Saturday, 31 August 2019


Things are hotting up on the globe, in all senses of the word. The poor Amazon is truly feeling the power of Uranus in Taurus; and Pluto in Capricorn (critical last decan) is now seriously showing us the totally destructive, dark side of abuse of power for money and control. The chaos and shocks of climate emergencies and the environmental chaos on mother earth now is palpable. The ruthlessness of some leaders to pursue financial interest and personal power, at literally all costs, including ecocide and the destruction of our planet’s whole balance of life sustainability is manifesting alarmingly. 

This is the month of Virgo, which is the sign of purity (the virgin) and ecology and a wake up call in this area, is appropriately huge now.

The Brexit fiasco is now in very serious critical mode, which has now brought a huge crisis in democracy in the UK. Boris Johnson’s chart is looking pretty stuck this month, with Saturn opposite his Midheaven  (every 30 years).. The challenges to his authority and his ability to move forward are formidable.  On the 28th of last month he declared his decision to prorogue parliament. On that exact day, Mars was exactly conjunct his Uranus (once every 2 years). This is especially significant as he has his natal Mars squares his Uranus (i.e. in his birth chart) indicating an intrinsic love of danger and tendency to rash, impulsive action, anti establishment behaviour, risk, controversy and accident proneness. This energy therefore was totally stimulated on the 28th and classically indicated that he would, big time, unleash all these qualities then.

With Saturn on his chart’s nadir point (i.e. opposite his midheaven) what he does this month, will have mammoth consequences for years to come. In aprox 8 years from now, in particular, he will retrospectively be held accountable. The foundations he lays now, need to be wisely constructive in his professional and indeed his private life; and if they are not fully thought through or are unjust, he will pay a significant price. He needs to tread carefully around the 17th and 18th this month, when Mars squares his Mercury, when rash words and actions will come back to bite him and the challenges from others, could be very unnerving for him. .

Also right now, the planets currently moving through Virgo are challenging his Gemini planets, suggesting a big gap between what is said by him and reality. Detail will be seriously in short supply and a convenient story line will be repeated. There is also an indication of challenges of some significance from behind the scenes. Enemies of some significance will be troubling him, but also his own negotiations and plans are very much shrouded in deep secrecy (Mars travelling through his 12th house) The power of men (Mars) directing things from behind the scenes (12th house) , are significant now, and somewhat dark.

Saturn is this month squaring Trump’s Chiron in his second house, the house of values and finances, suggests that the trajectory of the economy of the States is not going to be pleasing him… but he is very lacking in learning curves in his chart currently, so will storm ahead with his ideas and ego and with some impatience and anger, as planets in Virgo at play now, are all also, as in Johnson’s chart, squaring up to his Gemini birth chart placements.. He will likely be dangerously rash, impulsive and indeed angry, mid month especially re foreign policy, when Mars squares up to his Uranus; and around the 21st-24th when Mars squares his Sun.

There is much deception and smoke and mirrors in the global mood generally this month, as Neptune is so powerful, and not in a particularly good way.  From Pisces, he is being opposed by the 4 planets passing through Virgo  this month. On the 4th he is opposed by Venus, on the 7th by Mercury, on the 10th by the Sun and on the 14th/15th by Mars. These will all be dates of trickery and deceits and indeed confusion and misjudgement. This may be brilliant for the arts and creative inspiration; however, in terms of mendacity and illusion, these are dangerous days.  The power of the sea is likely to be significant too this month.  Idealism is strong, but it can also get the better of reality, not in a good way

Also in the last half of the month Jupiter squares up to Neptune from Sagittarius, creating escapism and a tendency for a chasing of unicorns, with fingers crossed.
A critical mass has been reached on our planet, where value systems clash ferociously. Every crisis is an opportunity. Our value system is at a crossroads and wisdom must prevail over the power of money/greed.

Note to my readers.

I sometimes have readers commenting on how in some months, their birthday period in a specific sign is not highlighted in my monthly forecasts.

Sun sign forecasts are in fact extremely limiting, as the Sun is only one factor of many in your birth chart, and only your Sun position can be definitely known solely from just your birth date & month. The Sun’s 12-month orbit means it returns virtually to the exact same degree at the same time each year (your birthday) & hence basic Sun sign forecasting. In some monthly forecasts, your particular birth sign Sun degree is not necessarily being influenced by any planet & hence the lack of comment.

