Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Overview for May 2013

By Leigh Oswald

Importantly this month the planet Uranus moves to exactly square Pluto, particularly in the second half, reflecting a similar mood in the air to last summer. When Uranus squares Pluto, which is a rare event, it usually implies some upheaval, chaos and rebellion against the powers that be, not only confined to African or Middle Eastern countries. It could also be evident in Europe, especially England, which is a Capricorn with Aries rising country, and Pluto is currently in Capricorn and Uranus is in Aries. The populace will not be too happy but of course, because England is such a conservative country, any anti establishment rebellion will be civilised and low key. Uranus is effectively intermittently squaring Pluto for another approximately 2 years.

There is a great schism developing between Plutonic oligarchs, dictators, or hugely wealthy, powerful international commercial corporations, (who often have governments in their pockets to a greater or lesser degree with their powerful lobbying and financial influence) and the rest of us (Uranus).

Also interestingly, Saturn in Scorpio moves in the second half of the month to trine Neptune in Pisces and remains so configured till late August, which augurs well generally for the ability to work very hard to make some ideals and dreams practical and manifest, both socio-politically, environmentally and indeed creatively. The real/practical and the ideal can somehow blend.

The power of earthy Taurus this month is strong, with the Sun, Mercury and Venus occupying that sign for part of the month and Mars also in Taurus for all of the month. A note of intractable stubbornness will be in the air.

The Sun remains conjunct to Mars, (the planet of war) as it has been since early April and will be powerfully so until the 12th of May. This is therefore a protracted period for risk of a war-like mood on the planet during this first half of the month and a mindless resistance to rationality, note well North Korea and Syria and the 1st and 2nd of the month are particularly tense in this respect, as Mars is then opposing Saturn.

Positive days are the 26th and 28th when Jupiter is in conjunction with Mercury and Venus respectively and these dates are protective, lucky and enhancing of energies. The 5th and 6th, when Mars aligns harmoniously with Pluto gives the courage and determination to create a transformative success somehow, somewhere in global affairs.

The solar eclipse occurs on the 9th/10th at 19° of Taurus. The solar eclipse falls when the moon conjuncts the Sun and when the Moon also interposes itself between the Earth and the light of the Sun. This potentially represents a breakthrough or new start as the positive overrules the negative. By contrast, the lunar eclipse falls on the 24th/25th at 4° of Sagittarius. The lunar eclipse happens when the Moon is full i.e., is opposing the Sun; and also the Earth is interposing itself between the light of the Sun and the Moon. This equates to a rather powerful eruption of negative (repressed) forces that have been brewing in the collective unconscious, individually and collectively and often therefore triggers quite explosive and unexpected endings of chapters.

 The Moon represents the unconscious, whilst the Sun represents the conscious and when the Sun is opposed by the Moon, the power of the unconscious challenges our consciousness, so surprise eruptions from deep within, that have been brewing, often erupt

The word lunatic, (which alludes to the power of the lunar body; i.e. the Moon), was misguidedly used in medieval times to describe people very affected by the full Moon. Cancer is as a sign ruled by the moon and indeed those with Cancer suns or who have Cancer rising (ascending) are often very conscious of and are indeed often more than averagely affected by the Moon, especially when full, as indeed are those born at the time of a full Moon (certainly not lunatics!!). Indeed we are all so affected to some degree. The Moon has a very significant and measurable effect on the tides and on aquatic life and therefore, subtly, or not, affects all life on earth as do indeed all the planets. Astrologers observe this constantly. As to whether this is a causative or a correlative phenomenon; the jury is still out.

Aries March 21st - April 20th

The Sun, Mercury, Venus and importantly your ruling planet Mars spend much time in Taurus this month, focusing enormously on drive and determination to increase one’s bank balance or get one’s deserts in some way, and this can be done by charm, negotiation or sheer will-power and forceful confidence.  Just don’t be too much of a ram , your symbol , charging aggressively and impulsively at your target.

