Wednesday, 31 May 2017


June is a month where Gemini dominates; the Sun is there till 21st, Mercury is
strong in its own sign of Gemini between the 6th and 21st and Mars is in Gemini till the 4th.  Gemini rules London, where there will be a strong focus on the 8th, when there is the general election. It is an important month for determining so much, not only in Britain, but also because the long term fallout of the result globally.

It must be said that with Uranus in Aries, the England ascendant sign, (if one uses the December 25th 1066; Norman conquest chart for England, but there are several to choose from), then surprises are indeed possible.  Without knowledge of either Jeremy Corbyn’s (Sun in Gemini) or Theresa May’s (Sun in Libra) time of birth, which is very frustrating for astrologers, it is difficult to make a reliable judgement about the outcome. However Corbyn may well not be so totally annihilated by the vote, as has been predicted, and Theresa May, even if (probably) victorious, has a very challenging once every 165 year Neptune transit of her Mars (which started around May 16th) and is affecting her over the coming 2 years. This is very likely to create a very real undermining of her black and white determination and of her “strong and stable” stance.

 Sacrifices will have to be made and there is a possibility of her making poor judgements, based on illusion/delusion, probably related to Brexit. Misjudgement of others will be a problem and she will not be able to rely on male politicians around her and internationally, as they will likely let her down, including Trump (indeed if he is still in office after October, which if he is, looks astrologically like a major defiance of his planetary karma). 

There is much smoke and mirrors around Theresa May in the coming few years.  Her strength in all ways will be probably undermined and she may well have serious, if very private misgivings about her confidence and abilities in her role over this time. She may, as a result, be increasingly more influenced and manipulated in her direction and policies by others, with vested interests also by and powerful advisers (e.g. Lynton Crosby), all in a very behind the scenes way.

May has Venus conjunct Pluto and her Moon (probably in early Virgo depending on time of birth), is also conjunct Pluto .Her serious personal need/desire for control and power (Libran iron fist in a velvet glove) will be challenged, bringing out a rather ruthless anger that will not necessarily help her. Her Saturn in Scorpio square to Pluto will make her very wary of others, who are powerful but not supportive of her and she will be ruthlessly, even shamelessly determined to thwart them, but she will be struggling. Also her Mars opposition Jupiter creates a rather reckless love of determination to achieve at all costs, and with a used car salesman approach to convincing others, even when there is no underlying evidence that her plans will work.  She is however probably more vulnerable to influence by other used car salesman types within her party.  She will in fact be vulnerable to false promises and reassurances from others anywhere in power.

Her Mercury sextile Saturn however helps stabilise her thinking and gives pragmatism and does offer caution at other times.  There is privacy about May (strong, strict and critical Virgo input), but it can prove frustrating to those who need more transparency from her, of motive and plan. Her compassionate side is real too,  (a positive Neptune aspect to Venus and probably her Moon) but it is not so strong as her desire to stick to a rather blindly determined and rather harsh path of ideological commitment to extreme and punitive austerity for so many  (Saturn square Moon and Venus). She does suffer, I would guess, from an internal conflict between these two sides of her being. A vicar’s daughter (as she is) maybe has considerable cognitive dissonance, or she should.
Corbyn is a curious mix of principled stubbornness and fluidity  (strong Taurus and Gemini), hard to pin down on some opinions and ruthlessly immoveable on others.  He is idealistic and compassionate and totally humanitarian (strong Neptune), but with Moon and Mars (both conjunct in Taurus) square Pluto; he can be a victim of his own ruthless refusal to play the political game and indeed and clearly can be subject to nasty power struggles within his party.  Jupiter trining his Sun is a saving grace in terms of his big picture understanding and a detached global non-egotistical wisdom that is not totally dictated by limited ideology…but immovability combined with certain elusiveness is a disadvantage on the establishment political stage.

 Pluto (power) is currently (every 124 years) trining Corbyn’s Mars (determination /ambition /energy) and will be till the end of 2018, so he is certainly not going to be a spent force, no matter what the outcome.

Uranus (unpredictability) is so strong now in Aries, indeed since March 2011 and till March 2019, which equates to the underestimated global impulsive power of the often righteously rebellious populace, which causes shock to an over complacent status quo, or very disturbingly, for the potential, unpredictable and highly destructive power of the unbalanced mentality of brain washed individuals, such as terrorist extremists. Globally, the only certainty is uncertainty, with no lasting coherent pattern that is predictable.  The concept of “predicting Uranus” is an oxymoron. This is not a copout. Always expect the unexpected when Uranus affects a person or place, or globe in influence.  Astrologers dare not predict events when he is operating, except to expect surprise and disruption.

Uranus in Aries combined with Pluto in Capricorn  (2008 till 2025) has indeed brought significant instability and unexpected shocks politically, particularly to places that are reputably strong in the influence of the signs Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn, including the UK and the States.

Saturn (restriction) in Sagittarius (internationalism) is certainly continuing to rock the boat when it comes to the battle that has emerged between nationalism/protectionism versus globalisation.
Jupiter does however move direct on the 9th, which will at least indicate a greater manifestation of increased clarity of direction for many of us, personally and globally, not least in the UK.

Gemini is a sign of much mental energy and activity; it is nervous and fidgety and is also a great salesmanship sign.  One has to be wary of also of the power of the mass media, especially the popular press (Gemini) to influence unreasonably.  Being economical with the truth and some slight of hand is very underlined globally this month especially around the 4th and 14th when the Sun and then Mercury, in Gemini, square up to Neptune, respectively.

The potential power of technology to be misused or to cause international chaos is creeping in globally; and just as the uber capitalist system has evolved to reach unsustainable, even abusive levels under Pluto (power) in Capricorn (finances /establishment), manifested in the fact that we seem ruled now, in many countries, by those who know the price of everything, but the value of nothing, so in a similar abusive way, when Pluto moves into Aquarius (technology) in 2025, self seeking misuse/abuse of technology and the potential for cyber warfare will creep up to be totally overwhelming.

 Pluto ‘s power can be used for great good or for great ill / pure self-seeking (saint or sinner) in relation to the principles of whatever sign he is travelling through.  He will be travelling through Aquarius till 2043.

Currently and briefly Saturn (restriction) is trining Uranus (technology) and is wisely correlating with a call for reining in online social media’s total freedom, which can be exploited dangerously. Saturn demands boundaries and Uranus demands freedom; the clash of the Titans, no less.

Dates when news is quite sombre are the 15th and the 18th/19th.when the Sun and then Mercury oppose Saturn. Karmic reality checks are in the air.

The last week of the month is rather rash and adventurous, and certainly bold globally (Mars square Jupiter and Mars sextile Uranus). Caution is needed especially in U.S foreign policy.

The Moon is full on the 9th at 18 degrees of Sagittarius at 9.13 GMT and new on the 24th at 2 degrees of Cancer at 2.31 GMT.  Endings of chapters correlate with the full, while new beginnings are promoted by the new.


This is a good month for communications and for intellectual stimulation for you all, but after the 6th when Mercury is going through your Solar 3rd House, there will be a great hunger for communications and your mind will be more versatile than normal.
After the 21st, communications with family will predominate, but ensure there are no misunderstandings.    

Venus is in your sign before the 6th, directly affecting those born after April 14th.  This augers well for you looking good, feeling good and romance is flagged up, as are affections and a real sense of aesthetic appreciation is powerful.

After the 6th, many of you may also be finding that money needs to be spent on beautifying your life and your home. 

