Thursday, 1 May 2014


                                 by Leigh Oswald (London based astrologer and teacher)

The cardinal grand cross of last month dissipates a little, but Uranus and Pluto are still vying with each other, as indeed they have been doing for many a moon. The T square between Uranus, Pluto and Mars is still operative for several months, so tensions are certainly still bubbling planetary wise. Rising inequality between the very wealthy and the rest is becoming ever more evident and transparent globally.

Mars in Libra (the sign of fairness/justice and inclusivity) has been aggravating the ongoing square between Uranus and Pluto. Quite simply this means that anger about suggestions of recovery by the powers that be, which have not been felt by the majority, is being stirred up, but as yet, because Mars is retrograde, it is still festering. When Mars moves direct on the 20th, real agendas will become evident socio-politically/economically, and the fall-out will be obvious, culminating in June and also when the Sun in Cancer feeds the T-square in the first half of July, planetary tensions are exacerbated again. 

The power of nature too will be showing its muscle then.  Mother nature has her sense of knowing when injustice is done to her, notably in our over exploitation of her resources and in our drive to put economic growth before the balance of nature.

The ongoing Ukraine situation is a stressful one a negative manifestation of Mars in Libra. It translates as: unpredictable, maverick energies (Uranus), with hubristic delusions of power and grandeur (Pluto), dicing with aggressive military manoeuvres in the name of “patriotic” justice (Mars).

Pluto is now strongly opposing the USA chart’s Sun (every 248 years) and this is a clear statement of challenge from foreign manoeuvres. As Pluto rules the USA ‘s 12th house, which represents old karmic enemies, the spectre of the past cold war with Russia (Soviet Union) has loomed again.

The economic stresses of the nation will also be showing, as Pluto (natally in the solar 2nd house of the USA, which represents the economic health of the nation) is about to enter the second house again. The glaring inequality among the populace is approaching a tipping point, where it can no longer be sidelined in policy.

Jupiter moves to trine Saturn in the last half of the month, suggesting a sense of balance being attained between conservation and expansion. It also suggests that some sort of a sense of morality/integrity will somehow show its face on the world stage.

The full Moon falls on the 14th at 23° of Scorpio, signifying the eruption of things that have been festering and which can be quite a catalyst and ends of chapters are in the air, whereas the new Moon on the 28th at 7° of Gemini is a signification of new starts, new chapters, a time to sow and to prepare a new crop for the future somehow..

ARIES March 21st - April 20th

Importantly when Mars, your ruling planet, in your opposite sign of Libra goes direct on the 20th, after two and a half months of retrograde motion, many of you will feel very much relieved from a build-up that has been accruing for several months in relation to significant relationships. This will demonstrate a decision to move forward in a certain context in a partnership. Either you or a partner will show their hand in some way. This will be most evident in the lives of those born March 30th to April 2nd.

Much of the month for you all can be devoted to reorganising finances to your benefit. Your intellect is particularly enhanced after the 7th but Venus is definitely on your side when it comes to creativity and love life between the 3rd and 29th, and indeed it is a time of great personal charm, which you exude, attracting others to you, and around the 20th is a significant time for relationship events.

If born April 3rd to 11th, be wary of over-indulgence, over-extending and over-expansion., courtesy of Jupiter’s square to your Sun. Have a little moderation.

 If born April 2nd to 6th be aware that Uranus and Pluto are still major movers and shakers in your life.  This has been a rocky time and you are still hanging on tight. It is a time for reassessment.

 Rebellious feelings, the need for freedom, adrenalized unpredictable moods and events are all filling your life if born between the above dates, and possibly with some power struggles in the background, you can be very volatile and you need to count to 10 as much as possible before action, as there is accident proneness, (physical and social) in the air, if not concentrating and being mindful.

Authority figures maybe being unreasonable and you need dignity to not sink to the same level, but to retain decorum and know when people transgress reasonable boundaries, including you. 

TAURUS April 21ST - May 20th

This is your solar return period and so a significant beginning of a new 12-month chapter and you can shine. Between the 7th and 29th is a very good time to negotiate and communicate and reorganise on a rational basis your financial situation, and between the 3rd and 29th some behind-the-scenes empathy and compassion for others will serve you well in your soul.

