Monday, 1 April 2013

Overview for April 2013

by Leigh Oswald (London-based Astrologer and Teacher)

This is a powerfully fiery month. The Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars are all spending considerable amounts of time in Aries and also Uranus of course is currently traversing that sign (for seven years). Importantly, the Sun is conjunct to Mars all month, and since Mars is the god of war and the ruler of Aries, it doesn’t take much imagination to realise that this is an extremely assertive month, and probably quite explosively fiery in terms of ambition, energy drive and ruthlessness on our planet. Aries’ motto is” I am” and the assertion of the self is a powerful one this month, whether it be a nation or an individual, no half-measures. Blind confidence, “ramming” ahead as the ram of Aries is wont to do. North Korea is flexing its muscles and although emphasis is on economic issues in our consciousness, there is a distinct feeling cosmically that the left field of another dramatic source of stress is possible. However Venus is conjunct to Mars also in the first half of the month, which is powerful for stimulating a passionate desire to create. It is a powerfully artistic combination and is very good for design and enthusiasm for the artistic world.  It is a combination also often hugely focused on money and the emphasis on drastic economic measures will be passionate and explosive.

Around the 20th when Mercury conjuncts to Uranus, there will be the unexpected and the quirky in the air, but breakthroughs and innovation scientifically are possible as well as some surprise communications and decisions by world players.  Shocks to the collective realisations are possible too. Wake up calls no less

The planet is now indeed waking up to the realities of climate change as it is affecting the developed world, although the decision by many to be in denial about it is totally self-protective. Mankind cannot bear too much reality. It’s often hard to cope with the truth, particularly when it involves admitting our own culpability.

However after the 15th the power of Taurus starts to creep in and a slower and steadier energy is likely to prevail.

Around the 28th to the 30th Saturn starts to weigh heavy, bringing blocks and restrictions to all our goals, and around the 21st, clashes of ideology are powerful as Mercury squares to Pluto.

Strong players on the world stage this month are Germany, Israel, and England, as all are heavily Aries influenced. Indeed the situation in Syria (also associated with Aries) is likely to come to a crunch (no surprise there, although there are some who claim Syria has strong Scorpionic rulership and Saturn currently Scorpio, certainly does not help that benighted land) 

Positive days are the 1st when there is optimism, around the 19th when there is inspiration, around the 24th and 25th when there is a bit of magic in the air and around the 27th which is inspired energy for spiritual or creative achievements.

The new Moon falls on the 10th at 20° of Aries, whereas the full Moon and partial lunar eclipse falls on the 25th at 5° of Scorpio. Full Moons are times when eruptions of the collective or individual unconscious become evident, and the darker side of the human condition can often manifest. Eclipses are magnifications of this energy Things that have been buried but which have been brewing and kept close to the chest will show themselves on this date. The power of the unconscious (the Moon) is indeed full and overflowing and the darker side of the human psyche tends to show itself on the occasion of a lunar eclipse..

Aries March 21st - April 20th

This is your month and Venus and Mercury both in your sign, before the 15th brings incredible charms if born after April 1st. You look good, you feel good and people are drawn to you and relationships are certainly going to flourish. After the 14th, if born up to April 18th you hold others’ attention with the power of your argument and you can impress with your mind.

Also before the 20th, your ruler Mars is in your sign and especially for those born after April 5th, there is an added enormous power lent to your ambition and assertive energy. This can move mountains, or if it tips into over-assertiveness, this can create the distinctive sound of war.

For many of you however, in the second half of the month there will also be a great focus on working hard and with great ambition towards securing financial gain.

Jupiter is very helpful now to those born April 1st to 8th. It is an additional boost to your communication skills and wisdom. It’s not just intellectual acumen; wisdom is an additional and superior quality. Opportunities around now need to be recognised and grabbed, they won’t just fall in your lap.

Uranus however is in your sign and is focusing exactly in his once every 84-year hit on the Suns of those born March 28th to 31st. For this group the new, the exciting, the adrenalising, and the innovative are all calling. Your life is definitely in flux and change and that is the way it is meant to be. Don’t seek change for its own sake; let it come to you as it will and you are ready for it. You are awakening to new dimensions and new understandings, and though unpredictable in your behaviour, you recognise your uniqueness and the future calls. Revolutionary desires to liberate others from their chains are strong.

