Friday, 1 March 2013

Overview for March 2013

This is Pisces month, ruled by Neptune, god of the sea. The Sun travels through Pisces till the 20th, Mercury is there all month and Venus is also in Pisces until the 22nd, Mars is also in the sign of the fish until the 12th and Neptune is, of course powerfully in its own home sign of Pisces for the long haul. Emphasis on the sea will indeed be great as we all increasingly come to realise that the seas are dying and there is an urgent need to address this problem, not least in relation to fishing quotas and the rising sea levels which are set to engulf many coastal areas. If the seas die, so will we. It is only too painfully true that every time we damage nature we damage ourselves.  Pisces is all about redemption; if we redeem our environment, we redeem ourselves. Climate change deniers are a powerful and mega  wealthy lobby that keep truths and scientific facts silenced so that profits from maintaining the status quo remain ,

Mercury (in Pisces) has been retrograde since February 23rd and finally moves forward on the 17th of this month, so bringing relief from seeming glitches and delays, and maybe some progress in agreement relating to the sea and it’s more healthy future. Mercury retrograde prompts a paused for rethink. Our idea of when things should happen may not be what is ultimately good for us. What we want and when we want it is not necessarily what we really need.

Neptune also rules photography, film and music and it could be a celebratory time re the power of these vital energies that are reflective of the Neptune ruled collective unconscious.

After the 12th when Mars moves into his own sign of Aries, we can expect a little more assertiveness on the world stage and egos become more delicate. Uranus is catching up to square Pluto again and as such, we will start to see more collective popular unrest, not least in Europe and this will build to a peak in May and June. The counties of Italy and France are Leo ruled and with Saturn (worldly and logistical facts) in Scorpio  (harsh truth) and is square to Leo, there will be reality checks and stresses in these countries that are a wake up call to a need for a root and branch rethink of economic strategy. Already Italy is in the grip of a crisis as to what sort of politicians (if any) they want to have in power with telling and bizarre results in the recent inconclusive elections. The fact is people want a fundamentally new discourse that is a complete contrast to the destructive patterns of socio/political values and thinking that have dominated neo liberalism in the last 30 years. When rigid austerity becomes an end in itself, on ideological grounds, with no evidence basis for its efficacy, then collective anger inevitably erupts.

Importantly however, significant and powerful transits this month involve the maverick Uranus (ruler of Aquarius). There are three major conjunctions to Uranus. Mars connects with him on the 22nd, Venus on the 28th/29th and the Sun on the 29th also. This suggests that from the 22nd until the month’s end, there is a increased likelihood of geophysical disruptions and shock events and indeed the unexpected generally is in the air for us all collectively and probably individually. Also Mars squares up to explosive Pluto on the 27th, reinforcing the mood.

Days of progress for the wise use of power are around the 1st and 2nd when the Sun sextiles Pluto, and the 7th when Venus also sextiles Pluto.

Saturn remains retrograde (from the 18th of last month) and will stay in this mode till July 8th. When Saturn is moving backwards, we all feel a little less in the driving seat of our lives, and more at the mercy of events. From Scorpio, Saturn exercises no half measures and forces at work are ruthless. Extremism is in the air. Syria is a Scorpio country and it is currently the apotheosis of the darkness of humanity. (Ruthless obsessive energy and drive is Scorpio’s domain, whether for the light or the dark. A choice; saint or sinner.) What is really also Scorpionic is that no nation feels able to intervene and is truly intimidated and paralysed by the ruthlessness of the darkness of the Syrian situation. Russia and China’s stubbornness (on economic grounds) create the perfect raison d’etre for international passivity.

We are becoming increasingly inured to evil and global injustice (whether perceived elsewhere or felt close to home) as we feel increasingly powerless to fight it. We are in denial on one level, but our psyches are internalising the pain with great collective power.

 Depression is anger turned inwards.

