Tuesday, 1 October 2013


 by Leigh Oswald (London-based Astrologer and Teacher)

 Libra is the sign of harmony and peace and therefore in theory that should be a focus on the world stage, but with Mercury in Scorpio all month and retrograde after the 21st intensity, harsh and sometimes quite vicious communications are in the ether, and after the 21st when Mercury is on walkabout, (retrograde) there is a real chance for breakdowns in communications which can have significant ramifications, particularly around the 29th and 30th when Mercury conjuncts Saturn.

 When Mercury is retrograde, although often frustrating with delays and complications, it is an opportunity to rethink goals and strategy and our values and it is a time when we have to realise that our timing is not necessarily as wise as the timing the universe has in mind for us.

Syria is probably a Scorpio country (some claim Aquarius rulership) so further focus on that benighted country is inevitable.

Mars now in Leo gives a rather bellicose feel, with over-confidence and a strutting of large egos on the world stage.

On the 3rd/4th when the Sun opposes Uranus, there is a sense of the left field and eruptions on the planet, when there can be geophysical, geopolitical and economic crisis and in fact it is very possible that there may be news of earthquakes or volcanic eruptions during that period. Uranus when in challenge from the Sun often equates with earthquake activity.

The financial stability of the planet also looks as though it takes a bit of a knock at the very beginning of the month and there is a lot of confusion and smoke and mirrors on the world stage around the 10th when Venus squares Neptune and on the 19th/20th, when Mars opposes Neptune. No one should be trusted, as seeming motive and words spoken can deceive.

Saturn squares Obama’s Sun in the last half of the month; hence he will be fighting his corner in a rather frustrated way. The USA will need to prepare itself for some economic chaos and stress, probably becoming obvious in 2014 and 2015 when both Pluto and Uranus start to challenge the US chart’s Sun in Cancer and Saturn in Libra.

Days of idealism and maybe some spiritual empathy that can manifest are around the 25th/26th when the Sun trines to Neptune and days of potential breakthrough, either technologically or in a humanitarian context are around the 16th/17th when Venus forms a trine with Uranus.

The new Moon this month falls on the 5th at 11° of Libra and the annular lunar eclipse falls on the 18th at 25° of Aries. A lunar eclipse can only fall on a full Moon just as a solar eclipse can only fall on a new Moon. A lunar eclipse tends to bring unexpected eruptions in peoples’ psyche and also collectively. The primitive, the child-like and the knee-jerk response are all underlined, and when in Aries, which is an assertive sign, there is quite a raw and primeval energy attached. Things come to a boil under the full Moon and things that are waiting to erupt do finally do so, and this is especially underlined during an eclipse.

ARIES March 21st - April 20th

This is a month of relationship issues. You find that others are impacting your life strongly, but probably positively. It is also a time when issues of intimacy and deeper more tricky issues re others need to be explored, but get these dealt with before the 21st as afterwards, complex financial and sensitive issues between yourself and others can fall foul off difficult communication or misunderstanding. Communicate in person rather than by text or email. .

After the 7th, all born up till April 16th have Venus encouraging romance and creative skills being enjoyed far a field.

Before the 15th Mars in Leo is very empowering of those born after April 10th. He brings sexual charisma and courage and drive where romantic interests are concerned, but also great energy when it comes to creative feats. You feel rather invincible, pioneering and courageous.

If born April 6th to 11th a sense of self-indulgence is around. Good times roll and money flows maybe too freely. Jupiter invites OTT times (but enjoyable).

Meanwhile Uranus remains, since last April, a powerful, rare influence on those born March 29th to April 1st. It is changing and liberating, but making you restless, on the edge of your seat with a passion for freedom and change. This evolves in its own way, but meanwhile don’t be over-impulsive. Hang loose. Notably the 3rd and 4th are days to stay calm. Handle wisely.

For those born 29th –31st March, you feel a volcanic need to take control of your life and free yourself from manipulation. Power struggles ensue within and without and the need to look deep into the origins of these feelings and situations is important. Endings of certain chapters are in the air, which if handled wisely and consciously are empowering in the long term. Pluto is at work (every aprox. 124 years).

Meanwhile the eclipse on the 18th may bring for those born April15th –17th a sense of an eruptive confrontation with unconscious forces that need acknowledged, if uncomfortable.

