Monday, 1 February 2016

Astrological overview for February 2016 and how it affects your sign.

The global financial wobble being experienced is no surprise as Uranus squares Pluto so strongly currently.  Uranus in Aries is a destabilising influence and Pluto in Capricorn is about prevailing economic established power.  This instability is still in the air this month.  China is one of the major causes of the wobble and is a Libran country and both Uranus and Pluto are now attacking her from two fronts from their respective positions in Aries and Capricorn.

 Mars currently in Scorpio is always a little intense as the obsessive and controlling influence of this position brings a ruthless influence to world politics, notable around the 7th when the Sun squares Mars  (both in intransigent fixed signs).

Syria is a Scorpio country and this therefore would seem to be a particularly difficulty period for that benighted nation (if possible to get worse).

At least there is a growing visible awareness of the planets dire state re climate change effects, courtesy of Jupiter in Virgo as he enlightens us (Jupiter) to the need for more regard for the protection of the purity of nature and the delicate balance of our natural world (Virgo) and the need to address climate change (already a little too late).  When Jupiter is retrograde, as he has been throughout January and will continue to be, till May 9th any growth is more likely to more spiritual or non material in awareness, forcing us all to become more conscious of the value of everything as opposed to the price of everything, in terms of the human condition, the planet and its creatures.

Mars in Scorpio can also bring extremist behaviour to a climax and voices of extreme views are likely to be heard (certain US presidential candidates fit the bill here)

Neptune in Pisces certainly focuses on the power of the sea and currently its symbol is strong re the refugee crisis. It has become for so many either a route of salvation from persecution and death, or threat of another sort of death as escape is risked on the waves.  The power of the sea (and the arts) is especially notable around the 28/29th when the Sun and Neptune are in conjunction.

This is, in the main, Aquarians month and a chance to renew energy for the year is theirs, but for those born around February the 6th-8th, there is around the 7th a distinct sense of intensity of potential confrontation in the air and your own impatience and intransigence is potentially ill advised… however with the happy blend of your ruler Aquarius simultaneously, there will be a chance to gain a eureka insight simultaneously.

 Mercury is in Capricorn up till the 13th.   Therefore for CAPRICORNS born after 7th January, before the 13th, there is a feeling of extra mental agility and communication abounds and so too CANCERS born after the 8th of July will before the 13thalso feel that others will be keen to engage with them. Whereas Aries and LIBRANS born after April 5th and October 9th respectively may find up to the 13th that lines of communications are less than easy. TAUREANS born after the7th May and VIRGOS born after September 9th will also feel before the 13th that their flow of wisdom and interaction with others is sound.

After the 13th AQUARIANS born up to February 11th will be razor sharp in thinking and incisive in speech and LEOS born up to August 14th will find that after the 13th they will have little problem with loneliness as lines are busy.   So too will LIBRANS and GEMINIS born up to the 11th of October or 13th June respectively, as they will have little trouble in lines of communication.. However TAURUS born up to May 12th and SCORPIOS born up to November 14th may well find that care is needed to avoid misunderstandings or clumsy communications.

Venus is in Capricorn till the 17th and for all CAPRICORNS born after the December 31st till the 17th, there will be a distinct sense of the glow if affection around them.. Your warmth and charisma will exude and feeling of well being abounds.. So to will CANCERIANS born after the 9th will be anointed before the 17th with a sense of radiating an attractive vibe to all around and kindness and love is in the there. Finances can also benefit.. To some extent TAUREANS born after April 30th will also up till the 17th feel some benefit re the affections as will Virgos who are born after the September 2ndFor ARIES born after March 30th and LIBRANS born after October 2nd there is a danger of excessive indulgence and lack of moderation in areas of love and money, but the good times can role, if a little caution is kept in mind.

 After the 17th Venus moves into Aquarius and from then on AQUARIANS born up to the February 4th and LEOS born up August the 8th will after the 17th be the recipients of good vibes and warmth and affection from within and without.   Also benefiting will be GEMINIS born up to June 6th and LIBRANS born up to October 8th, who will find that after the 17th, the force of well being and support and good feelings tom others are in the ether then.  However TAURUS born up to May 6th and SCORPIOS born up to November 7th after the 17th there could be a temptation to over indulge and have a sense of entitlement that could be a little resented or later regretted a little, so have a care.

