Monday, 31 December 2018


2019 sees Saturn and Pluto starting a very rare combining in Capricorn, culminating at the end of the year, which heralds a rather fated financial crisis/ nemesis and a consequent need for a fundamental rethink of the current economic model and value system that dominates the globalised world … not least in England and in the USA. The fallout from the despair and frustration created by neo liberal induced inequality is racism and fascism and this trajectory will grow as the world gets increasingly angry and divided.

Also Uranus (shock /change / innovation/technology) re-entry into Taurus (money/ nature) on the 6th of March where he stays for aprox 6 years, will see a significant shake up of our monetary system, with the unpredictable re technology having a big effect on our financial dealings… Also the unpredictable power of nature on our planet and changing climate will force emergency technology to be pursued to try to limit damage. Alternative will be the name of the game in these areas.

However with Jupiter in Sagittarius till early December, there is significant hope that cooperation between countries can be achieved as the bigger philosophical questions and picture are, of necessity, urgently addressed.

Neptune remains in Pisces till 2025, which makes the spiritual sense of people grow and the need for more purity, simplicity and an increasing alignment with the needs of nature, not least among the young.  The downside of this position is the danger confusion about what is real and true, as opposed to fabrication, lies, obfuscation and fantasy.

Pluto is indeed strongly activated this month. Pluto when aligned with good motive, wisdom and consciousness can bring potential regeneration. However when motivated by dark unconscious motive and with no reflective wisdom, then misuse of power, degeneration, crisis and dark confrontation are likely outcomes.  Significant Pluto loaded days are the 11th, when the Sun conjuncts Pluto (total energetic power and intensity, for good or ill and potential significant endings); the 18th when Mercury conjuncts Pluto which brings powerful communications and the disclosure of dark truths, for good or ill, and the very end of January, running into the first few days of February, when Mars squares up to Pluto bringing confrontation and potentially quite ruthless power struggles.

An element of the inevitable and the power of fate is in the air with Pluto and primeval energy can be triggered socio-politically, in terms of the prevailing mood of our planet during these periods and individually in peoples’ lives.

Also around the 19th the Sun squares up to Uranus, when the unpredictable manifests, not least in potential geophysical events/eruptions that are reminders of the power of nature.

There is also a total Lunar eclipse on the 21st at 5.17 GMT that is also loosely in dissociate square to Uranus. This is significant and correlates with a culmination of energy that has been simmering and building and so is rather explosive and indeed again, is rather primeval, (and indeed esoteric astrology would say evil in manifestation.) It can also mark the almost inevitable ending of a chapter, ready to make way for the new. Simultaneously on the 21st Mars squares up to Saturn and Venus squares up to Neptune. Angry frustration and some lack of realism/fantasy are also in the ether.

The 12-15th is a stressful period for Theresa May, as Mars opposes her natal Sun then, suggesting an aggressive challenge to her position. It is also a little stressful for Trump too (Mars squares his natal Mercury), but in his case, the frustration is likely to be at displeasing events, in his eyes, which turns into displaced anger prompting angry irrational foreign policy decisions and very unwise, impulsive statements.

Trump has Pluto now creeping up to oppose his natal Saturn (once every 248 years), which first hits in April and May this year and again at the end of 2019/ and the beginning of 2020 and then haunting him for the whole of that year. .

This is a pretty fated prolonged period for him (hinted at strongly in April/May) in which he will somehow be forced to surrender many things and positions in life, and which, if he does surrender them, would indeed ultimately lead him to a happier life. However, he will most likely cling on to the old and will fight and resist tenaciously and ruthlessly this need for letting go. This stance will be to his own significant disadvantage. His own ego existence may matter to him more to him than his own physical well-being and indeed more than the world’s well being.

There is a Solar eclipse on the 5th/6th at 15 degrees of Capricorn
This can signal a new and more progressive chapter in many ways, not least in the whole Brexit saga, for benighted England.

 Happy New Year to all, despite my astrological reality checks.


You can be advantaged by a focus on career and status and can benefit from thinking more deeply about that. 

Before the 5th, if born after April 13th, other cultures, travel and legal issues are favoured, in terms of communication. 

After the 5th, however, you will all be seriously focussed on negotiating and communicating in order to advance your situations, particularly to do with status.