Mars moving direct on the 20th having been retrograde for several months, indicates that there is a feeling of progress in a constructive way to do with work and health issues. There have been niggling problems and tiredness and this will start to dissipate from that date.

Jupiter is a friend now of those born May 4th to 12th. He is enhancing natural wisdom and intuition, bringing bonuses from siblings and a boost to confidence, and some luck is in the air, as are travel plans and holidays. .
 However Saturn, still in your opposite sign, is now again haunting the Suns by opposition of those born May 8th to 12th. For this group there is again a feeling of some oppression from others. Only you can decide if this is a valid demand from others to do one’s duty and to face reality, or whether someone is being unreasonable. Whichever way, it is a wake-up call to realities in your life and to take on board some karmic lessons about oneself. Also it’s a time not to push out the boat too far when it comes to stressing the body.

Neptune is bringing a touch of divine sensitivity to the hearts and souls of those born April 27th –29th. Great sensitivity to the sufferings of others and of humanity in general is likely and creative gifts are also enhanced and friends are particularly in harmony with you now.

Pluto too is now empowering of the energies of those born May 3rd-5th.It’s a time to realise one’s intellectual/philosophical potential and to find regeneration and transformation within..

The full Moon in Scorpio on the 14th is directly affecting those born round May14th/15th. This is a significant day of wake up calls and reality checks about significant others.

GEMINI May 21st - June 20th

A little quiet retreat will serve you well this month and you benefit from a little communion with your soul and the past.  Some alone time may not be typical, but very beneficial.

However between the 7th and 29th with Mercury in your own sign, you will all be still demonstrating your excellent intellect, versatility and communication skills, but just be aware to listen to others as well as to yourself.

Friends between the 3rd and 29th will be encouraging you to make your presence felt in your social life and you need to balance that with a desire for some retreat.

Mars going direct on the 20th is good news for your sign after some months of prevarication, uncertainty or even internalised frustration re love life. From that date, there will be a green light that goes on to pursue not only romantic agendas more constructively, but also creative ones, and issues with children move ahead more smoothly. Notably those most benefiting from this are born May 30th to June 3rd.

If born June 4th to 7th note that Uranus is now in his once every 42 year angle to your Sun, producing a need for some excitement, adventure, innovation, liberation and bringing out your humanitarian instincts. You are being awakened and enlightened in some are of life and you cannot fail to respond. All good.

Meanwhile Neptune is affecting the lives of those born around May 28th –30th. This rare influence (once every aprox 82 years) brings an element of a downgrading of the ego and will awaken the heart centre to vie more with the mind… and also a little uncertainty relief /ideas /career is all probable. Go with the flow and know you are in a bit of a metamorphosis and you are rather blind as to the way forward… but that is ok too. Watch and wait..

The new Moon however affects this same group on the 28th indicating then, a potential awakening to a new relationship with yourself, as a result of an encounter with another.

CANCER June 21st - July 21st

Mars moving direct on the 20th indicate that for many of you, any resentments, limitations, restrictions, internalised uncertainty or anger can be released from that date, not least in domestic or family matters or real estate. Notably those born June 30th to July 4th may experience this as rather stressful in terms of a little bit of an eruption from others, or from self. Stop and count to ten. Fortunately friends can be very proactive in helping you through life this month and behind-the-scenes communications with others can further your goals between the 7th and 29th.

Professional issues are enhanced between the 3rd and 29th for al of you and the beauty and harmony that you can exude is very helpful and indeed love life can be intermingled well.

Jupiter in your sign now, is sitting on the Suns of those born July 6th to 14th bringing a once every 12 year boost to confident work potential, luck and internal and external growth and with Saturn also helping you along with wisdom and an adult attitude towards your love life and responsibilities, all makes for good long-term security.

If born June 28th to 30th, Neptune is bringing longings for greater spiritual connection with others, extra compassion, creative inspiration and a bit of magic. Longings for magical travel to escapist locations or for spiritual retreats are strong now and can be fulfilled very happily. 

