Monday, 1 July 2013


by Leigh Oswald (London-based Astrologer and Teacher)

This is the month of Cancer and as a result, focus can be quite significantly on the United States, which a Cancerian country, but importantly with Mercury retrograde in Cancer, up until the 20th there will be a feeling of everything being on hold until that date and there is room for us all personally and globally to suffer from frustrations, miscommunications and blocks. When Mercury is retrograde we have to remember that sometimes the timing of the universe is wiser than us (not hard) and takes precedence over our own desir

Saturn currently in Scorpio moves direct on the 8th, having been retrograde since February 18th which would suggest that there are a lot of things that can start to feel more controllable on the planet and a sense that we will feel less a victim of circumstances personally and collectively.

Hopefully, with Jupiter now establishing himself in Cancer, the desire to be more nurturing and caring towards planet Earth and indeed our fellow humans, will be a growing part of the collective unconscious. Neptune in it’s home ground of Pisces (the opposite sign to Virgo) is definitely awakening the collective unconscious awareness of the distorted values that have come to dominate us globally i.e. the power of money and materialism that have eclipsed the value of the natural world. The mass demonstration in Brazil (Virgo country), which has a flourishing economy, is testament to the consciousness that just money is not the answer (especially when confined to the hands of a few and used for showcasing power only) and value systems need readdressing. Virgo is about purity and service and has a respect for nature. Similarly in Turkey, also a Virgo country, demonstrations have been sparked because of rampant development being pushed through in an area of a rare natural Green Park in Istanbul. This uprising again reflects an instinct for being on the side of the natural world in the archetypal battle that is raging globally between man and nature. We all need the input of nature for mental, physical and spiritual health; otherwise we can suffer from “nature deficit disorder.” Neptune in Pisces is indeed ensuring we have an awakening reverence for our rapidly diminishing natural world.  If we don’t, nature will have the last laugh, and it will be fairly cataclysmic.

The good news however is that Saturn and Jupiter are now absolutely harmonising with Neptune in a grand trine configuration (exact mid month). Neptune is about inspiration and idealism and has a spiritual dimension as well as a very creative one, and indeed also an empathetic one. Saturn is about discipline, hard work and pragmatism and Jupiter is about protection and opportunity for growth. Put the three together in harmony and great achievements can be manifest through will, conviction, and luck and disciplined inspiration. We have a short window to get the wise balance between money/man and nature.

Saturn in forensic Scorpio, which is all about digging to expose uncomfortable truths, continues on his watch to oversee a huge period of revelations about corruption and misuse of power in the various bastions of the establishment, whether related to exposure re the Catholic church, the police force, politicians, the financial world or government backed surveillance as in the Edward Snowden whistle blowing case.  Looking into the dark to try and reach the light and to effect redress is Scorpio’s job.  Saturn, the karmic schoolteacher, in Scorpio, represents the necessity principle to get this particular job done.

An bizarre cosmic occurrence is about to happen this summer. A massive gas cloud is being sucked into the gravitational pull of the black hole at our Galactic Centre, which lies at approximately 26 degrees of Sagittarius. This cloud will be sucked into the black hole into whatever lies beyond. This is a rare event not recorded by astronomers before. How it will affect the astrological picture is up for guesses, but all who have planets or significant birth chart points (Ascendant or Midheaven) at 26 degrees of Sagittarius, may possibly be aware of some effect.

Days when there is a potential stand off of power and the unexpected lies in the first 4 days of the month. Days when the arts are favoured and more sensitivity is pronounced are the 18th, 20th and 26th. Pioneering, zealous and confident energy abounds on the 22nd.

The New Moon is on the 8th at 16 degrees of Gemini and the Full Moon occurs on the 22nd/ 23rd in the 1st degree of Aquarius.

 Sow on the new and reap on the full.

ARIES March 21st - April 20th

This month seems to be all about home, family and real estate, and if there is any negotiations going on connected to changes in this area, then after the 22nd things can get signed, sealed and delivered.  Be patient before that point.

Before the 22nd most of you will have a sense of at least enjoying the good things of life. There is an extrovert life force in you and love life can flourish too. After the 22nd focus is on charming your way to progress in your working life.

Also before the 13th many of you born after April 10th are feeling very able in an ability to assess a situation and act wisely. After the 13th though, because your ruler Mars is challenging if born before April 3rd  beware of being like a ram in a china shop, as the goat in you is assertive and family issues need tip-toing round, as there’s a lot of volatility in the air.