 A dog eat dog attitude exists globally more intensely now in politics and in finances and in corporate structures than ever before; and the lure of and the persuasive force of power and money in this globalised context with blurred national boundaries, has created an out of control behemoth.  Socialism has been equated with communism, so discredited and feared and the idea of fairness and the fight for social equality has been somehow tacitly assumed by many of the movers and shakers to be outdated. Being decent, fair and compassionate seem alien concepts in the world of corporatism and big finance (and their political allies).  Sociopathic attitudes dominate and seemingly unashamedly so. Even exposure of this seems to cut no slack, except for a temporary token grovel, and then it is back to the same old behaviour, as there are it seems, no moral constraints that have any teeth.

 Pluto (ruling Scorpio) in Capricorn is doing his worst by exposing this truth (the rottenness of much of our establishment) and simultaneously making it apparent that the implicit all pervasive value system is not tenable on a planet of limited and dwindling resources.

Saturn (reality check) now in Scorpio (truth/exposure, especially re sexual and financial scandals, which are indeed both Scorpio issues) is totally cooperating by angle with Pluto and is rubbing our noses in the unpalatable dark truths of our global organisations and systems, as exposure after exposure about much that is sick on our planet is presented to us. We have to shine a light on the dark, so as to fight for the light.

Neptune (redemption) now in Pisces, is and will slowly over the next 12 years (while in Pisces), quietly, but insidiously and surely (and without boundaries) undermine the stability of our planet by a creeping destruction of much that we take for granted, including our natural resources, climactic conditions and the perceived protection against existential threat (such as Gulf Stream changes, rising sea levels, loss of food and water sources, new diseases that have antibiotic resistance, extinction of bees and other species etc). Only by becoming totally aware of these real potential catastrophic changes and the loss of assumed safety, will we be forced to realise what our hubristic behaviour has brought upon us and we will not be able to just throw money at it.

We really don’t know what we’ve got, till it’s gone (to paraphrase Joni Mitchell). Then and only then, we will wake up to the need for redemption.

 We face the greatest crisis in mankind’s history, because this time it is global.

 The new Moon falls on the 11th at 21° of Pisces and the full Moon falls on the 27th at 6° of Aries.

Aries March 21st - April 20th

There is a lot of emphasis on your solar 12th house, the house of karma, privacy and the unconscious. It will be suitable for many of you, particularly before the 12th, to take time out and review and commune with your unconscious and do whatever positive work you can in a behind-the-scenes way. It is also true that before the 17th you will be feeling that your thoughts and communications are simply alien to the world, but when Mercury moves direct from the 17th, things will feel less isolating

From the 12th your ruler Mars moves into your sign and all born up to April 5th will be feeling energy, assertiveness and competitiveness return with a vengeance. Just avoid aggression

The 26th brings zealous, pioneering action but on the 27th, power struggles are in the air.

Before the 22nd, romance has a clandestine feel, but thereafter all born up to April 2nd  you will be out there, predatory, and flaunting charisma..

Jupiter favours those born March 27th to April 2nd. Intellect is honed and communication skills excel, and positive thinking and luck are friends.

However Uranus sits now exactly on the Suns of those born March 26th to 30th.  For you, it’s all change. The unexpected, the liberating are thrust upon you. It as part of the life plan for you. Grab the shock the new. Days when this is clear are around the 22nd and 28th/29th.

Pluto is also directly affecting now those born around April 1st. There are ominous forces around, particularly from your career angle and people are throwing their weight around, possibly rather subtly, but you too are also fighting externally and internally for your personal power to be acknowledged. Endings and beginnings are in the air. Be conscious of the depths of feelings that are erupting and draw boundaries on extreme behaviour. Yours or others

The full Moon on the 27th, directly affects those born around March 26th. Erupting energies and communications from others now may be upsetting, but the energy needs release.

Taurus April 21st - May 20th

Pisces energy really emphasises group energy and group goals now, and before the12th many of you born after May 11th are particularly blessed with leadership skills and friends are aiders and abetters of your energy. Before the 22nd, love and friendship can combine.

Beware that before the 17th when Mercury is retrograde, many of you will feel that friends are flaky and projects are delayed. After the 17th, faith is restored.

Later in the month, notably after the 12th for some, there is a little bit of a feeling of retreat and it is important not to sit and seethe with anger. Get it out.

Also for many of you from the 22nd love life becomes quite clandestine.