Jupiter will additionally be lending to those born April 6th to 15th a measure of wisdom in communications and wise judgement in action and a general feel-good factor, and indeed the power of intellect strengthens as the month progresses. Good communications with and positive event with and round siblings are in the air

Uranus, still in your sign, is currently in his once every 84-year visitation, directly affecting those born around the beginning of April; an influence that will last for a year. Inevitable change is in the air and a fundamental volcanic desire for something new, unique, unusual and liberating with revolutionary overtones. Freedom is a powerful drive now. Be careful it isn’t grabbed at any price and don’t be too impulsive in action.  This is a momentous period and allows for your own personal uniqueness to shine and if you repress a need for some change it will likely be foisted upon you. Hang loose and remain very flexible, and see where the journey takes you, rather than push the pace too aggressively.

For this same group however, Pluto is challenging, hence this is an extra important time and there is a possibility that those around you are also possibly a little threatening to your security in some way, and you need to be very conscious of motive and to be aware of the primeval buttons being pressed in you and in others.  The temptation to misuse power has to be avoided. Be squeaky clean, but also stand up to all that you feel is unjust, unfair or threatening in an intelligent and conscious way. Endings of chapters are in the air. Meltdowns are followed by new beginnings. This is truly an evolutionary journey of your soul with regeneration and transformation as the goal.

Taurus April 2st - May 20th

This is your birthday period or solar return, which should bring a boost to energy and extrovert confidence. Before the 9th if born after May 9th you will be looking and feeling particularly good and your charisma will shine. All of you before the 15th will command attention through your work.

However later in the month it is personal finances and ensuring your own personal security that will dominate in a successful way if you give it attention.

However the majority of you who are born after April 27th do have Mars in your sign currently, which can make you positively very driven, determined, energetic and constructive in energy, or it can make you stubbornly over-assertive or resistant to necessary change or other people’s opinions which could be counter-productive. Taureans are quite good at this stubborn and rather self-damaging attitude at times. Potential war drums are audible – have a care and don’t do knee-jerk responses. .

Jupiter currently from Gemini is at least quite protective of finances for many of you, if not actually obviously advantageous.

However Saturn, still in your opposite sign of Scorpio of course, is now directly affecting those born April 25th to 30th, indeed as he did last November and December. Other people are demanding or even oppressive and the reality checks brought to your door by them cannot be ignored. Decisions have to be made and learning curves have to be understood.

However those born around April 26th are blessed by Neptune’s delicate increase of sensitivity and creative skills, and empathy and compassion for friends knows no bounds and brings spiritual blessings.

Those born around May 1st to 3rd are feeling the power of a super-conscious insight, intellectual incisiveness and a sense of determination to achieve what one believes in with success and indeed a destiny.

 The solar eclipse on the 9th/10th targets those born round May10th. This can indicate a period of renewal and rebirth in some way: a new chapter

Gemini May 21st - June 20th

 Much of the first half of the month may well feel very retreatist. There is a clandestine feel about relationships, communications and action, and indeed the best company you have may be your own. However as the month progresses, you will find yourself, whether you like it or not, in demand and your voice will be heard. Indeed after the 9th your charms and sociability will shine and others claim your company.

Just be wary that some of you may be rather brooding around certain issues and there will be a sort of passive resistant or passive aggressive mood. If you seethe and sit on anger, it will do you more harm than good and won’t resolve the situation. Express your grievances calmly to the right person at the right place at the right time.

Fortunately for those born June 7th to 16th Jupiter is in his once every 12-year visitation to your Sun. This is bringing growth, opportunities, relationship bonuses, a feeling of confidence and at the very least, a particularly good time when there is respite from problems and when there are ways forward. Even when things seem to disappoint at this time, it will in the fullness of time prove be, in the end, a protective event for you, in some way.

If born between May 31st and June 3rd, Uranus is making you increasingly less risk-averse, slightly more maverick and innovative and is drawing you towards people and organisations that are rather outside the establishment or outside the box in their thinking, and you are starting to believe in your own uniqueness and individualism and putting confidence in that. It is a time to move forward with greater confidence in your intellectual validity and choice of goals.