The New moon falls in Aries on the 10th focusing on those born April 8th to 11th. This group have the advantage then have a rise in optimism for the future and a belief in the new.

Taurus April 21st - May 20th

For many of you, much of the month will be spent in rather quiet retreat because of the emphasis on your solar 12th house. Private work for others, helping and assisting in a very karmically obliged way, should be embraced. You may feel rather alienated to the world . A need for privacy and peace is rightfully yours.

However, after the 15th when your ruler Venus moves into your own sign, all born up to May 10th will certainly be obviously charismatic. You will look good, feel good, it is a good hair period and your charms are very alluring, and your sense of good will to others helps.

Before the 20th there will be the potential for some of you to sit in isolation with a rather angry resentment. This brooding anger or passive aggression can only do you harm. However after the 20th when Mars moves into your own sign, all April born Taureans show their strength

Saturn however is opposing the Suns of those born April 28th to May 2nd. For this group other people are obstructing you or causing you problems or bringing reality checks about their true nature to your door. Obligations have to be attended to but wake up calls need taking on board about the true calibre of those that are in your life and what you are going to do about it. Slow-downs, restrictions and aches and pains are all part of this Saturn demand, as he is reminding you that you are certainly not getting younger when it comes to physicality.

However even this Saturn affected group have Pluto just on their side and will feel that they can rise to the occasion, reinvent, transform and regenerate themselves, no matter what the stress. All of you born around May 3rd will feel Pluto’s empowering touch especially re long-distance connections and a powerful intellect brings courage and mind over matter powers..

The lunar eclipse of the 25th is directly affecting those born April 25th to 27th. For this group this could mark a showdown from someone that has been bubbling up for some time. Things tend to show they have run their course at such a time

Gemini May 21st - June 20th

Your friends are very valuable now and are powerful forces for being movers and shakers in your life, notably before the 15th and if born after June 2nd, and  for the rest of you, after the 14th , your ability to glean much useful information and wisdom from friends is apparent.  Love can grow from friendship easily now.

Before the 20th, for all born after June 5th, your assertive leadership skills and your ability to work constructively with equally strong-minded cooperative friends, mean you can move mountains.

However there will be much time this month, notably after the 15th when many of you will wish to retreat, because of some exhaustion and because of a desire to pursue various issues, not least your romantic life, in a rather clandestine way. However if born in May, beware that the last ten days of the month can bring some festering of anger if you allow it. Resentment is destructive to you more than anyone else

Jupiter is in your sign, which is wonderful news for all born June 1st to 9th. Right now that planet is allowing for real luck, growth, both inner and outer and with relationship bonuses and travel. Confidence is yours and for those born May 29th to June 2nd, Uranus is making you very sparky, adrenalized and maverick in a very positive and constructive way, and you will believe in your own uniqueness and individuality, and people around you are really lighting your fires. Neptune however is a little tricky now if born May 25th to27th. He is confusing you at work and creating hypersensitivity to others that is affecting you emotionally..  All is foggy and you want to work only for your ideals and to suit your heart. and now nothing less will do..
 This 18 month transition will get you nearer you hearts needs , but in the meantime float and let trade winds guide you and get lots of sleep and have music around you..

Cancer June 21st - July 21st

Focus is very much on your professional reputation and energy is needed there intellectually and in the first half of the month you have huge ability to convince others through your charms. Later it is definitely the power of your communication and logic  that can swing issues to your benefit.

Beware before the 20th if born after July 6th, as there are war-drums audibly around you. You are ambitious and assertive and this attracts others who may wish to trip you up. Impulsive activity can be your enemy when it comes to work  desires and focus.

