Monday, 1 December 2014


By Leigh Oswald (London-based Astrologer and Teacher)

The big news this month is the once every 2½ year shift of sign for Saturn. Saturn takes 29½ years to go round the ecliptic and those years are divided between the 12 signs.

He leaves Scorpio on the 23rd and enters Sagittarius.

On a personal level, wherever Sagittarius equates to in your personal birth chart, will be where he will brings lessons your way.

From Scorpio Saturn brought intensity, depth and obsessive focus on growing the economy. Harsh lessons, and the fanatical obsession with austerity (for most, but the opposite for the top few percent) by governments, connected to economic policy have been constant. He also positively brought the uncovering of abuses socially/sexually and economically, certain market fixing/tax evasion and the exposure of the ruthlessness of our uber capitalist system. The focus on profits and austerity combined, has also created a pressurising of many workers in western democracies to take employment that has poor conditions, very low pay and non-guaranteed working hours (e.g. zero hours contracts) that has in turn brought greater profits for some larger corporate businesses. Indeed some organisations then rely on government welfare payments to supplement housing costs for their low paid employees, as housing costs escalate to impossible levels. Effectively and ironically this has created a culture in some mega businesses, of what has been called corporate welfare.

Scorpio is very much connected to the desire for power via money and Saturn tests us all for that, and alongside the ongoing Pluto in Capricorn, which can be connected to the establishment abuse of power, this has been quite an important time in our reassessment of global growth, modern capitalism and its implications and indeed its sustainability..

The concentration of wealth and power in global corporations; and international financial dealings that are beyond an individual country’s law to control, and the collusion between big business and governments, has created a sense of a powerlessness in the ordinary citizen, and indeed for some more democratic/principled governments, e.g. the situation re the powers of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)

From Sagittarius, there will be a large global reaction to all of the above. Saturn will bring challenges internationally to do with the fallout from globalisation and the ever more powerful remote bastions of power. Saturn is where we learn lessons, where we have to face some truths, and in Sagittarius there is definitely going to be some issues connected with boundaries internationally and a breakdown of international consensus and the results of globalisation that has led to a sense of a greater hunger for national identity and national autonomy. In other words there will be pressure from the populous for more regional control over systems and the environment

A greater search for philosophical truth and justice will also dominate, which will rise above the single focus on money and growth, that has become prison of us all, not least the planet, in recent years; and of course that can also mean, in extreme manifestation, an even more dangerous and problematic growth in ruthless religious extremism. Every planetary position has its down side.

Saturn in Sagittarius can unfortunate create a tremendous sense of rather blind ideological self-righteousness.

Travel will also somehow be limited and possibly in some way, more fraught with danger, and a greater sense of localism/parochialism or even tribalism may ensue as a result of a drive for more national/local identity. Countries that may well be affected more than others are Australia and Spain, and the United States, with its Sagittarius ascendant, may be touched strongly, by Saturn’s visit to the sign of the Archer.  

There will be a greater search for universal truth and a desire to have more openness and honesty, and the spiritual/environmental health of the planet may of necessity become a greater focus.

Global cooperation for environmental survival, as opposed to economic gain, will become a must.

Saturn initially stays in Sagittarius till 15th June and then returns on that date to revisit the last degrees of Scorpio, where he hovers till Sept 18th. From that date, he finally commits to Sagittarius, to really do his work from that sign continuously till December 20th 2017.

Jupiter also moves retrograde in the 8th He will stay in that mode till next April 8th. This indicates that the power of Jupiter becomes subtler and less overt. Benefits and growth are more inner and spiritual and less materialistic in quality. This applies globally and in individual’s charts by influence

Positive days this month are around the 4th and 5th when the new and the innovative and the liberating are in the air, also the 6th. Creative days are around the 14th, 15th, 20th and 21st.

The full Moon is on the 6th at 14 degrees of Gemini at 12.27 GMT and the new Moon is on 22nd at 0 degrees of Capricorn at 1.36 GMT.

