Monday, 1 September 2014


by Leigh Oswald (London-based Astrologer and Teacher)

Whilst Mars has been in Scorpio since late July the world has been like a cauldron, and indeed Mars in Scorpio is responsible for more ruthless action than probably any other planetary position. It can be magnificent for the greater good, or it can be distressingly destructive and indeed it can be very dangerous in its execution of energy

However Mars moves out of Scorpio on the 13th and his entrance into Sagittarius should bring a level of wisdom, more international co-operation and a sense of globalised sanity, although it should not be underestimated in terms of the fact that ideological passions and extremism will still be very strong (Sagittarius can express its energy as fundamentalism in religious ideology.)

Days of the unpredictable and the chaotic are around the 13th, when Mercury opposes Uranus. Periods of time when there is an element of confusion, deception, uncertainty and smoke and mirrors are around the 10th and 27th when Neptune is strong, being opposed by Venus and squared by Mars respectively. Times of shocks and surprises in terms of truths and intense events globally are around the 9th and 10th, when Pluto is ominous.

The 24th-27th sees a hopeful combining of Jupiter and Uranus, which may bring an unexpected breakthrough in progress that can signal more international calm.

Obama has Saturn squaring his ascendant from his 9th house in the first half of the month, which speaks of serious foreign policy challenges and showdowns with enemies that have been waiting to pounce, both domestically and internationally. However Jupiter saves the day somehow in mid month, when, that protective /expansive planet exactly graces his Sun by conjunction.  The Sun will also exactly conjunct Obama’s Mars on 15th/16th, which suggests a boldness of action and a decisiveness of policy.

The full Moon falls on the 9th at 16° of Pisces and the new Moon falls on the 24th at 1° of Libra.  New moons bring refreshing new chapters and augur well for sowing seeds for future success, whereas the full Moon is about the closing of chapters and a reaping of consequences..

 The new Moon augurs well for David Cameron on the 9th falling on is ascendant. A new birth of confidence and personal optimism is likely.

ARIES March 21st - April 20th

This is a time for focusing on sorting out the practicalities of life and work; rationalising, putting things on a stronger, more organised basis and giving yourself to service, both professionally and in private life in a way that you will find satisfying.

After the 2nd many of you find your communication skills are excellent and harmony can be created, even in hard circumstances, by an ability to talk people round and receive other’s wisdom. After the 5th your charm and generosity brings serenity to your working life.

From the 13th when Mars moves into Sagittarius, all born up to April 2nd may find travel is particularly energising and long-distance communications are executed with vigour, courage and intelligence, and academic pursuits are enthusiastically tackled with success.

Jupiter is in excellent angle to the Suns of those born March 30th to April 6th. He brings fun, enjoyment, a party spirit, creative confidence and romantic opportunities. Travel too can incorporate any or all of these qualities. A feeling of optimism and positivity surrounds you.

Uranus still sits on the Suns of those born April 7th to 11th. For this group there is a strong sense still of change, restlessness, uncertainty, a new direction, a shift of value systems. A more maverick you is being born with innovation being part of the picture. This journey to change has not necessarily as yet, got an arrival point in sight, so be patient and trust.

Pluto is still on the case of those born March 30th –April 2nd. This 2-year journey is nearly over. Power struggles and crises re authority figures have been difficult and primeval instincts have dominated, feeling like fundamental survival instincts This journey is deep and needs truthful awareness in order to transform consciousness of self.  Acknowledge some eternal truths of life, and that it’s not always a welcome journey… but strength comes from it.

The new Moon falls in Libra on the 24th, and those born round March 21st may feel on that day, a sense of a refreshing small revolution with a significant other.




TAURUS April 21st - May 20th

September is a time for embracing life, enjoying it to the full and for accepting affection and love. It is also excellent for dealing with one's offspring in a very happy way. Creatively also talents excel and from the 5th all these factors are doubly underlined and certainly Cupid can be on the horizon. Also after the 2nd communication skills in your working life can be very helpful.

