  Don’t take on too much.  Others may be a bit intimidated by your energy. 

However, after the 17th, for all born up to February 27th, your goals and energy will be fruitfully rewarded, particularly when working with others or towards your goals. 

Jupiter is also very friendly now for those born March 12th to 15th.  It’s brilliant for travel and for long distance issues and connections.  It brings a boost to confidence, optimism and also an extra dose of wisdom and growth.

Even Saturn is kindly disposed now towards those born February 27th to 30th.  He is bringing a sense of discipline and focus and maturity to your goals and hard work pays off and others admire your successful endeavours and discipline. 

Neptune, going through your sign for the long haul, has now reached the point where he is sitting on the Suns of those born March 3rd to 6th.  For this group, this once every 165 transit is going to bring out the most extreme Pisces qualities within you, both positive and negative.  Inspiring, creative, idealistic, spiritual, empathetic and sensitive, but also potentially over-idealistic, hypersensitive, escapist and unrealistic.  Try and enjoy the positive. 

For those born March 10th to 13th, Pluto has now reach a point of sextiling your Sun.  Again, this rare transit is powerful but very positive.  He brings a sense of destiny.  He empowers you to empower other people.  He can be a force for self-regeneration and self-recreation and allows you to demonstrate your determination to achieve what is necessary, but ensure it’s for the good of all and not just yourself.

The new Moon falls in your sign on 17th, directly affecting those born March 16th-18th. This brings the innovative and the feeling of a new chapter being born, and also allows you to sow seeds for the future, literally maybe and certainly metaphorically.