Tuesday, 1 December 2015


The current Square from Saturn in Sagittarius to Neptune in Pisces is indicative of reality checks (Saturn) that thwart excessive idealism/empathy (Neptune). The tightening of border controls between countries and the sense of an increased intolerance/suspicion/fear of refugees by governments and many citizens in the wake of the shocking terror attacks in Paris, is classic of the fear /caution / cynicism /reality checks (valid or otherwise) that Saturn brings, when clashing with the unconditional open boundaries that Neptune as a symbol, suggests.

Neptune, also, negatively manifested can distort truth and can pervert ideology. Extreme emotion rules that can be ruthless or inspired  … Isis or Daesh, or whatever they are to be called, have selectively distorted the Koran to suit their own extremist and ruthless agenda. The potential dangerous equation /confusion (again a negative manifestation of Neptune in Pisces) of the Muslim religion with Isis, is like equating Christians with the Klu Klux Klan. Muslims have suffered at the hands of Isis more than any other group. Neptune, in extremis, can distort, blind and lack rationality and bring paranoia.

Saturn squaring Neptune indeed brings a need for caution, but above all, pragmatic realism, rather than blind fear or over idealism, but pragmatic realism is subject to individual viewpoint. Corbyn’s view of our response to the Syrian debacle, as he would see it, is pragmatic idealism (if somewhat confused), but Cameron’s view is more, as he views it, pragmatic reality (if populist and possibly short sighted).

Hence in fact the whole of the left versus the right debate has evolved to be a question of a polarisation between possibly over idealism and (often) ruthless pragmatism.   That however sums up the debate about what exactly the human condition is.

Ideologically, it boils down to whether people/nature /the planet (idealism?) should be our priorities, or market /economic forces (pragmatism?).

The climate change talks in Paris have lost attention on the altar of the Isis threat, but climate issues are a potentially a bigger global threat of an existential nature to our planet than any terror group. Saturn (economics / establishment) currently in Sagittarius (global) squaring Neptune (collective unconscious, the power of nature) in its own home sign of Pisces (nature/seas) is a symbol of what a terrible threat our unremitting globalised economic forces are to the forces and balance of nature.

There is some indication (planetary wise i.e Sun sextile Mars on the 3rd, and Mercury trine Uranus on the 3rd and Sun trine Uranus on the 9th and Venus trine Neptune on the 11th) that there maybe more progress than anticipated in the Paris summit, but with Mars square Pluto on the 6th and 7th and Mars also opposition Uranus on the 11th, there is a struggle and there will be a ruthless digging in from those with vested interests in the status quo, of course.

Economic forces have in many ways become the enemy of the heart and soul of many people and of our home planet (Saturn versus Neptune). This current difficult angular relation between these two planets is now pointing that out clearly. However with Pluto (obsessive powers) in Saturn (establishment/ conservatism) ruled Capricorn (establishment economics), since 2008 until 2025, the slant towards maintaining the economic status quo and protecting it, is quite ruthlessly hard wired in the established powers that be. 

This coming month indicates an ongoing global fear and a particularly dangerous period when unexpected shock events, that are potentially quite explosive and geophysical disturbances are in the ether, is around the 10th –13th, when Mars is opposing Uranus.

Also the 6th and 7th is a time when Mars squares to Pluto and that is a ruthless/angry and controlling combination.

This is the month of Sagittarius.  Sagittarians born after December 7th will, before the 10th have a great rush of communication needs and ability and Geminis born after the 5th June, before the 10th will also feel the power of others communication s impacting their life and the need for an exchange of ideas will be important and probably beneficial.

 Venus till the 5th is in its own sign of Libra. As a result all Librans born after October17th, will before the 5th be blessed with extra charm, charisma and loving vibes and love is in the ether. So too all Aries born after 14th will before the 5th, find attention from others on a very warm level is underlined and kindness and affections are in the ether too.   After the 5th Venus moves into Scorpio, which suggests that after the 5th all Scorpios will feel at some point a rush of love, happiness and exuding attractive vibes to you advantage. Equally Taureans after the 5th will feel the power of other favours love and warmth.

 Mars all month is in Libra. Hence all Librans born after October 3rd will during the month feel more assertive / ambitious energetic and driven. There is also a danger of being a little too assertive or combative, and the power of other peoples’ will, can impinge too.  If an Aries, born after March 31st there is a definite possibility of some cross swords with others and the whole principle of self-assertion versus self-surrender will be flagged up.  There is also a tendency for Capricorns born after January 1st to find that impatience and impulse can be your enemy this month, especially professionally. Similarly Cancerians born after July 1st may find that irritation and impatience and impulse may be a danger in a home /family context.

Aquarians born after January 30th and Geminis born after May 31st may very positively find their constructive energies very well, intelligently and successfully used either in romance or creativity, or in academic /ideological pursuits and with successful focus on long distance or legal issues or in travel pursuits.

Jupiter still moving through Virgo is now enhancing the lives of Virgos born September 13th-17th. Travel is in the air and confidence and opportunities abound as does luck, and at the least it brings protection or some sort of celebration and good times.. If there is a difficult situation manifesting or a disappointment under this transit, then the situation in the long term is likely to turn out to be for the best and advantage you somehow.  Pisces born March 11th-15th are also being affected by Jupiter Good times can roll, but there is a danger of overconfidence, lack of moderation or even a little too much of a sense of entitlement. Enjoy, but with caution and a little modesty.  Similarly Sagittarians born December 12th –16th and Geminis born June 11th –15th, need to be aware of pushing the boat out a bit far in relation to domestic indulgence or in professional issues ;over confidence/extravagance can be an issue.  Taureans born May 11th –15th may be feeling happy and buoyant re creative /romantic and offspring issues. Life feels like fun and celebration, and Capricorns born 11th-15th are also blessed with a sense of greater wisdom and optimism (the latter being unusual for Capricorns) with potential very positive input from other countries and via travel. A seasonal celebratory feeling is strong for all above Jupiter affected birthdays.

Saturn however, the benevolent depot of a planet is being quite challenging now to Sagittarians born November 28th—December 4th.  There is a sense of weighty realties/obligations and duties and hard work to face up to and maybe some financial reality checks.  Blocks and hiccups are in the air and the health also needs to be protected from stress and tiredness Remember to honour the body. Step up to the plate and do what is necessary, m despite being daunting. Secure things for the future with hard work and a sense of reality, and accept the things that you need to address in your life that need revision.. Not a fun time, but it can in the long term be very constructive, so long as you deal with things pragmatically and not give in to under confidence or excessive negativity.

 So too Geminis born May 28th-June 3rd may be feeling blocked by others or circumstances and others can be a source of obligation/duty or stress. Hard work, self-honesty and maturity are needed to deal with the challenge. A need to rethink goals may be in order, or a realisation that some things take more patience and hard work than anticipated.  Pisces born February 25th-March 3rd are also feeling a little slowed down or browbeaten, work challenges are in the air and there is a need to honour the necessity principle. Also Virgos born August 31st –September 5th, may be finding weighty responsibilities and realities in life quite onerous, but which need confronting. Delays are not necessarily denials, but hard work is needed.