TAURUS April 21ST - May 20th

A good time for focusing on a good health regime, diet and exercise etc, but also the power or relationships will not pass you by.

Before the 7th for all born after May 12th the power of romance and affections will reverberate in your life and kindness from others will not go amiss.

However after the 21st all born up to May 9th need to be very aware that communications made to significant others in any context can go a little belly-up, particularly re finances or indeed emotional issues, so try and use before the 21st for rubber-stamping deals.

Mars stresses your sign before the 15th, so warns all born after May 11th to tread carefully on the home front. Stubbornness and anger bubbles up. Clashes of will are in the air.

However after the 15th if born up to May 1st, dynamic, creative and romantic energy surfaces.

Jupiter is useful now for those born May 8th to 12th. He brings wisdom, intelligent communications and opportunities that can be grabbed for growth. Travel is also positively experienced in an educational and fulfilling way and your wisdom shines.

However Saturn still in your opposite sign is now opposing the energies of those born May 1st to 5th. Others are obstructive, difficult, demanding and only you can decide whether the demands are justified and worthwhile. It is also important not to allow oppression. Look after the body too. Hard work and self-discipline is needed now, in order to better secure yourself.

Pluto is very positive now for those born around the last day of April. He is bringing inspiration and a sense of destiny connected with long-distance issues and higher mind.  Your insight, depth and desire to focus strongly in order to empower yourself in whatever matters to you is strong and ultimately transformational. You have courage and influence now. Use it wisely.

Neptune is subtly but lovingly bringing extra emotional response to beauty and to others if born April 22-25th. This gentleness and empathy and extra spiritual sensitivity serve you well.

GEMINI May 21st - June 20th

This is a month for creative enjoyment and celebration of life. It is sociable, can be very romantic and the creative font bubbles. Before the 7th romance and work may combine, but after the 21st many colleagues will not be reading from the same hymn book as you, which can frustrate, so ensure that vital professional communications are finalised before the 21st.

After the 7th Venus moves to your solar 7th house, and all born up to June 18th will feel the call of romance and others will be affectionate and you reciprocate. Charms exude everywhere

Before the 15th with Mars in Leo your normal intellectual expertise and eclectic communications are seriously enhanced if born after June 11th. You will be assertive in your beliefs and your thinking and will deliver effectively.

However all May born Geminis may find that in the last 2 weeks family members and domestic issues may not run too smoothly and obstructive forces are in the air. You must try and be aware of not being a bull (or twins) in a china shop.

Jupiter is currently subtly protecting finances, even if work does feel a little like an uphill struggle currently.

Uranus is enhancing of the energies now of those born May 28th to June 1st. He is bringing an extra desire to be humanitarian, slightly maverick or even revolutionary in goals, which you pursue with others. Friends and people you meet are catalysts for awakening and enlightening now and bring new consciousness. You want change; intelligent innovation in life and you can be a catalyst for this for self and others.

Finally for those born May 23rd-26th, you still have Neptune on your case.. You must finally acknowledge the power of your heart and soul which now needs honouring as much as your pure rationality. Your work needs to reflect this.. Confusions and deceptions are in the air Remember, lies walk on only one leg; even the ones you tell yourself.

CANCER June 21st - July 21st

October is a time for nesting and enjoying home and family, and domestic issues are often quite celebratory. Before the 7th all born after July 14th have got Venus very much on their side and aesthetic abilities and romantic interests dominate.

However after the 21st if born up to July 12th there is a danger of definite miscommunications in a romantic or creative context. People turning up in the wrong place at the wrong time could ruin dates, and also communications with offspring can get skewed through lack of clarity. After the 21st it is all systems go for a very satisfying harmony re communications.

Much energy may be invested by many of you and successfully, so in financial security issues before the 15th.

Jupiter in your sign still is now very welcome for those born July 10th to 14th. He is sitting right on your Sun bringing real bonuses of bounty, optimism, luck, internal or external growth and a potential for great travel. He is also optimising health and work opportunities.

Even Saturn is working well for those born July 1st to 6th by affording a measured, sensible, mature attitude in relationships and creative issues, which assure later success.