However Mars, still in the opposite sign of Scorpio, which has been causing a few stresses for Taureans for a month or so, is now bringing some challenges to those born after May 11th. For this group there is definitely a feeling that other people are being coercive, maybe unreasonable and conflict is in the air, not least some power struggles and you may also be the perpetrator. It is very important to make sure that energies are used with a squeaky-clean conscience, and you draw boundaries around those who misuse power.

If born May 1st to 7th, just be aware that you can be a little heavy-handed with spending and a little bit over-indulgent. Look before you leap. Over-confidence is in the air, although good times can roll.

Saturn is not going to be letting you off the hook re things that you need to face up to if born May 8th to 12th. For this group other people are making demands on you and honesty may make you realise that some people are actually becoming liabilities and you need to rethink your position with them and look after your body as well.

However for those born around May 1st and 2nd, there is the bonus of having Pluto trining your Sun currently, which gives you the courage, determination and ability to reinvent yourself in order to rise above difficult situations and to be philosophical and wise enough to handle life with courage. Neptune is kind now to those born April 25th-28th.friends are soul mates and your capacity for ego less concern for others is underlined.

GEMINI May 21st - June 20th

Tread carefully on the home and domestic front, as although there is a strong focus there, you could also find yourself at the centre of some irritating circumstances. However from the 2nd, your ability to talk yourself in and out of any situation with charm is impressive and all forms of communications, whether written or spoken can work very well for you. Communications romantically and with offspring are fruitful. After the 5th any efforts to beautify or refurbish the home can excel because of your excellent taste and aesthetic sensibility.

From the 13th all born up to June 3rd need to be aware there may be some war drums distinctly audible from others, either unexpectedly or not. Mars in Sagittarius from that date is in opposition to your sign.  Others will be challenging, maybe needlessly so, and you have to decide whether their input in your life is something that you need to listen to, or whether you need to walk away. You too may be a little bit of a force to reckon with. Strong interchange in relationships is powerful and for women, the impact of men is particularly strong, but this doesn't have to be negative.

If born up to June 7th, Jupiter is bringing ease of communication, luck, positivity of thinking and an upbeat attitude. Opportunities are there to be grasped and travel is flagged up.

Uranus is also very much onside in his rare transit to your Sun if born June 4th to 7th. Friends are stimulating, inspiring, and new groups can open your mind. Your own individuality and your uniqueness is now being honoured by yourself and recognised by others; and a new charisma is yours.

Neptune from his home sign of Pisces is till squaring the Suns of those born May 26th-29th. For this group there is a need to recognise a feeling of confusion and uncertainty around professional situations, both inner or outer . A sort of divine discontent needs honouring, as your heart is having more of a say in your assessment of life than previously. Watch the journey unfold; this a redemptive period.

CANCER June 21st - July 21st

This month enhances your mental and communication powers and siblings are more important than usual somehow. Also Mercury in Libra from the 2nd, suggests that family and home issues are a focus and good, calm, clear communications in that area are paramount., especially round the 9th/10th when things are tense.

If born after July 12, before the 13th, the passions are strong and one's emotional and affection needs are potent. Creatively you are a powerhouse and the ability to achieve things with ruthless determination should not be underestimated.  After the13th, when Mars moves into Sagittarius, emphasis moves to energy being directed into work.

Saturn is also supportive if born July 9th to 13th. He is bringing discipline and focus to your ability to handle romance, and creative and speculative issues. Also there is a very grown-up quality about your dealings with these, and children are very grounding.

Uranus is a little chaotic and less than peaceful in its influence if born July 5th to 8th. Professional issues are very uncertain and you are restless. Everything is changeable and you are on the edge of your seat. This is a period of liberty proceeded by insecurity. Don't rush too much to make change. Change will greet you; you just need to embrace it.

Neptune is still a lovely kindly influence if born June 26th-29th.. Yearnings for travel and romantic ideals are strong and you are blessed with strong sensitivity, almost psychically towards others. You absorb knowledge osmotically and boundaries between you and others are weak.  Pluto, by contrast is still warning all those born September 2nd-5th to continue to be careful about the potential for the abuse of power in your life, as power struggles can feel quite ruthless and need conscious handling…Closings of chapters may well be part of the picture too.