 More positively Leos born July 29th –August 5th, may be rising to an occasion very constructively and the virtues of maturity and hard work and wise behaviour and noble efforts bring rewards and admiration, not least in dealing with romantic /creative and children’s’ issues.  So too Aries born March 27th-April 2nd, will be finding that mature hard work related to academic study, legal issues or related to being very constructively persevering in long distance issues and related to dutiful travel, serves you well, even if quite demanding. Aquarians born January 26th-February 1st are similarly benefiting from mature realism now. Librans born September 29th-October 5th are also finding that mature conversation and grounded thinking and focused concentration stands one in good stead now.

The outer planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are long players in peoples live. And currently Capricorns born January 4tb-6th and Cancers born June 20th-30th are feeling the testing hand of power (courtesy of Pluto) and how one deals with it. Either ones own power or others.. Ensure that you draw boundaries around your own power, in terms of misuse for ego gratification and avoid others who misuse power. Unconscious dark forces are at work in the subconscious, all quite primeval. Beware, you may have a tiger by the tail, or be in contact with someone who has. Also beware that crossing people now can bring power struggles, but wisely used power can serve you and others very well, provide there is the motive of the greater good at the heart of the issue.  Endings of chapters are in the air, and so is fate in some way.
  Also Aries born April 3rd -5th and Librans born October 6th-8th may be feeling some sense of fate n their lives and internal struggles may be strong in an effort to find your true power and independence.  Know the depth of this power can need much conscious handling.

However if Taurus born May 4th-6th, or Virgo born September 6th-8th Pluto is now bringing remarkable powers of regeneration, strength and self reinvention in some way. You life and being has power over self and others in a very positive way and can be very transformative.  Truth and depth is part of the process.

Scorpios born November 5th-7th will also be finding they are in a process of understanding that their empowered depth of insight and forensic understanding is very much a root of success and renewal in life.  Pluto is your ruler and he is working well for you in this rare visitation.

 Neptune is bringing a mixed blessing to Pisces born February 26th-28th. Your ruling planet only visits you once every 165 years, which is now.. Immense spiritual powers for good and inspiration as will as immense sensitivity is yours, but so too is the significant potential for escapism, and self-delusion and over idealism or even a martyred attitude to life. Don’t let Neptune use you, use it to reach out with sensitivity and creative inspirations, Your boundaries are very thin and you can get too affected by others and events. Try and protect your psyche, which is so open now. Music /film, the arts and the sea can all be potent factors in your life now. So too Virgos born August 30th –September 1st have the tendency currently to feel that relationships are confused or becoming diminished with an element of deception and mystery being in the air. Check out all facts and credentials and also do not chase rainbows and project onto others a fantasy. Keep grounded and realistic about situations and people. Accept the dissolving of some times as part of a natural evolution.  The above to a lesser extent applies to Geminis born May 27th-29th and Sagittarians born November 28th-30th.

Neptune is currently inspiring Cancerians born June 28th-30th and Scorpios born October 30th-November 1st, creatively and in terms of compassion and extra sensitivity idealism and a more spiritual sense is yours, all in a very constructive way.

Currently Aries born April 5th-7th and Librans born October 9th-11th are dealing with Uranus and his unpredictable, but liberating influence. There is a sense of the adrenalinised and the unexpected around you from within and or from others. You are being kick started uncomfortably possibly into a new future that can be exhilarating or unnerving. There is restlessness for the exciting and for escape from the old, but there is a danger of impulsive behaviour regretted later. You should not make irreversible decision easily and remember that this is period of travelling rather than arriving. The new the unique the innovative and the future call. And there are definite eureka moments in the air, but be cautious as you may throw out the baby with the bath water in a bid for change or excitement.

If born Leo round August 8th-10th or Sagittarius born December 7th-9th, then the new, the freeing and exciting is around very positively as you are awakening to new chapters and new people who can inspire and enlighten you and kick start you into a new future, either though long distance or study potential or via romantic/creative or offspring potential.  All courtesy of Uranus in his rare visitation to enhance you Sun degree.
 The New Moon falls in Sagittarius at 19 degrees on the 11th and the Full Moon falls in Cancer at 3 degrees on the 25th.

For Sagittarians born round December 11th-13th, the 11th can be a day of new starts /new chapters.  For Cancers born around June 24-26th, the 25th can be a day of closing of chapters or a sense of powerful release of emotions that need to be expressed from within your self or others around you; the Full Moon is rather uninhibited.

Unconscious forces then show themselves rather forcefully.


Sunday, 1 November 2015


The world does seem to be in a bit of a mess. So much is unravelling as the result of ongoing, complex conflict in so many countries and the impossibility of the prevailing global economic system.   The emphasis on Scorpio this month indicates that many things are now coming home to roost, especially as Uranus (rebellion /change/awakening) is in the second half of Aries now and Pluto (crisis and meltdown if power is misused) is at the halfway point through Capricorn (economic/political establishment). Things get intense from hereon, in terms of the result of previous hubristic behaviour by nations/corporations. This is a theme that will strengthen over the coming 10 years or so, (while Pluto and Uranus travel through the last half of Capricorn and Aries respectively)

It is likely that David Cameron will maybe regret the day he was returned to power without compromise, as domestic/economic and international issues pile up in problematic form.

Jeremy Corbyn has a very difficult 1st few weeks of this month, as transiting Saturn is so strong and uncomfortable in his chart then. Reality checks about life in politics and heavy pressure from others impinge.

Neptune in Pisces, strong in his own sign now (and for the coming 10 years) fogs so many issues currently and suggests a sense of hopelessness, confusion and indecision as to solutions (the refugee crisis:  a huge Diaspora of displaced people fleeing and crossing boundaries and seas in confusion is an archetypal Neptune image.)  Neptune is also, of course God of the sea /oceans, and the oceans will be certainly an issue that will increasingly be highlighted over the coming 10 years (as Neptune does his work in Pisces) The urgency of the need to keep our oceans healthy and inhabited becomes undeniable, just as also the scarcity of fresh water will be come more intense and an increasing source of conflict.

A certain longing for a better value system and a less materialistic, more people/planet centred hunger will grow in the collective unconscious as Neptune dissolves so much certainty about the validity of the current prevailing value system of the powers that be.  Corbyn’s appeal, especially to the younger generation does show this hunger and at the least, he is a symbolic catalyst for a need for a fundamental rethink of priorities.

We need an alternative viewpoint to the prevailing worship of the market and the pursuit of the holy grail of economic growth, no matter what the cost to the earth and its people and creatures.

This month there are some reality checks re international problems notably on the 25th and the 30th when Saturn looms large. There may also be dangers of disruptions geophysically/and accidents around the 23rd when Uranus is activated. The last week of the month also sees disillusionment as reality checks re certain global conditions show their true face… Saturn squaring Neptune will bring us all down to earth with an uncomfortable truth about something then.

Relatively positive days for the planet are around the 6th, 10th, 11th and 13th, when some planetary harmony is in the ether.