Uranus is a little troublesome if born in the first two days of July, as is Pluto still. All is still in flux and as I constantly say, hang loose, go with the flow and don’t try and control too much. This is a long journey that will ultimately lead to a new, more liberated life, even if some power struggles have to be endured to get there, but be humble, contained, dignified and draw boundaries. Detach!

Neptune meanwhile is bringing dreams of escape to the sea, or a spiritual longing of some sort at the least he is bringing the gift of true empathy and compassion and the power of your heart knows no bounds. Music/film is a healing gift for you now. This is true for the next 6 months.

LEO July 22nd - August 22nd

Leos need to use this month if they can, to effectively clear up any misunderstandings and to sell their case by excellent clear communication, which may have to be focused on to avoid muisunderstanding. But importantly, in terms of family and domestic and real estate issues, progress is definitely going to be much more likely if pursued before the 21st. There is a great risk of miscommunication, failure of appreciation of detail, poor connections with others and even of total breakdown in relationship discourse after the 21st. This is temporary and can be ameliorated from November 10th

However before the 7th if born after August 15th, there can be some happy family connection, but beware of over-spending domestically or indeed over-indulgence generally. After the 7th, Venus in Sagittarius can expand romantic and creative drives happily, for all born up to August 19th. It can also bring some harmony and happiness notably re offspring.

Before the 15th all born after August 13th have Mars in their sign which gives them drive, assertiveness, physical, spiritual and psychological energy, but stubbornness and excessive pride can be counter-productive.

Saturn is a little troublesome now if born August 2nd to 6th; especially re family members who may be presenting you with some home truths and you have to face some logistical and practical challenges re real estate/home/family issues. You can’t kick this particular can down the road now. This is a time to face some personal Karma too, in some way.

Uranus still, and for the long haul, is in compatible to you Aries. Currently he is positively targeting those born August 1st-4th. . This influence remains till March next year and is a rare event. The purpose of Uranus is to awaken you to the new and the innovative and to liberate you from the old and outworn, both in terms of inner fears and outer circumstances. These circumstances may emanate from new thinking that is very much more outside your usual box and also from long distance sources. Intuition and super conscious awareness is being awakened. New awareness intellectually, spiritually and geographically are calling.

VIRGO August 23rd - September 21st

This is a time for enhancing personal security, notably around the 25th and 26th and late month, but do beware around the 3rd and 4th when others are unpredictable around money.

Before the 21st Mercury will be very effective for all born up to September 12th in terms of ease of communication, wisdom and in getting really heard. However after the 21st things get a little bit chaotic. Transport and technology may let you down, so double check.

Before the 7th all born after September 14th have the power of charm and the power of love on their side when with others. After the 7th much energy can be put into enhancing aesthetically your domestic environment, notably if born up to September 18th.

Before the 15th Mars in your solar 12th house is a warning to all of you to be aware of not repressing anger and not holding resentment. If you do, it will cause eruptions later. It is important to get any frustrations out calmly at right time, right place, and right person.

After the 15th Mars in your own sign, is a good period for all born up to September 3rd for ambition, drive and constructive energy used, and you will not be as self-effacing as usual

Jupiter provides a useful energy for intelligently betterment now if born September 10th to 14th. Friends can be helpful and vice versa, and networking prove fruitful. Benevolence is around.

Pluto continues to empower those born 1st to 3rd September, especially creatively and romantically, and Saturn is helping all born round 2nd to 7th to be grounded and mature in response to life. It is necessary.

Neptune is still haunting those born August 26th to 28th. He still bring confusion and smoke and mirrors around relationship issues. You are not necessarily seeing clearly but through rose-coloured spectacles, and there is a danger of other people misrepresenting themselves in some context, consciously or unconsciously. Check facts, small print and get others’ opinion, but for those involved in the creative world, it can be truly inspiring.

LIBRA September 22nd - October 23rd

This is your solar return month so it is a time in theory when one can take the stage a little. However strong planetary focus also on Scorpio this month, suggests that it is also a time when many of you will be working productively on financial security and reassessing value systems. Before the 21st is the best time to sort out financial conundrums and to organise them wisely, as after the 21st that cheque will not be in the post and there can be all sorts of smoke and mirrors re cash. However before the 7th Venus in Scorpio suggests money luck .

After the 7th all born up to October 20th have extra emotional wisdom connected to their communications with other people. It is also very positive for dealings with siblings.