 Mars currently so powerful in its own home sign of Scorpio …will be creating for Scorpios born November 5th-19th a real sense if obsessive determination and ruthless will to achieve an objective and there will be no room for compromise, to the point f creating either magnificent achievements or making ruthless enemies, so just ensure your motives are just and reasonable and for the greater good,, to ensure the outcome is all round a good result.  So too TAURUS born May 4th –18th, need to step carefully as others out there are likely to be rather uncompromising in their response to you in terms of challenge and possibly even behave in a rather intimidating manner. Tread carefully round others who may be dark opponents with deep agendas. Do not tempt others to so respond by any provocation… If PISCES born March 4th-19th or CANCERIAN born July 5th-21st, then your courage and strength the determination to be successful in your constructive skills in creativity, and/or in love life, or in your plans for travel or long distance exploits or in legal issues. This a time when you can both get a boost of energy and constructive progress in all your goals.

 However AQUARIANS born February 4th-18th may find themselves a little impatient and over impulsive in relation to career and authority figures, whist LEOS born August 6th-20th may be tempted to impulsive and impatient attitudes towards family and real estate issues and be generally touchy and over reacting.. so think before acting/speaking.

Jupiter is still hovering in Virgo in retrograde motion. He is bringing growth to those affected on a more subtle level when retrograde. His bonuses/growth are internal and more spiritual and emotional than material currently. He is now directly affecting this VIRGOS born September 12th –16th. So at some point in the month Virgos born between those dates will be feeling the bountiful hand of growth (inner or outer) luck, progress, well being, special travel, confidence and a sense of reaping good rewards, or at the least protection from difficult forces.

So too will PISCES born between March 9th-14th be feeling a rush to enjoy, indulge, to be generous and indeed to maybe over reach and overdo.. Extravagant good times are in the air, and others may tempt you in this direction   Enjoy, but with some care. Benefiting too are TAURUS born May 9th-14th and CAPRICORN born January 9th-14th. These two groups will be either enjoying love life, extra strong creative talents, offspring issues are positive with possible extra fertility and also travel calls, as does growth in knowledge, wisdom and success in many areas and confidence and celebrations are potentially in the air..

 However if born SAGITTARIUS around December 10th-15th or GEMINI born June 9th-14th, there is a warning to maybe be a little less excessive in your outgoings and desire, as there is a tendency to be over confident and to over reach and over expect in areas such as home /real estate /family or in career expectations.

Saturn meanwhile still rambling through Sagittarius is now directly affecting SAGITTARIAN born around December 6th and GEMINI (by opposition) born June 4th-7th. There will for these two groups a feeling of block, frustration, some pessimism/worry and a feeling of needing patience and self-discipline and realism to get through any challenge. Maturity and groundedness and a sense of austerity is a must now and to face the music and step up to the plate to do what is necessary.. It brings some karma home to roost and humility is needed to right wrongs and to do what is right.. If the metaphorical mountain is climbed with resolution and courage and by doing what is needed, the rewards will be good at a later date. This is about the efforts needed to build good future infrastructure to your life. Also remember it denotes the march of time and the need to look after the body and to pace yourself.. Others may seem to block your path, but consider they may be karmic schoolteachers, or you may face the reality of someone that helps you make decisions base on the new realty you see.

Also for PISCES born March 4th-7th and VIRGOS born September 6th-9th, there is a similar sense of frustration /hard work and tests, but again with sense of doing what is wise and necessary and learning ones lessons and thinking of deferred gratification, you can appreciate this time retrospectively, even is tough at the time.

More easily, if ARIES born April 3rd –6th or LEO born August 6th-9th, then Saturn is now enabling you to show your most mature and constructive, courageous and disciplined side, as you deal with issues in a way that is a credit to you and which wins admiration.

Uranus is moving slowly but surely on through Aries and is still affecting, (but now nearly completed) the lives of AEIES born April 6th-9th and LIBRANS born October 9th-12th. For these people there has been and remains for a month or two, more a sense of complete shifting sands in unpredictable mode.. Others have created shocks and been catalysts (welcome or not) in the Libran group and for the Aries there has been an internal shift that has created a need for freedom, change and adrenalin and a sort of wake up call to claim your authentic needs, but risk has been part of the process and indeed impatient impulse.. Uranus’ job is to awaken and enlighten through change shock and unavoidable disruption which kick starts you into a new future, necessary fro growth in some way, even if uncomfortable. The only warning is not to be too impulsive, look before you leap and let change take you rather than taking anything that looks like change for change sake and don’t take too risky risks.!  Let go and let god, if you like. This has been a journey rather than an arrival, but an arrival will compose itself soon.