This is mainly SCORPIOS month, who will be feeling in the spotlight and focused whilst TAUREANS will be feeling the impact of the power of others in their life and will be largely dominated by relationship issues … probably very positively.

Less comfortable for most of the month are LEOS and AQUARIANS as the Sun is square to your signs. Either work or domestic issues will feel challenging somehow. .

Mercury moves into Scorpio to join the Sun there on the 2nd and before the 20th all SCORPIOS will feel a greater need for communication and will have much to say and offer in wisdom, they also are likely to find that the are able to learn and absorb much during this time.  So too all TAUREANS between the 2nd and 20th will be at the receiving end of much communication and learning. So too, before the 20th many Pisces may be pursuing long distance and academic issues more fervently than usual.  CANCERIANS too before the 20th may find creative stimulation via the arts a potent source of inspiration, and good communication with offspring and in a romantic context is invaluable.

 Venus and Mars are both in last decan of Virgo early month and are conjunct in the first 2 days of the month. This is a time of passion and intensity of feeling and is also very creative and financial /economic issues are powerful as motivators.

Therefore before the 12th VIRGOS born after September 13th are likely to be feeling the power of love/romance. /affection/the the motivation of money and a sense of well being in that first week. So too, before the 8th PISCES born after March 12th are in a self indulgent mode with amorous input, but possibly also a lack of moderation in expenditure. Have a care.
 In the first 10 days also TAUREANS born after May 11th may benefit from especially the Venus input romantically and through offspring and also with extra creative talent shining.. There will also be a string determination and passion also in the air re love and money CAPRICORNS too, in the first 10 days, if born after January 11th, may feel a sense of long distance benefit via travel or long distance gain in some context, especially re the affections and ambition.

Mercury moves into Sagittarius on the 20th, bringing for SAGITTARIANS born up to Dec 8th a period after the 20th of extra incisive thinking and also a great need for communication.  Also after the 20th GEMINIS born up to June 6th will notice a greater input of advice and ideas and interaction from others

 After the 8th when Venus moves into Libra on the 8th. All LIBRANS born up to October 17th, after the 8th will be enjoying extra charisma and attractiveness and a sense of well being and harmony and love is in the air, so too after the 8th ARIES born up to April 15th, will be feeling the love of others and possibly an over the top urge to spend /indulge in good times, with others being possibly the tempters. After the 8th AQUARIANS born up to February 13th the pull of foreign shores and long distance benefits are strong, and after the 8th, for GEMINIS born up to June 15th, creative skills excel and party time /romantic input is potentially strong… Fertility and joy via children is also on the cards.

Mars, god of assertiveness and war also moves into Libra on the 12th so many LIBRANS after the 12th born up to October 3rd will be also feeling unusually assertive and passionate in goals as well as in love life and indeed the amorous or competitive energies of others are around you.  So too after the 12th, ARIES born up to April 1st may find that others are being surprisingly competitive and assertive with you, in a way that is possibly uncomfortable, or which challenges your own over assertive side. AQUARIANS born up to January 31st may find that after the 12th may feel a surge of ambition /energy and determination related to travel and academic study and indeed ideological strengths are underlined. So too GEMINIS after the 12th if born up to June 1st will have an increased sense of libido and determination in the romantic arena. Also there is an increased creative energy of a very constructive sort in the arts. Energy put into enjoying life is strong as is fertility in general.

 Jupiter the great benefic and protector, is moving fast apace through Virgo.  Currently those most enjoying his happy and often lucky touch are VIRGOS born September 8th-14th who are enjoying feeling of growth, inner and outer and as increased sense of well being confidence and an ability to move forward with confidence and extra charisma in life.. Doors are opening and achievements are in the air as is expansion and travel.  PISCES born March 6th-12th are also being touched by Jupiter this month and the good times can roll, and luck seems in the ether, but there is a warning that there is a distinct risk of over expansion over confidence and a little arrogance, overdoing is a danger so look before you leap and respect a little moderation. Those also benefiting are TAUREANS born 5th-12th, who may be enjoying a little more passion and romance than usual and children can prove a big plus in life and artistic skills thrive, and you will be much in demand and more in a party mood than usual. Fertility is potentially highlighted in literal and metaphorical ways too.

 So too CAPRICORN born January 6th-11th are now blessed by Jupiter currently. Travel/vacations are favoured as are intellectual achievements and advantage. Your vision and boundaries are expanding and confidence is underscored.
SCORPIOS born November 8th-14th are also receivers of Jupiter’s benign powers now. There is a feeling of a luck combined with intelligence, re pursuit of goals and friends and good contacts are very advantageous. So too CANCERIANS born July 8th-14 are feeling this month a sense of enhanced wisdom/intelligence and excellent communication skills. Advantages are string re siblings and in educational issues. Others listen.. You are impressive. SAGITTARIANS born 7th-13th and GEMINIS born June 6th-12th are likely to be experiencing opportunities and good times, bur there is a danger of over pushing ones luck and of over expansion and over confidence in many ways, not least in career issues domestically.

Saturn, the karmic schoolteacher is now targeting with some challenges and to step up to the plate those SAGITTARIANS born November 26th-December 1st.  For this group, there is need to be mature grounded realistic practical and patient and not to give in to negative and there is a need also to take care of the body and be very grown up in response to challenge. Delays and difficulties may well give you a chance to reconsider certain issues, or at least to exercise more patience in the effort. Get rest and remember the march of time demands you respect the body.

So too GEMINIS born June May 25th-30th, may find challenges and blocks from others are causing stress and reality checks bought you from others or indeed about others, need addressing realistically.   Duty and obligation may be necessary and or something that you feel is unfairly imposed.. Humility and honesty is vital with Saturn transits, as is a need to be very grown up. Extra care of the body is also advised

Similarly PISCES born February 22nnd-27th and VIRGOS born August 28th-September 1st may be feeling very burdened by work or domestic issues and a need for analysis about how much the problem is one of lack of confidence and fear of ones own inability to rise to the occasion or whether there is a genuine need to reconsider the status quo … and maybe a need to acknowledge when reality needs faced. It maybe just needs more patience and an extra push of effort, so you can rise to the occasion and so get the deferred gratification of a better infrastructure as a result.  Look after your health and get sleep. Tiredness is often part of the Saturn regime

However ARIES born MARCH 24th-29th may be experiencing a great ability to conduct themselves with discipline effort and pragmatic intelligence in dealing with issues and challenges and with achievements in academic and legal and international dimensions. Equally you LEOS born August 27th-September 1st may be having a a great ability to create much progress when dealing wisely and maturely with love life and with offspring and creativity demands discipline and pragmatic focus. A very mature dealing with life is a great gift when Saturn is benignly at work as he is currently for you. AQUARIANS born January 24th-29th and LIBRANS born September 27th- October 2nd are also currently feeling an element of needing to address issues head on with intelligence and constructive realism., and can take on a responsible leadership role  with resulting much respect from others .  Following a health regime and some austerity can be advantageous too.

