Wednesday, 1 April 2015


 by Leigh Oswald (London-based Astrologer and Teacher)

Much emphasis is on Taurus this month, even though the Sun is in Aries until the 20th. Mercury and Venus are both in Taurus until mid-month and Mars is also in Taurus all month. There is therefore a lot of stubbornness on the planet and in the ether. Anger and pride and a refusal to back down on issues will dominate and harsh words that are based on stubborn recalcitrance are very powerful, particularly around the 22nd and 23rd when Mercury is conjunct to Mars.

As the general election in the Britain nears, the mood will be desperate and aggressive, and the only casualty will probably be truth and wisdom.

Tough times globally are around the 4th to 7th when the Sun is conjunct Uranus and squares up to Pluto. Each one of these on their own presents the potential for intense events, unpredictable upheavals, economically, geographically, geophysically; and also power struggles that are of the “fight to the death” kind, but when both synchronise as they do at this time,, disturbances on the planet will be significant. England, Germany, Poland, Palestine, Israel and Syria may be particularly affected.

Around the 18th when Mars squares Jupiter there is also definitely the potential for foolish, over-confident daring on the planet and the powers that be will push ahead with plans despite knowing the dangers, based on the fact that pride will be blinding them to caution.

The Moon is full on the 4th at 14 degrees of Libra and is new on the 18th at 28 degrees of Aries, The full Moon will therefore contribute to the build up of tensions on the planet, which are significant during those first seven or eight days of the month.

The 1st rather challenging week of the month will mostly affect Capricorn and Cancers. Capricorns born January round 6th will feel significantly intense in the feeling of momentous events that may many feel like an chapter is ended and that there is a fated sense of power attached to this which one needs to be conscious of and not abuse that sense of power.. . Simultaneously there is a feeling of chaos and the unexpected, but ultimately the liberating, if you can get your head round that. Intensity is in the air, that has been building and now you can get a handle on its meaning.

Equally Cancerians born around the 8th July, may have a sense of intense interaction with another in the first week particularly, possibly a power struggle; overt or covert. Be conscious and do not lose sight of your own and others deeper motives that can go way back. Draw boundaries and do not sink to unconscious primeval levels. Avoid the dark unless you know it has to be faced so it will lead to the light. Also this same group will feel some uncertainty and change, possibly at work that maybe destabilising, but offers new options.   Libras born round October 9th will also feel, some internal crisis re a need for personal empowerment and a need to assert needs, especially domestically and others may be creating uncertainty for you in relationships, that ultimately kick starts a new chapter of freedom in you. Also Aries born around the 6th of April, will be feeling very jumpy and possibly claustrophobic as you see the new, the out of the box and the liberating, so you can express the real you, and at the same time authority figures may have a different agenda in mind, and you may need to know which God to honour, but new chapters are in the air.

Taureans born round May 6th will however be empowered in a very positive way by Pluto, He is giving profundity, insight and deeper insight into your destiny and overseas and academic pursuits are powerful and attract.. A new existential self reinvention is yours,. Also Virgos born around September 8th, will be sensing a new boldness re creativity, romance and offspring issues, almost as if your self effacement and shyness is replaced buy a new sureness and reinvention of your path in these areas.

Also Leos born around August 8th will be feeling a frisson of excitement and liberation as the new and the authentic for you calls, either long distance in the body or intellectually/philosophically. A new charisma is born as Uranus does his work.

Sagittarians born round December 8th, will also sense a new liberation through creativity and children’s issues and romance takes on a really inspiring liberating sense of awakening to new people/possibilities.  All courtesy of Uranus.

Taureans born up to May 13th experience the potential for war-like qualities emerging from within themselves or from others, notably erupting around the 22nd/23rd possibly. Scorpios born up to November 14th too will find that others are no pushovers. Mars is on the warpath, so count to 10.

Taureans however, if born after May 8th, will before the 11th, will have charm and will attract affections to them, courtesy of your ruler Venus

Before the 14th all Aries will have the power of communications enhanced, and after the 14th Taureans get their say effectively.

 Geminis born around May 30/31st and Sagittarians born around December 1st and 2nd all need to be careful around the 19th when all is not as it seems and people need their credentials checking out. Equally, Pisces born around 28th/29th February are feeling more sensitive and or inspired spiritually and creatively from a very deep level than ever before m, but keep grounded and ensure your idealism does not blind you to reality. Virgos born around September1st-2nd need to be very careful about smoke and mirrors and deceptive circumstances re others, both from your own projections on to them or their conscious or unconscious ability to weave a fog around things.

Scorpios born around November 1st - - 2nd need to recognise how idealistic and compassionate and inspired creatively you are feeling, with a real sense of having a soul mate around. And also Cancerians born round june30th/ July 1st are craving for higher ground with a sense of spiritual longing and a possible real inspiration via travel and new insights and your dreams speak to you..Music and the sea are great draw to all these water sign birthdays now.

Jupiter is bringing his power now to those Leos born August 12th-16th. For this group there is a sense of luck and well being, inner or outer growth and travel and maybe celebrations and romance is in the cards. Creativity is abounding too.. Equally Aquarians born around the Feb 1st –4th will be in extravagant mood, pushing out the boat and relationships are full on, just have a care that you are not lacking in moderation and look before you leap. Also, for Aquarians, if born February 4th-7th, your ruler Uranus will be bringing element of extra intuition and some very positive intuitive eureka moments now , so savour.  For Sagittarians born 4th-7th, there is a definitely a feeling of progress and some luck, born of intelligent action and connected to long distance issues as academic pursuits. Geminis born around June 2nd-9th are feeling extra wisdom in their bones and improved and acute communication skills are bringing advantage. Also your social life and contacts bring new dimensions into your consciousness. For Aries born April 2nd-5th the good times roll and fertility, romance and creative gifts flourish and bring luck and progress. 
 As far as Saturn goes Sagittarians born around November 25th-28th are feeling the hand of hard work, needed maturity and discipline on their shoulders. It is time to face reality check and have patience with delays. You are building solid ground for the future, but take care of the body.
 Also Geminis born around May 24th-27th need to be aware of others are feeling a little oppressive. Only you can decide if this is something you need to take on as a karmic and needed duty to deal with, or whether it is time to move on. Reality checks abound..

The full moon of the 4th most impacts Librans born round October 8th and Aries born round April 4th. For these people a few denouements are in the ether.

Whereas for Aries born around April 18th and Libras born round October 20th/21st, the new and the refreshing is in the air, when the Moon is in new on the 18th.