Sunday, 1 June 2014


                               by Leigh Oswald (London-based Astrologer and Teacher)

Mars is returning to the same degrees of the zodiac as he occupied in late April, early May; a very difficult place, as he is once again opposing Uranus and squaring Pluto, creating a rather harsh T-square. This is triggering the Uranus square Pluto configuration that we have been haunted by for several years, suggesting more uprisings and some chaos socio-politically of an increased nature in the world. Recent European election results are reflecting more extremist stances becoming more underlined, whether it is the Syriza party in Greece, or UKIP in Britain or Marie le Pen’s party in France.  Mars, now so afflicted, is creating a collective anger against the status quo that is often irrational and opportunistic and which can be directed at easy/obvious targets, whilst the steady leviathan of abusive power in the big corporate structures continues happily unabated and largely out of the public eye

Invisible forces are so much harder to understand or fight than conveniently created visible ones.

Unrest is inevitable and called for, as the powers that be ignore certain elephants in the room, notably the non sustainability of an ongoing turbo capitalist driven growth, fuelled by the destruction of the earth’s natural living systems by meta corporate power, in pursuit of every last drop of oil, coal and gas.

This however seems to be a tacitly agreed taboo subject. It is truly an inconvenient truth.

In the collective unconscious we all know the totally unacceptable end result of continuing to live, worshipping at the altar of growth/ materialism, but it is hard to articulate or confront honestly.

The people serve capitalism now; capitalism does not serve the people, as once it did; and that is largely what is creating so much unrest, as reflected in the ongoing astrological Pluto squaring Uranus, currently triggered so powerfully by the direct Mars factor.

Mars in Libra is about fighting for justice and fairness, as perceived by the individual involved, which is obviously very subjective. Mars however, in its current astrological configuration, is also explosive and accident-prone and its energies can correlate with some significant disruptive turbulence both geo-politically and geo –physically.

Volcanic eruptions /earthquakes are probably more likely this month.

Nature will be our ultimate master.

Hopefully as Neptune catches up to harmonise with Pluto, there will be some balance acquired and a greater sense of compassion for the planet, but it may take some significant shocks, in terms of climate change intensity and speed and its fallout, to make palliative action a necessity.

Mercury famously moves rerograde on the 7th, and stays in reverse mode till the July 2nd . When he retreats it is a time commonly experienced as things being blocked delayed or simply put on hold . Patience is demanded. However his real purpose is to offer a chance to rethink, revisit issues, review our goals, priorities and strategies and make changes accordingly, in order to improve our future somehow.

The USA Chart is facing challenges from Pluto and Uranus, which will haunt it for some 18 months to come. This will seriously challenge its economic model, as growing economic inequality becomes a serious cause for concern amongst the population.  Also foreign policy (or lack of it) will become subject to increasing controversy.

However apart from this energy, which will be very strong around mid-month, there are some very positive and productive transits, and people pressure will go a long way to overpower some of the more ruthless influences on our planet.

Innovation and scientific breakthroughs are likely around the 6th, the arts are favoured around the 4th, harmony may prevail around the 18th and inspiration and increased compassion is underlined from around the 29th.

Some disillusionment and reality checks however are strong around the 13th at the same time as Mars, Uranus and Pluto are so active.

The full Moon falls on the 13th at 22° of Sagittarius and the new Moon on the 27th falls at 5° of Cancer. 

Full moons bring dénouements and eruptions from deep within the individual and collective unconscious. Endings of chapters are heralded and a reaping of consequences is flagged up. The new Moon, by contrast, suggests the birth of the new and a sowing of new potential for the future.

ARIES March 21st - April 20th

Your curiosity and intellectual ability is tweaked and good communications are a bonus this month. Mercury retrograde however from the 7th will suggest that you need to be aware that sometimes computers, cell phones, transport can be a little less than reliable, notably from the 17th, and between the 7th and 17th double check that arrangements within the family and domestic context are understood and clear.

Before the 23rd Venus in your solar 2nd house can be advantageous financially, and after the 23rd heart and brain combine to win people over.

Jupiter is currently squaring the Suns of those of you born April 9th-17th.  There’s a sense of extravagance for this group, not least in the arena of real estate and family expenditure. Self-indulgence abounds, but good times are in the air. A little moderation and a downgrading of complacency and over reaching however will not go amiss.

Mars will be in your opposite sign of Libra all month, exactly opposing the Suns of those born March 29th to April 8th. Because he is notoriously in such conflict with Pluto and Uranus this month, particularly mid-month, this group of Aries may find a little bit of turmoil is re-enacted in their life, as was true last April/May.