Mars is very compatible now with all born after October 14th.  He brings good social functioning and effectiveness in every context. He also makes you pioneering and zealous in working hard for what you are passionate about. Intelligent energy is yours to use effectively.

Uranus however is creating some disruption still in the lives of those born around October 2nd to 5th, which may emanate from other people’s restlessness. They are catalysts for changing your life, even though it is uncomfortable, but you are being drawn to people from very different backgrounds and with different interests to what you have had before. They are all opening your eyes. Just know that whatever Uranus is bringing, even if disorienting, is ultimately a kick-start into a better future. This will be particularly strong around the 3rd and 4th.

Pluto meanwhile is challenging this same group to see that a certainty in life is change and is part of your life right now. You have to deal with a very profound understanding of needs and powers that you want to access within and this can cause some power struggles externally, reflecting some struggles internally. The new Moon falls on the 5th directly affects those born October 4th-6th. Initiate the new then, whereas if born October 18th-20th, on the eclipse of the 18th, there may well be some event that makes you wake up and smell the coffee.

SCORPIO October 24th – November 21st

When the Sun is in your solar 12th house as it is in October, it is a time for a bit of retreat, a communing with self, and a review perhaps of your past and even a reconnection with it.

Mercury is powerful in your sign all month and is most affecting those born up to November 12th. However Mercury’s move into retrograde motion on the 21st suggests that you should ensure that you can effectively get your communications clearly understood before then, as later there can be communication breakdown. Phone, Internet, mail, can cause problems

Venus in your sign up till the 7th brings increased magnetism for all born after November 14th. You are like a flame to a moth then, when it comes to romance, and affections are enhanced.

However Mars is squaring the Suns of this same group before the 15th, which suggests that you will also simultaneously have some war-like potential because of intransigence of stance, possibly in career and anger and frustration can be in the air. Someone has to compromise.

After the 15th if born up to November 3rd, your leadership skills and ability to coordinate others with intelligence is enhanced.

Blessed are those born November 10th to 14th as Jupiter is really encouraging travel and bringing great wisdom in consciousness. Protection and growth is around.

However Saturn, still in your sign of course, is now fixating on those born November 2nd to 7th. For this group it is important to look after the health and not take it for granted. It is a time of blocks and restrictions, but essentially hard, self-disciplined, austere work and patience is required. Reality checks abound, but have the humility to embrace them. Pluto, your ruler is still empowering those born November 1st –3rd, excellent insight is yours and the powers of your intelligent will to reinvent self is significant.

 Also Neptune is creating much extra emotional response from those born October 25th –28th. Idealism in romance and creative genius abounds.

SAGITTARIUS November 22nd - December 21st

 This can be a very sociable period for many of you and when you can really take part in collective goals successfully. After the 21st, as Mercury is in your solar 12th house, many of you will be feeling a little disorientated and alienated from others, and certainly it is important before the 21st to get important messages rubber stamped to clarify all information and not isolate yourself too much. After the 21st you may also feel a little more sociable.

After the 7th when Venus enters your sign, all born up to December 18th have a very romantic input and you are looking good, feeling good and your sociability grows. Extra charisma draws people to you and your charms enhance working life.

Before the 15th, Mars in Leo, a compatible fire sign to your own, is bringing greater drive, energy and confidence to all born after December 12th, particularly re long-distance projects, communications and in intellectual strength.

Uranus is undoubtedly still activating in a very positive way the energies of those born December 1st to 4th. You are eager for change, excitement, adventure, and innovation and for leaping into a new future, particularly creatively. Issues around the arts, sociability and offspring are likely to have an element of surprise and is liberating in some way. The maverick in you is strong but positively expressed. Intuition should not be ignored either. You are being more confident in the authentic you and being liberated from old fears.

Neptune however remains a smoke and mirror-bringing planet now if born November 24th –27th. Uncertainties, idealism, confusion and potential self deception is in the air..Make no definitive decisions till at least early next year, when the fog clears a bit This is also a time when you are vulnerable to seeing others as you want to see them, not necessarily clearly, as they are. Escapism and excessive self-indulgence will not help.

CAPRICORN December 22nd - January 19th

It is full-on work focus for many of you, although it might be accompanied by some weariness.