Before the 4th, if born after April 17th, you are intelligently assertive. Energy - intellectually, spiritually and physically is high and well directed. 

However, if after the 4th, if born up to April 8th, be aware that you may a little like a bull in a china shop at home and confrontation with family members because of impulse may be prominent.  You may also find that family members are equally in your face.

Jupiter is very positive now for those born April 2nd to 4th.  For this group, relationships are very positive and there is a sense of expansion of goals, optimism, positivity, travel, but just beware that you are not too indulgent of other people, or too readily influenced by others, but good times can be had.

Saturn is giving a sense of caution and responsibility and hard work to all those born April 13th to 18th.  Academic issues are taken on board with a sense of seriousness and travel may be dutiful.  But whatever, you are controlled, patient and hardworking. Deferred gratification is a result.

Uranus is now moving on in your sign and is now directly affecting those born April 15th to 19th.  That does indicate that over the coming year have a great feeling of unpredictability and your restlessness in tangible.  Do not be impulsive, count to ten and be careful.  But freedom and looking outside the box is the asset.

For those born April 7th to 10th, there is now a sense of a very rare feeling of challenge from others, not least at work.  Power is in the air; yours or others.  Use it wisely and consciously.


Money may be an issue that’s much discussed and in focus this month. 

Before the 6th, all born after May 9th will find that the need to communicate and the ability to communicate is extremely underlined and your mind is sharp and people will listen.  After the 6th, money again is a focus. 

After the 21st, you are able, if born up to May 10th, to explain yourself very clearly and relationships with siblings can be enhanced. 

After the 6th, Venus, your ruler is in your sign, bringing for all born up to May 16th a sense of love, happiness, joy.  You look good, you feel good.  Warmth is in the air and love life is looking good.

After the 4th, all born up to May 9th will feel energised and able to take on challenge, whether that is physical or intellectual; and the power of your mind and the ability to convince others is strong and travel is underlined too.

Jupiter goes direct from the 9th which does suggest that many Taureans may find that work issues become more fortunate in some way from that date.

Neptune is now sextiling the Suns of all those born May 4th to 6th.  Your empathy and sensitivity to others, particularly friends, and in working towards a cause, are underlined now.  You need to enjoy a more spiritual dimension and you will, but that same quality can also make you more emotionally easily affected.  Your inspiration to do with the arts, particularly around music and film, is strong and spending time near the sea is very positive.  Your desire to be there for others, rather than yourself, is strong, as your ego is downgraded on the altar of the greater good; and your ability to read other people and absorb their feelings is strong.

If born May 8th -11th, Pluto has moved to directly and positively affect your Suns.  This only happens once every aprox. 124 years.  It gives you the opportunity to have a sense of calling, destiny and empowerment to do what you need to do; and what you’re born to do, particularly in the field of study, education, academia; and other countries may hold the key to the flowering of your power.  Legal issues may also be underlined in a positive way, but your sense of ideology and passion about the world and politics is also empowered.  Do not waste this time on ego, but on realising that you are able to use this power for the greater good and it is certainly not just for your own self-aggrandisement.  


This is your month and you can shine, but after the 6th, with your own ruling planet in your own sign, giving it double strength, all of you will have extra communication and intellectual strength, but just ensure you listen to other fellow and let him speak. 

Before the 6th, all born after July 14th may find that friendship and romance get intertwined and your ability to have love and cooperation with friends and in collective collaboration and projects is brilliant.  Your social life can be very valuable.  After the 6th, many of you may well find that your good heart is shown in more private ways behind the scenes.

Mars is in your sign before the 4th, only affecting however this month, those born after June 18th.  For this small group, just be careful in those first four days that your assertiveness does not become slightly aggressive or intimidating to others, but your energy is high.  Direct it well and be aware too of the impact of other people, who are very strong willed, and you have to handle them wisely.

After the 4th, energy and drive does tend to look as if it is in the direction of increasing financial security. 

Jupiter is very well places now for those born June 3rd to 5th.  He is exactly trining your Suns and is giving you a real boost romantically, to do with offspring issues and creatively. Luck is in the air and a positive sense of well-being and enjoyment particularly after the 9th when advantages become more tangible and external.

Saturn however is, as he was last January and February, reminding you of issues that need focussing on.  Other people are blocking you in some way.  Restrictions are in the air.  Saturn may be forcing you to review your goals; or to ensure that you keep knocking on that particular door with more patience than maybe you anticipated.  Reality checks about others are strong and you need to find out whether other people are being karmic schoolteachers, and to have the humility to accept that, or, that they need dealing with in a more courageous way.  Look after your health as well.  Get sleep.

Uranus is now bringing to those born after June 16th a year of excitement, change, freedom and the ability to look outside the box; and other people are catalysts for change.  Enjoy.  Other countries may be the catalyst for this.  Academic gain is potentially strong. 

However, if born June 4th to 6th, be very conscious of potentially being easily deluded or over easily influenced by others who may not be all that they seem.  Keep real.  Keep grounded.  Double-check the credentials of everything that you hear and particularly in a professional capacity.  It is likely that you will be yearning to do more in your work to fulfil your heart centre rather than just to please your wallet.


Before the 6th, if born after July 11th, friends may be valuable for giving good advice and wisdom and your communications with them are also appreciated.

Between the 6th and 21st many of you may well be ruminating privately about issues.

After the 21st, if born up to July 12th, many of you will find you have confidence in your ability to really stand up, be centre stage and get heard, but be careful about being overly subjective in your thinking.  Do listen to others and allow other people to have their say. 

Also, before the 6th, Venus is in your Solar 10th House, affecting those born after July 16th who need to be careful about sycophancy at work.  Use your charms by all means, but do not overdo. 

After the 6th, for all born up to July 18th, friendships are a great bonus in your life and your ability to enjoy social life is underlined.  Warmth and affection is around, as is romantic potential. 

Mars moves into your sign after the 4th, but in those first four days, it is important that many of you do not seethe with anger about issues.  Get things out calmly, at the right time, in the right place, to the right person. 

After the 4th, for all born up to July 11th, you or others should not underestimate your assertiveness and determination. Just do not let that assertiveness morph into a pushy or even slightly aggressive mood. Use your energy well and advisedly, as it is very strong on every level.

Jupiter is now bringing for all those born July 4th to 6th, a sense of real self-indulgence, particularly in the home and in the domestic area.  Think twice before spending money that maybe you could regret later, but indulging family members and having good times is flagged up; but avoid over-confidence.

Uranus has now moved to directly square the Suns of those born July 18th to 22nd.  This every 42-year transit is going to affect you for approximately 1 year, probably in your working life, where there will be unpredictability and uncertainty and restlessness on your part.  There is a need for change, but stop and think carefully before impulsive decisions.  The unexpected is around.  Let it work for you.  What starts off as insecurity and disruption, can end up as greater liberation. Be patient.

Neptune is now inspiring those born July 5th to 7th.  Other countries call.  Spiritual experiences also call and sensitivity is underlined and inspiring. 

However, if born July 10th to 12, be very conscious that Pluto is now opposing your Sun and will be on and off until the end of next year.  Avoid power struggles.  Be conscious.  Draw boundaries around the abusive power by other people or yourself. Transformations are in the air and endings and new beginnings are the promise.

The Moon is new on the 24th in your sign, directly impacting those born June 23rd-25th.  For you this can set the scene for a new impulse for the initiation of the new, with a view for future growth and benefit… You feel at one with self and your unconscious and conscious are working together to bring a certain determination to believe in your current direction.