Uranus too of course is still forging through Aries in his once every 84 year visitation.. Since April this year till February 2016 ARIES born April 5th-9th   are feeling some real chaos and change. You are being kick started into a new life, and awakened to new concepts and your rebellious instincts are strong.. A need for change and authenticity and some adrenalin is indicated, but have a care that you do not jump into radical change that can easily be undone … change will happen better for you when it evolves and is insistent upon you. This is a journey more than an arrival. Avoid undue risk and danger, as there is an urge often for excitement under this influence. Similarly LIBRANS born October 9th-12th, need to be aware that others are the bringer of change and disruption, and are messengers to accept changes and to realise that things need shaking up, as comfort zones can become counterproductive.

 Also LEOS born August 8th-11th and Sagittarians born December 8th-11th are still experiencing a strong sense of the positive, the new, the exciting and the innovative in life with more freedom and inspiration being desired and on offer. This may manifest in love life, via children or through the arts, or in international change or opportunity or via new vision, and more philosophical insights that are enlightening and awaking with new and often esoteric concepts broadening you mind and understanding.

 Meanwhile Pluto is now just completing his input for those CAPRICORN born round January 3rd-6th.. This several years long transit has been intense and life changing for you, but it promises an increased strength as a result if the impact and through the intense to the new … and the courage and power you have shown to navigate through this stands you in good stead. Ends of chapters make way for a new chapter in personal evolution.  Similarly CANCERIANS born July 5th-8th have been dealing for some time on and off with power struggles or from the input of powerful individuals in some context.. Change and endings have been evident.  This is /has been a time to stand up for what is right, draw boundaries with dignity and walk way from any abuse of power by others, or indeed by your self, in retaliation. Use of power in a totally self-seeking sense can back fire very unpleasantly when Pluto is in the ether.  However for TAUREANS born May 3rd –6th and VIRGOS born September 5th-8th, can be finalising a 2 year period of improved personal power in terms of what influence they have on the world and others, with the ability to heal, transform, regenerate and reinvent self and others in some way. Scorpios too born around November 4th-7th and PISCES born March 3rd-6th have also been discovering their powers and strengths, both intellectually and in the ability to change things for the better. You are now rubber-stamping this empowerment.

 Neptune in Pisces for the long haul is still affecting strongly (in a rare once every 165 year event by conjunction) PISCES born round February 25th-27th and has been since April 2014, and leaves you by February next year. This has been and remains a period of potentially the greatest for emotional empathy and response and sensitivity to others and indeed huge spiritual influences have been and remain around you, as is a mystical awareness and it is simply the best influence for the creative arts especially re music/film and the visual arts. Negatively it can make one hypersensitive, negatively escapist and prone to confusion, over idealism, lacking groundedness and capable of self-deception/delusion and vulnerable to deception and seductions.  This at best is a transformation of your being and involves the downgrading of ego on the altar of the heart and soul somehow.

 For VIRGOS born August 30th-September 1st, Neptune has been opposing your sun since April 2014 and continues to so do till February next year … The above qualities for Pisces are at work for you too, but with a greater danger of being subject to confusion and deception coming from others and having to be careful not to see people as either heroes/heroines to worship or victims to save, but to see their reality, and not through the fog of a projected vision. CANCERIANS born round June 30th and SCORPIOS born round October 31st have had since April 2014 till February next year, the positive power of a trine from Neptune (every aprox every 82 years) He has and still inspires, sensitises, and softens the heart and adds creative power to the being.  If born SAGITTARIUS born round November 30th/ December 1st, there is a sense of being easily confused uncertain and prone to deceptive circumstances from self or others. Check things out, especially round family/real estate issues and don’t let things float too much, but do enjoy the arts and get sleep and avoid negative escapism.. Similarly if GEMINI born round May 27th-29th, have a care re career and reputation in terms of keeping above board and checking out the sound basis of others … Confusion and idealism is strong and there is need to honestly acknowledge the power of the heart now.

The Moon is new on the 11th at 19 degrees of Scorpio, and therefore if SCORPIO born around the 11th-13th of November, this is a good birthday to honour a new beginning. The Moon is full on the 25th at 3 degrees of Gemini. For GEMINIS born around 24/26th May, this a time to recognise the possible closing of chapters and eruptions from self or others can reveal some truths that have been repressed.  For both these signs, the year ahead may well have an ongoing reflection of the energies felt on the day.

The New Moon is for sowing new seed, whilst the Full Moon is for reaping what has been sown,

Thursday, 1 October 2015


           This is a month of some challenge, but that is hardly surprising when one takes a look at the world….  The Sun opposes Uranus and squares up to Pluto in the first 2 weeks and Mars opposes Neptune too around the same period which signals the unpredictable and is quite explosive with significant power struggles, danger and deceptive circumstances globally. Similarly late month when Mercury opposes Uranus and squares Pluto the energy levels in the ether especially re communications are less than peaceful.

            The coming Pluto entrance into the last 15 degrees of Capricorn (till 2025) is about to see much unravel in our global system, not least financially. The refugee crisis is a karmic test for the globe to tackle, as much of the causes of this mass exodus lies in past western strategy.

Saturn now re-establishing itself in Sagittarius for the long haul, till late December 2017, is also going to bring to all our doors the challenging aspect of globalisation and the responsibility we have in international issues connected with the displacement of peoples from all points of the globe. Karma (Saturn) in Sagittarius (international issues) is in our face with the massive need to address (Saturn) the international refugee problem with intelligence and humanity (Sagittarius), and to look at the root causes of the problem in a pragmatic way (Saturn).

Similarly the globalised power of corporations that transcend national sovereignty, will be showing their dark side in terms of outwitting national interests and governments, and revelations will force us all to face squarely the somewhat endemic abuse of power.  The VW scandal and the FIFA investigations is an opening example. There is more to come.

Neptune in Pisces now is blurring boundaries and borders and is creating Diasporas of religions and nationalities as home countries become uninhabitable because of internecine, largely religious wars.  The plus side is that our humanity is being touched and there is an opportunity for redemption, and to overlook religious differences/prejudices on the altar of humane spiritual consciousness and inclusivity (Neptune in Pisces).

  Revolution is in the air and extreme right and left wing attitudes are hardening Jeremy Corbyn the new leader of the British labour party has a chart (no time known) that displays not a little passion (Mars conjunct Moon in Taurus) and high intelligence (a forensic Mercury) but with a huge sense of social justice and idealism (Jupiter in Aquarius) and he is uncompromising by instinct.  He represents the huge shake up that is coming in terms of the growing clash between two fundamental philosophies of the human condition and how society should be run. He represents a social movement, rather than a political party… and embodies a deeply felt by many, a divine discontent, (not least the young) with the current political status quo

 It all boils down to attitudes re the power of money and whether that should be at the centre of all our society and policies, or should it be people and the planet that are more the centre of our focus, with money being subservient to that. It is a fundamental split of opinion as to our priorities as a planetary goal. Corbyn may indeed turn out to be a catalyst alone, but symbolically he is a very significant person/event.

