Friday, 1 August 2014


By   Leigh Oswald .  (London based astrologer and teacher)

Jupiter now established in Leo is bringing extra pride; confidence and a rather ego-centric approach to nations who want to prove their might or their worth, notably in the Middle East. A bit of peacock arrogance is in the air, with much posturing, especially as Leo is the Sun sign of the month. Mercury too is in that sign until the 15th and dogma prevails, as does a “divine right of kings” in attitude

Also, adding to this intensity is Mars, who moved into Scorpio late last month (another fixed sign like Leo; very intractable), and also importantly, Mars, for the first week is in square alignment to the Sun, Mercury and Jupiter. All this combined and we have a global seriously difficult time, in terms of potential significant abuse of power and wanton aggression.

Mars in Scorpio is one of the most powerful planetary positions. It is ruthless, intense, dogged, obsessive, whether for great good or the opposite (only too often). It takes no prisoners and when squaring the Sun, the willingness to go into battle is only too strong, with no compromise, and as long as it takes. Syria is reputed to be ruled by Scorpio as are the cities of Washington DC, Cincinnati, Baltimore, New Orleans and in the UK; the cities of Liverpool and Newcastle. Any of these cities may feel some intensity, not least the Obama administration in Washington DC.

Early month brings globally a sense of blind confidence and arrogance and hubristic behaviour and at the least a “used car salesman” attitude being perpetrated in our political establishments.

The last week of the month is also not easy when Mars conjuncts Saturn and Venus square up to that conjunction. Also the Sun will oppose Neptune, all of which points to some wilful blindness, smoke and mirrors, stubborn intransigence and rather unintelligent daring, if not plain, ruthless greed.

Leo is the sign of the lion; the king of the beasts, and just as its ruler the Sun is at the centre of the solar system, so too do Leos tend to be centre stage. Many leaders, those in positions of power and actors have strong Leo input in their chart. David Cameron (Sun and ascendant, in Libra) has his Moon in Leo, which rules his career point (the Midheaven) conjunct his Jupiter in Leo and his Mars is in Leo too.

Obama (Leo, with Aquarius rising) does have some challenges mid month when Mars squares his ascendant.

Also, the full Moon falls on the 10th at 18°of Aquarius and is then exactly on the rising degree of Obama’s chart. This will be a very tough time for him.
More positive days however are the 2nd and 3rd when Mercury conjuncts Jupiter, the 21st and 22nd when Mercury trines Pluto, and the 7th and 15th/16th when Mars harmonises respectively with Neptune and Pluto. The visionary, the new and the healing may well be in the air.

The new Moon is on the 25th at 2’° of Virgo. New beginnings are in the air.

ARIES March 21st - April 20th

This is a good month for your sign as the Sun is in your solar 5th house, suggesting celebrations of life, grabbing it with two hands, enjoying romance, creativity and the arts; and children’s issues can bring joy too. There is also an element of a party time mood.

If born up to April 13th there is definitely a touch of Cupid in the air, and aesthetic appreciation and ability abound.

Jupiter is very much harmonising with your sign now, and is directly boosting the energy and mood of those born March 23rd to April 1st. He is bringing great confidence and belief in your own artistic talents and bringing great joy from others romantically and from children. It is also suggesting quite a theatrical feeling of being centre-stage and happy to be so.

Mars in Scorpio has no great direct effect on your sign, but it does suggest that many of you may need to look very honestly and deeply in rather a forensic way into complex financial issues and since Saturn is still crawling through Scorpio, being very grounded and having to be grown up re joint finances/taxes/inheritance issue etc, is an ongoing necessity.

Uranus is sitting right on the Suns still of those born April 4th to 7th. This once every 84-year visitation is indicating a definite sense of huge restlessness, and change is in the air. It is hard to relax. Goals are changing and you need to show a side of yourself that gives you more liberation and freedom. Some of this change comes from within you and some is thrust upon you. See this as a journey rather than an arrival. Do not make hasty moves based on an adrenaline rush. Don’t push the river, but know change the unexpected and change is part of your journey now. Also you sense of radical passion about justice and freedom is ignited.

Pluto is still a challenge to those born March 31st-April 2nd.  Powerful beings are creating stresses and beware of not abusing power yourself. Struggles are primeval somehow and you need to be conscious of how deep rooted these forces are in self and others. Tread warily and accept endings as precursors to new beginnings.