However if born around May 26th to 28th Neptune is fogging your vision and muddying the waters. All is changing and dissolving. Your certainty is not so great about your beliefs and your goals may be shifting and your ideals getting stronger, and more importantly, your emotions and the power of your heart are gaining in strength in your consciousness, sometimes scary but needing acknowledgement.

 The lunar eclipse on the 24th/25th directly targets those born around May 25th. For those natives there will likely be an event that leaves you in little doubt as to the truth of a relationship issue.

Cancer June 21st - July 21st

Collaboration with others to achieve goals can work very well this month and also the power of friendships should not be under-estimated, especially before the 9th, and if born after July 11th, social life will certainly be high profile. Good communication with and from friends will inspire. Many of you will also be experiencing a desire to work very hard and enthusiastically for what you believe in. You are very cause-orientated in a very constructive and intelligent way, as Mars is encouraging this energy.

However as the month matures, for some of you, there will be a need for privacy and some down-time, and indeed after the 15th you may want to commune only with yourself, and behind-the-scenes work that is rather privately done, can be very effective and beneficial for the greater community.

Jupiter is currently in your solar 12th house, which brings protection on a psychological level and a sense of preparation for a new beginning later this year for some, or next year for others of your sign.

If born June 26th to July 1st serious responsibilities are likely to be coming your way re children or romantic issues. Being extremely grown-up in dealing with these in a conscious way is the way forward and it is necessary to deal with them in the here and now and if you do, you are a winner as are those you deal with.

However Uranus, by contrast, and for those born a little later, between the 1st and 5th, is creating a little mayhem along with Pluto as he is bringing uncertainty and Pluto is bringing challenge. Feelings of insecurity at work and restlessness and a desire for change can be haunting you now, but be careful that you don’t jump out of a frying pan into a fire, but acknowledge the need to hang loose. Also be aware the dark side of the human condition can be drawn to you now through rather coercive people, and you yourself should draw healthy boundaries around your own behaviour if tempted to dominate or control. With such outer planet activity, the only thing one can do is stop and count to ten before action, thought or speech.

Neptune is sensitising the emotional intelligence now of those born June 26th –28th. Spiritual matters call and a new empathy enrich your creative and personal life.

Leo July 22nd - August 22nd

Whether you like it or not, career and vocation issues call and you have to deal with it proactively, and indeed before the 9th many of you will find that your charms can be very effective in this cause, and all of you before the 15th can get your voice heard in the public domain as you have effective communications to get across.

However for many of you August born Leos, Mars is creating some turbulence. Authority figures at work and elsewhere might be quite a force to be reckoned with and not acquiescent to your desires, and you have to be careful that you don’t make enemies by being a bit of a bull, or lion, in a china shop. In fact intransigence and pride is a problem, try and not be too guilty of this yourself, as you can be a very fixed sign when it comes to your views.

Jupiter however is favourable to those born August 8th to 18th this month. He is making you sociable, giving you leadership skills and allowing you to connect to people through networking who can be very advantageous to you. Friends equal support. Working for the greater good rather than just for yourself is something that you can shine at now and your warmth and inspiring nature can be at its very best and brings you rewards that may be deferred , but still valuable and gratifying

However Saturn is less friendly to those born July 27th to August 2nd. Problems to do with family and domestic issues cannot be kicked down the road. Deal with them now, face the reality and do what is necessary, even if it means hard work, discipline and biting some bullets. You will be glad later.  Saturn brings a return of karma and you need to redress a balance and pay your dues under Saturn’s domain. You really do benefit hugely by putting wrongs to right now

Uranus is very inspiring now for the small group born August 2nd to 5th. Unexpected opportunities for freedom and change, liberty and liberation are coming your way through overseas opportunities or academic pursuits. A need for a leap into a better future needs to be acknowledged and cooperated with, and that includes a bigger picture understanding of the world, beyond just one’s ego.