 November however will be a very challenging month for him, notably the first half, when Saturn opposes his Sun., especially as Saturn squares his Sun natally.

            Jupiter is now in Virgo, fortunately will trine up to Pluto between the 11th and 13th of this month, which allows a real combination of luck and determination on a very practical level, to solve a global problem.
            Mercury moves direct from the 9th in Libra and flags up a way forward for us all after some hold ups, delays and a period of a need for rethinking of strategy.  All Libras will feel a particular sense of moving forward after the 9th and all Aries will also have a sense from the 9th that relationship issues get somehow released from complications.

             Leos born after August 17th will have, before the 8th an opportunity to feel the power of love in their lives and creativity is emboldened and Aquarians born after February 13th will be similarly having their attractiveness and magnetic powers flagged up, whereas Scorpios born after November17th and Taurus born after May 14th, need before the 8th to be careful of spending more than is affordable, or possibly or eating and drinking more than is wise.

However Sagittarians born after the December 16th and Aries born after April 15th will before the 8th feel a sense of warmth well being and popularity as Venus harmonises with your sun. Travel/long distance issues and creativity may be positively flagged up too.  Virgos born up to September 15th will after the 8th, have a new sense of sociability and popularity and cupid is in the ether and all Pisces born up to March 13th will be feeling to power of others attentions and generosity of spirit. Taureans born up to May 13th and Capricorns born up to January 13th, will also benefit from Venus after the 8th, in terms of warm heartedness and affections coming from yourself and others and your charms are prominent. Sagittarians born up to December 14th and Geminis born up to june13th need, after the 8th to be wary of over self indulgence or expecting to much from others..

However Mars in Virgo all month points to Virgos born August 26th to September 16th feeling more assertive, determined and competitive than usual. There is a need for a healthy outlet for your energy and boldness should not become unnecessarily manifested as over assertion. The drive for fulfilment in money and romance is in the air.  Equally Pisces born between February 22nd- March 14th need this month to be aware that or others may be challenging or even combative around you, try to keep your cool. Also Sagittarians born from November 27th- December 15th and Geminis born between May 26th and June 14th, may be feeling impatient, irritable and impulsive.. Stop and count to 10 and think before acting or speaking.. However if born Taurus between April 24th- May14th or Capricorn, between December 26th and January 13th, Mars is bringing this month courage, strength, wise and constructive action, either in academic areas and in international directions or in love life and creativity.

Jupiter is now sailing through Virgo, bringing emphasis to the health of planet earth, the environment, diet and the need for more purity and practical care of our planet.  Those now benefiting are Virgos born September 2nd-10th. For this group there is a sense of an up swing of energy, luck, travel, freedom and opportunity and confidence and at the least, protection. Also Pisces born between March 1st and 8th are feeling lucky, but beware pushing your luck too far and over reaching with over confidence or arrogance, or it could back fire. Taurus born May 1st – 13th and Capricorns born January 1st-13th are also gaining ground from Jupiter now as he smiles on you romantically/socially, fertility wise or intellectually and travel wise…

For Sagittarians born around November25, Saturn is now sitting right on you Sun, as he did in January /February and the 2nd half of April/May earlier this year. This is the final hit before he returns in the same connection for 30 years.  This is a testing time of maturity and hard work. Avoid negativity, but learn the lessons face facts and face the fear and rise to the occasion and look after your body.. Saturn is a benevolent despot and schoolteacher. Hard work applied now and a sense of obligation, reality and discipline will bring real rewards in the future.. Deferred gratification is the name of the game.

Similarly Geminis born around May 25th, have a Saturn challenge now as last year in Jan/Feb and April/May. Others are oppressive, challenging and realty check re others abound.  Only you can decide if these people are worthy of the efforts needed to deal with the situation and are good teachers or are to be challenged and if necessary  walked away from .. Good relationships survive and thrive under this influence with hard work and addressing the problems wisely, bad relationships won’t be so mendable.  Pisces born around February 22nd/23rd and Virgos born August 27th are also going to be feeling tired and blocked and not so buoyant. Patience and hard work and self-honesty is the way through.

However Aries born round March 24th and Leos born round July 27th will be feeling that the hard work and maturity that is needed and given now by yourself, is well worth the effort, and brings real constructive rewards and admiration and gratitude from others that lasts.

The outer planets Uranus Neptune and Pluto are, as ever, powerful players globally and for those currently being touched by their vibrations. These are rare and long lasting visitations..

Capricorns born January 2nd-5th are experiencing the last chapter of transformation through. Potential challenge, which is eventually empowering endings of chapters are being finalised.. Also too Cancerians born July 11th-6th are seeing the end of what has felt like a power struggle from those who may well have abused power. Dignity, a clear conscience, and drawing calm boundaries is the only way to have dealt (to deal) with this.. Equally the loss of things /people /situations all has a fated feel to it and represents an opportunity to reinvent yourself and come through admirably stronger and with a sense of purpose.

For Taurus born May 2nd-5th, there is now a chance to rubber stamp an new empowered sense of regenerative power though travel, international issues, ideological and academic issues. Also Virgo born September 4th-7th are also too finding their feet and strength creatively/romantically and re children’s issues.

However Aries born April 2nd-5th   and Libras born October 5th-7th will be feeling the that a difficult period is finalising, related to an internal powers struggle connected to liberating themselves from the old, and finding their own power and independence., hopefully in a conscious and not too primeval and angry manner.
            Uranus is now bringing a shake up internally and/or externally to Aries born April 6th –9th. A rebellious energy, a need for the new, the adrenalising and the authentic in representation of self feels urgent. Change is in the air and you are being kick started into a more innovative future, but do not leap before you look.  Libras too born October10th-13th are feeling the force of change imposed upon them by others, and though unnerving, they are in fact agents for a new chapter.  Those Leos born August 9th-11th and Sagittarians born December 9th-12th, are however feeling a surge of excitement and confidence in their own uniqueness and awakening and intuitive insights. This Uranus transits continues till April next year.
                      Neptune continues (since last February) to anoint Pisces born February 25th-27th into a really creative and spiritual period, Psychic powers are triggered, and there is a huge increase in your sensitivity, just beware escapism and over idealism. Virgos born August round August 30th-31st are also likely to be feeling some sense of dissolving of the old and this feels like a rather blind journey that needs your faith to believe I the destination, as yet unknown. Trust the trade winds, but keep grounded and beware being easily deceived or confused by self and others. Check everything out thoroughly.

Similarly Geminis born May 28th-30th and Sagittarians born November 29th/30th need to keep checking facts and the credentials of issues and people as confusion and smoke and mirrors are in the air.  However f born Cancer around June 28th-30th or Scorpio born round October30th/31st you are feeling more inspired, creative, empathetic, emotional and the power of the heart and soul is now more the prime mover and shaker.

 The Moon is New on the 13th at 19 degrees of Libra and full on the 27th at 3 degrees of Taurus. If a Libra born October 13th, then your birthday really does indicate a year of the new and the innovative. If an Aries, born around April 10th, there is also a sense of a new start. If Taurus, born round April 24th, then the 27th may feel like a day of some revelations from deep within yourself or from others, that can signal the ending of a certain chapter, as something has run its course. Similarly Scorpios born round October 27th may feel that others are the bringers of truths to your door that need noting.