LEO July 22nd - August 22nd

Leos are often not too good at dealing with money, but this month it is a must that you focus on your financial situation and well being, and indeed from the 5th many of you could find yourself surprisingly lucky in that area.

However with Mars in not so friendly to you Scorpio, all born after August 13th need to be aware that those you share home space with may be a little war-like and will not let you get away with anything they are not happy with, and you yourself may be a little like a bull in a china shop, which can aggravate others. Issues of control could become critical.

However after the 13th if born up to August 4th there is a re-emergence of energy, confidence and drive, creatively, romantically, physically, spiritually and psychologically, and offspring can be sources of inspiration.

Those who are most blessed are those born August 1st to 9th who have Jupiter sitting right on their Sun. For this group there is a sense of well being, growth, both inner and outer and luck. Travel is also particularly enhancing of life. Romantic issues, creative desires and children can also bring great joy into life.

However Saturn is less kind to those born August 10th to 14th. He is bringing significant reality checks to your door about the need to put your life on a more grown-up, concrete basis and hard work will be necessary, both externally and internally, to do this. Delays are to be expected, rather than denials. It is also a time to remember that you are not twenty any more.

Uranus is still in his once every 42 year trine relationship to your sun if born August 8th-9th.
This group are still being enhanced with the awakening/enlightening influence that Uranus brings. Long distance connections and academic pursuits are totally life enhancing. Technology is your friend and intuition and eureka moments are all in the air. The power of the super conscious and the liberating is strong.

VIRGO August 23rd - September 21st

This is your birthday period, therefore a time in theory to shine and to not demonstrate your usual self-effacing instincts, and indeed after the 5th when Venus is in your sign, it is a very lucky time for love and money and also for travel. Being very wily about finances is also part of the picture when it comes to your communication skills this month.

Mars in Scorpio is also very positive for those born after September 13th. Your normal skilful communications become very in depth and affective and the truth will be your god.

After the 13th if born up to September 5th, be aware that you could be a stickler for detail at home, which can cause stress with others you live with, or equally people you share house space with could be irritable. Count to ten and don't waste time arguing over petty issues.

Saturn, if born September 10th to 14th,, is bringing much gravitas to your thinking and your communications are measured and constructive if a little serious,. Duty to sibling may be in the air and a sense of hard work related to study is possible.

Pluto continues, for all those born September 2nd to 5th, to bring greater confidence in yourself creatively and romantically and empowerment in the belief in your own uniqueness is really strong and your own determination if necessary to self-reinvent into a more regenerated and transformed human being is noteable. Taking your self very seriously now is necessary as you encounter your true potential and are a celebrant of your gifts.

Neptune is in your opposite sign and now directly affecting all born August 27th-30th. For this group, be wary of seeing people as victims to save or heroes to worship. No one should be either and beware false representation by others. . However compassion and empathy and increased sensitivity is very powerful.

The full Moon on the 9th will bring for those born September 8th-10th an unexpected development in life and it will come via another, which may take you by surprise.

LIBRA September 22nd - October 23rd

This is a month when you feel a little reclusive and out of step with others who are just not reading from the same hymnbook. Indeed after the 5th many of you will be conducting relationships in a rather clandestine fashion, but behind-the-scenes good deeds for others are enhancing your soul. From the 2nd however, your communication skills are particularly good and the power of your mind is sharp.

Before the 13th there will be much energy and passion put into securing your financial situation and after the 13th all born up to October 5th will feel a surge of energy, drive, determination and intellectual assertiveness, that is very constructive.

This month also sees all those born October 2nd to 9th having a really positive and powerful input from friends and people who can be very constructively helpful to you, and you too have a sense of being very much in demand. Luck surrounds your projects. All courtesy of Jupiter.