After the 7th, all born up to April 17th are also able to link, very successfully, love life and other cultures or higher learning; and indeed a sense of well-being and happiness is connected to those areas 

Mars moved into your sign on the 1st and therefore all month, for all born up to April 12th, there will be an extra drive, ambition, determination and assertiveness.  It is just important that that assertiveness doesn’t become slight aggression.  Ambition and drive is important but other people’s ambition and drive can also challenge you, so confrontations are possible.

Jupiter is very well disposed now to those born April 1st to 19th.  He is encouraging expansion, growth, and a sense of well-being and also particularly underlines internationalism and travel. A sense if good fortune is in the air.

However, Saturn is also simultaneously challenging those born 1st to 6th, as hard work and reality checks are bound, particularly in work.  Step up to the plate, but delays and frustrations need patience, or prompt a re-think.  Jupiter will however help.

 Uranus is still arousing the need for flexibility as change; disruptive or exciting is still in the ether for those born round April 19th. This finalise a long period of this feeling of unpredictability, bur change has been inevitable.

Pluto too is currently now a challenge in some was the energies of those born 11th-13th. Some potential internal power struggles are likely as you tussle with your power and how to use it … keep the motivated for the greater good and destiny will guide you well.  This is a long journey on and off all year, but necessary


Long distance issues may be a focus for many of you for much of the month and after the 5th you will all find that long distance communications and negotiations about legal issues can be very successful and your wisdom is strong. 

However, after the 24th, if born up to May 2nd, there is a possibility that some communications get misunderstood and confusion is possible.  Clarify. 

Before the 7th, all born after May 14th have Venus opposing their Suns.  This brings extravagance, enjoyment, celebrations, good times, but excess can be a problem.   With care, this can be an excellent time, particularly connected to relationships and love life. 

Saturn is, for those born May 1st to 6th, bringing a lot of maturity and discipline of necessity, particularly connected to work, study, but especially duty connected to long distance travel.  However, what you do during this time will bring respect and reward.

Neptune continues for those born May 4th to 6th, to inspire creatively and spiritually and bring more sensitivity.

Pluto is now seriously empowering the lives of those born May 11th and 12th.   This started last years but continues strongly this year.  It brings philosophical, educational, ideological insight and excellent communication and the ability to make things happen.  All that matters is good motive.


One has to be profound during this month.  Superficiality won’t cut it. 

Before the 5th, all born after June 15th have an opportunity to enjoy really good, clear beneficial communication with partners in any context.  You speak well and you listen well and it is progressive. 

After the 24th, if born up to June 3rd, communications skills advance into study, success and excellent communications with those in a long distance situation and also legally.  Real wisdom is yours. 

On the 7th, Venus moves into the solar 7th house for all born up to June 18th, which is absolutely excellent for happy, successful, loving input from other people, which can be reciprocated.  Enjoyment , celebrations and warmth is all around. 

Mars moves into Aries on the 1st, giving for all of you born up to June 12th leadership skills, positive constructive organisational skills and the ability to be inspired in a group situation by others.  Friends are positive and energy expended is very advantageous.  Intelligent energy is also underlined in dealing with others. 

Jupiter is also very beneficial in relationships for all born June 1st to 9th.   People, who are advantageous for you, possibly with foreign connections and people in positions of power, are likely to be a catalyst for positive change in your life, are all around.  The only downside is, don’t over-expend or over-expand in relationships or be too generous.  Keep grounded.

Finally, Neptune, for all those born around June 13th, is still capable of providing some lack of clarity and deceptive circumstances, around work in particular.  Keep squeaky clean. 


Relationships are a real focus this month, not least after the 5th when you will all be able to expend a lot of very constructive energy in good negotiations and communications with others and indeed you should listen as much as speak, because you receive a lot of wisdom.

Before the 7th, also, if born after 15th July, there is plenty of opportunity for a very rich social life, love life, enjoyment and celebrations.  Harmony with others and extreme creative energy is underlined.  Excellent for the arts. 

Mars moves into Aries on the 1st, which means for all born up to July 14th, there is a potential for some conflict or impatience, or rather forceful behaviour, from you to others, others to you, in the professional context.   Stop and think before you react, or do anything. Any built up anger can be quite explosive, so be conscious. 