Friday, 1 May 2015


by Leigh Oswald (London-based Astrologer and Teacher)

This is quite an interesting month if a little tricky. Importantly, Mercury moves retrograde on the 19th and will stay that way until the 11th June. This will bring necessary reviews of plans, delays, blocks, frustrations, and since he is going to be in his native sign of Gemini, communications will definitely be askew. London, a Gemini city, may find itself in a little bit of turmoil, possibly politically as a result of the election and things will not be clear. In terms of the general election in Britain, from observation of the birth charts of Cameron and Milliband, it would seem that Cameron's chart is a little more fortuitous, but the person who really has success written on her chart on May 7th is Nicola Sturgeon, the leader of the SNP (Scottish National Party). She will be the kingmaker almost certainly, but a complex hung parliament is almost certain, but you don't need astrology to tell you that.

Before the 13th when Mars is in Taurus, stubbornness and fixity is in the ether, but all month there is a definite feeling of sleight of hand as Gemini dominates the zodiac. Days when block, stress and frustration are particularly strong are the 3rd/4th and on the 23rd, and days when there is much anger in the air and international resentment on some level are when Mars opposes Saturn on the 15th. Smoke and mirrors, deception and confusion are also around on the 9th, 10th, when Mercury squares Neptune, the 25th and 26th when Mars squares Neptune and the 31st when the Sun squares Neptune. The post UK election confusion/mess will definitely be evident. All is not as it seems.

The positive and regenerative days are few and far between but they are notably around the 6th and 16th.

Before the 12th Taurus and Scorpios, born after May 13th and November 14th respectively will be feeling the force of assertive behaviour from others if Scorpio and from within if Taurus. Handle with care.    Geminis born between May 29th and June 5th and Sagittarians born december1st-7th will be most affected by Mercury being retrograde from the 19th till June11th. These people will feel the frustrations of delay and poor communications, so get essential things done before the 19th.

Before the 7th Geminis born after June 14th and Sagittarians born after December 14th have blessings of affection/romance around them and some feel good factor is around. After the 7th Cancers born up to July 18th are likely to be feeling full of life with luck in love and possibly re finances; at the least it is happy time. Also Capricorns born up to January 15th will likely feel an influence of much positive input from others and some self-indulgence is in the air.

Jupiter is favouring strongly now Leos born August 5th-10th, luck /travel confidence and growth is yours, at the least is protection and for Aquarians born February 2nd-7th good but rather extravagant times are in the ether but with moderation this can be a good period of confidence and celebrations.

 So too are Aries, born round April 2nd-7th, going to be feeling in upbeat mode with luck round romance, creativity and offspring. Also, Sagittarians, born December 5th-8th, may well be feeling the power of happy travel and with good long distant communication and expansive academic or philosophical pursuits. Touched with favour also are Librans born round October 5th-10th.This group will be benefited socially and from friends, and Geminis born 3rd-8th are likely to be feeling extra communicative, with wise and positive thought and with good news in the ether.

Saturn is backing up in Sagittarius and readying for his move back into Scorpio on the 15th of next month. He currently is reminding Sagittarians born November 23-26th that lessons to be learnt and reality check to face cant be avoided   Geminis also affected if born May 22nd-26th will find that challenges comes from others and for Sagittarius this seems to be from within oneself.  These two groups need to be very grown up, rise to the challenges, be brave and look after the body. Tiredness is part of the picture, but above all …get real. Equally Pisces born February20th-23rd, need to be aware of blocks delays challenges round work and authority figures and you need to have patience, self discipline, realism and humility. Equally Virgos born August 25th-28th, may have challenges round home/real-estate or family issues and hard practical logistics, loyalty and duty and the principle of necessity may need honoured.

 Aries born April 7th-11th, now have the full force of Uranus (once every 84 years) on their case. For this group there really is a need to acknowledge the power of change /innovation and indeed the unexpected. A time of considerable disruption from within or externally is inevitable.. Uranus is the awakener and enlightener and this can be uncomfortable but it is a wake up call to kick start you into a new future or awareness, but do not be too hasty or throw out throw baby with the bath water. Equally Librans born October 6th-11th, need to be aware that others are currently going to bring disruption somehow to your door and they may well be catalyst to much needed change. Also Cancers born July 9th-13th are likely to be feeling the element of insecurity in their lives especially professionally, or at best a deep discontent that says it is time to change as you have outgrown your role as it is. So too Capricorns born January 3rd-8th will be finding that the ground is shaking in terms of their comfort zone, domestically or deep within the being … All is unsettled and scary, but an adventure awaits and one has to remember that there are only two certainties in life; and one is change..

 Capricorns born January 5th-6th are also being targeted by the once every 248 year visitation by Pluto..  This is a life-changing period that empowers by challenge and potential end of a chapter, followed by a profound new one, often a phoenix out of the ashes; the earth shakes as destiny is in the air. You are in transition. Equally Cancers born July 7th-9th have Pluto opposing their Suns, so intense experiences and maybe some powerful challenges or power struggles from others, is a focus for you. The important thing is to remember to retain dignity, to be squeaky clean and if necessary walk away from dark or dangerous influences. Issues of survival, psychological and spiritual are felt to be in the ether. At least that is how it may feel , even if it isn’t.

This above influence affects to a lesser degree Aries born round April 6th and Librans born round October 9th.. These people will find their domestic or career life in a period of real potential ending, so a new chapter can start.  Battles within oneself are part of the picture. These can be primeval in power.. However if Taureans born around May 6th or Virgo born around September 8th, then you have the knowledge that Pluto is giving you the power of self reinvention, courage and you have the use of power for the greater good for self and others now. Courage, and determination is yours to empower and regenerate your life somehow.
These Pluto influences affect you for several years, so it is an evolutionary journey.

Similarly if Scorpio, born round November 8th, your ruling planet is bringing out the most positive Scorpio traits of forensic insight, determination and power of communication that is far reaching, powerful and effective. Pisces too born around March 6th will have a sense of power in pursuing ideals, especially if working in a group context. There is a leadership quality now within you. Powerful friends and contacts are bringing benefits and evolution.
If Pisces, born round Feb 28th, then your ruling planet is bringing a huge dose of either spiritual inspiration or an artistic/creative input, but also extra empathy and sensitivity. Negatively it can bring escapism, over idealism and confusion. This is a metamorphosis from one state to another and a dissolving of the old ego and certain circumstances is underway so a new sense of self and inner security is found. Have faith that though this is a journey that seems blind, it leads to a redemption somehow, but meanwhile keep as grounded as possible. Equally if Virgo, born around September 2nd, beware that there is a danger of illusion around or deception from others and you need to keep away from flaky people whose agenda is far from clear and also beware of falling for a so called hero to worship or a seeming victim to save, as they may well turn out to be neither.