There is also a temptation for most March born Aries to be a little extravagant and careless with finances. Moderation needs noting.  Blame Jupiter.

Uranus is in his once every 84-year visitation to the Suns of those born around April 1st to 3rd. This is a time of great change, sitting on the edge of your seat, being pushed into a new future, feeling very restless, very adrenalized, and with an increased predisposition to risk. Do be careful about having too much impulsiveness and don’t be too maverick, but it is a time when your life is meant to go through a certain revolution to do with a belief in a new future. Don’t impulsively push the river however without some forethought.

Pluto is insistent now in the lives of those born March 30th to April 2nd. There’s a feeling possibly of being bullied, or having a power struggle with someone, maybe in authority or in a professional context. Ensure truth is your sword and shield. Endings of chapters are in the air in a fated way and you can show what you are made of, but without abusing power.

TAURUS April 21st - May 20th

Communications with others, wise thinking, good writing ability and positive contact is underlined, particularly constructively so from the 20th when Mercury moves direct. Up to that point, it is very important to double-check that the T’s are crossed and the I’s are dotted, as there is room for misinformation and misunderstanding

After the 22nd all born in April have Cupid activated in your life and a desire to create beauty will be strong and harmony surrounds, as indeed do the good times.

From the 13th, all born up to May 4th have a sense of confidence in asserting oneself

Jupiter is bringing harmony and intelligence induced luck for those born in April. Above all he is bringing intuitive wisdom and insight, and travel seems on the agenda, or at least some planning and preparation for pushing out the boundaries.

Saturn is of course still in your opposite sign of Scorpio, bringing challenges and rather oppressive input and energy from other people, if born around April 24th to 27th. There is a need to decide what this particular lesson about others is all about, whether it is a valid one that you need to accept with humility, or where someone is oppression too far. Blocks and restrictions need patience, as hard work and reality checks are everywhere. Discipline is important and from the 8th things should ease, as you may have more control over events

However with Neptune enhancing the lives of this same exact group of people, there is the possibility of being able to utilise inspiration, compassion and spiritual will to deal with circumstances wisely and creatively.

Pluto is still working rarely and powerfully well for all born April 30th –May 2nd. Regenerative forces at work have long distance connections and your life insight is profound. You guide others well and your own sense of purpose strength, conviction and destiny is strong.

GEMINI May 21st - June 20th

Cancer represents your solar 2nd house, which is all about money, finances and security, which does need some focus, and although that could be a little elusive before the 20th, when your ruler Mercury goes retrograde. The cheque may not be in the post. After that date you can start to get things ship-shape.

Before the 22nd you are able to combine heart with mind, courtesy of Venus and your thinking and communications have charm and are influential.

But importantly, before the 13th, Mars is in your sign, directly activating the energies in a very assertive way of those born after June 11th. For this group be aware that these first two weeks could see you in very competitive mood and very physically activated. Just take it easy, don’t push the boat out too far and be wary of being too full on. Courage and determination is yours to use for positive effect and outcome if conscious of motive and focused.

Jupiter now in Cancer and your solar 2nd house, is going some way towards giving all some sense of at the least protection, or a positive way forward in terms of economic security.

If born May 25th to 28th, Neptune in Pisces, in strong influence now suggests that you need to be sure to check out detail in communications and contracts and be sure you see clearly. There’s a desire to work for a cause that you believe in and your heart and soul now weighs as strongly as logic and brainpower. Get lots of sleep and be aware that you are in a metamorphosis and you have to let the trade winds guide you, but don’t fall for seduction or daydreams.

However if born around June 2nd to 4th Uranus is very much giving a boost to your burning desire for greater freedom and is kick-starting you into a more innovative future. Opportunities are there to be grabbed, courtesy possibly of very good contacts. Your altruistic and. humanitarian instincts are being activated and you are inspired and intuitive in a group role

CANCER June 21st - July 21st

A month to shine and take centre stage, but before the 20th when Mercury is retrograde in your sign, many of you will feel blocked and frustrated as things are not speeding ahead as fast as you want and there seems to be real potential for breakdown of communication, technology, travel hiccups etc. However after the 20th, everything starts to click into place, especially if born up to July 3rd, and you start to intelligently handle people to all’s advantage.