Saturn meanwhile in your opposite sign is directly affecting those born around May 1st and 2nd. This is not an easy time. Others are oppressive and physically you may feel low and tired and there are indications of obligations and duties to others that need addressing. No pain, no gain. Reality checks now are ultimately for your good and the practical necessities of life are important and also recognising that the truth that you face needs acting on.

For those born April 22nd to 26th, Neptune is highlighting empathy, compassion and sympathy to and from friends. Your idealism and spirituality is emphasised. Emotional intelligence combines with intellect, and if born around May 1st to 3rd, enjoy Pluto’s newly empowered effect on your ability to reinvent yourself and to acknowledge your transformative and regenerative abilities for self and others, not to mention the positive input from higher learning and other cultures, that you are now the recipient of.

Meanwhile, be aware that Uranus’ power this month, particularly after the 22nd is likely to impact you in a very private behind-the-scenes way and the power of your unconscious will be disruptive

Gemini May 21st - June 20th

Career and public standing is underlined this month with the emphasis on Pisces, but because your ruler Mercury is retrograde still until the 17th, be prepared for the frustrations of the last few weeks to continue as colleagues and bosses just do not read from the same hymn sheet, particularly frustrating if born between June 2nd and 9th. However after the 17th lines of communication clear and if born May 26th to June 4th you are on a roll once more with your mind and communications.

Before the 12th ambitions are strong, but be wary that, if born after June 11th, you are not impatient, pushy and irritable, and indeed if you are not, others will be, particularly at work. However from the 12th if born up to June 6th energies and drives are intelligently focused and you work well in a group situation. Love life is enhanced if born up to June 2nd but only after the 22nd of the month.

Jupiter returns for his 12-yearly visit to the Suns of those born May 28th to June 3rd. Lady luck is smiling. Travel and relationships flourish, as do feelings of well-being and good times roll.

Uranus is also favouring those born May 27th to 31st. He is inspiring you with humanitarian and idealistic drives. Liberation and freedom is a motivating force for yourself and for others, and your uniqueness and intuition carry you far. Others are also catalysts for the new. Notable powers for this are accentuated after the 22nd until the month’s end.

Meanwhile Neptune is still fogging the view of those born May 25th to 27th.There is a divine discontent, a sense of dissolving, an uncertainty of self and of the old landmarks, particularly around career. Your heart is crying out for more or different and it needs to be acknowledged, but make no major changes or decisions while this transit is in progress. This should be with you until this time next year. It is a time just to wait and understand the internal metamorphosis.

Cancer June 21st - July 21st

The call of further horizons is strong. Travel, philosophy, metaphysics all call as foci of attention. Love too can combine with higher education and travel, notably before the 22nd. Travel is most likely to be glitch-free after the 17th when Mercury moves direct, and for those born up to July 6th, there is a smooth ride particularly.

After the 12, some of you born up to July 7th may be finding your frustrations and impatience are obvious in your work and authorities may be harsh. Count to ten before responding. Before the 12th, if born after July 13th energy and drives are zealous and pioneering.

Saturn is keeping the tiller steady for those born July 1st to 4th and is causing you to be very mature in your attitude towards love life and offspring. Patience, hard work and wisdom are yours.

However Uranus is quite troublesome now for those born June 27th to July 1st. He is aggravating restlessness and the unpredictable in the workplace and in your professional status. You are itching for change and all feels insecure. Don’t be impulsive; don’t throw out babies with bathwater and wait to embrace inevitable change, as it is certainly flagged up.

Meanwhile if born around July 2nd to 4th Pluto in the guise of others is causing you some challenge and power struggles. Relationships are not easy now. Other people’s baggage is yours to deal with. Keep squeaky clean and retain dignity in response, but you have to shine a light on the dark, both in terms of other’s psyche and indeed in terms of life, as fate is in the air.

Neptune meanwhile is kindly disposed to those born June 24th to 27th. A touch of magic is yours. Inspiration, both spiritually and philosophically and far from far afield is a blessing. Hypersensitivity and compassion and creative inspiration flood your soul.