Uranus and Pluto are still in their seemingly interminable challenge to your sign and are now affecting those born around July 6th-8th. For this group there is an urgent sense of wanting change, but fearing it being imposed upon them by others, especially professionally. All is in flux and nothing feels secure, meanwhile other are potentially bringing power struggles to your door, or you feel a victim of abuse of power. All this indicates a need to take a leap into a new future as it presents itself to you, but without too much unthinking impulse, and to be very careful and conscious of your motive in all you do and to have the courage to draw dignified boundaries when others, or self, are clearly out of order.

LEO July 22nd - August 22nd

Uncomfortably or not, it is your career and public reputation that needs some focus this month. All eyes will be on you to perform. Between the 7th and 30th, your ability for excellent communication and your general wisdom will enhance your social life and friends can give you very sound and intelligent advice so have the humility to listen.

Between the 3rd and 29th when Venus is in Aries, love life and travel are natural partners and general harmony of mind with others brings satisfaction and richness to your being. The arts can also enhance your life.

Importantly, Mars moving direct from the 20th can help to alleviate stresses and tensions that you have been feeling for some months re blocked plans and frustrated inability to express your self fully and honestly.  From the 20th, you will be able to get out your true thoughts and feelings and communications with others can be more direct. Energy is also improved and the feeling that you can move forward with plans, and particularly overseas and academic plans, can get underway. Any outstanding and blocked legal, or publishing related issues can start to move foreword too.

However if born August 10th to 14th Saturn is reminding you that your home and your roots need securing and your family will be quick to pin you down to your responsibilities and your need to address reality. Look after your health too and don’t kick cans down the road.

Uranus is in very exciting mode now for those born around August 6th –9th.  His long flirtation with your Sun (not over till April next year) is bringing a sense of liberation and confidence in your own uniqueness and in a new more innovative future. Other borders call, both literal and metaphorical. Your intuition can also serve you well and eureka moments are in the air.  However do not let your sense of needed freedom allow you to ignore obligations and duties to those you owe allegiance to, notably on the home and family front.

VIRGO August 23rd - September 21st

This is a particularly good month for travel and holidays. It also augurs well for intellectual pursuits, and before the 3rd if born after September 19th, there is a window of opportunity for Cupid and at the least affections are coming your way.

Your ruling planet Mercury between the 7th and 29th is in your solar 10th house, indicating constructive communications at work, but make sure the details are thoroughly understood.

The big news is that Mars moves direct this month on the 20th after more than two months being retrograde. For your sign this indicates that it is in the world of finances that things start to move forward and the green light goes on, and hesitations and uncertainty of direction dissipate.

Jupiter is in fine position to emphasis a positive mood for those born September 6th to 14th. Friendships inspire and your leadership skills grow, and indeed for those born September 10th to 14th, Saturn also guides you with a very steady hand and gives shrewd judgement.

Neptune however is now opposing the Suns of those born August 30th to September 1st. For this small group there is for approximately the next two years, a distinct danger of over-idealising people and projecting on to them an image that you would like to see, whether it be a victim to save or a hero to worship. Others can be capable of deluding you. If not, you are able to delude yourself, so beware. However positively, it is wonderful for inspiration in the arts, hypersensitivity to others, and genuine compassion where needed. Enjoy having music around you and communing with nature and also for pursue spiritual and esoteric studies.

A very powerful ongoing influence now for those born round September 6th is Pluto, who is bringing a great sense of courage /purpose and strength in all things romantic/creative and to do with empowering the ability to live life to the full. A sense, no less of regenerative destiny is being born

LIBRA September 22nd - October 23rd

The important news for Libra this month is that Mars in your sign moves direct on the 20th having been retrograde since the beginning of March. This will suggest that for many of you there is the ability to see progress and to remove the blocks, particularly vis-à-vis relationships and indeed your own action and ability to feel re-empowered in some way. This is particularly true if born October 2nd to 6th. For this group this month powerful, when your assertiveness will for once overcome your self-surrendering tendencies, and the power of others to affect your life will be significant. They will be movers and shakers in some way. In fact it is a time of profundity and you wont escape the deeper issues and truths of life.

Between the 7th and 29th, there is great window for all, for intellectual satisfaction. Communications is good and international, travel and academic issues move happily forward.

Between the 3rd and 29th, the very good news is that relationships do seem to be very protected and enhanced and your charms and indeed the charms of others combine to make life feel blessed by relationships.