Sow on the new and reap on the full.

All good wishes for a happy holiday and for a saner 2015 for mother earth.

ARIES March 21st - April 20th

Saturn dips his toe into Sagittarius this on the 23rd. This is a positive, if serious and grown-up movement for your sign. Because Sagittarius is in harmony with your fire sign, it suggests that for the next aprox 2½ years (hinted at from the 23rd, but really underway from mid September) that all of you at some point will feel a sense of dealing with things practically, robustly, constructively, maturely, with hard work and discipline involved, but to good effect, and issues to do with travel and work can be connected to duty, obligation or study. Serious thinking, serious contemplation around the higher things of life may also become part of the picture, but self-control and self-discipline are very much in your favour in the coming few years.

December is a good month for you generally, especially for travel, holidays, and long-distance communications. Philosophical and academic indulgence and achievements are in the air.

Before the 17th all born after April 15th will find study and travel particularly intellectually stimulating and before the 10th all born after April 7th may find that love life and pleasure and long-distance and academic issues also combine harmoniously and there is a feel-good factor on a sort of existential level.

Mars before the 4th however, brings a little bit of warning for those born after April 15th. There may be some war drums audible on the professional front and be wary of being too ambitious, assertive, confident and intolerant at work. Authority figures are also likely to seem rather obstructive or over-assertive. It is very much a time to calm your impatience and fieriness.

After the 4th if born up to April 11th a sense of robust leadership abilities, positive social life, constructive energy and ambition that is measured and fruitful, shows itself with others.

Jupiter is excellent now for those born April 13th to 16th.  He is bringing fertility, exuberance, life-enhancing joy, romance and a great feel-good factor and you can feel happily centre stage. Although from the 8th when Jupiter goes retrograde, the growth and joy is less visible, but the Xmas spirit of goodwill etc will shine..

TAURUS April 21ST - May 20th

Saturn moving out of your opposite sign of Scorpio and into Sagittarius on the 23rd is good news. He is been in Scorpio for 2½ years, affecting all of you at some point , in terms of challenges, difficulties in relationships, other people blocking your path, reality checks etc It has also brought you a reminder of age and some serious focus, maturity and hard work. Triumphs have been because of the discipline and hard work that it has demanded.

However, before he leaves Scorpio on the 23rd he will be reminding,( as he is in his last lap of that sign), those born after May 17th of difficulties that need to be faced in relationships and with authority figures. He does return to Scorpio for 3 months from mid June just to tidy up unfinished business for those born late Taurus.

December for Taurus is a month of contemplation of the deeper aspects/realities of life, and also for dealing with complex financial issues generally, and it is a time when the superficial won’t do. Saturn in Sagittarius generally will reinforce these matters for the coming few years.

After the 10th all born up to May 16th have a pleasant sense of well-being. Travel and love go hand-in-hand and there is a helpful feeling of philosophical contentment round the Xmas time.

After the 17th all born up to May 14th are in profound mood with intellectual acumen and long-distance issues can prove mentally inspiring.

Before the 4th those of you born after May 17th may find that those first few days bring an extra rush of energy, drive and determination and certainly travel that is very purposeful is indicated and hard work on an academic level and determination ideologically is flagged up.,

After the 4th all born up to May 11th, may find there is some confrontation with authority figures and family issues may be a little tense, so the holiday period may require restraint.

Jupiter is tempting those born May 11th to 14th this month to be rather extravagant. The holiday and Christmas period may in fact bring over-indulgence and a little excess which can be enjoyable and/or regretted a little later.

GEMINI May 21st - June 20th

Noteworthy news this month is Saturn’s move into your opposite sign of Sagittarius on the 23rd. He will be in Sagittarius till mid June, in exploratory mode, and then returns to Scorpio, for a few months and then finally commits to Sagittarius in mid September.