Leo July 22nd - AugustT 22nd

March is a month to face some of the deeper, more complex issues of life, both to do with relationships and indeed with finances. You also have to learn to give away some of your resources to others in some context. It is a time when superficial won’t do; only the deep and the true, even if uncomfortable, has to be faced in order to heal. However before the 17th when Mercury is retrograde it may be hard to pin down people for that important conversation and misunderstandings are in the air, so use after that date for best results.

However after the 12th when Mars moves into Aries, if born up to August 8th, you will have energy and drive for travel and pursuit of higher knowledge. Your fiery energy will be obvious.

After the 22nd if born up to August 5th, love life and far off fields can combine and travel can be connected with art too

Jupiter is harmoniously angled to those born July 30th to August 5th. Friends are valuable and bring bonuses to your life, and you are also in a position to successfully champion causes you believe in, and there is a natural wisdom that you can use.

However Saturn is a challenging energy now if born August 3rd or 4th, so Jupiter is needed. Domestic, real estate and family issues are all challenging, but don’t kick the can down the road.. Be proactive and disciplined and to do what is necessary, even though difficult. Karma is returning for you to address. It is your chance to create a firmer infrastructure.

Meanwhile Uranus is definitely proactively positively if born July 29th to August 2nd. He is prompting a hunger for intelligent and intuitive progress in life and indeed far off shores can hold this potential. The new needs to be addressed and you can be awakened and enlightened into new consciousness now through looking through new prisms of life. Days, which are particularly notable for this, are after the 22nd.

Virgo August 23rd - September 21st

Several bodies Pisces now, suggest that the focus has to be on significant others this month.  However real connection on an intellectual or communication level will be thwarted a little until after the 17th when Mercury, your ruler, moves direct. Many of you will find this a romantic month and you won’t take no for an answer, but before the 12th if born after September 13th, you may also find that others are not pushovers, even quite confrontational, albeit indirectly.

As the month matures, many of you may be feeling that relationship issues demand depth.

For those born August 30th to September 5th Jupiter may be tempting a little over-ambition, over-extravagance, or over-confidence, particularly in the work field, so have a care. However this same group have Saturn giving caution, particularly on an intellectual level.

Neptune is now opposing the Suns of those born August 26th to 29th in his once every 165-year opposition. The rarer the transit, the more powerful. For this group, be wary about illusion, delusion, deception and self-deception re; others. They are not pure heroes to worship or pure victims to save. You see what you want to see, rather than what is real. It makes you empathetic and sensitive but misjudgement is possible. It is great for the artist and for the creative font. The old is dissolving and the new is evolving, but it’s a long journey, so just float and let certain things dissolve while new things gradually emerge from the fog.

Meanwhile if born around September 3rd to 5th, Pluto is definitely your friend. He is empowering you and your confidence, particularly related to creative projects and indeed to romantic issues. A new courage, wisdom and insight is yours and offspring can be a source of real rejuvenation and empowerment.

The new Moon falls on the 11th, directly affecting those born September 13th to 15th when new initiatives and new inspiration comes from others.

Libra September 22nd - October 23rd

This is a good month for getting down to the nitty gritty of routine and rationalising it and making it more efficient, although colleagues before the 17th may well be less than easy to work with, as their availability and communication skills maybe less than desirable.

It’s also a time to take advantage of looking after one’s health and reap the benefits of a new health regime.

Late month relationships are in focus and after the 12th if born up to October 5th some pit their wits against you. It ‘s a time when your own self-assertion will have to prevail over your usual self-surrender, because others force you to take a stand, but your sense of fairness prevails.

Also after the 22nd, anybody born up to October 2nd has Cupid definitely on your case.

Jupiter is very well posited now for all born between September 30th and October 6th. This is an excellent time for travel and for planning holidays and indeed for academic studies and results, and general luck and growth, internal and external is underlined.

If born September 29th to October 3rd Uranus is powerful. His rare opposition creates unpredictable left-field relationship events. Others are unreliable and bring surprises but are also potential awakeners. What can be disruptive in a relationship can turn out to be a kick-start for you. Others can stimulate that which we do not acknowledge ourselves is needed. Creatively this is a positive time for the shock of the wonderful new, especially after the 21st

Meanwhile Pluto is uncomfortable if born around October 4th to 6th. Family matters are intense. Power struggles are in the ether, but at the least a feeling of endings and hopefully new beginnings. Internal tensions between old knee-jerk responses and a need for the new and empowering are strong. Coercive people are teaching you to stand up for yourself.