Without more personal specifics; year, place and & preferably time of birth, astrologers cannot make deeper comments regarding the other, very influential planets that comprise a full astrological birth chart (Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune & Pluto). These have hugely individual, varying orbits (unlike the Sun) & are exerting frequent, differing significantly powerful influences, which affect each one of your individual planetary positions at different times in your unique personal birth chart.

If you are interested in a detailed, personal forecast for a period of either 1, or 2 years, you can find ordering options on the services page of my website:

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There is a significant amount of emphasis this month on work issues and relationships for your sign.

After the 14th, all born up to April 17th have an excellent opportunity for powerful and important communication that is helpful, positive and others give wisdom and you can return that wisdom to others.  

Also after the 14th, for all born up to April 11th, the power of affections and love are opulent and your charms can gain favours.  

Jupiter is really encouraging travel and international and legal issues are also enhanced, as is joy in study and all philosophical understanding, all especially true if born April 5th to 10th. 

However, if born April 3rd and 4th, there is also currently the influence of Saturn, continuing from August, which does indicate ongoing stresses, restrictions, responsibilities that are onerous on the work front and from authority figures.  Delays will demand patience or re-thinking of projects.   Heath needs care too.

Pluto, back to 20 Capricorn, is once again, as late December 2018 and January 2019, squaring the Suns of those born around April 11th.  For this group there is definite intensity and inner turmoil and power struggles within, which may manifest externally to do with your position and your public standing in life.  Endings of chapters are in the air and some crises, which actually may well emanate from your own psychology.  Be as conscious as possible and always have good motive. 


This could be a great month for many of you for enjoyment of life, celebrations and creative abilities.  

Indeed, before the 14th, for all born after April 26th you are gifted with communications on a creative level, particularly when talking to or about offspring, are favoured. 

Before the 14th, if born after May 3rd, happiness and celebrations of love and creativity are also flagged up and your charms and affections are underlined. 

Similarly, Mars also in Virgo all month, is bringing for all born after April 28th, a courage and determination to achieve that which is constructive and successful, notably in love life and to do with social activities and the arts.  

Saturn is currently bringing quite a serious, but constructive note to all born around May 3rd to 5th.  Legal issues, wisdom, philosophical issues are all favoured and indeed travel for some obligation, that is satisfactory, is also possible.  

Uranus is in your sign now and is currently directly hitting in his once every 84-year hit, the Suns of those born April 25th to 28th.  This is an unpredictable time, where your desire for freedom and change is strong.  The authentic you needs to be released and any chains or restrictions will become intolerable.  The unexpected is in the air, but don’t be too impulsive, but watch the change carefully. Acknowledge it.  Don’t push the river.  Awakening is around you, but it can be brought by a few jolts. 

Neptune is also kindly disposed now in his rare Sextile to the Suns of those born May 6th to 9th.  The power of affections, heart and empathy and sympathy and the soul are all unleashed, happily and creatively. The arts and a sense of increases spirituality are underscored. 

Pluto is also currently still empowering those born around May 10th-12th

This can only give a sense of great insight, and the power to deliver your truth and your ability to transform and regenerate yourself and your life.


Domestic issues and family issues dominate this month, as does enjoyment, fun and creativity.

Before the 14th, if born after May 26th, communications with family are important and powerful, but there is a chance of some misunderstandings, so have a care. 

Also before the 14th, if born after June 3rd, be aware that excessive, lavish spending or indulgence is a possibility around home , family and real estate.

However, after the 14th, for all born up to June 18th, your writing skills are spot on and your communication ability, particularly with offspring and those whom you love, are very helpful and constructive. 

Also after the 14th, for all born up to June 12th, love life takes on a particularly potent and sweet force, as do your artistic abilities.  Offspring bring joy. 

For all of you born after May 29th, all month will bring a sense of drive and determination in your home and around family.  There is just a danger that it could become a little bit over forceful.  Impatience and irritation can be the result. 

Jupiter, for those born June 7th to 11th can bring a little bit of over-confidence and over-reaching, particularly connected to relationships and others can tempt you into extravagance or daring activities that you may regret later. 

Neptune currently, for those born June 7th to 10th, warns against any smoke and mirrors in behaviour, particularly on the work front and also be careful whom you trust.  Check out credentials and details.  Idealism, confusion and vulnerability is in the air.   Around the 4th and throughout the 2nd week, this smoke and mirrors effect is especially powerful.


The power of your mind is strong and motivates you this month and family concerns will also predominate, especially in the second half of the month.  

Before the 14th, if born after June 26th, communications with siblings in particular are advantageous and your communications skills in general can bring benefits.  