For all born up to January 11th, there is a need to ensure that all communications with and messages to friends, particularly when organising any projects communally get through at the right time, right place and to the right people. If friends are flaky after the 21st, it is temporary,  It is best for all to get important messages rubber-stamped before the 21st.
However, before the 7th if born after January 12th friends and love life can be very pleasing.
Before the 15th,, for all, energy put into dealing courageously with finances work well for you.
 After the 15th if born up to January 1st, energy can be put very productively into travel and intellectual pursuits.
 Jupiter is opposing the Suns now of those born January 8th to 12th. He is bringing bonuses, self-indulgence and good people into your life, either with foreign connections or with great wisdom. People are returning good karma to you. Relationships can flourish, but don’t over expand; have some caution.

However obligation and duty and a grown-up approach to friendship is needed if born January 1st to 5th. Maturity and a measured response is possible and helpful.

Uranus however is affecting those born December 30th to January 2nd, with an influence of a bit of craziness. The unexpected and left field are in the air, particularly domestically. You feel restless, rebellious and adrenalized. Don’t be impulsive; hang loose and go with the flow.

Pluto in your sign is still bringing impact also if born around December 31st. This is rare and has powerful potential for transformation and regeneration of life, IF you use the power wisely for the greater good with a good conscience and consciousness. Ends of chapters are in the air. Neptune continues to enhance sensitivities and compassion and also creative inspiration if born December 23-26th

AQUARIUS January 20th - February 18th

Libra representing your solar 9th house suggests that this is an excellent month for travel and indeed for enhancing the mind. Long-distance contacts are beneficial and dreams are meaningful

For many of you it is recommended that you deal with important communications in your working life and with authority figures before the 21st as thereafter, much misunderstanding, frustration and alienation can be felt, notably if born up to February 8th.

However many of you born after February 10th are able to use your charms successfully at work, but beware a little hypocrisy and sycophancy.

After the 7th if born up to February 15th social life is tipped to be at the least pleasant.

Around the 4th many of you may feel the unexpected in the air and eureka moments can be positive but be flexible.

 However, Mars is in your opposite sign of Leo until the 15th and therefore all born after February 9th will definitely be experiencing some sense that other people are a little confrontational. Your own stubbornness will not help and there can be a bit of a standoff. Try and ameliorate the issue.

Saturn is bringing some internal challenge to all born January 30th to February 3rd. Pressures from work, or uncertainties and lack of confidence can haunt you. Get rest, look after the body and bite some bullets: do what is necessary. Face the fear and do it anyway.

However Uranus is harmonising with the energy of this same group. Uranus being your ruler, so strong in influence, suggests some real intuition is yours now and there are wake-up moments to truths that are liberating. Career issues are a little bit more fruitful after the 23rd.

PISCES February 19th - 20th March

This a time when you can very proactively focus on rationalising complex financial issues, and there is a need for many of you to be cautious around the 3rd and 4th when the unexpected re finances can be a little disorientating, but the 25th and 26th can be inspiring, notably money wise. Also it is a time for intensity in relationships –nothing shallow will do.

Mercury in Scorpio all month points to enhanced learning, especially for all born up to March 10th. Intellectual focus and a more super conscious awareness grow successfully. Travel too inspires

However on the 21st Mercury moves retrograde, which suggests that before that date things that need clarity and communications that need to be accurate should be made before then. Thereafter, confusion and delay can reign. It is also, after the 21st possible that travel will be problematic, in terms of delays etc.

Venus in Scorpio is a very romantic input, particularly if combined with education and travel, for all born after March 12th.

After the 15th if born any time up to March 1st, beware that there will be some assertive people around. War drums are audible and irritations can present themselves. Over-assertiveness is in the air in relationships.

Jupiter enhances the lives now of those born March 8th to 11th, bringing creative ability, fun,  a party spirit and romantic bonuses.

Saturn brings a measured seriousness if born March 1st to 5th. Travel can be dutiful, learning and focus is needed for long-term gain, and Pluto continues to empower all born February 28th and March 1st especially in a group situation and your determination and incisive intelligence gets you heard. If born Feb. 21-24th, Neptune’s powerful influence now warns of keeping grounded whilst using your hypersensitivity to enhance the planet,