This group will find other people are confrontational. You will be restless and volatile. There is a fear of being controlled and the ingredients are potentially quite explosive. What matters is that you maintain equilibrium, are not too impulsive, that you keep your temper in check, but without repression. Keep calm, cool, look deeply inside yourself to understand what buttons are being pressed about your fears and sense of security. Avoiding impulsive reactions and decisions is a good plan. Be conscious and rise above power games and manipulation.  Draw lines around those who would use such subversive techniques. This is a time of change and it will go well if you are controlled and conscious.  Watch out for purity of motive.

TAURUS April 21ST - May 20th

Focus on money can be constructive and productive this month and there is a potential feeling of the unexpected in terms of gain.

However Mercury moving retrograde from the 7th suggests, particularly after the 17th that finances slow down in some way and there may be a need to rethink, just as there may well be some payments that are not forthcoming.

Before the 23rd, your ruler Venus is in your sign, and for all of you there will be a sense of feeling good, looking good, and your own personal allure and charisma is strong. After the 23rd, finances are supported by these charms.

Energy abounds in working life, which is helpful, and Jupiter smiles on those born May 10th to 19th. Intelligence is strong, communications are successful, giving presentations and getting heard brings progress. Intelligent use of luck can further your life. Travel too can be positive.

However Saturn in your opposite sign of Scorpio is also bringing a few trials and tribulations to those born May 6th to 10th. Others are demanding, duty is on the cards, tiredness envelopes you and it is a time to make some decisions about the validity of certain relationships in your life, how much are some significant people in your life genuinely good teachers and how much are a needless oppression. Karma is boomeranging back to you in some way and karmic obligations do seem apparent.

Neptune now favours those born April 27th-29th. Friends are very supportive, sensitive and there is a new sense of empathy and a real connection with others. Your inspiration both creatively and in terms of . Nature inspires you as does being near the sea and music heals.

Pluto however is very positive if born May 2nd to 5th. He is bringing wisdom, growth, profundity of understanding, depth and a sense of regenerative empowerment and almost a sense of destiny is in the air.

GEMINI May 21st - June 20th

Your month with a time for celebration, particularly after the 23rd when Venus is also in your sign and those born in May can really feel the power of love life and happy creativity.

However your ruler Mercury is retrograde from the 7th suggesting that some of you before the 17th will find that finances are definitely in a state of uncertainty. There will be delays and that cheque will not be in the post, and after the 17th, particularly if born after June 14th will definitely feel that they are on another planet when it comes to talking to others and so much will have to be repeated and so much will not happen, as you would have like it to. Hiccups related to technology can abound.

Mars is on your side if born May 30th to June 9th. He is encouraging a life force of energy that is very harmonious, connected to love life, the arts and speculative ventures. You feel alive and intelligent in your energies. When it comes to offspring/creative energies are very positive

Uranus is for those born June 5th to 8th bringing excitement and innovation from friends and it is making your more humanitarian in instinct. New projects, new directions are there for the taking. Trust your intuition and recognise a more divergent or lateral advantage growing in your viewpoint.

Neptune is creating a sort of slight of hand affect for those born May 28th-30th.  You may feel unsafe, uncertain or disillusioning, probably in terms of your profession situation. Check you see clearly and avoid gullibility or being taken advantage of .It is also very possible that your heart is crying out to have some greater emotional satisfaction in your work as your feelings are now demanding to be equal to the power of your brain

The full Moon in Sagittarius on the 13th is going to target those born June 13th-15th. For this group there will be some sense on that day of others bring some revelation to your door that reflects what has been developing for some time. This is a clearinghouse of emotional tension and may herald a closing of a chapter.

CANCER June 21st - July 21st

June can be a time accentuating your tendency to want to withdraw a little, to be a little private and to contemplate, and behind-the-scenes issues are important to address.

Mercury retrograde from the 7th, if born June 22nd to 24th, makes one feel a little as though things are put on hold by the end of the first week and indeed for many of you, a feeling of alienation from the world is likely to be experienced, but it is temporary. Communications need to be in private and only with those with whom you feel comfortable and trust.

Before the 23rd however Venus will make you all torn between the demands of friends wishing you to be part of the action, versus a desire for retreat. Try and get balance. After the 23rd you may find that you are comfortable and happy to be in alone and love life can thrive in privacy.