However if born October 6th to 9th, Uranus is suggesting some chaos, unpredictability and insecurity vis-à-vis other people, who are not consistent and who indeed are restless. Other people through changes in their life and attitude are actually kick-starting you to make changes in your own life, even if it feels uncomfortable. Ultimately this can be very liberating. People who come into your life now, may be ships in the night and way-showers and light-bearers, rather than permanent fixtures, so keep flexible.

Pluto is less than easy an influence now if born October 2nd –5th. He brings inner stress related to your wanting control over your life and a certain situation. This in turn may bring conflict with others. Be aware that you are feeling eruptions from way back manifesting in your psyche and it is primeval, so be conscious, count to 10 and analyse your fears honestly.

The new Moon in your sign, is on the 24th, directly impacting those born Sept 23rd/24th. A new dawn is in the air.

SCORPIO October 24th - November 21st

Your ability to work with others for a collective project is admirable now and friends are helpful in terms of their wisdom and your communications skills should not be underestimated. After the 5th many of you will find that love and affection flourish, particularly if a friend turns into a romantic partner, but at the least you will find that you are a popular member of any group. For many of you, behind-the-scenes negotiations and your intuition serve you well.

Mars in your sign is directly impacting before the 13th all born after November 13th. For this group, there is a real need to keep calm, to stop and think before you act or react as there are explosive reactions in the air and you have to be very careful that controlling or ruthless desires do not dominates your actions, as they attract exactly the same back to you. After the 13th many of you will put very useful energy into financial security issues.

If born November 2nd to 9th, it is important to beware this month of over-confidence, over-reaching and over-arrogance, particularly in a professional context. Success is around but don't push your luck.

For those born November 10th to 14th, Saturn is sitting fairly and squarely on your Sun as he did in December and early January and also in May/June earlier this year. For the final time you have to face facts, do what has to be done, get real and acknowledge the difference between what is needed and what is wanted.

Your ruler Pluto is now directly influencing those born November 2nd –5th. The power of your intellect is giving you profundity of wisdom, insight and great communication skills that resonates with others potentially very positively. There is a fated feeling at the moment and what you say and what you write goes far. You are in a period of self-reinvention and almost a sense of destiny is around you.

Neptune is baptising the souls of those born October28th-31st. love life, artistic self-expression and offspring issues are magical in quality. Empathy and spiritual sensibilities are increased

SAGITTARIUS November 22nd -December 21st

You have little choice but to focus on the challenges of work and your worldly position, and after the 5th negotiations in that area can go well, providing you are very clear and concise.

Between the 2nd and 27th all of you will have very good input from friends who offer wisdom, advice and good communication outlets.

Before the 13th be aware that you may well be harbouring inner tensions and resentments. Let them go or express them calmly. However after that date,  all born up to December 6th will be very energised, driven, be very proactive of necessity, but beware anger, irritation and impatience and be prepared for others to be a little harsh.

Jupiter is very well disposed towards those born December 2nd to 9th. Travel and holidays are particularly enhanced and overseas connections are pleasing.

Your own wisdom and ability to communicate in a way that engages others is powerful and you can get acclaim for your academic achievements.

Uranus is bringing a note of liberation to those born December 6th to 10th. Offspring issues and creativity are changing your life for the better and you feel more uniquely true to yourself than you have felt for many a year. You are being kick-started into a freer future, now you are nearer knowing where your true direction needs to be. You are being awoken.

Neptune however still haunts with a sense of uncertainty, the lives of those born November 26th-29th. There is a feeling of fog and insecurity re home /family /real estate, and a confusion about where you belong somehow. You are prone to illusion /and potential deception and you are vulnerable to undue influence from others. Beware escapist behaviour and of avoiding dealing with reality and facts. You also need more sleep than usual and recognise your increased sensitivity to the arts and the pain of others.

CAPRICORN December 22nd - January 19th

 September is an ideal time for vacations for Capricorns. It is also a time when your intellect is super-conscious and super-aware, and between the 5th and 29th many of you will be combining love life with travel very happily, and a  deal of happiness and love can also be found in centres of learning.

Before the 13th, if born after January 11th, your ability to take a lead in projects will be admirable and your courage to speak truth will be noted as is your ability to fight for others is strong. However after the 13th there is a danger of building up private resentment and not expressing yourself healthily when things go wrong.