Before the 14th if born after July 5th, your ability to persuade people of issues because of your combination of charm with intellect, is impressive. 

However, after the 14th if born up July 19th, make sure your communications around real estate and family are clear and also after the 14th if born up to July 12th, have a care that your generosity and extravagance is not stretched too far, particularly around family and home. Sentimentality abounds.  

Mars is well angled now for those born July 1st to 21st.   Your actions are intelligent, well directed and constructive.  You are an intellectual force majeure.

Saturn however is currently opposing the Suns of those born July 5th to 8th, as he was last 
January.  There are definitely blocks, restrictions or obligations to others that are problematic and only you can decide whether these obligations are valid or not.  Look after your health.  Do what is necessary. Don’t lose confidence and other people may bring challenges to your door and reality checks which need addressing with a sense of honesty and humility.. 

Uranus however, for those born June 27th to 29th is bringing a sparkle of excitement and joy around friendships and favourite causes and goals.  You are able to move forward in an intuitive way and you are driven and awoken to be true to yourself and the unexpected and exciting can open doors. 

Neptune is very creatively, spiritually and empathetically inspiring. Your heart and idealism cannot be repressed now if born around July 8th-11th. Travel can be part of this and your intuition abounds as does your humanitarian side and sense of justice. The sea and the arts especially music, can be very healing.

However if born around July 12th-14th, be aware that Pluto is back challenging you, as he has been on and off since February last year. This once every 248-year energy, is over by the end of the year … but meanwhile ensure you are not a victim of control or coercion or enter into a power struggle that can be ruthless. Draw a line and if necessary walk away… or at least be very careful in how you handle this and keep squeaky clean. Endings, followed by new beginnings are in the air.


Money may be a focus for many of you this month with so much emphasis on your solar second house.  

However, after the 14th, if born up to August 19th, your ability and desire to communicate constructively and wisely is underscored. 

Also from 14th for all born up to August 12th your charms combine with your intellect to impress.  

Jupiter is very well disposed now towards those born August 7th to 12th.  Luck is in the air.  Confidence, benevolence, enjoyment of life, party time and indeed issues to do with love life, creativity and offspring are buoyant.  

Uranus, now in Taurus, is in a square relationship to your sign and currently that is directly influencing those born July 28th to 31st.  For this group it is work and career issues and your public standing that are unpredictable.  There is a need or desire for change and you are restless, but you are also impulsive, so have a care.  This influence will be with you until summer 2020, so watch it unfold and some enlightenment is definitely in the air, but restlessness and surprise events from within and without are bound to happen, but can have their indirect positive impact.

The outer planets Neptune and Pluto are not currently affecting your Sun sign, but that does not mean that they are not impacting your other planets and points I your personal chart.


Your sign is extremely busy this month and before the 14th all born after August 30th will find the principle of communication and thought to be extremely important, but listed rather than just speak.  

Also, before the 14th, if born between September 5th and 15th, your charms are significant, you’re radiating harmony, affection and goodwill.  
However, Mars also in your sign all month, does bring a little bit of a warning that for all born September 1st to 21st, although you will be driven and competitive and determined and focused, you may also be impulsive, impatient, irritable and a little bit over-assertive, so have a care. 

Jupiter is squaring your sign from Sagittarius currently and now directly affecting those born September 7th to 13th.  There is a distinct possibility with this influence of over-confidence, over-reaching or self-indulgence.
A little arrogance is not a good look, although that is not typical of your sign, but certainly over-expansion, connected to home or family is possible.

Saturn however, is creating a caution that is constructive for all born September 5th too 8th.  Hard work, reality checks and constructive efforts to improve situations are indicated and being very mature and grown up about love life and in dealings with offspring may be necessary and successful. 

Uranus is well disposed now from Taurus to those born August 28th to 31st.  Travel can be unexpected and particularly enlightening and awakening and there is a need for the new, the big picture and the liberating.  This is a long inspiring journey and ultimately very positive.  

Neptune, however, is opposing the Suns of those born September 8th to 11th.  Beware idealism.  Beware charlatans and deceptions.  See things and people clearly, but creatively this can be magical.  Be especially careful around 4th and the 7th-15th when all these qualities, both positive and negative are potentially strong in your life

Pluto is brilliantly empowering now for those born September 13th to 15th, a sense of destiny is in the air and you can feel empowered creatively and romantically. Courage and transformational energies are surfacing, to be acted on constructively.


After the 14th Mercury and Venus enter your sign, bringing for those born up October 19th a sense sharp mind and communication skills and for those born up to October 14th your presence has a calming, soothing and very attractive influence on others.  Harmony and beauty is radiated. 