If born October 7th to 15th, Jupiter is squaring your Sun now. Avoid a little over-optimism, over-confidence, self-indulgence and possibly a bit of arrogance and carelessness, particularly re career. Do not take too much for granted. Enjoy a little-indulgence but with a little moderation.

For those born October 7th to 10th Uranus is in on the act, bringing a few surprises and the unexpected from others. Do not take partners for granted, but there are others who come into your life who can kick-start you into an awareness that can be disturbing but necessary as a wake-up call, and possibly liberating. Pluto is a simultaneous powerful force now in the lives of those born October 6th-8th..For this group; power and its dark side can be affecting you. This is either your own desperate need to empower yourself, or another’s desire to block you.  Do not give in to primeval knee-jerk responses. Keep squeaky clean, but know your rights..

SCORPIO October 24th - November 21st

It is all about "the other" this month. They hold sway and influence you. Relationships are critical and can be Positively pursued to your advantage, and if born after November 7th, the first week is excellent for straightening out and clarifying issues with significant others, and communications over complex financial issues can go well between the 7th and 29th.

Those born after November 16th, have a chance in the first three days to celebrate the power of love and thereafter, your charms can be used successfully in your working environment.

If born early Scorpio, between the 24th and 28th of October, then the last two days of the months invite Cupid’s gifts.

Mars, your co-ruler, moving direct on the 20th in your solar 12th house suggests that there will be some release from any seething tensions that have been building over the last several months. This can be quite volcanic, so beware, but eased tension, which can only be good.

The very good news for those born November 5th to 13th is that Jupiter is giving the green light to travel and positive experiences in academic issues and long-distance interests. The feel-good factor is definitely in the air, not least bringing financial reward.

Saturn is now sitting back again on the Suns of those born November 10th to 14th (as last December time), so despite the influence of Jupiter, (which will be needed) there is a sense also of serious grown-up issues to deal with, hard work and bullets to bite.

Pluto your powerful ruler is supportive now ifl born November 5th –7th. You are being baptised by your real potential for transformative regeneration for self and others, but be conscious.

Neptune continues to bring increased compassion, empathy and creative gifts to those born round October31st. Also more spiritual idealism re romance is evident..

The full Moon on the 14th impacts those born round November 15-17th.Not a calm day and the power of the unconscious will not be repressed.

SAGITTARIUS November 22nd -December 21st

Your everyday routine work situation needs focus and attention and maybe some rationalising to your advantage and colleagues can be very positive in this context.

Between the 7th and 29th all of you will have an opportunity to open important lines of communication that are very fruitful with those you are close to you in any context and you will benefit from the insights of others, and indeed between the 3rd and 29th, love life is definitely enriched, as are issues to do with offspring.

Mars moving direct on the 20th after some months of retrograde motion, directly impacts your area of friendships and goals. There is a definite feeling of breakthrough and movement after a sense of a freeze-frame for a few months. There is constructive intelligent energy born, especially if born December 1st to 5th, not least in the emotional realm.

Uranus is also very much an exciting influence now if born December 6th to 9th. He is bringing a new sense of anticipation of the future and the new, exciting and the innovative to romance and also to children’s issues. Creatively it brings a great sense of confidence and belief in your own originality and uniqueness. Liberating factors are unleashed as indeed is some enlightenment.

 Neptune is still   blurring clarity if born November29th-December1st. Some insecurity is in the air and a lack of certainty and security domestically. This is a time of a sense of floating blindly and a need to trust the trade winds to take you on a rather uncertain voyage. Just make no irrevocable decisions and check the small print of everything. Redemption is the outcome,, not fully realised till early 2016, but meanwhile avoid over idealism and selective perception escapism and enjoy , music the arts, being near water and the beauties of nature.

The New moon falls in your opposite sign of Gemini on the 28th affecting those born around November 30th. For these people there is an opportunity to realise a new potential in a certain significant relationship.

CAPRICORN December 22nd - January 19th

This is a good month for enjoyment and living life to the full. Even romance gets a boost, and between the 7th and 29th your communication skills in your working life enhance your reputation. Your home is your comfort zone where you find great security between the 3rd and 30th and where the beautifying of your environment is a focus.