June can be quite a sociable month for all Leo’s and this year, particularly powerfully so between the 6th and 21st when friends and associates will be informative and stimulating and communications in a social context will be satisfaction. 

However, before the 6th, if born after August 11th, there will be the potential for alternative facts, confusion, misunderstandings in one’s dealings with other people on a professional level and you can be held to account in difficult circumstances. 

Before the 6th, Venus, for all born after August 17th, points to opportunities for romance. There may be some financial gain in other countries and legal issues can be satisfactory and travel will potentially go hand in hand with love life. 

After the 6th, for all born up to August 17th, one has to be very careful about any level of hypocrisy in one’s working life.  Or promising more than one can deliver.   Charm is one thing, but solid reliability is another. 

Before the 4th, there is a window of opportunity for those born after August 19th to have excellent negotiations and communications with other people and friends can be energising and constructive for this group; and your ability to make things happen in a group context and in a leadership role are significant.

However, after the 4th, all of you need to be aware that any anger or frustration that you feel, needs to be dealt with, rather than repressed; and dealt with in a cool, calm manner, otherwise there can be a seething effect of rage, which can be explosive and non-constructive. 

Jupiter is currently protective of those born August 5th to 7th.  He is bringing a certain amount of wisdom, benevolence and there are opportunities for growth of understanding and insight; notably after the 9th when Jupiter moves direct.

Even Saturn is currently supportive of those born August 15th to 19th.  Hard work will be demanded and discipline, particularly connected to duty and obligation and notably when dealing with romantic issues or with offspring; and in any speculative dealings.  Being honourable and loyal will be important.

For those born after August 18th, you are just embarking on a year that is quite exciting, awakening and enlightening, with opportunities in other countries and a sense of liberation from the old and the outworn. 


You need to shine in career this month, but not at any cost.  Before the 6th, if born after September 11th, travel is flagged, as is long distance communications in a very favourable way; and your ability academically to prove yourself is also significant.

After the 6th, however, before the 21st, you all need to be aware that communications on a professional level can very seriously get confused or misunderstood.  Check everything out and don’t just assume you have got the gist of things. 

After the 21st, all born up to September 11th, will find friendship and collective goals rewarding.

After the 6th also, all born up to September 17th have Venus suggesting that love life and travel go hand in hand; and study of something that one loves can be very rewarding, notably the arts. Your affectionate and warm nature can shine more easily than usual. 

However, before the 4th, in those brief few days, all those born after September 19th need to be wary of potential pitfalls of some conflict or disagreements in a professional capacity.  Impatience and impulsiveness will do you no favours and will only attract animosity. 

However, after the 4th, if born up to September 11th, constructive energy can be used positively to coordinate groups and to be energised in the company of others.

Saturn is not so favourably disposed this month towards those born September 15th to 19th.  As last January and February, there are blocks and frustrations and a feeling of negativity in the air.  This may focus on domestic and family issues and one has to step up to the plate and be mature and disciplined and do what is necessary, with a certain austerity in mind.  It is also important to look after one’s health. 

Neptune is currently still squaring the Suns of those born September 6th to 8th.  This is an ongoing transit of some potential confusion, over-idealism and vulnerability to other people.   Do not put people on pedestals.  See them clearly and do not be drawn into the world of martyrdom or rescuing too easily, if not really deserved. 

However, if born September 10th to 13th, Pluto is starting to be a very significant empowering influence and will be so until the end of next year.  This takes away shyness. It gives you a sense of purpose, particularly creatively and in the romantic world; and to do with offspring.  Enjoy a new courage and a new determination, which allows you to achieve much for self and others. 


Excellent month for travel and for academia and between 6th and the 21st, all of you will find that your communication skills and your effectiveness in understanding concepts are at a peak. 

Although, after the 25th, if born up to October 13th, be very careful that you don’t assume you understand everything, or indeed that others understand everything that you convey.

Before the 6th, if born after October 17th, Venus is in your Solar 7th House, suggesting an input of romance and affection in relationships that is slightly exceptional.  You give out and you receive.

Before the 4th, in that short period of time, for all born after September 20th, there will be a rush of constructive drive and energy that takes you into positive places, spiritually, physically and psychologically. 

However, after the 4th, if born up to October 11th, Mars is suggesting some friction and impatience and intolerance, particularly connected to travel or in ideological arguments.  Be as calm and as patient as possible. Others will also be quick to assert themselves with you.

Jupiter in your sign is wonderful now for all born October 6th to 8th; and indeed, as last November, this transit is bringing growth, expansion, confidence, luck, wisdom and very happy successful travel, particularly after the 9th, when Jupiter moves direct in your sign.  This transit does last until early July, so enjoy.

Saturn is also being constructively helpful now, if born October 16th to 20th.  He is bringing groundedness to your thinking.  Pragmatism, good with detail.  Hard, disciplined work is easy to do now and your communications are cautious, careful and thorough and bring good rewards.  Hard work does pay off with this.  You had this in January and February this year and now you have to complete the tasks. 

Now, newly for the coming year, those born after October 19th, have Uranus opposing their Suns.  This every 84-year transit will bring change and unpredictability from other people. Unexpected events are disruptive and may be disturbing, but are ultimately designed to kick start you into a new future; and other people’s restlessness in some respects can release you, but do not be impulsive.  Watch and wait.  Do not push the river.

Finally, those born October 11th to 14th have until the end of 2018 Pluto squaring your Suns.  For many of you this will be a time of change and desire for empowerment and to get away from things that have held you back, particularly domestically or family wise.  A time to look deep into you and understand what growth is needed and you have the courage to do it without unnecessary contentiousness or rebellion. 


For many of you, this month may we one where one is considering the very much more profound aspects of life, looking even more deeply into things than usual and certainly having to consider the deep and more complex issues connected to finances in your life.

Before the 6th, if born after November 11th, it will be important for you to listen to others and their communications can be enlightening.  Between the 6th and 21st, certainly discussions about intimate issues and financial issues will be important.   

After the 21st, if born up to November 12th, travel and long distance issues, including communications and legal issues, are flagged up positively. 

Venus moves into your opposite sign from the 6th, benefiting all born up to November 18th, with increased affections, love, harmony and bringing opportunities to receive significant benefits from other people. 

After the 4th, if born up to November 11th, efforts and assertiveness, in a constructive way, can benefit you legally, academically and through overseas issues and travel.  Intelligent energy is yours, which is successful. 

Neptune is still sprinkling some magic dust on the lives of those born November 6th to 8th.  He is bringing idealism, sensitivity, empathy and more spiritual dimension, particularly connected to romantic interests and with one’s offspring.  There is a need for a soul mate and to connect on a level that is different to a material connection.  Appreciation of the arts and beauty is much stronger than it has been in your life before and your emotional response is profound, as is empathy and compassion.  For those who have always wanted to be involved with the arts, now is your time.  This is true and with you until early 2019.  Enjoy and take advantage.

Pluto, your powerful ruler, is now starting his once every 124 year constructive relationship with the Suns of those born November 10th to 13th.  This is bringing tremendous insight into truths.  You have the ability to speak with truth and power to other people.  Your mind is clear and incisive and power of your intellect should not be underestimated.  It allows you to regenerate and transform yourself and indeed others by your inspiring ideas, thoughts and advice.  You can regenerate the weaknesses in your life.  This has been with you since the beginning of the year so you are already familiar with its power and you have until early 2019 to exploit it, hopefully wisely and selflessly. 