Mars is not too comfortably placed towards the Suns of those born July 1st to 11th. People with whom you share house space may be a little impatient and over-assertive and your own energy may seem to others to be a little overbearing. Caution before action is advised.
Pluto and Uranus mid-month are definitely being activated, causing quite a lot of challenge also for those born July 4th to 9th. The T-square with Mars created is stressful. This is a time of unpredictability, change and some power struggles. Keep a clear conscience, be flexible and know this is the time of growth, brought to your door through necessary stresses. Trust!

However born July 12th to 20th Jupiter is sitting right on your Sun in his once every 12 year visitation. For you, there is luck in love and money and it is great for travel and inner and /or outer growth. Work and health can be protected and enhanced. Just beware over-confidence.

If born July 7th to 12th Saturn lends a cautious hand, making you grounded, measured, and mature in matters of love, children and creativity. Hard work put in now is reward later.

Neptune continues to inspire those born June 28th-30th. Spiritual sensitivity grows.

The new Moon in you sign on the 27th affects those born June 26th-28th. This will be a time of initiating new chapters. You can sow good seeds.

LEO July 22nd - August 22nd

The period ruled by Gemini is positive for Leos when it comes to social life and working with other people. It is also good for humanitarian pursuits. Friendships become particularly poignant and important in your life, but after the 17th when Mercury is very much underway in retrograde motion, are aware that you will need to ensure that you don’t take it personally when friends are a little bit flaky or vague, and certainly check out arrangements for accuracy.

Use the period before the 23rd to show your generosity and charms in your career to your advantage and thereafter, all born up to July 28th will be even more the recipient of a good social life and positive friendship input.

If born August 2nd to 11th Mars is now also currently on your side because your thinking is assertive and constructive and your energies reflect a positive attitude towards life, based on intelligence and harmony.

However for those born August 8th to 12th there is also a strong input from Saturn now, which is forcing you to remember the realities of life and bringing some karma to your door as he did last November/December. Family and karmic issues will not run away. They need addressing and blocks, restrictions, delays, duties and obligations all need to be faced and not kicked into the long grass, but some delays will be temporary. This is also a time to remember that you are not getting any younger, so take care of you body.

However, very positively Uranus is impacting those born August 8th to 10th, so there is another energy at work. Uranus is trying to awaken you to a new future, a necessary one, but it maybe outside your comfort zone, but which will offer a challenge and a chance to individuate. Other countries and long-distance pursuits are definitely inspiring and can be very positive and liberating. Opportunities for further education or metaphysical study can offer some you awakened liberation too

VIRGO August 23rd - September 21st

Focus is very much on career and your public standing this month, even if it feels a little uncomfortable. You need to shine, but from the 7th when Mercury moves retrograde, (and it is your ruling planet) you may well find that frustrations are all around. Don’t push if things just don’t move. Have patience to rethink. All you can do is to ensure that all messages are received correctly and that you receive others’ accurately too.

Before the 23rd Venus is in harmonious angle for all of you and augurs very well for happy holidays; and love life and creative pursuits go hand-in-hand with foreign connections. As always when Mercury is retrograde, check travel schedules.

After the 23rd August born Virgos will have a chance to combine their skills at work with their natural charms, which will be a bonus to you.

Jupiter is in happy connection with all born September 12th to 20th. Friendships and social life are thriving, your goals are being furthered, your leadership skills exploited and your generosity acknowledged. Friends are a particularly positive influence in your life currently.

If born September 8th to 12th a seriousness and incisiveness of thought and a very grounded and measure approach to life serves you very well. Cautiousness is positively employed. Saturn is keeping you in check and pointing you in the right direction.

If born September 4th to 7th your empowerment and transformational ability should not be underestimated, particularly in all matters to do with love life and creativity. This is a time for confidence and self-reinvention as Pluto gives you his rare gift of a sense of destiny, depth, purposeful effectiveness and will.

Neptune however is creating smoke and mirror effects for those born August 29th-31st.
Others are confusing and maybe not what they seem, or you are projecting onto them what you wish to see, being vulnerable to over idealism now. Have a care and get the opinion of grounded people, who have your best interests at heart. Creativity however is inspired.

LIBRA September 22nd - October 23rd

June is an excellent time for vacations and travel, and because Mercury is retrograde from the 7th, be aware that holiday plans and travel schedules can suffer from a few glitches, Between the 7th and 17th professional issues are subject to delays and colleagues can prove tricky, but for those born after October 17th, from the 17th there is also a good chance of you finding the space to successfully review your goals in life, rather than persistently pushing them forward.