Saturn is challenging the lives of those born July 3rd to 8th.  Other people seem to be blocking you or challenging you, or restricting you in some ways.  This is the time to recognise that what they are showing you is either valid, or whether they are unnecessarily in your path.  Only humility will tell you.  Duty and obligation however are underlined. 

Uranus is in his final hit, creating a little bit of chaos in the lives of those born around July 20th/21st.  Change that has been underway for nearly a year is coming to an end in March, but you will be very aware of it this month and that will probably relate to your career direction. 

Pluto is now challenging the loves of those born 12th-15th. Power struggles are manifesting and relationships need to be handled very consciously. This is a year long journey and you need to guard against abuse of power, yours or others.

Neptune is for those born continuing to bring for those born July 6th-8th. a strong sense that the arts , spiritual awareness, extra emotional sensitivity and altruism are strongly motivated .

After this month that impetus fades, but has changed you for the better over the last few years.


Focus on everyday organisation and rationalising your working life would be a positive one. 

However, before the 5th, if born after August 16th, very good times can be had with friends and offspring and good communications with those people is underlined.  It is also good for writers and artists.  Creative communication is yours. 

After the 24th, if born up to August 5th, communications with emotional, romantic partners is very powerful and good and you should listen to what they say, but you will be emailing, texting, phoning a lot and be in receipt of these. 

Venus, from the 7th, will be bringing for all born up to August 20th, a lot of creative inspiration in the arts and also lots of invitations, good times and socialisation.  Love is definitely in the air, as is good speculative potential. 

All month Mars is also bringing, for those born up to August 15th, very constructive and powerful energy put into any long distance issues, either through travel or negotiation and ambition. Equally, academic study is absolutely enthusiastically and successfully pursued. Ambition and drive is strong and determination to achieve, particularly in those areas. 

Jupiter is also very positive now for all born August 3rd to 11th.  Again, speculative interests, creative interests, love life, children’s interests are all extremely lucky and benevolence is emanating from those areas.  Positivity is around and is enjoyable and vacations are indicated. 

Uranus is finalising many months of inspirational awakening and some liberation for those born around Aug 20th/21st.  Hope it has brought real perspective and big picture insight.

 The total lunar eclipse on the 21st (GMT) is directly affecting very early Leos, born around July 22nd-23rd. For this group there maybe a sense of eruption of the unconscious in rather a surprising way within yourself or from others, which may signal an end of a chapter in some way.


Children’s interests and romantic interests are quite strongly underlined, not least after the 5th to the 24th, when good communications with offspring and writing and communication skills are very much to your advantage. 

However, before the 5th, if born after September 16th, have a care that you’re very careful in terms of giving and receiving communications on the family front as confusion or misunderstandings are possible. 

Before the 7th, if born after the 16th, also, you will have the power of combining love and rationality in your communications and you will receive the same advantage back from others.  Your sense of harmony is strong. 

However, after the 7th, for all born up to September 19th, there is a danger of over-indulging and over-spending on family or real estate, but good times can certainly roll and love is in the air on the domestic front.

Jupiter is also bringing, for all those born September 3rd to 11th a sense of extravagance, over-confidence, even possibly a little arrogance, which is not typical of Virgo, but don’t over-reach, or push the boat out too far.

However, Saturn is a disciplining influence for all born September 3rd to 8th.  He is bringing a sense of practicality and groundedness and pragmatism to your energies, particularly creative energies and when dealing with issues to do with children and love life.

Neptune is finalising his long journey opposing the Sun of those born around Sept 6th-8th.. For this group you will be finalising a realisation of some confusing or possible deceptions in relationships with others, or alternatively, you will wake up to delusions you may have had around others.   However positively it has been very inspiring re the arts or even around increased sensitivity.


Home is a focus, as is family, but before the 5th, for all born after October 16th, your ability to make yourself understood and heard in a very harmonious and positive way, is particularly strong and your speech is clear and is brilliant for communicating with offspring.

However, after the 5th and before the 24th, you need also to not be complacent and ensure all communications are clearly understood and that you understand others’ communications too.