The full Moon falls in your sign on the 27th and directly affects all those born around September 30th. For this group that which erupts in your unconscious needs to be listened to

Scorpio October 24th - November 21st

Pisces is strong this month and favours creativity and romance and also children’s issues. Before the 22nd most of you will be enjoying the input of pleasure, self-indulgence, creative inspiration and affections and if born between November 4th and 11th there may be a feeling that communicating your needs and ideas will be a difficult. However if born October 29th to November 16th, after the 17th you can communicate absolutely correctly and efficiently.

Before the 12th, if born after November 13th, you are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to acquiring your desires, whether it be romantically or creatively. After the 12th many of you will be focusing more on your routine everyday work from necessity.

Saturn however is in your sign and is testing you all one after the other as he journeys through Scorpio. Currently he targets those born November 2nd to 5th. For you this is a serious grown-up time when you face once every 30-year challenge.  Application is needed to what is necessary and dutiful and realisations that things now manifest have been brewing for some time and you now have to face the consequences. There is an opportunity with Saturn to redress balances, put things right and set up better futures as a result of the reality you face.

Meanwhile Jupiter in your solar 8th house now is bringing for many of you at the very least protection around finances, particularly complex financial issues.

Neptune is bringing blessings of a very subtle, soulful kind to those born October 26th to 29th. For this group there is a new empathy and compassion and love has to on a soulful level, not just a physical one. Creatively this is a brilliant time for film, music or photography, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to really express true potential. Soul mates are around and your spiritual dimensions are growing, and a lessening of the ego, as empathy and compassion are strong.

Finally, your ruler Pluto is very happily disposed now towards those born November 1st to 3rd. For this group intellectual insight and communication power is yours. Use responsibly.

Sagittarius November 22nd - December 21st

Domestic and real estate issues are powerfully indicated as areas of focus, and are also centres of energy, action and love. However before the 12th if born after December 13th the home could also be a little bit of battle ground and your energy may be like a bull in a china shop, so go easy. However before the 22nd you also feel the power of love from family ant those you share houseroom with.

Before the 17th when Mercury is retrograde, so many of you may also feel that you are singing from a different hymn sheet to those who you live with, but after the 17th, things improve.

Later in the month, notably after the 12th, all born up to December 7th will be very proactive energetically in terms of making the most of life and love and creativity, and after the 22nd all born up to December 4th will feel the benefits of Cupid and aesthetic awareness.

Jupiter is very much a friend now if born around November 29th to December 4th. He is bringing bonuses from others and relationships are enhancing your life. The only problem is that there is a danger of over-ambition, over-confidence, over-spending and over-indulgence.

Uranus is a powerful mover and shaker now for those born November 26th to December 1st. He is stimulating very positively your innovative side and bringing excitement, adventure and experimentation into your life, and grabbing life with both hands is part of the picture, as well as using intuition wisely. It augurs well for the success of the new. After the 21st this mood is powerful, with the power of romance and creativity being part of the picture.

However Neptune is not too concrete an influence for those born November 24th to 27th.He is fogging your perceptions, confusing you. Domestically there are underpinnings of relationships in some way and self deceit and deceptions, including those you may perpetrate need to be avoided at all costs.  Look for clarity of viewpoint from others you trust, as you are not necessarily seeing clearly. Do not be escapist but enjoy music, dance and film.

Capricorn December 22nd - January 19th

The power of your intellect and communication skills are honed and you can combine your heart with brain to make charming communications, and indeed before the 12th, if born after January 11th you can also add force and leadership skills to what it is you need to communicate. However before the 17th Mercury is retrograde, so many of you may find that the true force of your mind only reaches its target after that date..

After the 12th if born prior to January 7th, tread carefully on the home front as there are war drums around and those you share space with may be confrontational, as indeed may you.

However after the 22nd if born up to January 3rd, beautifying of the home and harmonious relationships are indicated.

