Friday, 1 May 2015


by Leigh Oswald (London-based Astrologer and Teacher)

This is quite an interesting month if a little tricky. Importantly, Mercury moves retrograde on the 19th and will stay that way until the 11th June. This will bring necessary reviews of plans, delays, blocks, frustrations, and since he is going to be in his native sign of Gemini, communications will definitely be askew. London, a Gemini city, may find itself in a little bit of turmoil, possibly politically as a result of the election and things will not be clear. In terms of the general election in Britain, from observation of the birth charts of Cameron and Milliband, it would seem that Cameron's chart is a little more fortuitous, but the person who really has success written on her chart on May 7th is Nicola Sturgeon, the leader of the SNP (Scottish National Party). She will be the kingmaker almost certainly, but a complex hung parliament is almost certain, but you don't need astrology to tell you that.

Before the 13th when Mars is in Taurus, stubbornness and fixity is in the ether, but all month there is a definite feeling of sleight of hand as Gemini dominates the zodiac. Days when block, stress and frustration are particularly strong are the 3rd/4th and on the 23rd, and days when there is much anger in the air and international resentment on some level are when Mars opposes Saturn on the 15th. Smoke and mirrors, deception and confusion are also around on the 9th, 10th, when Mercury squares Neptune, the 25th and 26th when Mars squares Neptune and the 31st when the Sun squares Neptune. The post UK election confusion/mess will definitely be evident. All is not as it seems.

The positive and regenerative days are few and far between but they are notably around the 6th and 16th.

Before the 12th Taurus and Scorpios, born after May 13th and November 14th respectively will be feeling the force of assertive behaviour from others if Scorpio and from within if Taurus. Handle with care.    Geminis born between May 29th and June 5th and Sagittarians born december1st-7th will be most affected by Mercury being retrograde from the 19th till June11th. These people will feel the frustrations of delay and poor communications, so get essential things done before the 19th.

Before the 7th Geminis born after June 14th and Sagittarians born after December 14th have blessings of affection/romance around them and some feel good factor is around. After the 7th Cancers born up to July 18th are likely to be feeling full of life with luck in love and possibly re finances; at the least it is happy time. Also Capricorns born up to January 15th will likely feel an influence of much positive input from others and some self-indulgence is in the air.

Jupiter is favouring strongly now Leos born August 5th-10th, luck /travel confidence and growth is yours, at the least is protection and for Aquarians born February 2nd-7th good but rather extravagant times are in the ether but with moderation this can be a good period of confidence and celebrations.

 So too are Aries, born round April 2nd-7th, going to be feeling in upbeat mode with luck round romance, creativity and offspring. Also, Sagittarians, born December 5th-8th, may well be feeling the power of happy travel and with good long distant communication and expansive academic or philosophical pursuits. Touched with favour also are Librans born round October 5th-10th.This group will be benefited socially and from friends, and Geminis born 3rd-8th are likely to be feeling extra communicative, with wise and positive thought and with good news in the ether.

Saturn is backing up in Sagittarius and readying for his move back into Scorpio on the 15th of next month. He currently is reminding Sagittarians born November 23-26th that lessons to be learnt and reality check to face cant be avoided   Geminis also affected if born May 22nd-26th will find that challenges comes from others and for Sagittarius this seems to be from within oneself.  These two groups need to be very grown up, rise to the challenges, be brave and look after the body. Tiredness is part of the picture, but above all …get real. Equally Pisces born February20th-23rd, need to be aware of blocks delays challenges round work and authority figures and you need to have patience, self discipline, realism and humility. Equally Virgos born August 25th-28th, may have challenges round home/real-estate or family issues and hard practical logistics, loyalty and duty and the principle of necessity may need honoured.

 Aries born April 7th-11th, now have the full force of Uranus (once every 84 years) on their case. For this group there really is a need to acknowledge the power of change /innovation and indeed the unexpected. A time of considerable disruption from within or externally is inevitable.. Uranus is the awakener and enlightener and this can be uncomfortable but it is a wake up call to kick start you into a new future or awareness, but do not be too hasty or throw out throw baby with the bath water. Equally Librans born October 6th-11th, need to be aware that others are currently going to bring disruption somehow to your door and they may well be catalyst to much needed change. Also Cancers born July 9th-13th are likely to be feeling the element of insecurity in their lives especially professionally, or at best a deep discontent that says it is time to change as you have outgrown your role as it is. So too Capricorns born January 3rd-8th will be finding that the ground is shaking in terms of their comfort zone, domestically or deep within the being … All is unsettled and scary, but an adventure awaits and one has to remember that there are only two certainties in life; and one is change..

 Capricorns born January 5th-6th are also being targeted by the once every 248 year visitation by Pluto..  This is a life-changing period that empowers by challenge and potential end of a chapter, followed by a profound new one, often a phoenix out of the ashes; the earth shakes as destiny is in the air. You are in transition. Equally Cancers born July 7th-9th have Pluto opposing their Suns, so intense experiences and maybe some powerful challenges or power struggles from others, is a focus for you. The important thing is to remember to retain dignity, to be squeaky clean and if necessary walk away from dark or dangerous influences. Issues of survival, psychological and spiritual are felt to be in the ether. At least that is how it may feel , even if it isn’t.

This above influence affects to a lesser degree Aries born round April 6th and Librans born round October 9th.. These people will find their domestic or career life in a period of real potential ending, so a new chapter can start.  Battles within oneself are part of the picture. These can be primeval in power.. However if Taureans born around May 6th or Virgo born around September 8th, then you have the knowledge that Pluto is giving you the power of self reinvention, courage and you have the use of power for the greater good for self and others now. Courage, and determination is yours to empower and regenerate your life somehow.
These Pluto influences affect you for several years, so it is an evolutionary journey.

Similarly if Scorpio, born round November 8th, your ruling planet is bringing out the most positive Scorpio traits of forensic insight, determination and power of communication that is far reaching, powerful and effective. Pisces too born around March 6th will have a sense of power in pursuing ideals, especially if working in a group context. There is a leadership quality now within you. Powerful friends and contacts are bringing benefits and evolution.
If Pisces, born round Feb 28th, then your ruling planet is bringing a huge dose of either spiritual inspiration or an artistic/creative input, but also extra empathy and sensitivity. Negatively it can bring escapism, over idealism and confusion. This is a metamorphosis from one state to another and a dissolving of the old ego and certain circumstances is underway so a new sense of self and inner security is found. Have faith that though this is a journey that seems blind, it leads to a redemption somehow, but meanwhile keep as grounded as possible. Equally if Virgo, born around September 2nd, beware that there is a danger of illusion around or deception from others and you need to keep away from flaky people whose agenda is far from clear and also beware of falling for a so called hero to worship or a seeming victim to save, as they may well turn out to be neither.

If a Cancer, born around July 2nd, then Neptune is truly inspirational both in terms of travel and inspired learning. Sensitivity, spiritual empathy and compassion are yours as is extreme creative drive and aesthetic input, so enjoy. Idealism can be realised. Also for Scorpios born round November 2nd, soul mates are around you, romance has a real inspirational feel as are offspring and above all the creative font is overflowing, with music /film/ the arts all being absolutely huge in your life, or at least appreciation of these things like never before.
The Moon is full on the 4th at 13 degrees of Scorpio and new on the 18th at 26 degrees of Taurus and after the 7th when Venus moves into Cancer which rules Scotland, there is likely a great sense of that country bathing in a happy and progressive light, again suggestive that the SNP will be very strong and this will turn the political system to some extent in the UK rather upside down.