Venus after the 23rd is very favourable for all born up to October 3rd. Romance and creative issues can meld well in an international context and travelling with those you love is a very happy combination..

Mars currently is spanning the degrees of 9 to 17 in your sign, affecting directly all born October 2nd to 12th. For this group two possibilities are likely. Your will either be overly assertive or suffer from over-assertion from other people, and impatience is strong and a general sense of confrontation is powerful which can be good. Alternatively It can also give great energy and drive and ambition to achieve what you want to, but the impact on relationships and other people’s moods will be strong. However because of the opposition to Uranus from Mars, currently so powerful in the ether, and also the square to Pluto, (strong T square) around mid-month which affects this same group, volatility and power struggles are potentially in the air. Keep squeaky clean, keep detached, and count to ten. Ensure your motives are spotless.

Many of you will find that others are behaving rather unpredictably and in a rebellious fashion. Others are potentially creating a new future for you, but it can feel uncomfortable, but they are catalysts for ultimately more enlightenment and freedom. Change is a one of the certainties in life. This may be a time when you realise that your battle between self surrender and self assertion is really tested . Being assertive when it is for the greater good may be a must now.

SCORPIO October 24th - November 21st

This is a time of year when you cannot avoid but to get into your natural space of being profound and examining the underbelly of the human condition in order to face some truths of life. Dealing with complex financial issues is also very much part of the picture, as indeed are complex emotional issues.

Mercury however, retrograde from the 7th, means that you need to be very careful when it comes to handling relationships and finances, and to ensure that there isn’t room for confusion and misunderstandings and delays are inevitable.

However before the 23rd Venus in your opposite sign of Taurus augurs well for many of you for having a greater ability for attracting Cupid’s powers to your door, and your consideration of other people is reciprocated. After the 23rd, financial dealings are harmonised because of generosity from you to others and vice-versa.

Jupiter is very positively placed now if born November 12th to 20th. For this group, travel and oversees issues augur very well, as do intellectual pursuits. Higher education flourishes and a sense of well being, growth, luck and wisdom is strong. Positive results are manifesting.

However if born November 8th to 13th, Saturn is sitting right on your Suns again, as he did last November/December. Reality checks are in the air. You have to face facts, work hard, have discipline and patience, and acknowledge karmic boomerangs. It is a time also to look after health and to recognise that sometimes there is no gain without pain.

Pluto your powerful ruler is now in his rare (every aprox 124 years) sextile to the suns of those born November 4th-7th.  He is so affecting this group till the end of next year. The effect is to give a boost to your personal power to be determined, able and passionate, with insight and sense of regeneration with added forensic power to your communications and insight..

Neptune meanwhile is enhancing the idealism and creative and spiritual sensibilities of those born round October 31st. Empathy and emotional responsiveness flourish and people notice.

SAGITTARIUS November 22nd - December 21st

The Sun in your 7th house augurs well for other people being very proactive in your life in a very positive way. Other people will shine for you and bring you benefits. Relationships are important.

However because Mercury is retrograde from the 7th, there will be a danger, particularly after the 17th for those born after December 15th when there can be a sense of alienation from others who just seem to be unable to get where you are coming from, and as ever with Mercury retrograde, it is a time to review and rethink strategy, rather than to move forward, but also to ensure all communications are crystal clear.

However up to the 23rd work and health issues can go very well for many of you and after the 23rd for those born in November and including December 1st, love life takes on a rather fulfilled part of your life and harmony and well-being in relationships abound.

Mars is helpful for all born December 1st to 10th. Leadership skills and working with others to achieve goals, particularly for the greater good, are accentuated and advantaged, and your intelligence and action go hand-in-hand.

If born December 6th to 9th Uranus is bringing excitement connected to romance and/or creative and offspring issues. You are on the verge of a new adventure that is liberating and people who come into your life at this time can be true awakeners and way-showers.

Neptune is creating confusions/illusions and the possibility of some deceptions now, if born November 28th-30th. Things are slowly dissolving in your life making way for the new. Trust the trade winds to guide you through the fog to new territory, but be careful to be grounded and check the small print in everything, including in others.

The full Moon of the 13th falls exactly on the Suns of those born December 14th-16th. This simply implies that this could be a day of some surprise eruptions from within yourself that may have a message for you about a need to close a chapter

CAPRICORN December 22nd - January 19th

June is a good month to rationalise your work situation and to make it more effective and to shine more, and also to take a long, hard look at how you can improve health issues and to maximise your fitness.