Relationships will be significant this month and it is important that you focus on improving them, particularly between the 6th and 21st when Mercury, ruler of your Solar 7th house, is passing through your Solar 7th House, opposing your Suns. 

Before the 6th, if born after December 15th, love and romance is in the air, as is creativity and artistic expression and you’ll want to enjoy yourself and that would be appropriate. 

Before the 4th, in those first few days, all born after December 18th, (you late Sagittarians) need to be aware that other people are a little contentious, challenging and will not let you get away with anything.  Disputes are in the air.  Stop and think before you respond. 

Jupiter is now very positively angled to the Suns of those born December 4th to 6th.  This is a long transit, which will be with you until early July, and it does imply a good social life, positive input from friends, working very well with others; all to your advantage and joy.  Travel is also a potential, particularly after the 9th of this month, when Jupiter moves direct.

However, it cannot be denied that Saturn is back again to challenge the Suns of those born December 14th to 18th.  You had this in October and November 2016 and he is back again to test you for hard work and patience, as there will be restrictions and blocks around you, possibly connected to others.  Avoid negativity or depression, but with hard work and focus and pragmatism, you will work well with this.  Step up to the plate, but get rest. 

However, positively, Uranus is very much benefiting now, and will be for the next year or so, those born after December 17th.  For this group of late Sagittarians, there is a renewed sense of waking up to new potential, being stimulated towards the new and the alternative.  Love life and arts can bring a new freedom and the unexpected is liberating and you yourself want to be more true to yourself and you can be more successful romantically, creatively and in attitude towards life. 

However, if born between December 5th and 7th Neptune is continuing, for a few years, to indicate that you need to be very aware that change is going on subtly.  There is a melting of the old as the new is invisible but gradually evolving.  See clearly, get lots of rest, check everything out carefully, including people and let the trade winds guide you with consciousness. 

 The full Moon falls in your sign on the 9th. This affects directly those born December 10th-12th. Be prepared for some eruptions of energy that come from deep within the unconscious, from self and possibly triggered by others and despite the feeling of primitive energies being released, it marks a necessary purging and likely marks the finalisation of a process.


This is a good month for attending to the practicalities of life, organising yourself and having a good health routine, but after the 21st relationships are flagged up strongly.

Before the 6th, if born after January 14th, be careful you don’t say “yes” to too many people and bite off more than you can chew socially. 

However, after the 6th, for all born up to January 16th, love is in the air, issues with offspring are very positive, and creatively you are inspired and a need for good times is valid and probably achieved.

After the 4th however, all born up to January 9th need to be aware that there will be people around you either personal or professional relationships who are rather obstructive or challenging.  You need to be careful that you do not invite this with your behaviour.  Be patient and stop and think before you react, but know that the worst can be brought out in people. 

Jupiter is encouraging all born January 3rd to 5th to be very self-indulgent, rather over-confident, possibly a little arrogant (although that is not typical of your sign), but pride is there.  It is all particularly potent in terms of work.  Don’t over-reach, or over-assume too much professionally.  Be confident, but with humility. 

Uranus is currently, and for the coming year, creating a little bit of unexpected turmoil within and without for those born January 15th to 20th.  The unexpected is around to do with family, home and real estate potentially.  You are restless and wanting change and this needs careful thought.  Impulse is your enemy.  Change will come.  Don’t force it, but know that you need to accept evolution is some way. 

If born around January 5th, there is also a notable increase in your sensitivity to others. Your heart and your mind are combining in your communications more and a sort of psychic awareness and a more spiritual sense is more powerful.  Let your heart express itself and the arts and being near the sea for healing. 

Finally, for those born January 8th to 11th you now have a major Pluto transit, which is very rare for the coming two years, on and off.  This will bring destiny, fate and empowerment in some way, in a very profound and deep level; and endings may be inevitable, but they are part of your life’s journey, but you will have depth and profundity like never before, but remember the power that you have, needs very careful and humble handling.


This can be a month of fun, enjoyment and romance in many respects. 

Before the 6th, if born after February 7th, it is important to ensure that family does not misunderstand your communications. 

Between the 6th and the 21st, all of you will enjoy extra richness in all your relationships through good communication; and also writers will flourish.

Before the 6th, if born after February 12th, your communications are tinged with charm and love and you can easily persuade people. 

After the 6th, for all born up to February 14th, be careful that there is not too much indulgence going on financially or emotionally, relating to others, particularly to do with family and home.  This is a wonderful time to enjoy social occasions on your own turf.  Just watch the bank balance. 

Before the 4th, for those first few days, for all born after February 15th, there is courage, determination, and high energy, particularly related to creative and romantic issues and connected to offspring.  Intelligence and determination combine successfully.

Jupiter is also extremely positive now for all born February 1st to 3rd; and this particularly positive period will last until early July.  It is a wonderful time over the coming six weeks or so for travel and long distance negotiations and dealings and for legal issues.  Academic issues also thrive with success.  Notably after the 9th, when Jupiter goes direct.

Even Saturn is a friend now to those born February 11th to 15th.  He is bringing a sense of responsibility, loyalty and duty and admirable hard work, when working for a cause or when seeking cooperation from others.  Friends are also a source of strength and wisdom and you are a source of that same quality to them. Detail, patience, pragmatism is very positively yours.  Saturn is a benevolent despot and brings deferred gratification. 


Much focus is on home, family and real estate this month, but after the 21st, romance , good times and creativity get a very powerful boost.

Before the 6th, for all born after March 9th, you will have intelligence and communication skills boosted also.

Between the 6th and the 21st, for all of you, it is very important that communication within family is a focus and there is no room for misunderstanding for you to them, or vice versa. 

After the 21st, for all born up to March 10th, communications romantically and with offspring are bountiful and positive.  Creativity and writing skills flourish. 

After the 6th, Venus moves into Taurus, bringing for all born up to March 16th a powerful heart linked with your mind.  Your communications will be flooded with charm and others will return love to you. 

Before the 4th, there is a small group of you, born after March 17th who need to be aware that there is a potential for other people, particularly on the home and family front, to be irritated and impatient.  And you too are in a similar frame of mind.  Impulse is your enemy.  Stop and think before you say or do, particularly connect to the home front.

However, after the 4th, if born up to March 9th, there is a great rush of energy that is very constructive and positive intellectually, spiritually and physically and also romantically, and is yours for positive use.  You are keen for enjoyment and fulfilment and endeavours can be successful because of your intelligent use of drive and energy. 

Saturn however, is challenging the Suns of those born March 13th to 17th.  This you had last October and November and now he returns to remind you that there are challenges on the work front, particularly; and patience and hard work and reality checks are in the air.  Do not be defeated.  Be courageous.  Do what is necessary.  Do not let a lack of confidence win, but it is a time for re-considering many issues.  Get rest.

Neptune, your ruler, is now absolutely in his once every 165 year visitation, sitting on the Suns of those born March 4th to 6th; and will be so affecting you until early 2019.  This is a time of extraordinary Piscean influence, taken to its ultimate.  Creativity, spirituality, psychic qualities, sensitivity, empathy and compassion are all over-whelming.  Make them positive.  Negatively, one has to be aware of over idealism, unrealistic plans and avoid potential deception from self to others or vice versa. Check everything out for reality.  Keep grounded. Communing with nature, the arts and the sea is at an apex of benefit. 

Finally, those born March 8th to 11th have Pluto bringing power to transform and change other people’s lives and by so doing, yours. Depth and insight are considerable and you have power and destiny to use this for the great good.  That is with you until the end of next year. Be conscious.