If a Cancer, born around July 2nd, then Neptune is truly inspirational both in terms of travel and inspired learning. Sensitivity, spiritual empathy and compassion are yours as is extreme creative drive and aesthetic input, so enjoy. Idealism can be realised. Also for Scorpios born round November 2nd, soul mates are around you, romance has a real inspirational feel as are offspring and above all the creative font is overflowing, with music /film/ the arts all being absolutely huge in your life, or at least appreciation of these things like never before.
The Moon is full on the 4th at 13 degrees of Scorpio and new on the 18th at 26 degrees of Taurus and after the 7th when Venus moves into Cancer which rules Scotland, there is likely a great sense of that country bathing in a happy and progressive light, again suggestive that the SNP will be very strong and this will turn the political system to some extent in the UK rather upside down.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015


 by Leigh Oswald (London-based Astrologer and Teacher)

Much emphasis is on Taurus this month, even though the Sun is in Aries until the 20th. Mercury and Venus are both in Taurus until mid-month and Mars is also in Taurus all month. There is therefore a lot of stubbornness on the planet and in the ether. Anger and pride and a refusal to back down on issues will dominate and harsh words that are based on stubborn recalcitrance are very powerful, particularly around the 22nd and 23rd when Mercury is conjunct to Mars.

As the general election in the Britain nears, the mood will be desperate and aggressive, and the only casualty will probably be truth and wisdom.

Tough times globally are around the 4th to 7th when the Sun is conjunct Uranus and squares up to Pluto. Each one of these on their own presents the potential for intense events, unpredictable upheavals, economically, geographically, geophysically; and also power struggles that are of the “fight to the death” kind, but when both synchronise as they do at this time,, disturbances on the planet will be significant. England, Germany, Poland, Palestine, Israel and Syria may be particularly affected.

Around the 18th when Mars squares Jupiter there is also definitely the potential for foolish, over-confident daring on the planet and the powers that be will push ahead with plans despite knowing the dangers, based on the fact that pride will be blinding them to caution.

The Moon is full on the 4th at 14 degrees of Libra and is new on the 18th at 28 degrees of Aries, The full Moon will therefore contribute to the build up of tensions on the planet, which are significant during those first seven or eight days of the month.

The 1st rather challenging week of the month will mostly affect Capricorn and Cancers. Capricorns born January round 6th will feel significantly intense in the feeling of momentous events that may many feel like an chapter is ended and that there is a fated sense of power attached to this which one needs to be conscious of and not abuse that sense of power.. . Simultaneously there is a feeling of chaos and the unexpected, but ultimately the liberating, if you can get your head round that. Intensity is in the air, that has been building and now you can get a handle on its meaning.

Equally Cancerians born around the 8th July, may have a sense of intense interaction with another in the first week particularly, possibly a power struggle; overt or covert. Be conscious and do not lose sight of your own and others deeper motives that can go way back. Draw boundaries and do not sink to unconscious primeval levels. Avoid the dark unless you know it has to be faced so it will lead to the light. Also this same group will feel some uncertainty and change, possibly at work that maybe destabilising, but offers new options.   Libras born round October 9th will also feel, some internal crisis re a need for personal empowerment and a need to assert needs, especially domestically and others may be creating uncertainty for you in relationships, that ultimately kick starts a new chapter of freedom in you. Also Aries born around the 6th of April, will be feeling very jumpy and possibly claustrophobic as you see the new, the out of the box and the liberating, so you can express the real you, and at the same time authority figures may have a different agenda in mind, and you may need to know which God to honour, but new chapters are in the air.

Taureans born round May 6th will however be empowered in a very positive way by Pluto, He is giving profundity, insight and deeper insight into your destiny and overseas and academic pursuits are powerful and attract.. A new existential self reinvention is yours,. Also Virgos born around September 8th, will be sensing a new boldness re creativity, romance and offspring issues, almost as if your self effacement and shyness is replaced buy a new sureness and reinvention of your path in these areas.

Also Leos born around August 8th will be feeling a frisson of excitement and liberation as the new and the authentic for you calls, either long distance in the body or intellectually/philosophically. A new charisma is born as Uranus does his work.

Sagittarians born round December 8th, will also sense a new liberation through creativity and children’s issues and romance takes on a really inspiring liberating sense of awakening to new people/possibilities.  All courtesy of Uranus.

Taureans born up to May 13th experience the potential for war-like qualities emerging from within themselves or from others, notably erupting around the 22nd/23rd possibly. Scorpios born up to November 14th too will find that others are no pushovers. Mars is on the warpath, so count to 10.

Taureans however, if born after May 8th, will before the 11th, will have charm and will attract affections to them, courtesy of your ruler Venus

Before the 14th all Aries will have the power of communications enhanced, and after the 14th Taureans get their say effectively.

 Geminis born around May 30/31st and Sagittarians born around December 1st and 2nd all need to be careful around the 19th when all is not as it seems and people need their credentials checking out. Equally, Pisces born around 28th/29th February are feeling more sensitive and or inspired spiritually and creatively from a very deep level than ever before m, but keep grounded and ensure your idealism does not blind you to reality. Virgos born around September1st-2nd need to be very careful about smoke and mirrors and deceptive circumstances re others, both from your own projections on to them or their conscious or unconscious ability to weave a fog around things.

Scorpios born around November 1st - - 2nd need to recognise how idealistic and compassionate and inspired creatively you are feeling, with a real sense of having a soul mate around. And also Cancerians born round june30th/ July 1st are craving for higher ground with a sense of spiritual longing and a possible real inspiration via travel and new insights and your dreams speak to you..Music and the sea are great draw to all these water sign birthdays now.

Jupiter is bringing his power now to those Leos born August 12th-16th. For this group there is a sense of luck and well being, inner or outer growth and travel and maybe celebrations and romance is in the cards. Creativity is abounding too.. Equally Aquarians born around the Feb 1st –4th will be in extravagant mood, pushing out the boat and relationships are full on, just have a care that you are not lacking in moderation and look before you leap. Also, for Aquarians, if born February 4th-7th, your ruler Uranus will be bringing element of extra intuition and some very positive intuitive eureka moments now , so savour.  For Sagittarians born 4th-7th, there is a definitely a feeling of progress and some luck, born of intelligent action and connected to long distance issues as academic pursuits. Geminis born around June 2nd-9th are feeling extra wisdom in their bones and improved and acute communication skills are bringing advantage. Also your social life and contacts bring new dimensions into your consciousness. For Aries born April 2nd-5th the good times roll and fertility, romance and creative gifts flourish and bring luck and progress. 
 As far as Saturn goes Sagittarians born around November 25th-28th are feeling the hand of hard work, needed maturity and discipline on their shoulders. It is time to face reality check and have patience with delays. You are building solid ground for the future, but take care of the body.
 Also Geminis born around May 24th-27th need to be aware of others are feeling a little oppressive. Only you can decide if this is something you need to take on as a karmic and needed duty to deal with, or whether it is time to move on. Reality checks abound..

The full moon of the 4th most impacts Librans born round October 8th and Aries born round April 4th. For these people a few denouements are in the ether.