From Sagittarius, your relationship sector, he will bring serious issues re others where you have to be mature and dutiful, or possibly be forced to deal with some relationship issues that are less than easy. Relationships go though potential testing times and good ones survive stronger, and are more committed, but fatally flawed ones may not. Seriousness/reality checks are the name of the game.  Initially this month after the 23rd, only those born very early Gemini are so affected i.e. round May 22nd/23rd.

However Venus in your opposite sign also before the 10th augurs well if born after June 8th. For this group there is a remarkable input of love, affection, romance, social life and positive feedback from other people will really lighten your mood and bring fulfilment.

Mars after the 4th is bringing courage drive, ambition, determination and purposeful travel to all those born up to June 13th. Philosophical strengths are indicated.

Jupiter too is still very helpful now, provided you take advantage of opportunities that are coming your way if born June 12th to 15th. Your intelligence levels are high and communication skills impressive, others listen and wisdom shines out from you. Optimism also shines out and is infectious. Much comings and goings can also bring benefits, and relationships particularly thrive from excellent communications. The season of good cheer is reflected in you admirably.

The full Moon falls on the 6th at 14 degrees of your sign, hence all born round June 4th-6th will find around the 6th a possible need to bring closure to certain issues and circumstances in life.  A time of reaping, whatever you have sown is in the air.

CANCER June 21st - July 21st

This month is important as Saturn moves away from Scorpio into Sagittarius on the 23rd, (a temporary shift). This points to a coming period till mid June; and again more profoundly
from September next year for over 2 years, of a generalised need to seriously address everyday work issues and to rationalise organisation and accept discipline and patience to tackle blocks and logistical problems in profession. It also suggests a need to focus on optimising health regimes to your benefit.

Meanwhile, if born after July 17th, before the 23rd Saturn (in his last degrees of Scorpio) is demanding maturity and some discipline in creative and love life and serious issues, which demand a grown-up response will be evident in romantic situations. Children of mind and body may need serious thought in terms of handling them, and creativity demands technical patience and expertise.

This however is a generally good month to tidy up your general environment by doing so; you are tidying your mind. Time for boring practicalities and rationalisations which later you will be glad you addressed.

Venus moves into your opposite sign on the 10th bringing thereafter, extra love and positive relationship issues and events into your life, for those born up to July 17th. Mercury too, after the 17th enhances sociability and much positive communication with others if born up to July 15TH.  Hence the holiday and Xmas period augurs well in this respect.

Mars before the 4th is bringing a few confrontational possibilities for those born after July18th. Hence those early days demand diplomacy and a need to think before you react, and try to bring compromise.

The new Moon falls in your opposite sign at 0 degrees of Capricorn on the 22nd and this suggests that this day can bring for those born around June 22nd/23rd some sense of renewal, new starts and a sowing for the future is in the ether.

LEO July 22nd - August 22nd

 Saturn's move into Sagittarius on the 23rd is no bad thing for your sign. From Scorpio where he has been over the past 2½ years, he has definitely brought significant reality checks for many of you, not least on the family and domestic fronts and one has had to acknowledge the march of time and the realities of life, but ultimately constructively, if used wisely

However, now from Sagittarius he is going to bring certainly some hard work and focus, but in a way that is pleasing and restores much pride and faith in life. Those initially affected are those born early Leos, around July 23rd. He will also bring a gravitas of a constructive sort, both in romantic issues, around children's issues and in creative pursuits. This mood is alleviated between mid June and mid September when he is revisiting Scorpio, but continues from mid September when Saturn renters Sagittarius for the real deal.

Generally this is a good month for Leos when life is enjoyed and the party season suits you. You can indulge and appreciate it, notably before the 10th, especially if born after August 9th.

Before the 17th all born after July 27th can benefit enormously in all their relationships through excellent communications and openness.

The latter part of the month will also bring for many an opportunity to show your capabilities and usefulness professionally, and your charms can be very helpful in this respect.