Saturn is creating a very wise and measured response to life if born around January 1st and 2nd. Thinking before speaking will come more easily and naturally and wisdom prevails.

However Uranus is a rather unsettling factor for you conservative loving Capricorns and if born December 27th to 31st there is a definite feeling that a bit of chaos is in the air re; domesticity/ family. You are restless for change; a bit of an adrenaline junkie and you want to kick away some of the old, conservative, knee-jerk responses. Innovation and liberation is felt as needed, notably after the 21st when change can indeed be much stimulated.

Pluto is on the Suns of those born January 2nd now – a time of fate, a time when you cannot avoid profound issues that can be rather dark and are in your face and you need to deal with them in a way that empowers you.  Looking into the darker side of life is the path to the light. Crisis now is the opportunity for transformation of  and positive use of your power.

For those born December 24th to 27th Neptune is harmonising with your energy creating a greater gentleness and sensitivity in your communications and your heart really starts to figure more strongly than your mind. Emotional intelligence is increasingly yours.

Aquarius January 20th - February 18th

Focusing on finances this month can be very profitable and generosity of spirit can be profitable too, although before the 17th there is sufficient confusion and delay in the air for it not to feel that way. Wait until the second half of the month for things to improve, but you are certainly no shrinking violet before the 12th in order to get your due deserts. Before the 22nd you also can find that your charms and creative skills can bear fruit..

Thereafter, as the month progresses, it is your intellect that benefits from extra energy, notably after the 12th if born up to February 4th, and indeed after the 22nd if born up to February 1st you express your wisdom with charm and kindness. Heart and brain cooperate

Jupiter is very friendly towards you now if born January 27th to February 1st. He is bringing luck and happiness to love life. He also brings fertility to all areas of life in any context desired – very much a feel good factor.

However Saturn is also hovering around the charts of those born January 29th to February 1st. so there is an overlap with Jupiter, and for Saturn his job for this group is to bring some challenges connected to work and career.  Obligations are yours, or there is a feeling of some dissatisfaction. Either way, you have to work very hard at completing issues that maybe tough, or facing issues where change is involved. Reality checks are there for a reason. Also watch your health. Tiredness is reminder of the march of time.

Your ruler Uranus is very powerful this month and very much affecting those born January 26th to 30th. He is in a harmonious connection and is particularly stimulating your very constructive maverick side. He is bringing very intuitive intelligence to your door and allowing you to think more out of the box than usual, and your humanitarian and revolutionary sides are tweaked in a very positive way, notably after the 21st when the power of your natural uniqueness is stimulated to the nth degree.

Pisces February 19th - 20th March

It’s your solar return period, auguring well for a sense of well being and progress. Before the 22nd you may well feel appreciated, loving and loved, are looking good. Charisma shines

Before the12th, if born after March 11th you are in assertive mood and will fight for your rights

Many of you born after February 23rd to March 9th will be feeling that others are rather dysfunctional in their communications with you. From the 17th, normal service resumes.

After the 12th attentions continue for many of you on financial reward and effort, and from the 22nd that can be furthered.

Jupiter is creating a sense of extravagance if born February 25th to March 3rd encouraging self-indulgence particularly domestically and amongst family.

Saturn is however bringing a necessary caution if born March 1st /2nd and dutiful travel and academic obligations can loom large, but constructively, with hard work.

Neptune, your ruling planet, now in your sign is accentuating to the nth degree Pisces principles if born February 21st to 24th. This brings the profundities of Pisces experience. There is a negative and positive side to every planet, so ensure that the positivity of sensitivity, inspiration, care, compassion, artistic inspiration and spiritual awareness is yours, rather than vulnerability to illusion, deception and escapism. Keep grounded. Divine discontent and divine homesickness can haunt, but make the divine in the here and now.

Meanwhile Pluto is well disposed towards those born March 1st to 3rd. This gives grounding and empowerment to get heard and to be a real mover and shaker for groups of people who are working for a common goal and indeed brings powerful and effective friendships into your life. Intelligent and impressive efforts on your part can change lives and indeed your own.

Finally the new Moon falls on the 11th at 21° of your sign, directly affecting those born around March 12th. For this group it is a day when you can happily and safely initiate the new.