TAURUS April 21st - May 20th

August is not such an easy month for your sign as the Sun is in square relationship to Taurus. It does put focus on family issues/challenges and this can be good, but it can also make you confront some of the more stubborn aspects of family life and the people in it.

After the 15th when Mercury moves into Virgo, the celebration of life, happy communications and creative connections with others are all flowing. Writers can flourish and offspring can be a source of important and positive communications.

Before the 12th many of you especially if born after the 6th, will find that you are able to convince others of issues you need agreement on, because of your extra charm.

However Mars in your opposite sign of Scorpio is a bit of a toughie, directly affecting this month all born April 24th to May 12th. Others are challenging, no pushovers, and there is a sense of ruthlessness in the air. You need to draw boundaries around your own behaviour and indeed walk away from others if they are out of order. Challenges in relationships are to be noted. Also if born May 6th to 9th, Saturn is bringing demands to your shoulders from others who are either oppressive or else acting as karmic schoolteachers in some way. Obligations, duties and learning curves are in the air, but also know when others are unreasonable. This takes honesty and humility to acknowledge when you, or they, need to change.

Neptune is still bringing inspiration for those born April 26th-28th. Idealism and compassion abound, as does extra emotional response to the planet and its plight. Friends are sensitive and empathetic and the ability to give selflessly is underlined .The arts are appreciated and healing. Music/film and the sea, as ever with Neptune, bring spiritual solace.

Pluto remains proactive if born May 1st to 3rd. For you, there is a sense of self-reinvention, philosophical courage and destiny calls related to higher wisdom and long distance issues.

If born April 23rd to May 2nd, Jupiter tempts extravagance /over-confidence. Have caution.

GEMINI May 21st - June 20th

The sign Leo correlates with your solar 3rd house of communications and thought processes. Your normally active and alive sharp mind is therefore extra powerful this month and can be used to your advantage. Communications of all sorts are whizzing around in your life and writing gifts flourish.

Before the 12th finances can go well, and after the 12th your charms combine with your undeniable intellect. Your ruler Mercury after the 15th, is in your solar 4th house suggesting that if born up to June 19th, communications with family will then need extra care and attention

Challenges at work will demand focus and concentration, as there are some quite strong-minded people around you, as Mars is now in your solar 6th house, along with Saturn; the stern school teacher

Jupiter however is working wonders for those born May 24th to June 2nd. His sextile to your Sun now is really enhancing your confidence and luck and brings opportunities that you need to grasp with both hands. Once again your wisdom and communication gifts are underlined and siblings are more likely to be positive influences in life. Much comings and goings are indicated and valuable and joyful communications are in the air; given and received.

If born June 5th to 8th, new contacts, new goals, new values are waking up your mind. Your big-picture understanding and intuition are strong and you are seeking individuality to celebrate.

Neptune, in his long haul through Pisces is still hovering around the square point to the Suns of those born May 26th-28th. In the solar 10th house.. For these people there is a sense of confusion and uncertainty re career/career direction, even a sense of dissolving.  No major decisions should be taken, as all in metamorphosis and it is a slow and rather blind journey to change as the old order, both within and without, slips away. 2015 will show will reveal the shore you are sailing towards, as the fog will lift.  Don’t take anyone too much at face value.

CANCER June 21st - July 21st

This is a month when many of you will have to focus successfully on finances/security issues and claiming your real values , and positive results from these efforts can occur after the 12th.

From the 15th many of you will find that communications work more successfully than of late.

Before the 12th, all born after July 8th have Venus gracing your sign, giving you extra charm, allure and it is a very good time for harmony, romance and a sense of togetherness and it also gives extra good taste, and friends are invaluable.

Mars in his strong position in Scorpio now is actually benefiting those born June 24th to July 14th. He is bringing strength, courage, determination, physically, psychologically and spiritually, particularly connected to creative matters, romantic matters; and off spring can be a powerful influence on your life. You are no shrinking violet.

Jupiter now in Leo, which represents your solar 2nd house, suggests that at the very least, finances may feel protected for 12months or so.

Currently, for those born around July 7th to 11th, you are having a combined influence from Saturn and Uranus. This suggests you need to be focused, measured, hard working and grounded alongside a need for excitement, risk and adventure, particularly connected to career. All is in flux and you are feeling quite on the edge of your seat, but keep both feet on the ground and much good will emerge. Romance needs a serious grown up approach which serves you well, even though career may feel unstable, before a liberation occurs.