Jupiter is also in a lovely angle to the Suns of those born October 8th to 13th.  He is bestowing intelligent action, which brings luck, wisdom. You are the giver and receiver of good news and confidence and blessings go together. 

However, Saturn is a different story for those born October 6th to 8th. Obligations and duties weigh heavily as do blocks and restrictions, but this is a time where you have to face some facts and deal with difficulties with maturity and courage, particularly on the home and family front and recognise that some obstructions can be a learning curve. 

Finally Pluto is still affecting those born October 13th to 15th.  This Square to your Sun is bringing some internal tensions and explosive, volcanic moods.  You struggle with authority figures or indeed conflicts within yourself. Issues on the home and family front can also be challenging and it is important to tackle deep routed issues with consciousness and awareness and avoid coercion from self to others and vice versa.  By the end of the year you will have resolved these issues.   Endings of chapters in your own psychology and within your life are likely as a result of this once every 124-year transit.


After the 14th, if born up to November 18th your have leadership skills and give very good directives to all groups of people and your own goals are well achieved through your intelligence.  

Also after the 14th, for all born up to November 12th, there will be a tremendous sense of enjoyment and love of what you are doing. Friendships and love life can go together and you receive and give positive support.  

Mars also, if born between November 1st and 21st will bring all month the potential for very intelligent focus and leadership skills that are proactive and determined and with positive results. 

Saturn also is constructive in a sort of demanding way, to all born around about November 5th to 8th.  You are grounded and practical and realistic in your thinking and speech and hard work is embraced, as you have seen the positive outcomes of it.  Communications will be serious and practical and responsible. 

Uranus is now in the opposite sign to your sun sign, directly influencing currently those born October 28th to 31st.  This once every 84 year hit is with you until early 2021 and basically is bringing the unexpected and the surprising and maybe uncomfortable but possibly ultimately liberating because of the impact of other people’s thoughts, behaviour and decisions. Hang on in there.  This is a journey.  All you can predict is the unpredictable, but it is part of a destiny of change 

Neptune however is inspiring for those born November 8th to 11th, creatively and in love life and with offspring you are compassionate, spiritually aware and the power of your heart is strong. Soulful connections are experienced. 

Pluto, your ruler, for those born November 12th to 14th, are really now finding their feet in terms of insight, determination, communication power, achievement, confidence and destiny. This rare sextile to your Sun can now bring out the best of the Scorpionic powers you have.


Work, career direction and status will be your primary preoccupation for much of the month. 

After the 14th, there will be a bit of a shift towards social life and friendship for those born up to December 18th.  Wise words will be given and received to those you value and communication skills are on the ball. 

Also after the 14th, for all born up to December 12th, you will receive much support, love and affection from friends and your social skills shine.

 It is important however, certainly before the 14th, to ensure that communications in a professional context are clear and that you do not try and buy favour through excessive charm. 

There is also a slight warning for all born November 30th to December 19th that irritation, impatience and over-assertiveness at work can create a few enemies.  

However, Jupiter still travelling through your sign is currently really advantageous to those born December 7th to 12th.  Travel, confidence, expansion, opportunities, positivity, luck are all yours in this once every 12-year hit.  You radiate success.  

Neptune, still trawling through Pisces, is still Squaring the Suns of those born December 8th to 11th, adding a dimension of potential over-idealism and even likely seeing through rose coloured spectacles.  The downside of this is the potential for self-deception or indeed deception from other people.  Check out detail.  That’s where the devil is and also check the credentials of others.  

Be wary around the 4th and the second week of the month when, all is not as it seems and it is important to keep real and grounded and check things out thoroughly.


This is a brilliant time for internationalism and travel and also for study, particularly before the 14th.

Indeed, if born after December 29th, your academic insights and your communications particularly long distance and in legal issues are admirable.  

Also, those born January 3rd to 12th can happily combine love life with travel and indeed through those who you meet in academic context.  

However, after the 14th, if born up to January 16th, ensure that all your communications with those in a career context are clear, because there is room for misunderstandings. 

Also after the 14th, if born up to January 11th, there is a need to ensure that you are not over-doing the charm in order to gain advantage at work. 

Mars is now very much on the side of those born December 31st to January 19th.  The drive and competitive side is strong.  Your energies are constructively directed and you can achieve a great deal and again, particularly in the context of travel, legal issues, publishing issues and academically. 