If born up to August 13th, very many of you will find that after the 4th your assertive side is very strong as Mars is in Aquarius, but importantly this may be in response to other people who are very assertive towards you, It can be a time when this can be constructive in terms of truthfulness and open honesty with humility, but other people will not hold back. What a matter is that you mutually respect what each other says say, but be open to compromise.

Jupiter is still very much on your side if born August 13th to 16th. He brings optimism, enjoyment, positivity, travel, protection and growth, and after the 8th, many of his advantages may be more internal and spiritual, rather than external and material.

VIRGO August 23rd - September 21st

The big news is Saturn moving into Sagittarius this month on the 23rd. It does impact your sign. In Scorpio he was a fairly constructive if rather disciplining influence. However in Sagittarius he is in square angle to your sign, so a little more challenging, but nevertheless long-term benefits are gained from Saturn's challenge. Those initially this month affected are those born very early cuspal Virgo around August 24th. It is possible from the 23rd that this group will feel a little hint of looming challenges, possibly on the family and real estate front, and as always with Saturn, one has to acknowledge the passing of time and respect the body, and face up to what we have to face up to, biting bullets and making progress. Saturn remains Sagittarius till Mid June, and then he returns to Scorpio. In mid September however, he truly commits to Sagittarius, when his impact in that sign becomes more obvious.

Meanwhile if born after September19th, before the 23rd, there will be a constructive sense of seriousness and groundedness of thought and communications.

However home matters are strong anyway in the month of December for your sign, and there is a lot of emphasis on such matters in a positive way and also self-indulgence is in the air, particularly before the 10th and for many born after September 9th.

Before the 17th all born after August 29th will find that communications are vitally important to do with real estate and family issues.

After the10th if born up September 20th, love life gets the green light as do creative ventures and children's issues are also favoured, and after the 17th if born up to September 15th writing and communication skills can get you noticed, and communications in love life can enhance your relationships. The Christmas period is favoured generally.

Before the 4th if born after September 19th, you are no shrinking violet when it comes to romance and there is a sense of drive and ambition to achieve your goals in life, particularly when it comes to creativity and living life to the full. Energy is strong and positive.

LIBRA September 22nd - October 23rd

The significant news is that Saturn moves into Sagittarius this month on the 23rd, having been in Scorpio for 2½ years and now dips his toe into his next 2½ year visitation into the sign of the archer. For your sign, this is not a bad shift, but it does indicate a time of hard work coming up, constructive effort, discipline and a measured response to life which is ultimately successful. Initially those affected are born around September 24th for a short period. Saturn returns to Scorpio in mid June, but commits to Sagittarius for over two years from mid Sept .

Your mind is alert and your desire to communicate with others is strong. It is sociable and busy as a period, notably in the first half of the month. Indeed before the 10th if born after October 10th, sociability is strong and you are feeling in positive mood and others are very helpful and friends are valuable.

Before the 17th for all born after September 28th, you are in top form intellectually. You are a mine of information and what you say has gravitas.

After the 10th, many of you will be finding great happiness in home and family circumstances appropriate for the season, and after the 17th communications and great interchange abound.

One warning before the 4th if born after October 19th is that all may not be so calm and cool on the home and domestic family front. Your energy is assertive as is other's and clashes are in the air. Be wary of excessive DIY as small accidents are possible and impatience abounds.

After the 4th however for all born up to October 15th, enjoyment, fun, social life and children's issues are a source of joy as indeed are the arts and energy is put into living life to the full.

Jupiter is well-disposed towards those born October 14th to 16th, bringing happiness, social life, optimism and fulfilled goals, and after the 8th he brings an internal richness as well as external benefits.

SCORPIO October 24th - November 21st

The headline news of Saturn moving away from your sign of course is significant. He moves into Sagittarius on the 23rd  (initially for aprox 6 months) having haunted your sign for approximately 2½ years; and those in the final throes of this visitation to Scorpio are born after the 18th. For this group there is a feeling of weight, obligation, challenge, some karma, reality checks, tiredness and also having to face what is necessary in life and bite some bullets. This can be very constructive and give long-term advantage if one faces up to the task. This particular energy is probably revisited in June-September of next year, when he returns to your sign temporarily, but it needs to be acknowledged now.  Saturn’s new sign position (getting fully underway there next late September) indicates that attention and caution are needed in the financial area in the coming few years.