Mars direct on the 20th suggests that issues to do with your career and professional standing start to show a more proactive direction, having been on hold for some time. Stresses get relieved and you see what the last few months have really been about. Authority figures show their hand and this could be discomforting if born between December 30th and January 3rd.

Jupiter however is bringing for those born January 4th to 12th a sense of indulgence, extravagance and good times, particularly via relationships, but discrimination and caution is necessary. Avoid over-trusting and over-generosity, but your normal, austere personality may keep you on the straight and narrow, and since Saturn is ensuring this is the case, those born January 8th to 12th will keep things very much in perspective.

Uranus however is a little disruptive if born January 4th to 7th. He is creating a certain restlessness and uncertainty and security, particularly domestically. All is in flux but will eventually give a kick start to a new start and future… However because of the conflict between Uranus and Pluto currently strong all born January 3rd-5th also have the huge important Pluto transit still underway (once every 248 years). This is life changing.. Be wary of misuse of power on your or another’s part. Be conscious and realise your potential to use power for the greater good. Note well too that necessary meltdowns may be in the air , endings of chapters, followed by the revolutionary new.

For those born January28th-30th Neptune is sensitising you and a need to commune with nature or the arts is important. More heart and soul and less materialism is needed..

AQUARIUS January 20th - February 18th

Behind-the-scenes energy, privacy and staying close to home may be part of the month’s mood. In fact much can be achieved from the portals of your own base.

Between the 7th and 29th there is a major opportunity for skill in creative forces being shown, particularly to do with the written and spoken word, and communications with romantic partners and children excel.

Between the 3rd and 30th, Venus in your 3rd house adds charm to your brain, so you will  all have great influence through what you say and write.

Mars moving direct on the 20th is probably going to unlock problems connected to academic, travel and international issues, and for all born January 28th to February 2nd, this is a particularly proactive period of release of constructive energy that has been hanging fire for some time.

However if born February 7th to 10th, Saturn is a little stressful. Career pressure or under-confidence is strong. Frustrations and blocks abound, as do reality checks. It is a time to face facts and do what one can to secure a better, stronger infrastructure. Saturn, your co-ruler, is after all, your teacher. Humility and self honesty are important allies when Saturn is in the ether.

The good news for those born February 2nd to 5th is that your ruler Uranus is enhancing your Sun in his once every 42-year angular connection to your part of the zodiac. He is bringing out your true intuitive, maverick, individualistic qualities, releasing your true potential, the innovative, the libertarian and the super-conscious in your being. You want excitement; adventure and you are taking a leap into a new future. Think outside the box and the study of such esoteric subjects, as astrology can be a valuable draw.

PISCES February 19th - March 20th

Your mind is a sharper than normal this month and a desire to communicate needs honouring, notably before the 7th if born after March 6th. However after the 7th be careful that your communications are understood and not misinterpreted by family members.

Venus is in the last degrees of your sign before the 3rd, so for that short window of opportunity, all born after March 17th can find that romance flourishes and affection abounds.

Between the 3rd and 29th, note that the ability to use your charms for financial gain is improved for all of you.

The big news is that Mars moves direct on the 20th this month and for your sign, this suggests that complex financial affairs that have been pending for some months, or profounder emotional issues that are delicate in nature are somehow able to break out of deadlock after that date and all that has been sitting rather frustratingly, suddenly finds an outlet.

All born March 4th to 14th have Jupiter enhancing your sense of luck, love and creativity. This is a fertile time, a feel good factor, and the life force is powerful and positive.

However if born around March 8th to 12th there is also the steadying hand of Saturn and there can be dutiful travel and some discipline needed in academia, but all to good result and a progressive period.

Neptune is now sitting right on the Suns of those born February 26th to 28th. For this group the true sensitivity of Pisces is unleashed. This can be positive in terms of creativity, spirituality, empathy and compassion, and it can also lead to escapism, illusion and the potential for self-deception and indeed deception from others. Keep grounded, get the opinion of earth signs, but if involved in the arts, you can soar.

Pluto meanwhile still brings strength and empowerment to those born March 3rd-5th. Incisive thinking and a powerful ability to communicate, as a leader with effectiveness is yours now..