Monday, 1 May 2017


This month is less crisis prone than last month, but we still live with the weight of uncertainty globally and a feeling of deferred crisis, which look like they may resurface dangerously in July, when the Sun once again, and additionally also Mars, will then entangle in dangerous aspects, i.e. both opposing Pluto and squaring Uranus.

Trump’s chart is very troubled from this coming early July to late October. A time of decisive, challenging events for his reputation and future is then flagged up. Saturn is conjunct his Moon and opposing his Sun during those months... It does not look an easy or happy period for him. Saturn is the lord of karma.

At least Saturn is this month trining Uranus and this does bring a feeling of the potential to build a bridge between the old and the new. There is a feeling that stability can be grasped because calm and control keeps impulsive acts at bay.

Mercury is direct again from May 3rd, allowing for forward movement and blocks being lifted, and also a sense of a new template being pursued after a few weeks of necessary rethink.

The Sun and Mercury both also positively trine Pluto this month, exact on the 9th and 31st respectively. This is regenerative and empowering and potentially makes for constructive and wise use of power and is productive of good communications, both personally and on the global stage.

Mars for most of the month however is squaring Neptune,( which continues in its own home sign of Pisces)  indicating deception / confusion /smoke and mirrors/delusion when in negative, square mood) being exact on the 11th. This creates a great sense of confusion and lack of clarity. There is feeling that with “fake news” everywhere and facts being challenged and the lack of honesty in media and from leaders, that there is uncertainty among many of what to believe. Either people are easily influenced and believe everything they hear or read in the media, in an unthinking way, or there is total cynicism about what is said or read. Dishonesty and even corruption has become an almost accepted part of much political discourse and action. With the increasing domination of money, power and indeed corporate power, in politics, and with populism, not necessarily based on objective facts, driven by the media; distortion and lack of transparency is rife.

There is a sense of a lack of true democracy now, as there is mistrust of elections and their genuine outcome, and because of the power of technology to have hidden influence over our lives, which is less than tangible, we are at the mercy of invisible powers that make us pawns in the game of larger often elusive agendas, that have little to do with the genuine desire to help and protect its populace. Much of this has been building since Pluto (power) moved into in Capricorn (establishment /money) in 2008 (till 2025).

With Neptune is Pisces now also, (since 2012), the art of confusion and deception has added to the sense of total uncertainty, illusion and ultimate disillusionment with systems and government.

For a significant no of the populace, seeming fairy tale outcomes in election, or referendum results, that seem to bring the promise of a universal healing, can turn into nightmares, as promises hit the dust, lies are uncovered and the real self seeking agendas of the powers that be, show themselves.

Turkey’s recent referendum result has been dogged by suspicion of coercion, on the altar of a desire for Erdogan to have the powers of dictatorship.  Turkey is believed to be a Virgo country and currently Mars in Pisces, till 2025, is opposing that sign.

Checks and balances in the political system in many countries are now sadly lacking.

The upside of Neptune in Pisces is that the generation of children who have this (born between February 2012 and April 2025) will have extra sensitivity, compassion, empathy and love of beauty and Nature. They will also have an especial love of and talent in music and the arts and the power of extra spiritual awareness will be manifest. At the risk of sounding like a Salvationist, a world that has become increasingly totally immersed in material values and focused seemingly exclusively on economic growth, at all costs, will certainly need the input of these souls.

 The Moon is full on the 10th in the 21st degree of Scorpio, exact at 21.4 GMT.
 This is a time of potentially eruptive energies, and the closing of chapters are indicated. We reap what is sown, and this is a time of reaping.

By contrast the Moon is new on the 25th at the 5th degree of Gemini, exact at 19.44 GMT. The new is launched and the hopeful is initiated under this influence. We sow on the new Moon.


 Before the 16th all born after the 13th will be in a positive mode of interaction with other people, with intelligence and wisdom and your desire to communicate is constructive, but do listen too

 After the 4th, when Mercury moves direct, things that have been put on hold in terms of progress or communication will be liberated.

 Venus, currently in your sign favours all born up to April 15th.  This is a time potentially for romance, love and harmony to be underlined.  Love of beauty, appreciation of arts and the affections are all-strong. Your personal charms and consideration of other people is also going to stand you in good stead. 

 Mars, your ruler, is currently in Gemini, favouring a desire to get your point across effectively and give intellectual, spiritual, physical and psychological courage to all born March 26th to April 15th.  Your efforts prove constructive. 

 Jupiter in your opposite sign is now favouring, as he did last November, those born April 2nd to 6th.  For this group the good times are rolling and travel is flagged up. It’s very positive around relationships, which are flourishing.  There are good people in your life, who are encouraging you to have a good time and enjoy yourself.  Just beware that you don’t project onto them too many expectations, or be lead into too much indulgence by the influence of others.

 Even Saturn is favourable to those born April 14th to 18th.  He is bringing maturity, a practical focus and patience and wisdom to this group.  Travel is likely to be for duty and obligational purposes.  Issues to do with law and study are serious and need attention in a very productive, constructive way.  Work done during this period will serve you well in the future.

 Uranus is in his once every 84 year yearly visit now, to those born April 14th to 17th; and indeed he will be with you, on and off, in this current mode for a year. Uranus is the planet of the unexpected and the unpredictable; the chaotic to some extent and also the awakener, the enlightener.  So, for this group, there will be a very powerful sense of restlessness, a desire for change and maybe a new humanitarian outlook on life.  Your uniqueness and individuality is strong, but there is a danger of rushing into something too quickly, just for the sake of the new, for the adrenalin and for the novelty.  Change is inevitable.  Embrace it, but don’t push the river; and remember there is a whole year of this energy ahead of you

Pluto is now squaring the Suns of those born around April 8th to 10th.  This has been since last month and indeed will haunt you until around January 2019.  This happens once every 124 years and is going to be a significant time.  When Pluto squares your Sun, it challenges you to learn to use power and to deal with power wisely, particularly in your profession and in your work.  Endings of chapters are also in the air, based on the fact that you need to find your true purpose, but endings always presage the new and you must see every ending as a beginning of a new destined chapter.  Do not be ruthless or impose your will upon others.  Keep squeaky clean and avoid people who are manipulative or dragging you down to a level that is not totally honest through their wheeling, dealing influence; and be conscious of all the stuff within yourself, which is deep and needs looking at, so that you can understand your motive, because Pluto can bring up quite dark issues, in quite an explosive manner. 

 A month for shining; and from the 4th, when Mercury goes direct, the sense that you have had of being misunderstood and isolated, will start to desist, but it won’t be until the 16th, when Mercury moves into your sign when all born up to May 8th will feel released to express themselves fully and with effect. After the 16th, communication will be very important and progressive..

Venus, in your Solar 12th House currently will suggest that behind the scenes caring and nurturing in a rather a quiet way will be very appreciated by other people and Mars, now going through your Solar 2nd House, brings a drive to secure finances or improve them. 

Neptune is now sextiling the Suns of those born May 3rd to 6th.  This happens approximately every 42 years.  This makes all in this group more emotional, sensitive, and more appreciative of nature, beauty, aesthetics,. Being near the sea is healing and there is a great joy in listening to music and going to the movies.  Not because of any desire to escape, but because you need the imagination, artistic and creative side of you stimulated.  It makes you sensitive to other people’s pain and very constructive and intelligent at being supportive of other people.  The charitable and caring side of you is underlined, as is the spiritual side; and it will make you a much better rounded person. It nullifies the ego on the altar of a more existential understanding of life.  For those, already artistic, creative, empathetic and caring; this will underline those qualities to an admiral degree.  You will care about the planet. We need that.