Uranus is creating a real restlessness and desire for change and revolution somehow in your life if born June 29th to July 3rd. Again career issues may feel a little unstable and authority figures are inconsistent, and change that is flagged up now, even though it may be intimidating, could be a liberation in the long run. You are being kick-started into a freer future, even if it makes you nervous. Keep flexible and see change as a friend
However Saturn is also giving this same group a measured and controlled quality which brings stability, so there is a feeling that freedom comes though being responsible., and not bypassing it,

Neptune brings a winsome gentleness, empathy compassion and idealism to the hearts of those born June 25th to 27th. It also promotes deep spiritual and creative yearnings. This lasts for around 18 months so enjoy and develop. However Pluto is creating for those born July 3rd to 5th a deep potential for a confrontation over power with others, for good or ill, either professionally or personally.. Beware not keeping squeaky clean and don’t be tainted by others.  Endings are in the air and this is a real test of courage and integrity and also of acceptance of the choices we have, between being  either saint or sinner. Others you connect with now are also either category.

Leo July 22nd - August 22nd

April is a very good month for travel for your sign as it equates with your solar 9th house. It is also excellent for intellectual and academic pursuits. Before the 15th many of you born after August 4th can also combine love and creativity with travel, and after the 14th if born up to August 20th your communication skills and business connections can flourish long-distance, but it is also particularly good for acumen of intellect and importantly a growth in big picture wisdom/ and metaphysical dimensions.

Before the 20th, also if born after August 8th you are ideologically, powerfully motivated, courtesy of Mars and passionate and ardour romantically re long distance links can be overwhelming.

Jupiter is bringing to those born August 3rd to 11th the positivity of friends, group cooperation and the intelligent ability to grab opportunities.

However Saturn is bringing some issues that are difficult on the home and family front if born July 31st to August 4th. For this group, focus, obligation and duty has to be focused on those who are nearest and dearest in your family and domestic set-up. They may well be forcing you to face the realities that you have previously tried to escape, and remember to look after the body. However fortunately this same group has a wonderful Uranus contact, giving you the ability to intuitively handle issues in a way that allows you to get a balance between your own needs and those of others, but importantly it is those of others that need real focus.    Al of you need to have a care round complex joint financial issues, as you are prone to misjudgements and over confidence in the integrity of others, as Neptune is creating smoke and mirrors in your solar 8th house.  Meanwhile all of you especially after the 20th if July born, need to think hard about the need to apply yourself to career issues with will and gusto.

Virgo August 23rd - September 21st

This month can be quite an intense month for your sign as it involves your solar 8th house, which is about the profundities of life. It is also a focus on complex, private, joint issues of an intimate and financial quality, and before the 20th with Mars so strong in Aries, one has to be on one’s guard that assertiveness does not become combative, particularly re complex economics.

However before the 14th with Mercury in your opposite sign, all born after September 5th have the opportunity to utilise their pragmatic intellect to deal well with others.

After the 15th when Venus moves into Taurus, all of you born up to September 12th may find much pleasure, happiness or even romance when you push your boundaries far afield geographically. A love of learning is yours and financial dealings are favoured long-distance.

After the 20th if born any date up to September 1st energy and constructive psychological and intellectual will, put into long-distance and academic issues will win the day. Just be wary if born September 3rd to 11th of being a little arrogant or over-confident in your professional sphere. Unusually for you, you are not risk-averse then. Saturn is keeping you mature and grounded if born September 1st to 4th, and you thinking is pragmatic and constructive.

Pluto is bringing an unusual note for some time to come of courage and will that is incredibly transformative for you and others if born September 2nd to 5th, notably in creative and romantic fields and in dealing with offspring. Do not under-estimate your mind over matter in these areas. Neptune is not so solid an influence for all born August 27th to 29th.  For the next 18 months be wary of seeing what you want to see in others and know that all is not clear .. so keep grounded and don’t let dreams and idealism cloud pragmatism. Artists/musicians etc are however blessed in their talents now

Libra September 22nd - October 23rd

 It’s all about relationships this month, the power they have over you and your ability to give good input. Communication skills can enhance relationships from the 14th if born up to October 20th and before the 15th all born after October 4th have people bringing to your door good karma through love and care, reflecting your attitude to them

However before the 20th, with Mars strong, for all born after October 7th there is also the power of passion and intensity, which can be positive or intimidating. There is no neutrality in relationships this month.  Also the desire to create beauty, especially in collaboration with others is powerful.