Whereas for Aries born around April 18th and Libras born round October 20th/21st, the new and the refreshing is in the air, when the Moon is in new on the 18th.

Sunday, 1 March 2015


 by Leigh Oswald (London-based Astrologer and Teacher)

Uranus and Pluto are now exactly squaring each other again, bringing that whole conflict between the new concept of economic way forward versus the old austerity paradigm into full flood, not least with the situation in the EU with Greece's new stance. The people versus the establishment are very much in the ether and discontent about social conditions and the polarisation of wealth is likely to grow and become quite tangible in many European countries and also in the USA.

Mars in its own sign of assertive, fiery Aries this month is also squaring up to both Uranus and Pluto, suggesting there are certain flashpoints, notably around the 11th when chaos, unrest, extremism and the shocking and unexpected are in the air. This is also a time when there could be stress related to Aries-ruled Germany and England, counties which may be feeling some stress and strain socially as well.  The drums of international confrontation are louder than usual.

The aggressive tone of fighting politicians will increase as elections approach. Egos and ideological polemic will prevail, creating more public disillusionment with a floundering political system and its purveyors.

The 4th and 5th are also days of some passion and intensity, no half measures. Inspired times creatively are specifically around the 18th and the first week sees Jupiter trine Uranus which is   actually a very fortunate time with unexpected bonuses and windfalls and certain breakthroughs that are possibly beneficial to the world, not least in terms of technological and scientific breakthroughs.

Capricorns, Cancers, Aries and Libra are likely to be feeling the intensity of the Uranus/Pluto now notably if born Jan 4tn-7th, July 6th-9th, April 4th-6th and October 7th-10th. Things that have been bubbling within you and externally for some years are erupting significantly currently. Endings of chapters and unexpected change are thrust into their path., Destiny is at work for these people in some way ,but all are tested to not misuse power and to draw suitable boundaries round those that do , and not sink to primeval levels of response. Liberation is in the air, but is important not to be too impulsive in the quest for change and also to avoid risky behaviour, especially for the Aries group. For all those identified above this is a powerful journey in life and only with consciousness and self control and pure motive will you find this a rewarding and empowering path

Mercury in Aquarius until the 13th is enhancing the intellect of that sign, especially if born after Fed 2nd and Venus in Aries before the 17th is bringing love, affection and creativity to the lives of many Aries, born after March 30th. After the 13th all Pisces will be feeling the added desire to communicate and extra wisdom/ creativity is theirs, whilst all Virgos will find the input of others communication significant and they will need to listen.

Because Mars is in its home sign of Aries, the assertiveness of this position will also be significant and many Librans also will find that others are no pushovers in their life, especially for Aries if born after March 26th and for all October born Librans. Even Cancers born after June 30th and Capricorns born after December 29th, will find that irritation impatience and some potential confrontation in career or home is on the cards.

However all Leos born after July 30th, will be empowered with courage and constructive action in terms of travel, philosophical/ideological/academic courage and confidence and Sagittarians born after November 28th will have assertiveness and courage and confidence in creative endeavours and in romantic inspiration and round offspring. Aquarians too born after January 26th will feel the power of intellectual strength and you will get listened too.

After the 17th Scorpios born up to november10th and Taureans born up to May 8th will find that Cupid enhances their lives in some way, or at the very least, love and affection abound, as do your charms.

Jupiter currently benefits Leos, directly in terms of travel, luck, growth and a feel good factor if born august 4th-8th but have a care in terms of over confidence, but enjoy. Aries too, born A pril2nd-6th and Sagittarians, born Dec 4th-8th are feeling the positive rays of Jupiter, in terms of love/life/fertility and creativity, or in terms of travel and academic or legal boosts respectively. Less favoured, bur still boosted in terms of intelligence and opportunities and some protection are Librans born Oct. 5th-9th and Geminis born June 2nd-6th.

However for Taurus born May2nd-6th and Scorpio born November 4th-8th, there is a need for some moderation and self restraint as extravagance and over confidence is in the air.

Also Aquarians born Feb 1st –5th are aware currently of the bounty of others and good times roll, but be discriminating and don’t over expand or over risk.

Sagittarians and Geminis are now feeling the movement of Saturn as he moves slowly and pedantically through you’re the sign of the Archer (centaur). He is now at4 degrees for many weeks till around 19th of April. Till then, many Sagittarians born November 27th-29th and Geminis born May 24th-26th will be feeling the necessity principle of the karmic schoolteacher that is Saturn. Remember he is a benevolent despot too, so he is asking you to learn and do the hard work necessary to make your life more stable for the future. Reality checks are in the air, from with and from others.

It is also true that for Virgos born 26th-28th and Pisces born Feb 22nd –24th, there will be blocks delays in the ether and learning curves and all the above who are affected by Saturn need to respect the body now as tiredness is at the least, likely.

However Saturn is very constructive if demanding now to Aquarians born January 24th-26th as he is bringing maturity and a sense of responsibility in a collective project, Saturn is also enhancing a sense of loyalty and duty to friends and causes, which bring personal satisfaction and admiration. Similarly Librans born October 27th- 29th are currently in disciplined intellectual mode and mature and measured in thought. Aries born March 24th-26th will need to be aware of facing responsibilities and serious work/duty re academic/long distance issues and Leos born July27th-29th also are finding themselves needing to be very grown up/responsible re romance/creative and offspring matters. 

All Pisces born February 24-28th and Virgos born August 30th-September 2nd are a little prone to deceptive circumstances or over idealism currently, so check the metaphorical or literally; small print of people and agreements and keep grounded and you are all exceptionally sensitive to suffering now, so extra compassionate and very inspired creatively/spiritually, but keep it all real and avoid projecting what you want to see and beware escapism /addictive tendencies. This is all related to Neptune slow furthering of his path through Pisces.

Geminis born May 28th-May 30th are also coming into a period where they need to be clear about events at work and there Is a possibility of some sense of discontent with the professional status quo. Also Sagittarians, born November30th-December 2nd will also need to keep grounded about domestic circumstances and to avoid deceptive circumstances. This is a time when both these groups are starting a subtle metamorphosis of a journey as the old order dissolves in some area and the new slowly emerges, but it is a bit of a blind journey, so keep as much on your toes as you can, whilst recognising some loss of control that is inevitable. Neptune is a subtle road to redemption.

The full Moon falls on the 5th at 15 degrees of Virgo and the new Moon solar eclipse is on the 20th at 29 degrees of Pisces. Therefore for Virgos and Pisces the 5th and the 20th will both be significant dates, the full Moon being a time of endings of chapters and the culmination of past events, while the solar eclipse will significant the birth of the new. For Virgos born around September the 8th the5th will denote some sort of revelation that may not be so comfortable from within yourself and denotes an completion somehow or ending of a chapter and for Pisces born around the March 6th there is on the 5th a sense of a showdown with another that illuminates a certain truth..

However the solar eclipse on the 20th for Pisces and Virgos born around March 20th and September 22nd/23rd respectively, the birth of the new is in the air.