Mars, the planet of war and assertion, moves into your sign on the 13th, suggesting that for all born up to July 5th there will be a sense of feeling very assertive, driven, competitive, ambitious and possibly a little contentious. It could be as a result of some of the frustrations that you are feeling when Mercury is retrograde up to the 20th.

Jupiter is in your sign now, blessing directly in his once every 12-year anointing, all June born Cancerians. For this group, work and health issues are looking protected and positively progressive, as indeed are travel potentials. Feel-good confidence is around you and at the least there are strong mitigating factors.

If born June 25th to 28th, this is a remarkable time for a coming together of perspiration and inspiration to achieve just what you want to achieve, whether it be creatively, spiritually, travel-wise or romantically, but hard work will be very much part of the triumph, and emotional intelligence is yours. However if born around July 4th, you are changeable and unpredictable now. Have moderation, particularly when it comes to work. Hang loose and go with the flow. Change is in the air, just don’t push the river.

Pluto can now bring powerful challenges from others, who coerce you, if born at the beginning of July. Don’t be tainted and recognise dark agendas. Keep squeaky clean yourself

The New moon falls on the 8th in your sign and for those born around June 30th, that day can see the birth of the new. Time to sow for your future.

LEO July 22nd - August 22nd

July is a time for some retreat for many of you, for communing with self and reviewing your past. However before the 22nd Venus in your sign means that all of you will experience added charisma, which draws people to you, and people will be drawing you out of your shell. Indeed after the 20th when Mercury moves direct, some of you will start to feel like communing with the world again as they do seem to be talking your language once more. Prior to the 20th let some retreat not make you feel alienated, but rather allow it to help bring some self-reflection and therefore increased self-awareness,

Don’t however before the 13th, neglect the constructively energising input of friends, notably if born after August 13th.

There is a sort of quiet protection in your life now, as Jupiter from Cancer acts as a very subtle guardian angel for many of you and reversals in life can work to your advantage
However if born July 28th/29th Saturn is on your case, as he was last November and you really has to bite some bullets over family/real estate issues and responsibilities and get real, notably from the 8th.

Fortunately Uranus is being very liberating if born August 4th to 6th. He is inviting exciting, unusual journeys; insights and intuitive wisdom, which can help you, look outside the box and beyond the ego. He is also encouraging a tremendous belief in the ability to set a new agenda for future philosophical frameworks and a desire to be free and uniquely you and to enjoy the innovative.

The full Moon on the 22/23rd falls in the first degree of your opposite sign of Aquarius, suggesting that those born round July 23rd may well face in that period some real home truths from others that is to your benefit ultimately.

VIRGO August 23rd - September 21st

A sociable month is flagged up and networking flourishes, but probably after the 20th you will see the real results blossom, notably if born September 5th to 12th. Before the 20th there could be a bit of flakiness and it is very important to check venues, times and dates with friends.

After the 22nd Venus moves into your sign, suggesting that for all born up to September 4th there will be a sea change in your affairs. You will become much more sociable, out there, attractive, charismatic and your charms will have influence and you will simply look good.

However before the 13th if born September 13th to 15th you will need to be on guard that there will be some irritable people in your orbit, to do with authority and your profession, and you yourself will need to stop and count to ten before reacting. After the 13th your energies are more harmonious, well expressed and contribute towards a social harmony.

All August born Virgos have Jupiter in happy alignment to the Sun which gives intelligent ability to use wisdom to further your progress and certainly brings some very positive input from generous friends. Travel is also highlighted, particularly in a group context.

Those born August 25th to 29th have Neptune creating a sense of uncertainty in relationships. There are some who are drifting off and they may not be as honest with you as they could be, and you’re vulnerable to seeing in other people what you want to see. Beware of rescuing so-called victims and worshipping so-called heroes or heroines. Check the small print always.

However to help out, Saturn is now giving this group sufficient, measured common sense to offset the worse possibilities of Neptune. Positively this is a wonderful time for inspired and creative ability and empathy and compassion, which can be productively expressed.

Meanwhile those born September 1st to 4th can enjoy a renaissance of confidence, determination, self-reinvention and a sense of destiny re romance, offspring and creativity.

LIBRA September 22nd - October 23rd

Your public reputation is important to you this month and you can shine, although you may find yourself reluctantly at the centre of attention, and you have extra ability to have your most effective communications acted upon and to really reach your colleagues powerfully and also to get negotiations and agreements rubber-stamped, but it may well be after the 20th that you feel that you can really achieve this. Before that date you may feel some levels of frustration.