After the 24th, for all born up to October 6th, writing and all the arts are absolutely flowering around you and within you; and children’s issues are upbeat and romantic negotiations can also be very successful. 

After the 7th, Venus moves into Sagittarius bringing for all born up to October 19th, a great deal of harmony and charm to your thinking and your communicating. Your PR skills and diplomatic skills are excellent. 

However, Mars is in Aries all month, for all of you born up to October 14th, does indicate there is a background warning that other people may be a little bit more assertive and war-like than you’re comfortable with.  People are challenging you and this is a time when you have to develop your self-assertiveness, rather than your tendency to habitual self-surrendering qualities. 

Jupiter is excellent as a background noise for all born October 4th to 12th.  Wisdom is yours.  Short-term comings and goings are strong, there is a sense of luck and the ability to grab opportunities and your insights, when communicating with others, are very beneficial, mutually. 

However, Saturn is a warning to all born October 4th to 12th.  You need rest.  You may be feeling a little blocked or tired and delays to do with family issues or real estate issues are possible.  You are seeing the world as bit cup half empty, rather than half full, but reality checks are there.

Uranus is finalising some disruption and change in relationships that has been underway for around 18 months.

Pluto however is indeed triggering a sense of some internal conflict and maybe some challenge in the lives of those born October 13th-16th.

Endings of chapters are possible, but also the potential for empowering transformation are the result.  


After the 5th, and before the 24th, you will all have much focus on clear communication, very positive wisdom and also insight on big picture understanding. 

However, after the 24th, if born up to November 5th, there will be a shift insofar as you may need to double check the detail in all communications.  Misunderstandings are rife, particularly on the home front.

Venus, in your sign before the 7th, is excellent news for all born after the 15th November.  Love is all around, as is charm and financial gains are possible and your sense of happiness, well-being and generosity to others is underlined and others are very well disposed towards you; and it’s very possible all month, that your ambitions are quite high as well.

Saturn is a very good and constructive influence, if rather stern, on those born November 3rd to 8th.  He is bringing discipline, focus, patience, determination and hard work, particularly in your thinking and communications, which really does pay off.

Neptune is still inspiring those born around November 6th to 8th, bringing extreme sensitivity, empathy and compassion, particularly in love life and with children’s issues; and bringing a huge increase in artistic and spiritual inspiration. 

Finally, Pluto continues to give great insight, forensic ability and power in communications that is really impressive, to those born November 12th to 15th.  A sense of intelligence that brings out your destiny is yours.


Finances need careful examination this month, but Mercury in your sign before the 5th is very good news for all born after December 15th.  You will be extremely happy and enthusiastic in your communications with others and your mind will be sharp. 

After the 24th, if born up to December 5th, extra wisdom and reflection and detachment is also a bonus.  Good communications with siblings is indicated too.

From the 7th, Venus is your sign, is very harmonious for all born up to December 19th, so most of you.  Love is in the air.  Creative ability, harmony, affections and warmth are palpable.

Mars, in Aries all month, is also excellent for all born up to December 14th.  He brings drive that is constructive, ambition that is successful and, determination, and focus, particularly connected to creative issues, children’s issues and in love life.  You are no shrinking violet. 

Jupiter in your sign of course, is naturally brilliant for all those born December 3rd to 11th.  He is bringing you blessings. This once every twelve-year transit brings growth, travel, opportunities, benefits, good results and happy surprises. 

Uranus is finalising exciting liberations, surprises and positive creative input in some context, for those born around December 20th.

Just beware if born December 6th to 8th that Neptune is still haunting you with the potential for some confusions, misunderstandings and smoke and mirrors around and even over-idealism when it comes to certain individuals, and particularly on the home front and to do with real estate. Keep grounded and see realistically. 


This is your month, so you can, in theory, shine.

After the 5th and before the 24th, you will all have extra mental acrobatic skill on your side.  Communications will be very successful as will your ability to be understood, but do listen to others as well.

Before the 7th, if born after January 13th, friends reach out in very constructive and helpful ways and you have the ability to be very caring and valuable to them.  Your goals can be reached.  Harmony and love can be created when you are working with others. 