 Pluto is very positive now, trining the Suns of those born May 9th to 11th; and this has been with you since March and will, on and off until early 2019 and only happens approximately every 124 years.  This is empowering.  Pluto, if you think about the word, has links with power (plutocracy/plutonium) and it brings a heightened ability to regenerate, transform and change yourself for the better in areas of higher wisdom, higher learning, through travel, through international dimensions and the power of belief in yourself and your destiny.  There has to be recognition that you are the agent and not the owner of the power, but events will happen in your life that bring you a greater sense of self-respect, understanding and insight; and the courage and determination to do what you know is necessary and right.  Enjoy and use wisely. 


 The ruling planet of your sign is Mercury and it moves direct on the 4th, when many of you will feel very relieved that certain issues that have been on hold or frustrating, which have forced you to stop and re-think, are now able to move forward.

 For all born after June 13th, before the 16th, friendships and working collaboratively with groups for a purpose will flourish, particularly after the 4th and after the 16th, there will be a period for many of your where there will be a need to withdraw a little to review and to indulge in private thinking, private study.

Venus, will for all born up to up to June 16th, bring a very sociable time this month.  Friends will stimulate you and help you enjoy life and working in a loving and supportive relationship with those like-minded people will have the same goals in mind, will give great satisfaction; and the power of affections and care and romance are in the air. 

 Mars is currently in your sign and this month he will directly impact the Suns of those born May 27th to June 20th.  For this group, there is determination, vigour, ambition, assertion, competitiveness and huge energetic desire to achieve goals.  This is all very effective, provided it is not over-assertive.  The impact of other people will be strong too and one has to possibly contend with people who are contentious towards you, but handled wisely, it can be a very productive cooperation with someone who is also determined to achieve.

 Jupiter is supportive now for those born June 3rd to 7th.  He brings a desire for enjoyment, a sense of adventure, travel, luck, growth, internally and externally.  This also enhances relationships, and brings new and positive ones into your life, particularly if it has an international aspect, and wisdom from others benefit you.  It is also good for activity re children and enjoyment of offspring.  It is also expansive to do with creative self-expression.

Saturn is a different story, as he now opposing, in his once every 30-year visitation, the opposing the Suns of those born June 15th to 20th.  For this group there a feeling of block, restriction and having to take on responsibilities, burdens and to be dutiful and obligational.  It brings a feeling of tiredness and one has to be patient and measured in how one goes about doings things.  Self-discipline is must and anybody who seems to be blocking your path or restricting you may be necessary as a Karmic school teacher, or you may feel somebody has become too burdensome in your life and there is no choice, but to walk away.  Lessons are to be learned, as Saturn is the Karmic schoolteacher and the benevolent despot. 

However, simultaneously, Uranus is in a good position to the Suns of those born June 15th to 19th.  This is going to complicate the Saturn effect This gives a desire for excitement, freedom, change and will be around for about a year, but currently, with Saturn, you may be frustrated that it can’t quite happen yet, but remember that when Saturn is gone, next month, there will be, for the coming year, a period of understanding, a new direction, a new freedom, a new liberty to express your true self; and to have humanitarian values growing.

Neptune, however, is currently bringing to those born June 3rd to 6th a quality that will be with you until early 2019, of a need to be absolutely sure of people and decisions in your life.  Check all the details. Deceptions to self and from others are likely. Check the credentials of others, particularly in career. It will also give you a divine discontent and a desire to do something different that suits your heart more, but don’t change track unless you’ve checked everybody and everything out.  Beware of escapism, over-indulgence and you will need more sleep than usual. 

The new Moon falls in your sign on the 25th, directing its energy at those born round May 26th. For these individuals, there is an opportunity to begin new projects and experience new beginnings with vigour, as your emotions/unconscious and rational mind power will be somehow at one.


 Before the 4th many of you may well feel that you are stuck and very little movement is forthcoming.  However, after then, because of good communications and good contacts, you can start to feel that you see a path opening up, particularly connected to career blocks. 

After the 16th, when Mercury moves into Taurus, for all born up to July 9th, communications with friends and in a leadership context and working collectively with others, can be inspiring; and again, negotiations can start to work well.   There will be the ability to use your charms effectively in your work, but don’t be sycophantic.  

Mars in Gemini is a little bit of a warning to you all to make sure that if you’re feeling cross, express is calmly as you feel it to the right person, at the right time, right place; otherwise there is a danger of you sitting on it and letting it seethe dangerously.

Jupiter is currently influencing those born July 4th to 8th to be rather self-indulgent or extravagant.  Good times are on the roll, but beware that a temptation to spend maybe too much money, or to over-reach is possible; and a little bit of over-confidence, that can be counter-productive; and over-indulging others can be a signature of this position. 

Uranus is now, and for the coming year, squaring the Suns of those born July 17th to 20th.  This will give restlessness and a sense of the unpredictable being thrown at you; curved balls, which you need to take in your stride.  This is a period of change.  It’s a sort of journey, rather than an arrival and you have to be very flexible.  It may well affect your working life.  It is inevitable that change is in the air. Accept it, but don’t rush into anything.  There is a year for this transition to happen.  Stop and count to ten before rushing into anything new or any decision because there is a good chance you may change your mind. 

Neptune is currently trining the Suns of those born July 3rd to 6th.  This is bringing real spiritual and creative inspiration, great empathy and sensitivity and brings inspiration specifically to higher study through some ideology and certainly from the arts.  Travel can be inspiring too.  This is going to be with you until early 2019. Your heart centre is truly open.

 Finally, Pluto is opposing the Suns of those born July 11th to 13th.  This is a long protracted transit that will be hovering till January 2019; and you have to be aware that other people may come into your life that are confrontational, manipulative, or coercive; and there is a risk of power struggles in any sort of relationship.  Be careful that you do not get embroiled in dark tactics; and if they do, you draw boundaries and walk away.  Endings of chapters connected to relationships are possible, particularly to do with romantic issues., but ultimately regenerative. Beware over-bearing people.  Be aware of your motives and if others are really not conscious of theirs, or if their motives are ruthless, walk way.


 Your reputation will be important to you and you will want to shine and when Mercury moves direct from the 4th, this will help unblock any issues that have been held up since about the 9th April, particularly legal issues, or long distance issues.  There will be a sense then of forward movement. 

Before the 16th, all born after August 16th will be focussing strongly on long distance, travel and legal issues; and communications in those areas will be underlined.

 After the 16th, if born up to August 10th, it is important that in career and in terms of your reputation, you make certain there is not much room for misunderstanding and that you are clear and concise in your communications.  

 Venus will be, for all those born up to August 18th, a bonus for travel, for love life and it gives a power to the emotions and warmth.  It enhances your being.  It also gives some progress financially, particularly if this is connected to legal or overseas issues. 

Mars is also constructive for those born July 28th to August 20th.  Social life is boosted.  Your energy and drive to work in cooperation with others is strong.  You have intelligent energy and friends can be very supportive and effective in helping you though life. 

Jupiter too, for those born August 5th to 9th, boost benevolence in dealings; and also increases intelligence and wisdom and giving a sense of being quite protected and lucky in many areas of life.  Travel can be underlined; and inner growth is possible as well. 