Pluto challenges all born round July 2nd –4th to hang on to your hat and do not let coercive people get the better of you. Avoid sinking to their levels and if necessary. after trying to ensure that justice prevails , walk way.  Endings are in the ether and they are meant to be .

Neptune however brings magic to those born July 27th-29th. True spiritual sensitivity flourishes and your creative gifts need expressing

LEO July 22nd - August 22nd

Your birthday month suggests a time of real celebrations and particularly as Jupiter is now established in your sign, and those most benefiting now from Jupiter’s grace are born July 26th to August 4th. For this group there is a sense of uplifting of energy, joy, optimism, positivity and growth, inner or outer. It also can bring a sense of creativity artistically and joy through children.

The danger with Jupiter transits is being overconfident, complacent, or over-bombastic.

With Venus going into your sign also after the 12th, all born up to August 16th will have extra charms and feel the draw of others’ affections as well.  There will  however be a need after the 15th for many of you to pay a little practical attention to monetary issues.

However Mars, newly in Scorpio, is a little daunting for the energies of those born July 26th to August 14th. He has a sting in the tail when he squares your Sun and now he is bringing some assertive comments and even aggression from others and you may be stubborn and unyielding. A sense of ruthlessness is in the air, particularly related to family and domestic situations. Stop and think before you react. After the 15th many of you may well be forced to deal proactively with stubborn but important, even uncomfortable issues.

Difficult days are likely to be around the 3rd and 9th when you can’t avoid some home truths, and for those born August 8th to 11th you are being browbeaten by Saturn and again family and domestic issues are weighing heavily on your shoulders and you have to do your duty and what is necessary. Equally with Uranus around, you are feeling very much as if you want to liberate yourself, fly and start a new chapter, but you can only do this, after having given yourself and infrastructure.

The full Moon on the 10th, in your opposite sign of Aquarius, is targeting those born round August 10th-12th. For this group the 10th may feel like a decisive day re relationships. The truth can hurt but can set you free too.

VIRGO August 23rd - September 21st

This month puts a lot of focus on your solar 12th house which is the house of privacy, behind-the-scenes, the unconscious and the past, so many of you may be feeling a little retreatist, or at least wishing to attend to very private matters, and indeed after the 12th, love life may take on a clandestine feel.  Before the 12th for all born after September 8th, Venus is bringing fun, joy and a touch of cupid influence in social life and through friendships.

After the 15th when Mercury moves into your sign, all born up to September 20th will also have the advantage of having extra powerful methods of communication and your intellect is convincing to others.

Mars, now in Scorpio, works well for your sign. It gives acerbic insight and pithy words and you do not mess around with the truth, particularly so if born August 28th to September 14th. Views you give and receive will be powerful.

If born August 26th to September 4th there will be a feeling of having some quiet guardian angel sitting on your shoulder, courtesy of Jupiter now established in Leo, building you up for a new chapter or new launch that will be evident next summer.

If born September 8th to 11th Saturn is ensuring that you are mature, grown-up, measured and steady in your thinking and speaking and in your everyday activities. Deferred gratification will be the result of your efforts. Neptune is creating potential delusion or deception from self or others, if born August 29th –31st. Check the small print and beware rose coloured spectacles. Do however bathe yourself in the arts and the beauties of nature.

Pluto is very empowering now if born September 3rd –5th. This rare transit is bringing an incisive and forensic view of things and your communications have power and effectiveness.. Truth is valuable and is your sword and your shield (as it is for us all).

Finally the new Moon of the 25th falls on the Suns of those born August 25th –27th.  This is a time of celebrating an initiation and a time to sow for the future.

LIBRA September 22nd - October 23rd

August accentuates the area of hopes, wishes, friendships, social life and collective goals in a positive and happy way, with good communications and quite a lot of comings and goings, and from the 12th, all born up to October 15th can feel very fulfilled and happy re social events and children’s issues can be part of the picture. Missions can also get accomplished. Leadership skills are also very much appreciated and demanded and successfully executed.

After the 15th some of you may feel inclined to be a little retreatist, as you may feel others are not quite on the same page as you. Mercury will be occupying your solar 12th house of privacy and the past

Mars in Scorpio puts emphasis on finances and security in a more intense way than usual and you may well be digging deep in your pockets to afford something or focusing very much on securing your future.