Financial security is always a strong drive for Scorpios and this month is no exception as the Sun, Mercury and Venus are strong in your solar 2nd house, and in the first half of the month many of you will find yourself addressing these issues thoroughly and successfully.

After the 10th if born up to November 18th your ability to combine charm with intellect is very effective and dealings with siblings can also thrive. After the 17th if born up to November 16th don't underestimate your insight and intellectual forensic abilities.

Before the 4th if born after November 18th, determination is yours as your co-ruler Mars gives intelligent guidance to all your ardent energies.

However, a little bit of a warning if born up to November 13th, be wary that your energies may feel a little bit discordant on the domestic/family/home front and others may also feel a little discordant around you. Stubbornness and impatience, yours and others, needs to be carefully watched.

Jupiter in Leo provides a feeling of great indulgence this month if born November 13th to 16th. An overdose of pride, over-confidence, even possible arrogance, can be advantageous in the short term, but ultimately could be regretted. Beware complacency as well.

However after the 8th when Jupiter moves retrograde, advantages in your life become subtler and should be appreciated as such.

SAGITTARIUS November 22nd - December 21st

Heads up to Saturn moving into your sign (temporarily) in his once every 29½-year visitation, which lasts in total for aprox. 2½ years and that will happen on the 23rd. When Saturn moves through one's sign, it indicates a time of hard work, focus, discipline, some challenge, some austerity, a mature approach to life and reality checks, but ultimately to put a firmer infrastructure into one's life and to face the necessity principle in life.

Saturn is a benevolent despot and a karmic schoolteacher, so we need to embrace his lessons, as much constructive progress, despite it being tough, can be made, if one just faces the fear and does it anyway. That entry into Sagittarius will only initially affect very early Sagittarians born around November 23rd and that will only be experienced after the 23rd, just possibly by subtle suggestion as he returns to Scorpio mid June, but re-enters you sign in mid September, staying for over 2 years, from when you all get affected at some point over the following few years.

However this is your month, so it's a time for enjoyment and shining, the Sun being in Sagittarius, and indeed before the 17th all born after November 27th can find their communication skills absolutely on the mark and before the 10th all born after December 9th can feel a great deal of love in their lives and your own demeanour is very attractive to others.

After the 4th all born up to December 14th have Mars going through your solar 2nd house in a complementary way, which is excellent for financial securities and gains and determination to get that area in order.
Jupiter is very well disposed now and very protective of those born December 13th to 15th. Travel is very much in the ether in a happy way and intellectual interests can thrive as well.

After the 8th however Jupiter moving retrograde suggests that much growth and advantage is in a subtle, internal manifestation.

The full Moon falls in your opposite sign on the 6th directly impacting those born round December 7th. This may therefore be a day of some primeval eruption possibly from others … and you will face some issues that are the culmination of building issues. A time to reap.

CAPRICORN December 22nd - January 19th

The important news is that Saturn, your ruler, moves into Sagittarius on the 23rd.  He shifts sign once every 2½ years and now is the turn of Sagittarius to host him. This equates to your solar 12th house, bringing a sense of potential anxiety about things exaggerated in your head and the feeling of not being able to ask for help is something you need to combat. Hard work behind-the-scenes can be constructive but beware a distorted focus of anxiety. He is only in Sagittarius until mid-June and then moves back to Scorpio for a final visitation, returning for the long haul to Sagittarius in mid September.

Saturn before his shift of sign, is in his last lap of Scorpio before the 23rd, offering for those born after January 17th a sense of constructive obligation and duty to other people, particularly in humanitarian issues or when one is working for a greater group. Obligations and duties that are happily taken on are in the ether.