Jupiter is your friend right now if born October 3rd to 11th. He brings exciting travel, and contacts overseas or long-distance, is benevolent and enriching. He inspires confidence and luck and ability and joy in academic pursuits

Uranus however is a little tricky if born September 30th to October 4th. Other people are unpredictable and making you nervous.  Change in relationships is probably the catalyst that is needed for you to change, even though it may be unlooked for. The left field and unpredictable are in the air. Pluto is still creating deep rumblings in the lives of those born October 3rd to 5th.  Family and domestic upheaval is possible and the endings of eras in some way, but struggles to assert your power and independence are part of the picture.. It feels like a fight for survival. It is primeval in force. Be conscious of the deeper source that this  energy is erupting from: from way back probably  so you must  count to 10 or it can be abusive power that is unleashed in you or in others. The New moon of the10th falls opposite the sun degrees of those born October 12 to 14th..This is a good time for the bold and the new.

Scorpio October 24th - November 21st

April is a month when there can be focus on routine work and rationalising systems, and being generally very service-orientated to others, and indeed before the 20th your co-ruler Mars is making you quite a hard task-master. Your usual charisma and communication charms win the day and indeed passions an be roused s at work, but may be directed in a rather out of control way, especially re cupid’s domain.. However in the second half of the month there is also a very strong focus on significant others and romantic relationships and you don’t do half measures.

 From the 15th if born up to November 11th, you are a bit of a magnet and your ability to consider other people’s needs with great allure attracts others to you and after the 20th, if born up to November 2nd you really are in predatory mood, but others too will not let you get away with too much, and relationships, though compulsive, could become a bit of a battleground Financial issues could be a point of contention..

Saturn, let’s not forget is in your sign and now haunting the lives of those born October 31st to November 4th. This is a significant period of facing some difficult issues in life and you cannot kick the can down the road. Low energy, noticing the march of time and having to be disciplined, focused and hard working is unavoidable. You have to put right what has gone wrong and you are well capable of doing that. As you have great regenerative powers.

If born around November 4th your ability to reinvent yourself through the power of thought should not be underestimated, courtesy of Pluto. Neptune is very gently favouring those born around October 27th-29th. Your idealism is a motivator in love life and your empathy with and need for creative inspiration is also significant. Sensitivity to others now corresponds with a reduction in the power of your ego.  The Lunar eclipse of the 25th directly contacts those born around October 29th.. . Powers within you may be released, the origins of which are deep and have been building.

Sagittarius November 22nd – December 21st

A month of celebrating the life force, creatively and romantically, even passionately under current dominant Aries planetary power, and before the 15th if born after December 3rd your charisma shines as does your fun-loving inclinations.  Issues round offspring and love life are sources also of joy. Some of you will be feeling very risky speculatively too

Before the 20th and if born after December 7th you are a force to be reckoned with, because Mars is seriously driving you, but in a very constructive and intelligent way. Courage is yours but there is also a feeling that love life will have an all or nothing feel about it.. The desire for intense feelings and mutual exchange is strong.

Blessed are those born December 2nd to 10th as Jupiter opposes your Sun in his once every 12 year visit to your opposite degree. Travel, confidence, extraversion and positivity is yours – just don’t overdo and overindulge and avoid get a bit too over confident. Others who have your best interests in mind are positive and lucky catalysts for change now.

Uranus too is bringing to those born November 29th to December 3rd the thrill of a new desire for greater freedom, change, uniqueness, innovation, both creatively and indeed romantically and your intuition guides you well.

Just be aware if born around November 26th to 28th when Neptune is definitely not allowing you to see as clearly as you should or could, and deceit and deception has to be avoided at all costs.  Confusion around domestic security is creeping in and all seems at sea as to where you belong. This is a rather blind metamorphosis you are going through and remember that you are subject to the danger being a martyr in some way.  You are a little blind sided now .. but enjoy the soothing influence of being near the sea and have music as an important feature . Be wary of escapist and addictive inclinations.

Capricorn December 22nd - January 19th

The lure of home and simplicity will be strong, although before the 14th if born after January 2nd you will be hungry for exchange of ideas and to assert your intellect. Feelings and ideologies are urgently expressed

After the 15th many of you if born up to January 11th will also be feeling very creatively inspired. The call of Cupid is strong also and children’s issues can bring special pleasure.