 Even Saturn, brings to those August 17th to 21st a sense of responsibility, hard work, focus, discipline and patience and the shouldering of responsibilities in a way that enhances your reputation.  It gives solidity and loyalty and a sense of duty, both to offspring and in love life; and also in financial issues it gives shrewdness and a patience, which can pay off. 

 Uranus too is currently very supportive to the same group.  He is creating a sense of liberation from the past, from the old; giving opportunities for greater freedom, excitement and opportunities to display a more unique and individualistic side of self, particularly connected to new or interesting business relationships and a sense of liberation in complex financial issues.  Relationships take on a turn for the better because others influence you to become more aware and see a bigger picture, so enhancing a breaking out of any over-subjectivity, which Leos can sometimes, be prone to.  There will be a downgrading of the ego in a positive way, which gives greater wisdom and insight towards and stimulated by others. 


 This is an excellent month for travel and holidays, or any long distance ventures; and your ruling planet Mercury moves direct on the 4th, taking the brakes off the many things that you need to move on with, particularly if they have a legal or long distance context and financial issues can be successfully negotiated now, particularly before the 16th

After the 16th, all born up to September 10th will find that your communication skills and successes start to flourish, particularly if again it is connected to legal or long-distance projects and your thinking becomes much bigger picture and more philosophical in tone.  Generosity towards as well as from others will be underlined this month.

Mars however is not so kindly disposed for those born August 30th to September 21st. You will need to be on guard for anybody in your professional life, or in a position of authority who may well be quit contentious towards you.  You may well be irritated and impatient; and others also may be reciprocating this mood to you.  Clashes are likely and it is a very good idea not to waste time on bickering; and impatience needs to be kept in check.  Look before you leap, particularly in terms of your public standing. 

Saturn is also slightly challenging now for those born September 17th to 21st bringing some stress, possibly on the home or domestic front.  Duty and obligations to those who need you or who are having problems in a family context is possible; and some frustrations and tiredness is likely too.  Look after your body. Get rest, but acknowledge what has to be done with discipline and patience. Remember that deferred gratification is the name of the game. 

 Neptune is currently, and for a couple of years on and off, opposing the Suns of those born September 4th to 8th.  It is very important to get used to the fact that many of you during this time will be a little under par in terms of feeling not so effective as usual; feeling that things are not clear and the ground is a bit shaky under your feet, particularly vis a vis relationships. There will be times where you need to just “let go and let God” and trust the trade winds to get you where you are going, because you certainly are on a journey that’s rather nebulous and hard to define.  The ultimate goal of this journey with Neptune is redemption on some level.  Get rest, appreciate the beauties of nature, being near the sea would be helpful; the arts are particularly inspiring; and those of you who are creative will benefit enormously from this, but it does make you over-idealistic, seeing other people through rose coloured spectacles and you have to be very careful that you see them clearly and that you are not having any smoke and mirror effect in your relationships.  Don’t idolise people and don’ t be a martyr for them.  See them as they really are; and make no major decisions that can’t be undone. 

However, for all those born September 11th to 13th, have Pluto favouring you for approximately the next two years, which only happens once every 124 years and it is extremely constructive.  It brings a new sense of self re-invention to do with romance, creativity, possibly connected to offspring.  It allows you to believe in yourself, your destiny and to be regenerative and transformative in your image and some of that shyness and uncertainty is diminished.  The power of living life to the full and the power of love can be quite transformative over the next two years, as can creative skills. Enjoy.


This is not a month of superficiality.  It demands profundity and depth and a desire and a need to get involved with some of the more private issues that are important in your life, not least complex financial issues.
 Before the 16th, all born after October 17th, will find that communication with partners is very important and valuable.  What you say and what you hear is useful.  There will be much texting and emailing etc., although it won’t be until after the 4th May that you really get some good news that you need, when Mercury moves direct.
After the 16th, when Mercury moves into Taurus, communications about very complex financial issues are underlined.

 Venus, for all born up to October 18th, brings the potential for an extra warmth, love affection and romance; and good personal relationships, with much giving and receiving of support.

 Mars too, for all born between September 28th and October 22nd, will be benefiting you in a way that creates a powerful sense of ideological passion and the ability to convince people of viewpoints.  It’s very effective for academic pursuits and success and for teaching, but it also brings much successful energy put into travel, projects in other countries and legal issues.  Determination, ambition and effectiveness is strong. 

 Jupiter, still in your sign, is once again, as last November, blessing the Suns of those born October 6th to 10th.  For this group, there is a boost to confidence, happiness, growth, travel, and wisdom.  A feel-good factor.  Extravagance and luck is in the air.   Good times roll.  Growth can be inner as well as outer.
Even Saturn, for those born October 18th to 22nd is constructive.  He is bringing hard work for this group, but precision, discipline, patience and constructive thought are underlined.  Loyalty, duty and hard work is all part of the picture, but with a successful outcome; and a willingness to put in the effort.

 Uranus, however, is opposing the Suns also, interestingly, of this same group, which does mean that Saturn will be giving you a very strong grounding, but at the same time, there will be some conflict within because there is a feeling that there is some unpredictability in the air coming from other people, which forces you to be grounded.  Changes are in the ether, brought about and stimulated by a partner, or somebody who is creating unexpected energy, which can feel very disruptive.  You too may be feeling the realisation that change is somehow inevitable.  This will last for about a year and so be flexible. Accept the changes and even if you resent them, understand that in some strange way they will actually liberate you, but this month you will be stuck between the unpredictable within yourself and from others, but also with obligations and duties.     

 Pluto, is now directly affecting, and will be for the coming two years, those born October 12th to 14th.  This will feel like an inner battle, a struggle for independence, for freedom and to empower yourself and your uniqueness.  It can bring external power struggles, which are actually just a manifestation of the struggle that you are feeling within yourself.  Very important to be conscious of unresolved issued from your past, to not do knee-jerk responses, to recognise primeval forces within and try to understand them.  Sometimes when people have this, it is a very good time for some therapeutic work in order to understand what energies are currently scheduled for release, so that you can handle them wisely, consciously and therefore with success.  It is empowering, but there is also potential for destructive behaviour because of a kind of explosion of the need for emancipation of your power.  It will happen without your forcing the pace.


In many respects it’s all about relationships this month.  The power of others to influence you and that is fine.  Sometimes Scorpios have to give their power away. 
From the 4th many of you will feel that there is the unravelling of problems so that you can finally feel that your communications and your actions are beginning to bear fruit, particularly in the work sphere.

 After the 16th, for all born up to November 10th, communications with partners, either business or personal, will be important and powerful and you need to listen to what they say.  They can be very fruitful.  Fortunately you are in a position in your working life to use your harmony and your charm to gain favour and you will be certainly at least very shrewd in financial dealings. 

 Neptune is a powerfully trining the Suns of those born November 5th to 8th.  This once every 84-year transit will be with you until around the end of February 2019 and it is to be savoured.  It brings a whole new sense of empathy, compassion, and sensitivity.  It is brilliant for those involved in the creative and aesthetic world. It is excellent for those of you who have a spiritual dimension, because all of those areas are totally emphasised and underlined and developed.  Because it is going through your Solar 5th house, it brings particular joy and connection and a sense of being in a soul mate relationship, either romantically or with one’s children.  It brings exquisite sensitivity to the nuances of other people.  You find that the boundaries between you and others are dissolved so that you can almost be telepathic.  It gives great appreciation for nature and the arts in the sense that being near the sea or having music around you constantly is a great healer.  It does downgrade the ego as well.  It gives a greater sense of what is really important in the world and not just important in you.  It is an inspiring transit and it softens and enlarges the heart.  Enjoy.