Focus is on the 12th house with the Sun, Mercury and Venus in your sign for much of the month suggests a desire for calm, retreat and inward-looking, and a time to feel that you want to commune with self, and very good work can be done behind scenes for others as compassion and service is highlighted in terms of what you owe.

However after the 10th all born up to January 17th will also feel Cupid’s blessings and the affections of others, and you will have charms and extra charisma. And creative talent.

After the 17th all born up to January 13th can also look forward to having a sense of greater intellectual alertness and your communication skills are impressive.

Mars in your sign up to the 4th suggests that for all born after January 16th there will be a real ratcheting up of energy early month, which can give great drive and ambition that can tip into some aggression if not careful. Others’ energy may feel strident, so be wary and use wisely. Thereafter, Mars in Aquarius suggests that your financial life becomes a focus of drive.

The new Moon on the 22nd, is affecting all born round December 22nd.  A time of sowing and the birth of the new.

AQUARIUS January 20th - February 18th

After the 23rd when Saturn moves away from Scorpio, in his once every 2½ year shift of sign, and his move into Sagittarius is good news for you as there will develop a feeling of quiet support and maturity in a very positive way, initially for those born around January 21st/22nd.
However if born after February 15th, Saturn, before the 23rd, is definitely giving you a little bit of a testing time when karma is in the air and career issues are tough. You are feeling tired, so take it easy and do what is necessary. This energy may be repeated next summer, when Saturn returns to the last degrees of Scorpio for a few months

December is a very appropriately sociable month for you. Friends, social groups are dominating, although despite the season, after the 10th there is also a feeling of retreat and some behind-the-scenes meditation and the holiday period seems to hold a sense of peace and privacy.

Before the 4th many of you may feel rather repressed with your anger and seething, and it is important to recognise the need not to let it affect you physically. Get out your feelings as they happen. However after the 4th, all born up to February 11th will feel a great surge of energy, drive, assertiveness and indeed ambition that may be a little over-enthusiastic. Physical, spiritual, psychological energy abounds, use it wisely. Your intellect is sharp.

Jupiter is very onside now for you, in a rather extravagant fashion if born February 10th to 13th. Travel and good times are on the cards. Relationships are certainly flourishing, but there can be some feeling of over-zealousness in this area and that people are likely to tempt you to over-trust or over-expand, but enjoy with moderation.

From the 8th slightly different energy shifts as Jupiter goes retrograde, suggesting that the positivity from others becomes subtler.

PISCES February 19th – March 20th

Saturn’s move into Sagittarius this month indicates that from the 23rd, he will be slightly less friendly to your sign for a few months, and indeed after the23rd all born around February 19th may start to feel a few developing challenges.  From mid Sept next year, he really gets established in this mode, not least professionally, but Saturn ultimately strengthens you

Professional issues and communications generally seem to dominate the month and before the 10th your charms can also carry you forward career wise, and certainly creative Pisces, of which there are many, can flourish, notably, around the 4th, 5th and 27th. Quick communications abound around the 12th.

After the 10th, many of you may find that social life also becomes a focus of attention, and indeed all born up to March 15th may find that from the 10th love becomes more prominent. The party season can feel buoyant for you.

Before the 4th if born after March 15th your energy and drive and ability to take a leadership role is constructive and positive. Courage and ambition are there too.

Jupiter in Leo now is certainly protective at the least of professional issues and probably of health too, although Jupiter moves retrograde on the 8th suggesting that growth is more spiritual and internal from that point.

Before the 23rd, while Saturn is in the last degrees of Scorpio, for those born after March 15th there is a steadying of the tiller, giving a sense of duty and obligation in academic issues, and through travel. Those areas are a very maturing influence currently. This is repeated next July/August and September.

Neptune your ruler is still creating intensified Pisces energy for those born round Feb. 24th. Beware a sense of real escapism and hypersensitivity, which can distort your mood and bring negative behaviour. Beware self-deception and smoke and mirrored behaviour from others. Alternatively, spiritual and artistic creativity can be at a zenith