Saturn, however, is currently again, sitting on the Suns of those born January 3rd to 6th.  He did this before in January and now he is re-visiting that issue.  Blocks, restrictions are in the air and problems have to be solved.  Reality checks also have to be faced and also a time to look after your body and to get rest, but single mindedness in terms of solving the situation may be necessary and after the 18th, when Saturn goes direct, progress, though hard won, can start to be achieved.  

Uranus however is now inspiring to those born December 27th to 30th. The new, the exciting and the uniquely you is shining., not least creatively , in the arts , but also in love life and speculative interests.   Your need to be true to your uniqueness is paramount. Freedom is important too.

 Neptune is very kindly disposed still towards those born January 6th-9th.
 Your heart centre, your intuition, your spiritual sense and creativity and compassion and empathy, is so powerful and positive for your now.  Acknowledge it; and realise that a necessary balance is needed in your life now, achieved by downgrading the ego and materialism, on the altar of other less tangible values.  

Pluto of course is till slowly matching through your sign and is still impacting those born January 10th –12th. This long haul is gone by the years end, but during these months since early 2018, you have transformed as a result of inner and outer changes. Destiny has been powerful and you have needed and still need, to ensure wise and benevolent use of power and acknowledge the importance of the power of change, both good and seeming uncomfortable, as part of life’s journey.
Phoenixes rise from the ashes of the old.


After the 14th, if born up to February 16th, travel can be connected to academic interests and your wisdom and big picture understanding, typical of your sign, is shining.  Long distance communications thrive. 

Also, after the 14th, if born up February 10th, joy and romance and indulgence can be experienced in a long distance context.  

Jupiter is well disposed now towards those born February 4th to 9th. Your goals with other people in cooperation with you; and your leadership skills are shining and you can achieve what matters to you. Luck is on your side and travel is successful and fulfilling.  

Uranus your ruler however, is now challenging to some extent, and has been for a few months, the energies of those born January 25th to 28th. The unexpected is in the air, particularly on the domestic and family front.  This is a time where you need care and thoughtfulness in actions and be prepared for a ride that is not necessarily planned.  The purpose of this is to kick start you into a different future for reasons best known to the universe.  Be flexible and go with the flow. It is about the journey, not the arrival and will be lasting until early 2021.  Your ability to control events and life will be less certain than usual, but that’s ok, just avoid impulsive or risky action.


Relationships have such a strong input in your life in September and before the 14th all born after February 24th will find the power of communication very important with those with whom you are close.  

Also before the 14th, if born March 3rd to 12th, enjoy the fact that love and affections are very much geared in your direction.  

Mars, however, throughout the month is directly affecting those born February 27th to March 12th.  This brings assertive people into your life and your relationships will have a competitive feel.  People aren’t pushovers and you need also to beware being over-assertive yourself.  Competitive relationships can over-rule cooperative ones.  

Jupiter, now in Sagittarius, is squaring the Suns of those born March 5th to 10th this month.  This can give over-confidence and a tendency to push beyond what is sensible or reasonable.  Enjoyment can be had by all means, but a little bit of moderation and not over-reaching would be a positive thing, particularly in career and in the work context. This may come across otherwise as over-confidence or arrogant. Don’t let ego get the better of you.

Saturn however, is very constrained and constructive protective influence for those born March 3rd to 6th.  Serious efforts can be very advantageous to your goals and indeed to help others, which gains you respect. 

Uranus is well disposed now and continues to be until early 2021 to those born February 24th to 27th.  Your mind is broadening, awakening.  You are looking outside the box.  Your intuition is strong, as are your insights and your desire to believe uniquely in what you need; and to be free of constraints is strong, but in a constructive way.  Enjoy. Your magnetism is also strong.  

Neptune, your ruling planet, is currently and continuously sitting right on the Suns of those born March 6th to 9th.  This once every 165 year transit, is a one off. Never have you been more Pisces, in both in the positive and the negative angles… i.e. hypersensitive,, maybe psychic, idealistic, spiritually and very creatively driven, and very porous in your absorption of all around you. However it can also make you over sensitive sometimes and negatively escapist, avoiding reality and too vulnerable.  You need lots of rest, but being near the sea can be healing and feeling the power of the arts, music and film are particularly intense.
This same group need to be especially aware of all these qualities being triggered around the 7th and throughout the second week when Neptune is very activated.

Finally Pluto is bringing a dose of his power and destiny to those born March 10th-12th.  His influence on you is to inspire you in a collective way, with intelligent insight into the truth and the roots of things. Your leadership skills are strong … as is you big picture understanding.