 Pluto, your power ruler, is also very significant now; and has been since March and will continue to be until at least the beginning of 2019, as he directly affects the Suns of those born November 11th to 13th.  For the group, the power of your insight, the power of your analysis, the power of your research abilities, the power of your ability to be able to see the truth and your imposing ability to communicate with profundity and breadth, which influences many, should not be underestimated.  Your mind is even more forensic and deep probing than usual.  The power of your language, your concepts, your understanding is potentially quite life changing and transformative in potential, but remember that humility is the best ally of power.

The full Moon is in your sign on the 10th and affects those born around the November 13th. For these people, there is a sense of eruptions from your unconscious, and subterranean tensions reveal truths that are maybe uncomfortable… This can possibly be a period that marks the endings of certain issues /relationships, if unhealthy energies have been brewing. 


Mercury finally moves direct on the 4th May suggesting that relationships become much easier to deal with and blocks and restrictions in life lift.

Before the 16th, all born after December 15th will also find that communications related to children and creative success and harmony with others, with greater understanding, is improved. 

Venus also, for all born up to December 17th is bringing the likelihood of a blossoming of romance.  Affections and warmth are underlined, but also offspring issues and creativity flourish. 

Mars however, is somewhat potentially confrontational in the charts of all born between November 29th and December 20th.  Mars, the god of war in your Solar 7th House is suggesting that others are challenging or combative.  They won’t take no for an answer.  You yourself will possibly be over-assertive in relationships attracting the same energy back.  Impatience and irritation really has to be avoided as much as possible, but impulsiveness is in the air in behaviour, so take care. 

Jupiter is favouring those born December 4th to 8th.  Sociability is strong.  Working with others is favoured, as is travel and generally lucky in love and life and travel.

Saturn, however, is a different story for those born December 16th to 20th.  Serous weighty responsibilities are now yours and negativity and a lack of confidence is a danger.  Look after your body.  Take care of your health, but necessary restrictions, limitations and disciplines and pay needed.  Step up to the plate and accept the reality checks and do what is necessary. 

However, Uranus comes to save the day for those born December 16th to 19th.  He brings the new, the unexpected, the restless, the desire for change, although Saturn does demand that you have to do what you have to before you can move on, but for the coming year Uranus will benefit this group enormously in terms of liberation; in love life, creativity and connected to all issues that have been oppressive. 

Neptune is indicating that those born December 4th to 8th, despite Jupiter’s enhancement, that for the coming year there is care needed to check out everything carefully, as smoke and mirrors are in the air.  You need rest and you are more vulnerable emotionally.  You’re in transition.  Let go a little and trust the trade winds.


This can be a fun filled month, but before the 16th, those born after January 15th need to be very careful they don’t have misunderstandings with others, particularly family.  Clarify all communications, but after the 4th things definitely improve in terms of communication progress.

After the 16th, all born after up to January 8th can really enjoy improved connections with others romantically and creative pursuits flourish. 

Beware most of you that this month can also bring an over-reaching and over-indulgence connected to family, home and particularly towards real estate. 

Jupiter also, if born January 3rd to 7th, can make one a little over-confident at work and possibly bite off more than one can chew, so have a care. 

Uranus is somewhat unsettling now if born January 15th to 18th and will be one and off for the coming year.  Lack of certainty on the home front and domestically and to do with property in the air; and even some changes that have not been anticipated.  Keep flexible and remember that this is a journey, rather than an arrival, but by the end of the year you will have seen just exactly what that journey was about and how liberating it ultimately is, but disruptions and changes connected to your roots are likely.

Positively, Neptune for the coming two years is bringing a much greater sweetness to the heart centre of those born January 4th to 7th.  Your heart will dominate your mind and your creative imagination will soar.  Empathy is strong and there will be a need to pursue some creative things, or at least enjoy more of the natural beauties of the world.  Music and the film world and the sea bring more joy than usual. 

Finally Pluto, in his very rare once every 248 year visitation is sitting right on the Suns of those born January 9th to 11th.  This powerful two year transit is underway and brings intense change into the life that can prove to be very transformative and regenerative and certainly gives a sense of destiny and empowerment.  The downside is that you have to beware of not dominating others through a desire for power.  Be very, very conscious of motives that are purely connected to self-gratification and the desire for gratuitous control.  Endings are possible, as are confrontations with self and/or others, which have great learning potential.


Mercury moving direct on the 4th will bring for may of you a greater sense of clarity of thought and information will arrive that will help you move forward in projects.  Indeed, before the 16th, Mercury in your sign will bring bonuses for all born after February 12th.  Thinking and communications will be clear and every effective.

After the 16th, if born up to February 6th, there is a slight need to stop and think to make sure that your communications are crystal clear and that you also totally understand the other person, particularly within family.

Venus is in your sign, bringing, for all born up to February 14th, greater chance of love, harmony and financial gain; and a feeling that your charms and your appearances are somehow enhanced. Your aesthetic sense is also much stronger than usual. 

Mars is very constructive too, if born January 26th to February 17th.  Creative energy is strong, as is romantic energy and you will be driven very hard to have good times, to enjoy yourself and your desire for fulfilment in life will not be negated.  Intelligent action is yours to help bring this fulfilment.

Jupiter is bringing a very strong enhancement of travel potential, if born February 1st to 5th.  Legal issues are also favoured.

Saturn is also very constructive now for those born February 13th to 17th in a way that demands discipline, hard work, which you’re happy to step up to the plate for; particularly in cooperation with people for projects that you are passionate about. 

Also, Uranus, your ruling planet for the same group, is allowing your intuition and your eureka moments to shine; and you’re given the freedom to show your uniqueness in a way that is very liberating; and that power will be with you for the coming year. This is an interesting journey of consciousness.


From the 4th, when Mercury moves direct, many of you may find that financial blocks and restrictions and frustrations are lifted and some progress is in the air, possibly because of improved communications. 

From the 16th, if born up to March 8th, your mind is sharper and your ability to be understood and to receive good news is enhanced. 

Mars is less than cooperative now from Gemini, if born February 25th to March 19th.  This group needs to be aware that you may be a little like a bull in a china shop at home; and indeed domestic and family relationships may be fraught with irritations.  Quick temper and impatience is in the ether.  Stop before you speak, or indeed, act. Impulsiveness is your enemy now.

Saturn is not being overly kind to your energy as last February/March.  This is a period when work responsibilities may be onerous or stressful.  Lack of confidence can be the major problem, but you must know the difference between a genuine desire to walk away from something, versus a lack of belief in yourself.  Hard work and patience is needed and importantly, it is a time to look after your health, as you’re more vulnerable than usual to little viruses and tiredness.  Restrictions are in the air too.  The reality checks that this time brings to you may help you make some decisions/revisions. 

Neptune, your ruler, is so powerful now for those born March 3rd to 6th.  This once every 165-year transit, which lasts for several years, is just bringing your Pisces qualities out to the nth degree. Positively this is creative, empathetic, spiritual and visionary.  Negatively it is escapist, delusional and over-idealistic.  Do try and emphasise the former. Don’t be a victim of your sensitivity.  Use it for positive outcome.

Pluto is constructive and empowering for those born around March 9th to 11th.  This two-year transit will empower your ability to work for the greater good of others and in cooperation with others and to show your leadership