Before the 13th however, if born after October 14th, many of you will be thinking about, or executing travel plans, although with Mercury retrograde, check schedules carefully. At the very least, this group will be feeling then powerful and determined in decisions and confidence wins out.

After the 13th many of you born up to October 4th need to be a little careful about being too much of an iron fist in a velvet glove when dealing with colleagues, and certainly if born in September, beware over-confidence and over-expansion.

Uranus is opposing the Suns now of those born around October 6th/7th. For this group, disruptions, the unpredictable and the left field are coming from other people. Everything is in flux, relationships are a little unstable, and that can be professional and personal. Hang loose, keep flexible, see where this journey takes you, but be prepared for change.

If born October 2nd to 5th you have Pluto squaring their Suns. This is a long visitation, which will be over by the year-end. A desire for freedom and need to get away from those who misuse power is possible, and a need to face up to new starts which may mean walking away from situations. It is about determined self-empowerment, but with humility and recognising when a situation needs to close, or accept a fated ending, to allow the new. Check out your controlling tendencies that can bring aggression from others. Deep buttons are being pressed

SCORPIO October 24th - November21st

July is a wonderful holiday month for Scorpios as it coincides with your solar 9th house of travel. It is also very good for any academic plans. Notably after the 13th however travel is least likely to have any hiccups in schedules etc., and if born between November 5th and 12th, boarding plane boat or train will be especially happy.

For those born up November 4th, after the 22nd social life really takes on a new sense of vigour and success, having done your best to use your charms successfully in your career,
prior to the 22nd.

From the 13th if born up to November 6th, you are very ideologically driven, pioneering and zealous and can persuade others of you viewpoint

If born October 27th to 30th, Saturn is sitting directly on your Sun at the moment, indeed as he did in November. For this group there are tests that are awaiting you, relating to discipline, patience, loyalty and some reality checks that you need to take on board and not run away from. Hard work, facing facts, doing what is necessary is the order of the day. However you are fortunate to have Jupiter protecting you and indeed all October born Scorpios have Jupiter bringing mitigating factors, encouraging travel, wisdom and a sense of confidence despite any challenges.

Neptune is also very much helping even the Saturn-grappling group with inspiration to know just how, when and where to act for the best outcome, and this, combined with discipline, suggests great feats are possible.

If born November 1st to 4th, your ruler Pluto is giving you the power, the will, determination, belief and insight and you can get heard effectively and this wins you admiration. Incisive intelligence and power is yours. Use effectively for all, not just for self.

SAGITTARIUS November 22nd -December 21st

This may be a period to take a long, hard look at complex financial issues and to try and rationalise them to some extent and to ensure that all is fair in that area. It is also a time to deal head-on with some of the more complex and profounder issues that are affecting relationships with honesty, and notably after the 20th, when communications receive a boost in terms of directness and effectiveness.

Before the 22nd Venus in Leo is, for all of you, bringing the possibility of love and travel going hand-in-hand and a feeling of general harmony.

However before the 13th, if born after December 12th, there are some people who are a little bit on the over-assertive side and who are challenging you in some way, so tread carefully.

For all born around December 3rd to 5th, Uranus trining your Sun now is bringing a new and exciting chapter into your life, particularly related to romance, the creative arts and offspring issues. The need for a new diversion and new innovation in your life can be satisfied, and you are more confident in your own uniqueness than usual. Trust your intuition.

However if born around November 26th to 29th, Neptune is creating a little bit of fog around you and your goals. There are some uncertainties around and you feel a little bit as though you are floating from one manifestation of being to another. The dissolving of ties, values and certainties is subtle, but underway. It is a time when you want to follow your heart and your dreams, and to also some extent to downgrade your ego. This is a journey that will last probably to the beginning of 2015 and it is a very good time to let yourself float and see where your journey takes you, even though there seems to be a lack of compass. You are in metamorphosis for the better. Meantime don’t fall for wild fantasies without checking facts.

CAPRICORN December 22nd - January 19th

This month is focused around relationships, because of emphasis on the opposite sign of Cancer, and for many it may be not until after the 20th when relationship issues start to smooth. Before that point there can be misunderstandings and failed communications

After the 13th, Mars in Cancer warns all born up to January 4th that there are people on the warpath during this period with potential friction, which can be of the passive/aggressive kind.