Virgo August 23rd - September 21st

Planes, boats and trains call, as this is definitely a month when many of you will have wanderlust or be planning a vacation. If born after September 11th, before the 9th is a particularly good time to combine romance or creativity with long-distance travel.

As Mars is in Taurus all month, many of you will be very positively and constructively working towards academic goals and success, and fighting for beliefs passionately. Later in the month career issues tend to loom large in a positive way. Your charms and creativity and good communication skills excel.

Those of you born September 9th to 18th have Jupiter squaring your Sun this month. There is a slight danger of uncharacteristic over-confidence, a touch of arrogance even, or possibly an over-extension of resources, but for your sign this is relatively harmless as self-effacing modesty is intrinsic to your nature and you may find it is just a period of welcome self indulgence and good times. Just don’t regret pushing the boat out too far later.

Those born August 28th to September 2nd have Saturn bringing a very sensible, cautious and constructive attitude to decisions, thought and communications, which serves you well, and obligation and duty may be part of the picture. This is a time for maturity and sense of responsibility, no less.

Neptune is now getting stuck in to influencing strongly those born around August 28th to 30th. There is a distinct danger of selective perception in relationships. Do not put people on pedestals from which they will fall, or feel that you can rescue people, who could become liabilities. Try and see clearly and keep grounded. Positively, however, this is a time of empathy, compassion, caring and increased sensitivity to the arts and your creative abilities abound. A greater sense of a spiritual connection to a larger whole is yours, but be wary of being unduly influenced by seductive gurus, or people who are weaving smoke and mirror effects around themselves. Negative escapism should however be avoided.

However for those born September 3rd to 5th, Pluto is empowering your creative skills and romantic drives. You have the strength to achieve a lot, thanks to Pluto.

Libra September 22nd - October 23rd

May is a month when you have to look very deeply into profound complex issues, both emotionally, even if this is difficult, and also financially. It is a time to get your finances in order and a time, if necessary to give away some of your resources, spiritually, psychologically, or in any which way, to others with selflessness as the main ingredient.

However for many of you, particularly in the second half of the month, travel is a distinct factor, and indeed love life and professional progress can be made in a foreign context. At the least your mind will be busy with far off horizons. Also higher learning and academic pursuits loom large with great needed focus. There also maybe spiritual/ideological /religious intensity as part of the picture.. .

Mars in Gemini now is additionally, for all October born Librans prompting a very strong drive for intellectual progress and there is a rather assertive Bible-thumping essence to your passions and indeed much zealous energy is put into long-distance issues.

Jupiter, still in compatible to your sign Gemini, and is also very much on your side now in relation to overseas or long-distance issues and travels, and also is very helpful for legal issues, notably if born between October 10th and 19th. Luck and a feeling of well being is yours. And confidence and a desire for more freedom grows and belief in the power of your mind and wisdom.

Those born around October 3rd to 6th have Uranus and Pluto haunting your energies. This is an intense time that is not going to be over for some time to come. Uranus is creating change brought by other people, unexpected left-field events, but which in the end are liberating, even if at the time they make you feel insecure. Hang loose and see a bigger picture. This is a journey, not an arrival and one that leads to greater freedom and a more innovative existence. Pluto can for some of you, be bringing challenging power struggles and a desire for independence that can make you ruthless. Be conscious. Buttons that go very deep are being pressed. Draw boundaries if necessary, especially if there is any sense of coercion and beware sinking to knee-jerk primitive levels of behaviour yourself. This period will lead ultimately to empowerment if you are conscious and fully aware of motivation Trust!

Scorpio October 24th - November 21st

Taurus is the month that rules relationship issues, so therefore it is likely to be a full one with dealing with other people on a personal and professional level. Before the 9th if born after November 11th, focus is definitely on a romantic level and reciprocity of affections is strong. After the 15th you all will benefit from people who can give you serious and positive intellectual input.