Saturn your ruler is giving grounding to those born January 8th to 11th. Responsibilities and obligations to friends are important. Duty needs to be done and not avoided.

Uranus is still bring chaos and uncertainty to the lives of those born January 4th to 7th, particularly on a domestic level. This is a journey – go with the flow. Don't try to be too controlling, just be calm and know that change is a certainty of life.

Meanwhile Pluto is back sitting right firmly and squarely on the Suns of those born January 1st to 3rd. You are so nearly through quite a powerful and life-changing few years. Endings of chapters are inevitable. Accessing power consciously and with a good conscience is still important and destiny is playing a huge part in your life. This is a time of accepting your power potential and using it wisely. Accept endings philosophically as the time is ripe for a new chapter to rise from the ashes of the old.

Neptune is gently smiling on the lives of those born December 26th-29th. He is bringing a touch of spiritual acceptance regarding a change of outlook. Your thinking is very much sensitised to your heart and soul and compassion and empathy is strong. The arts are now potentially a real source of inspiration and solace. The sea, music and film /photography can also figure strongly in a harmonious way.

AQUARIUS January 20th - February 18th

 This is not a month for the superficial. It is about profundity and forensic insight. It is also about dealing with the more uncomfortable truths of life, particularly in relationships and finances, but very positive depth of feeling can be experienced after the 5th.

Communications long-distance and successful travels, as well as good news re academic issues is around for all, after the 2nd. Before the 5th for all born after the 12th, Cupid's influence is in the air and affections are forthcoming.

However before the 13th Mars is still in troubled Scorpio, which suggests that for all born after February 9th there could be some rather ruthless influences around you in your professional capacity and you have to be aware of the same behaviour in self. After the 13th if born up to February 1st, leadership goals and skills can be pursued with successful vigour.

For all born January 29th to February 5th Jupiter is very protective. He is also bringing opportunities for very good and positive people into your life who can be exceptionally enhancing relationship-wise. There are also opportunities for travel. The downside is a little bit of over-confidence, over-reaching or over-trusting.

If born February 6th to 10th you will feel a little oppressed this month. Things are blocked and restricted professionally. You have to face facts and bite bullets, and tiredness is likely to be an issue. Reality checks can abound. Authority figures are either unreasonably oppressive or need to be listened to as teachers. Your choice. Saturn demands humility and self-honesty

Uranus however is smiling on those born February 2nd to 5th. Your intuition and uniqueness is showing. Your charisma is extra strong and your insight is admirable, and your independent spirit and belief in self should be trusted.  Thinking outside the box is a normal gift for you, but right now, you really are seeing the very big picture.

PISCES February 19th - March 20th

September is a month that focuses on relationships and significant others, notably after the 5th when Venus is also in Virgo and all of you will experience positive input from other people, if not a real flourish of romance. Reciprocity of warmth and affection is in the air and communications around finances can be very fruitful for many.

Before the 13th if born after March 11th, travel and academic pursuits may very much be energised and your determination and passions are strong. Thereafter, for all born up to March 3rd, there will be a need to avoid impulsiveness, impatience and over-assertiveness, particularly in career, and it is also possible that others may be projecting the same qualities towards you. Be calm.

Saturn however is giving a steadying hand if born March 8th to 12th but travel may well be for work or duty.

If born February 23rd to 26th, keep grounded, enjoy the arts, utilize your creative talents and try and avoid escapism, as your sensitivity is enormous.

Pluto is sill a regenerative influence if born February 28th-March 3rd. Powerful contacts can help you reinvent your self and give you confidence to empower you true potential.. Your friends are exceptionally positive influences in your life and you can be life changing in a truly positive way for others. Leadership skills are triggered especially when used for the greater good.

The full Moon is in Pisces at 16 degrees on the 9th. This will directly affect all born March 6th-8th. For this group this period can bring a critical period in relationships. Things that have been building within the subconscious erupt from others and some music gas to be faced.. Endings of chapters however can make room for the new and the regenerative.