Mars however, in Aries all month, does indicate that for those born up to January 12th, there is a need in the background to be aware that you may be a little like a bull in a china shop at home and you need to ensure those around you are happy with what you are doing.  Impatience and determination can blind you to other people’s needs; and assertiveness from others in your home can be a reflection of your own. 

Saturn is in your sign still and there is now quite a strong, once every 30-year learning curve, if born January 1st to 6th.  Your best friend is discipline and focus.  Your worst friend is depression and negativity.  You are growing and learning and having to focus on something that needs your attention, but look after your body and try and think positively, whilst working on the issues.

 Neptune is still bringing emotional intelligence to the door of those born January 4th-6th. This long 18-month journey is now finishing and leaves you with an emotional intelligence that has brought wisdom, balance, creativity and compassion to your being that has really enhanced your being.

Pluto also is very powerful now for those born January 10th to 12th and will be most of the year to come.  Basically this is a time of destiny, intensity, transformation, possibly through some crisis, but empowerment, regeneration and a phoenix out of the ashes is also in sight.

The Solar eclipse on the 6th will directly impact those born around the January 6th. This group may feel on this day, a sense of the coming together of constructive balanced energies that open a door to a new chapter.


Some privacy may be needed this month as you peruse on the past. 

Before the 5th, however, if born after February 12th, communications and wisdom received from friends can be very helpful.

After the 24th, if born up to February 2nd, the power of your mind is strong and incisive and what you say impacts people, but ensure you tolerate their viewpoints. 

Before the 7th, if born after February 12th, be wary of trying to be too charming at work in order to gain your own end.  Sycophancy will not serve you well.  However, there will be with good motive, a feeling of well being in your professional capacity, but over-reaching is possible.

After the 7th, if born up to February 15th, your goals with others are very favoured and your ability is strong to attain support, love and warmth from those around you and also to give it back, particularly when you’re involved with projects with other people.  Success is yours. 

Mars in Aries all month, is powerful for all born up to February 11th.  The power of your persuasions and communications and wisdom and courage in those areas is impressive and you can make things happen, but in an intelligent and non-aggressive way. 

Jupiter is also now brilliant for those born February 1st to 8th.  He is really enabling your projects to move forward, bringing very constructive travel and people from other cultures are particularly helpful for you and the more you are working for others, the luckier you will be.

Uranus, your ruling planet, has been serving you well for 18 months, the lives of those born around February 17th. He is now completing his journey of awakening your true independent and out of the box awareness, which benefits you and others.

The total lunar eclipse of January21st/22 is likely to impact those born Jan 21st/22nd. This group may experience around this time a sense of confrontation with someone else’s unconscious, as it reveals itself rather unexpectedly and this can make you evaluate a lot of issues.


January is a very good month for friendships and cooperation and group work, particularly from the 5th and up to the 24th for you all. 

However, before the 5th, if born after March 13th, do be aware that communications at work or professionally can get misunderstood, or be confusing.  Seek clarity and ensure others understand you fully.

Before the 7th, if born after March 14th, love and travel and love and study go hand in hand.  The feel good factor is very much connected to higher wisdom and internationalism.

After the 7th, if born up to March 16th, be aware that although your charms can be very effective at work, avoid laziness and aiming purely for your own gain. 

Mars moves out of your sign into Aries on the 1st, so after a month and a half of some feeling of anger or over-assertiveness from you to others, or visa versa, that eases now.

Jupiter is bringing for all those born 1st to 9th a sense of some extravagance, over-reaching or over-confidence, not least in work.  Positive things can happen, but keep things in perspective and don’t bite off more than you can chew. 

However, Saturn is a very good disciplinarian in a very constructive way for all born 1st to 6th.  Other people and group work can keep you grounded and you can achieve a lot when you are doing what you feel you karmically ought to be doing for others and your practicality and dutiful sense is admired.

Neptune, powerfully still on the Suns of those born March 4th to 6th, but about to leave, is and has been bringing huge inspiration, creativities, spirituality, but the downside has been over-idealism and maybe deceptive circumstances or escapism.  Keep grounded, but enjoy the rare beauty of this transit. 

Pluto however is bringing to those born March 10th –13th, a sense of insight and powerful intelligence, in your ability to work with others for a cause you believe in and powerful contacts and friends have furthered your causes and passions. This continues on and off all year.