Have a care before the 20th as many of you then may be tempted to be a bit obstructive domestically and with family, and others at home will be no pushovers Note that after the 20th and if December born, your courage and refusal to take “no” for an answer will be notable.  It could be an excellent time for beautifying your environment and for DIY..

Uranus is creating some stress for those born December 29th to January 2nd. All is uncertain and restlessness within and indeed emanating from others is making you nervous. During this coming year, flexibility is your friend and see life as a journey, not an arrival, but do not make drastic changes that you can’t undo.  This is a forever changing, volatile once in an every 42-year energy, that lasts about a year.

Pluto is seriously testing the wise use of power for those born January 1st to the 3rd still and will be so-doing until January 2015. See these 2 years as a test of your potential and destiny, but always make sure that you use your power for the greater good. Stop and think. Endings of chapters and new-beginnings are definitely in the air. Neptune meanwhile is harmonising his energy with those born around December 26th. He is softening your heart, releasing compassion and empathy.  This is a time when you realise the value of intuition and emotional intelligence. It is Important also to celebrate creative/artistic matters that can get too easily sidelined on the altar of work and duty.

Aquarius January 20th - February 18th

 Your intellect is usually very intuitive and shrewd and you see the big picture, and this month is certainly no exception. Before the 15th, all born after January 31st are able to add heart to brain and communications have the advantage of empathy and love.

After the 14th for all born up to February 16th the power of your pure rationality is seriously impressive and in fact before the 20th for many of you born after February 3rd, you will be no shrinking violet and very assertive and constructively so in your arguments. However your charms will be powerful even when assertive.

Beware after the 20th if born up to January 30th, because Mars is in your solar 4th house, you could be a little bit stubborn, even a little aggressive A bit of a bull in a china shop and you may also have to deal with some confrontation on the home front. Stubbornness and lack of adaptability is your enemy.

However the good news is that Jupiter is complementary now to those born January 30th to February 7th. He is bringing creative confidence, romantic courage and fulfilment, and fertility and the life force is strong. Luck and travel is yours.

However by contrast Saturn is being his usual reality bringer, if born January 28th to 31st. There are likely to be hiccups or problems with authority in your profession.  It is tough and there is no room for play. Face facts, bite bullets, do what is necessary. However this very same group have the good fortune of Uranus your ruler, supporting them, (every 42 years) suggesting that there is also a great desire for the new and the innovative and a leap into a more maverick future, but for now, Saturn says consolidate. Your time will come.  Maybe you are seeing the way forward and those around you just don’t get it., bringing frustration.

Pisces February 19th - March 20th

Though you are not materialistic, it’s important this month to focus on ensuring your financial situation is stable and your charms and communication skills can support this

If born after March 3rd, there are opportunities before the 14th to impress others with your intellectual acumen, and good ideas will be very important for you to get heard.

After the 15th,and if born up to March 10th your charms and creative skills underlined, and  as the month progresses assertiveness in finances is replaced by assertiveness in your beliefs  especially constructively so if born in February.

A warning to those born March 2nd to 9th. Jupiter is encouraging some over-the-top behaviour. Excess is in the air.

However for those born February 27th to March 2nd, Saturn acts as a great controlling factor and work, travel and duty may all by linked.

Meanwhile, Pluto, if born around March 1st to 3rd is still continuing to seriously empower your ability as a leader and your ability to improve and empower others who you work with or for, with a sense of destiny, and powerful contacts and friends can regenerate and transform your life.

However Neptune is now sitting exactly in his once every 165-year transit on the Suns of those born February 23rd to 25th. This is a transition allows you, as never before to contact your true, spiritual, creative Piscean self.  If born around Feb 23rd Neptune, your ruler, is totally immersing you in the power of Pisces.. This brings a sense of divine discontent and a hypersensitivity to all suffering.. but also the feeling that there is a  slow dissolving as you transmute from one state of being to another; a metamorphosis.  Meanwhile enjoy being near water and have music as a companion. Keep real about others. Check small print.