Those born September 25th to October 5th have Jupiter in your 11th house, which certainly does bring the suggestion that those you are mixing with bring great benefits to you, socially and intellectually. Travel is also in the air. Saturn also points to the need for caution and care in finances.

For those born October 8th to 12th there will be very much an element of surprise in life, (thanks to Uranus) related to other people who are behaving unexpectedly and you may feel on edge. There is a lack of constancy and security in relationships and although others may well be a catalyst for change, it may well feel a little unsettling.

Pluto is challenging still to those born October 4th-6th. There is no doubt that this protracted, rare planetary challenge is bringing internal and external power struggles., possibly related to domestic/family issues. There is a need to draw boundaries around bullies and to not abuse power yourself. This influence is erupting from primeval survival instincts prompted from events that go way back. Only a certain sort of deep wisdom, thought and consciousness will help you handle this force.

SCORPIO October 24th - November 21st

The Sun is in your solar 10th house this month as is Mercury till the 15th and also Venus after the 12th. This all points to a very great need to shine regardless of the stresses and strains in your career and to make headway, but because of the fixity of the combination, you could spoil progress by being a little too stubborn, particularly as Mars is now in your sign.

Those now directly affected by Mars are those born October 27th to November 15th.  For this group there will be a very strong sense of passion, anger, and determination. Physical, spiritual and psychological energy needs very wise control and channelling. You will always need a wise and good motivation, or it can get you into hot water. Other people will not allow you to be the steamroller you want to be. Do avoid arrogance or overconfidence and admit your doubts.

After the 15th all born up to November 19th have a potential for great input from friends and the power to get really heard about what you are passionate about,

Before the 12th love and vacations combine perfectly if born after November 8th.

Fortunately all born up to November 6th have Jupiter also in your 10th house, but squaring your Sun which again points to confidence and success, provided there is some modesty and moderation which can be in short supply with a square from Jupiter..

Saturn however is bringing to those born November 8th to 11th some karmic retribution possibly, or at least the realisation that one has got to be very down to earth, pragmatic, practical, and bite bullets that are necessary, even if uncomfortable. Saturn is also reminding you of the march of time and that one never gets younger. This is a time of seriousness and needs maturity of response.

Neptune is reminding those born October 29th –31st that love without ego is so precious, and that the creative/spiritual font can’t be ignored.

SAGITTARIUS November 22nd - December21st

Because there is so much activity in your solar 9th house, philosophical issues, travel, international dealings, legal issues and academic issues can shine, and after the 12th, they can also be a great source of joy for those born up to December 15th… also love, travel and learning can all come together. After the 15th, there are signs that for many of you there need to be wary that your communications get thoroughly understood at work.

Mars now in Scorpio relates to your solar 12th house, suggesting it is important not to sit on any resentment or seethe, but behind-the-scenes energy can be positive, provided there is not a sense of a build-up of anger that does not have any outlet. Some uncharacteristic stubbornness is on the cards.

Travel for many may also be quite dutiful and hard academic work may be obligatory but tough, and also Saturn is now creating a situation where many of you may be reluctant to ask for help and it is important not to let problems become overwhelming because of trying to handle them alone. Jupiter, your ruler is very much your pal now if born November 25th-December4th.

Apart from great travel opportunities and long distance joy, there is a sense of inner growth and blessings and a more profound philosophical insight into life.

However for those born December 6th to 9th there is a great sense of the new, the innovative and the awakening, particularly romantically, or connected to children’s issues or creatively.  This is a once every 42 year event that kick starts you into a new and innovative future. Trust in your uniqueness and your intuition.

Have a care if born November 28th to 30th, as Neptune is still creating some smoke and mirror effects in life. All is uncertain and nothing feels solid as you are in a metamorphosis in life and you should make no certain decisions. Float and trust the trade winds to take you in the right direction, in time … and don’t take every one, yourself or anything, at face value.

CAPRICORN December 22nd - January 19th

August us a month when you are finding that there is intensity in the air and much profundity and, you can’t do superficial. Feelings are deep and so are others. It is also a time when complex issues to do with the more difficult aspects of the truths of life are in your face, not least, complex financial issues. Much communication will be needed in that area of life and after the 12th there can be advantages and profundity of feeling towards others, which can deepen the quality of life.