Mercury moving retrograde on the 7th will bring a need to recognise that there can be misunderstandings in communications with others and arrangements can go awry unless there is consolidation of detail, and after the 17th when Mercury moves back into Gemini, this is also applicable to work and colleagues. Ensure you are reading from the same page.

However before the 23rd all of you  have Venus in your solar 5th house, suggesting there is potential for romance, fun and creative fulfilment, and fertility is also potentially in the air.

Mars is in not so friendly an angle to your sign now, particularly for those born December 30th to January 9th who will have to be a little aware that others are on the warpath, especially professionally and your impatience and lack of tolerance is at a high point. Don’t rush into things and count to ten before getting into any altercation.

Mid month when Mars activates Uranus and Pluto, many of you born from January 3rd to 9th need to be wary of impulse, temper and avoid risky situations. Issues are being churned up again so as to bring the need for resolution. Neptune however is bringing a little magic to the lives of those born December 29th-31st. Emotional/spiritual and creative change is beautiful.

Jupiter however is very magnificently placed now if born January 10th to 18th. Opposing your Sun, he is bringing opportunities for growth, travel, expansion, but the danger is over-reaching, over-confidence and over everything, and be careful about falling for people who promise you the earth.

The new Moon of the 27th, falls opposite the suns of those born December 27th-29th and suggests for this group that novel circumstances and people and new starts are in the ether.


AQUARIUS January 20th - February 18th

June is an excellent month for your life force; for enjoyment, partying, creative issues, and it  is also good romantically. Time to get out, be seen and to enjoy your own uniqueness

Mercury retrograde does indicate that one should use the first week (before he moves backwards on the 7th) to get work plans organised and underway as after the 7th things may go rather awry and may be frustrating. Use the period after the 7th to rethink strategy.

After the 17th, all born after February 12th have a time to revisit events that happened in the last half of May and to rethink and reorganise issues, ultimately to your benefit.

Before the 23rd many of you may be feeling the need to beautify the home and to ensure that your domestic situation is as you want it, but beware of over-expansion in financial outlay.

After the 23rd all born in January will feel a boost to your romantic charms and the party animal in you is activated.

If born very late January up to February 8th, Mars is very harmonious, bringing a boost to your energy re travel, academic success and philosophical interests, and intelligence and action go hand-in-hand.

Saturn however, is a bit of a benevolent despot if born February 4th to 8th. It is at work where you will feel oppressed and you may feel that you have too much on your plate. Obligation and duty weigh heavy and it is time to consider whether what you are doing is worth it, or whether you need a rethink. Face facts, bite bullets and don’t let low confidence win.

Uranus is in harmonious mode for a long time and currently very strong for those born February 3rd to 6th and as Uranus is your ruler, this is a particularly potent one. He is bringing the best of your intellect to the fore which is based on the fact that your intuition is sharper now and possibly more than ever before, and your ability to think outside the box, to think divergently and to be certain of getting yourself kick-started into a newer and better future that reflects your uniqueness and gifts is certainly strong now.

PISCES February 19th - March 20th

Focus will be largely on home and domestic issues – no running away from realities. Mercury moves retrograde on the 7th and before that date those born at the very beginning of Pisces around March 20th/21st have an opportunity to get much achieved before Mercury makes things very difficult to complete and things just get blocked, and from the 17th all born after the 14th March have to be very careful that they articulate their messages very clearly as misunderstandings are in the air.

Before the 23rd most of you will fortunately have the benefit of heart combined with mind and creativity is strong. After the 23rd if born up to February 28th you need to have a care about lack of moderation in spending especially connected to real estate.  Indeed Mars position suggests some of you may find yourselves forced to deal with complex money matters.

Jupiter however smiles benignly on those born March 10th to 18th. He brings luck and growth in love, creativity, children’s issues and travel. A distinct feeling of well being is around.

Meanwhile if born March 6th to 10th, obligation and duty is your master, and hard work of an academic/philosophical sort is requested of you and dutiful travel is in the air.

Your ruler Neptune moves retrograde in your own sign on the 9th suggesting that for all born around February 25th to 27th there is a period of increased desire for retreat and sensitivities strengthen. This group are in evolutionary mode: a metamorphosis of sorts. Go with the journey, but keep a handle on life.

However if born March 2nd –5th, Pluto is currently bringing a real sense of intellectual power to your grasp. You are looking into things deeply and forensically. You are able to empower your self and others via a very strong sense of purpose or even a sense of destiny and you can bounce back from problems and reinvent yourself through a new transformational sense of mind over matter.