However all November born Scorpios do have Mars haunting your house of significant others, which means there is distinct risk of confrontation from those who are just as determined and stubborn as you. Stand-offs are in the air.

Saturn, still in your sign, is once again haunting the lives of those born October 28th to November 2nd, as he was last November and December. It is a time to be mature, disciplined, and patient and to acknowledge that lessons need to be learnt. Humility does not go amiss under Saturn.

Pluto your ruler is however enhancing a sense of power and destiny for those born November 3rd to 5th. For this group, your intellectual incisiveness and cut-to-the-chase instincts are as powerful as ever they will be and your ability to reinvent yourself and your life based on the power of your intellect should not be underestimated and others are really going to listen and learn.

Meanwhile if born around October 28th to 30th, Neptune is bringing serious creative inspiration and sensitivity and spiritual connection with others will also be strong.  Your empathy increase and ego is downgraded as the power of materialism and worldly desires retreat.  Creative desires and abilities are seriously underlined.. Film/music /photography are all sources of joy and inspiration and romance has a soul mate dimension added and desired...

The solar eclipse falls in you’re opposite sign of Taurus on the 9th/10th directly affecting those born November 11th to 13th. The birth of the new is in the air re relationships, and this may be an enlightening period in relation to significant others.

.Sagittarius November 22nd - December21st

It is a time to bite the bullet and get on with duty, obligation, and routine and to rationalise your everyday working life to satisfactory conclusions. It is also a good time to assert your wishes in the context of work and to remember that asking for help if work is unfairly burdensome is not a sign of weakness. It may indeed not be until after the 9th that you start to see your social life flourish fully again. Indeed after the 9th it born up to December 20th love and affection is in the air and you find the power of others affection towards you is notable. After the 15th all of you will find the power of communication with others can enhance all contacts. Meanwhile you really cannot take your eye off the professional ball.

Particularly fortunate in relation to others are those born December 8th to 18th. Jupiter is smiling on you and people who can offer advantage, wisdom and liberty are in your orbit and your generosity is to others can bring you joy. Indeed your favourite subject, travel, is also in the air and academic pursuits can flourish and be rewarding.

If born December 2nd to 5th excitement looms re creativity, fertility and there is a sense of the new. New contacts can be real catalysts for change and freedom and they may be a little more maverick than you. This is a time for a change and a leap into a more exciting future, which will evolve naturally, as indeed the clock is striking to denote liberating change. Offspring can be a source of enlightening surprise too. Creative work can also be particularly experimental as you take a leap in a more out of the box style and subject matter. There is also a tendency to become more altruistic and concerned with the promotion of the greater good. Beware if born November 27-29th, as Neptune is creating a rather confused smoke and mirror effect in your life especially connected to your domestic circumstances. There is a dissolving of certainty. Every thing is fluid as indeed this is a transformative period and a circuitous long journey. Just beware falling prey to delusion and being gullible. Don’t push the river

The lunar eclipse falls in your sign on the 24th/25th directly affecting those born around the November 27th. It is a time for the endings of chapters, possibly prompted by the facing of some personal truths.

Capricorn December 22nd - January 19th

Taurus is a month for Capricorns to relax your work ethic a little and enjoy, and to be confident and slightly more extrovert than usual. It encourages the romantic in you and allows you to believe in your ability to enjoy life and to be uniquely creative. In short, this is a period to celebrate life. For all born after January 8th, the first nine days of the month are particularly positive in this respect, and for all born after December 29th, with Mars on your side, you will not take no for an answer and your perseverance is admirable.

The second half of the month puts much focus on work in a positive fashion, and indeed there is protection there as Jupiter is continuing to enhance and protect your every day work area and is also supportive of health..

If born December 26th to 31st, loyalty and obligation is easy for you to fulfil and you are mature and measured in your judgement, especially in dealing with others. And being very adult in your responses to life and people is a blessing now.