For CANCERS born July 8th-11th and CAPRICORNS born January7th-10th this too has been a year or so of some turmoil possibly either domestically or career wise, or just in general consciousness or all three. The unexpected has been in the air, but the leap into the new is part of your journey.  A slightly rebellious feel has been necessary to grow into a new more confident you.

For LEOS born August 9th-11th and SAGITTARIANS born December 9th-11th there has been a pleasanter road to new awakenings and liberty and a new sense of believing in a better and more appropriate future for self and your talents and your charisma and uniqueness has been liberated more..

Neptune is still hanging around (since March last year and will continue till February 2017) the suns of PISCES born around February 26th-March 1st bringing a real hit of idealism, emotionalism, inspiration, creativity and need for spirituality and a rebuttal of the material, a need for music, the sea, nature and the arts in general. More negatively, a need to escape, to over idealise to feel confused, tired, fogged or be too vulnerable to self deception and vulnerable to others wily ways, or just too sacrificial, or being in danger of addictive tendencies, but empathy, sensitivity and lack of strong boundaries are all potentially part of the picture. Having real psychic moments are also very possible.  Keep an eye on and be alert to the negatives, but foster the positives.  This is a rather blind transformation, like a metamorphosis.  Ultimately redemption can be had when you metaphorically reach solid shores again.

 So too VIRGOS born August 31st-to September 2nd who are experiencing the opposition of Neptune, are feeling that it is others who are confusing or potentially creating smoke an mirrors and lack of clear sight re others is all possible. The emotional side and the spiritual and creative side is very strong as is the empathy and vulnerability to being overwhelmed by the heart, but keep grounded and see others clearly not via rose coloured spec or through wishful thinking and check the small print of people and things.

GEMINIS born May 30th and 31st and SAGITARIANS born November 30th and 31st too
are still currently vulnerable to self deception or confusion and are needing to experience their heart as much as their logic now… get sleep and have music/nature/the sea to heal.

If CANCERIAN born around June 30th or July 1st or SCORPIO born around November 1st or 2nd then the Neptune trine you have been experiencing since last March continues to inspire you to use you best creative, spiritual and emotional sensitivity for others, yourself and the planet to grow in stature for the greater good.

As for Pluto, well he has moved now to the other side of the half way point of Capricorn and arrived at 16 degrees… Hence all CAPRICORNS born around January 6th-8th are now feeling the impact of this mighty dwarf for the coming 2 years. This only happens once every 248 years, so prepare for a real transformation and ultimate new beginning, but also a need to confront the principle of destiny and the importance of big of events which tests your ability to deal with issues that can be life changing, but which allows you to experience your own power, which can be remarkable.

So too CANCERIANS born around July7th-9th will feel the opposition of Pluto which entails potential confrontation with the power of others and it will demand that you handle this wisely, consciously and with a sense of objectivity and a clear conscience and keep away from all abuses of power. Pluto feels primeval in power and creates eruptions that feel profound and which are destined.  You have a choice how to handle this.  Keep squeaky clean. Endings and new beginnings are the realms of Pluto. A phoenix out of the ashes is the coming message over the next 2 years or so..

For ARIES born around April 5th-7th and LIBRANS born October 9th-11th, there is also a suggestion now and for around 2 years that power struggles are erupting internally re the need to empower yourself and find your true centre, liberated from others control.  This can be domestically and /or professionally. Give birth to this new sense of destiny, power and determination wisely, resolutely and kindly.  Notably this will be in the air for aprox 2 years years.

 However for TAUREANS born round May 7th, Pluto is bringing for this year and next, a new sense of personal empowerment and a desire to be regenerative in life fore self and others.. Power of some sort is thrust upon you or you take it as you feel you are somehow meant to.. This can also being growth and regeneration connected to increased wisdom /learning academic triumph, spiritual strength and other countries can hold /regenerative to you.

 So too VIRGOS born around 9th will also have a journey over the coming 2 years that may be subtle or clear, but it takes you to anew confidence a in self and in the field of creativity and in the potential to show your passion and strength in matters of the arts and also in the romantic/love life domain. Offspring issues can be powerful too.

 Finally the Moon is New in Aquarius at 19 degrees on the 8th and is Full in Virgo at 3 degrees on the 22nd.

The 8th therefore for AQUARIANS born around the 8th may feel that their birthday period (solar return) signals a refreshing sense of new beginnings, whilst VIRGOS born around the August 27th, may feel that the 22nd of this month, carries a feeling of a necessary or inevitable closing of a chapter.