Mars in Scorpio is helpful to Capricorn, particularly if born up to January 12th. It can bring powerful and determined passion when it comes to pursuing your beliefs and ideologies and friends can be very productive and empowering in this context and your leadership skills can shine, but you will not suffer fools gladly.

Saturn too for those born January 6th to 9th demands focus, hard work and reality checks which have to be acted on, although this same group have Uranus creating a sense of rebellion and a need for freedom and change, and somehow the balance has to be struck. The tried and the true plus the new, need melding. There may be family and domestic change or disruption in the ether.  Uranus is kick starting the new and it may be necessary but a little scary.

Neptune is still quietly sensitising the consciousness of those born Dec 27th to 30th. Your mind and heart are blending, so you are less purely pragmatic and your creative side is blossoming and a very real sense of empathy and compassion is creating a new profundity. This is a rare and redemptive transit.

Pluto is still haunting the Suns of those born around January 1st to 3rd, bringing destiny, intensity, depth, endings, new beginnings and empowerment. A squeaky-clean conscience and motivation must be used in all dealings with power, whether it is your own power or others’. Again a very rare and self-redefining event

AQUARIUS January 20th - February 18th

August is all about relationships for Aquarians as Leo represents the 7th house of significant others, so one would expect the power of other people in any context to be quite significant in life, notably before the 15th when Mercury is also aiding and abetting relationship communications positively, and after the 12th, for all born up to February 12th there is a distinct suggestion of romantic possibilities being underscored, and affections at least are strong.

However Mars in Scorpio is not such good news for your sign as it is in square relationship in your solar 10th house, which would suggest that there may well be some stubborn stand-offs in career context. You may be feeling ruthless and even perverse, or this power could come from others. Most affected this month are all born up to February 10th. Have a care not to lash out – stop and count to ten and don’t let revenge be a motivation, and if you come across these qualities in others, draw a line and walk away.

However because Jupiter is also in your 7th house, it augurs well for all January born Aquarians because it provides a certain amount of protection coming from positive people who bring good to your life and benefits it and can also expand your horizons. It is a time for expansion of relationships, new contacts and celebrations. Because of the Mars/square Jupiter that is in the ether, it is also important that you do not confuse overconfidence with certainty of your position and find that other people are trying to trip you up as a result.

Saturn also in Scorpio suggests that career is an uphill climb and that there are responsibilities and obligations that you cannot renege on and if you play your cards right, in terms of conscientiousness and courage, you will be able to make firm, if deferred progress.

Your ruler Uranus is enhancing your individual uniqueness, if born February 3rd to 6th. Your mind is extra astute/ intuitive and you can be the catalyst for the new, for self and for others.

The Full Moon falls on the 10th and conjuncts the suns of those born Feb. 6-9th. Subterranean forces within your psyche may take you by surprise.

PISCES February 19th - March 20th.

This month focuses much on your everyday work, routine and also on health issues. There is an ability and need to shine and to get on with some practicalities in life, even if some of the squares to Saturn evident this month make the going a little tough. At least Venus before the 12th is going to be aiding and abetting love life and leisure if born after March 6th and after the 12th harmony and charm can be used to your advantage in your working life.  From the 15th if born up to March18th your ability to get heard and to open positive doors of communication is underlined, courtesy of Mercury.

Mars’ new position is Scorpio works quite well for your fellow water sign energy. It augurs well for energy and drive in connection with your passions, particularly to do with the intellectual/ philosophical/spiritual, and also for legal issues and travel. Jupiter, your co ruler is also showing you some advantages in your working potential. Just beware of over-confidence.

At least those born March 6th to 9th have Saturn giving a steady hand when it comes to serious thinking, obligation and duty, particularly connected to long-distance issues

Neptune remains firmly attached to the energies of those born around February 24th to 26th. Never has this group been so inspired on a positive level or idealistic and indeed ultra sensitive with psychic powers possibly manifesting. The down side is possible confusion/delusion, over idealism, resulting in hypersensitivity and escapism. Use this new sense of exquisite sensitivity where boundaries between you and others are totally amorphous, to lift others up, rather than try to run away, or to let others drag you down.

Pluto is positively strengthening the energies of those born March 1st –3rd.He is bringing a sense of courage, purpose, destiny and self-empowerment especially in a leadership role. Your power is incisive and goes far, so use it consciously wisely and without ego.

The new Moon of the 25th falls opposite the Suns of those born Feb 20th-22nd. For you there is a sense of an initiation of the new, or the reborn re others.