However if born January 1st and 2nd, the surprise and the left field is in the air and too much restlessness can be counter-productive. Don’t jump from a frying pan into a fire, but acknowledge the need for some change. However this same group have the power of Pluto giving a drive and a sense of destiny as never before. Just don’t misuse power along the way. This is a once every 248 year event that can mark a turning point in your life. Be sure you are determined to use power responsibly for the greater good.  Life and your psyche is prompting you not to ignore your passions and your gifts. Avoid impulsiveness and dangerous adventures of any sort, but recognise endings of chapters are nigh as the new presents itself to you. Even the dark and the difficult and the left field is somehow serving a purpose.
If born December 26th to 28th take advantage of extra sensitivity, compassion, empathy, spiritual and creative instincts and gifts.  Your mind is being tempered by the power of your heart and your growing spiritual awareness and the humility that accompanies that. Use the arts as catharsis, and don’t neglect the power of music and sea to heal you.

Aquarius January 20th - February 18th

Focus on the home, real estate and family is important now, even if irksome; and if born after February 7th your aesthetic sense is powerful and it can help enhance your environment, even if a little expensively so, but for many of you, particularly if born after January 26th, there is also a potential for your energy to be a little like a bull in a china shop on your domestic front. War-like vibes are generated, so have a care. Others around you, especially re family and domestic relationships, will be not as accommodating as maybe you would wish. Have consideration for their wishes too.

After the 9th many of you will be finding the power of romance elevated and creative confidence inspired, and after the 15th all of you will be able to use the power of your intellect to fire creative progress and to enable enhanced relationships.

If born February 5th to 14th, Jupiter is on your side, notably again re the power of Cupid and re extrovert, creative confidence. And children’s issues can be highlighted positively

However Saturn is on not too friendly terms apparently (but in reality he is your friend in disguise) towards those born January 24th to 29th. He is bringing some stress and strain from authority figures and from the career direction. You may be questioning the workability of your career or feeling that the restrictions do not suit your independent spirit.. Alternatively you may be realising that sometimes only true grit, patience and self-discipline will bring the rewards. Do what is necessary now and face facts. Don’t kick this can down the road.

If born in the last two days of January, now and the next year are seeing you in a state of enlightened change, both internally and externally. Your ruler, Uranus, is creating eureka moments. Embrace them well and it is time to celebrate your authentic Aquarian uniqueness and to believe in the innovative in your thinking and importantly in your unique future.

Pisces February 19th - March 20th

The good thing about this month is that it accentuates your intellect, and your communication skills become more fluent. Also with Mars in Taurus there is great energy and drive added to your spoken and written word and to your convictions to an assertive degree until mid-month, notably if born after February 26th. If born after March 9th, use the first ten days of the month to use your charms successfully.

After the 9th, indulgence on or related to the home front can be a little excessive, but love and affection are in the air in a domestic context. Be sure after the 15th that there is no room for misunderstandings in family issues.

For all born March 6th to 16th, have a care that Jupiter is encouraging over-confidence and some extravagance can mar your potential, as the good times may roll a little too much, so beware of pushing past the point of success and also of a little complacency. However if born February 23rd to 28th, common sense, austerity, duty and obligation are in the air and travel may well be related to duty or obligation or possibly to study. Serious contemplation relating to spiritual matters may be part of the picture. At the least this is a constructive, if serious time.

Neptune is still profoundly affecting those born February 23rd to 25th. Never were you more aware of the power of Pisces in both its negative and positive dimensions. Idealism, spirituality, creativity, increased sensitivity is in the air as is a potential for self-deception, escapism and sort of a divine discontent can be yours now. Don’t underestimate your psychic sensitivity and a propensity to get carried away by a seductive idea, but selflessness can be in the air that can be very enriching for self and others. Develop creative potential fully now as you were never more gifted. Nature calls you to really appreciate her wonders and to feel as one with her. Make sure also you get plenty of rest and above all keep grounded.

However if born around March 2nd, don’t underestimate your power to be transformative for others and your influence and energy can go a powerful long way for the greater good. Ensure your motives are as pure as possible. Destiny is in the air.