However if born December 22nd to 30th, Jupiter opposing your Sun brings a sense of over-the-top enjoyment and indulgence, particularly related to others. It is a time of luck and happiness but a little moderation will not go astray, particularly if taking a leap into a new relationship but there are good people around you who are encouraging a sense of optimism and positivity. Travel too can be extravagant and enjoyable.

If born December 25th to 28th Neptune is enhancing thought by adding emotional intelligence and bringing extra sensitivity in your communications. It is good for the arts, music, and being near the sea soothes.  Saturn also brings patience, discipline and maturity to achieve what is necessary in a constructive, long-lasting  way.

Pluto is directly impacting those born December 30th to January 2nd. This very rare transit is very testing of your wise use of power and although power may be thrust upon you, humility is necessary. Change of some significance is in the air as the old dies and the new is born.

If born January 2nd to 4th, Uranus is making you restless. Disruptive circumstances and surprises that are very left field, possibly domestically, are forcing you to wake up and smell the coffee, and a need to take a leap into a less fearful and conservative future is in the air.

The New moon in your opposite sign of Cancer on the 8th directly influences those born round Jan. 6-8th. Look out for new opportunities and new chapters re others.

AQUARIUS January 20th - February 18th

This is a great opportunity this month for you all to rationalise your work space and organisation, and to focus strongly on pursuing professional success on a more routine level, although many of you may find that after the 20th things start to move much more satisfactorily as Mercury moves direct finally on that date. Hiccups and complications dissipate.

Before the 22nd, all born after January 24th have Venus enhancing their relationships, bringing a very strong sense of love, affection and a romantic frisson into your life.

Before the 13th, if born after February 9th, Mars is lending a strong intelligent energy which can be exerted very effectively relating to offspring’s’ issues, creative issues and the handling of romance wisely and enthusiastically. Constructive drive is strong.

However for all born January 24th to 27th there is a Saturnine influence now that demands maturity and doing what is necessary to put right what may not be quite working. No pain, no gain is Saturn’s message. It is also a time to look after the body and remember that you are not getting younger, and work responsibilities and obligations may be onerous. Biting the bullet is very much what Saturn demands, for future gains..

However, if born around January 31st to February 2nd, Uranus is very much on your side, bringing into sharp focus your intuition, your maverick side and your innovative instincts. This is a time for greater freedom, thinking outside the box, believing in your own individuality and having opportunities to take a leap into a better future.

The full Moon falls in your sign on the 22nd/23rd, directly affecting those born at the very beginning of Aquarius around January 20th/21st.  This group may find that this period is a time of eruptive truths that emerge connected to relationships; and the unconscious will not then be easily quieted..

PISCES February 19th - March 20th

This is an excellent month for all Pisceans as romance and creativity are very much emphasised. The joy of life and a celebration of living is in the air. For some of you however the best period for this will be after the 20th when Mercury moves direct, particularly if born March 3rd to 10th.  Things then become less fraught with delay

After the 13th if born up to March the 4th, there’s an almost predatory energy to achieve re romance in a constructive way and confidence and ability in creative abilities is underlined.

Jupiter in Cancer now is also favourable for all born in February. Again luck, confidence and productivity are all connected with creativity, and love life and general fertility is underlined.

After the 22nd all born up to March 2nd have Venus in your solar 7th house, bringing a lot of activated admiration and affection into your life, both given and received.

Neptune in your sign is now exactly, in his once every 165-year visitation, sitting on the Suns of those born February 22nd to 25th. For this group there is an exquisite sensitivity born and for some it can also be slightly painful. This makes you almost feel as if you have lost your boundaries and it does put you in touch with spiritual and creative purity, and there may even be a sense of great compassion and empathy, which takes you over. Don’t be escapist in order to avoid sensitivity, but use this quality to uplift those around you through your understanding and almost psychic powers now, and because Saturn is also trining your Sun at the same time, you can really combine hard work and discipline to make the ideal work, particularly connected to long-distance and academic issues. What you envisage in your imagination, you can work hard to achieve, both in humanitarian issues and creative ones.

Pluto is very supportive of those born February 27th to March 2nd. He brings a great ability to take a leadership role and is enhancing your sense of self- reinvention and gives a sense of destiny. This is a rare, powerful opportunity to regenerate and transform self and others.