Sunday, 1 November 2015


The world does seem to be in a bit of a mess. So much is unravelling as the result of ongoing, complex conflict in so many countries and the impossibility of the prevailing global economic system.   The emphasis on Scorpio this month indicates that many things are now coming home to roost, especially as Uranus (rebellion /change/awakening) is in the second half of Aries now and Pluto (crisis and meltdown if power is misused) is at the halfway point through Capricorn (economic/political establishment). Things get intense from hereon, in terms of the result of previous hubristic behaviour by nations/corporations. This is a theme that will strengthen over the coming 10 years or so, (while Pluto and Uranus travel through the last half of Capricorn and Aries respectively)

It is likely that David Cameron will maybe regret the day he was returned to power without compromise, as domestic/economic and international issues pile up in problematic form.

Jeremy Corbyn has a very difficult 1st few weeks of this month, as transiting Saturn is so strong and uncomfortable in his chart then. Reality checks about life in politics and heavy pressure from others impinge.

Neptune in Pisces, strong in his own sign now (and for the coming 10 years) fogs so many issues currently and suggests a sense of hopelessness, confusion and indecision as to solutions (the refugee crisis:  a huge Diaspora of displaced people fleeing and crossing boundaries and seas in confusion is an archetypal Neptune image.)  Neptune is also, of course God of the sea /oceans, and the oceans will be certainly an issue that will increasingly be highlighted over the coming 10 years (as Neptune does his work in Pisces) The urgency of the need to keep our oceans healthy and inhabited becomes undeniable, just as also the scarcity of fresh water will be come more intense and an increasing source of conflict.

A certain longing for a better value system and a less materialistic, more people/planet centred hunger will grow in the collective unconscious as Neptune dissolves so much certainty about the validity of the current prevailing value system of the powers that be.  Corbyn’s appeal, especially to the younger generation does show this hunger and at the least, he is a symbolic catalyst for a need for a fundamental rethink of priorities.

We need an alternative viewpoint to the prevailing worship of the market and the pursuit of the holy grail of economic growth, no matter what the cost to the earth and its people and creatures.

This month there are some reality checks re international problems notably on the 25th and the 30th when Saturn looms large. There may also be dangers of disruptions geophysically/and accidents around the 23rd when Uranus is activated. The last week of the month also sees disillusionment as reality checks re certain global conditions show their true face… Saturn squaring Neptune will bring us all down to earth with an uncomfortable truth about something then.

Relatively positive days for the planet are around the 6th, 10th, 11th and 13th, when some planetary harmony is in the ether.

This is mainly SCORPIOS month, who will be feeling in the spotlight and focused whilst TAUREANS will be feeling the impact of the power of others in their life and will be largely dominated by relationship issues … probably very positively.

Less comfortable for most of the month are LEOS and AQUARIANS as the Sun is square to your signs. Either work or domestic issues will feel challenging somehow. .

Mercury moves into Scorpio to join the Sun there on the 2nd and before the 20th all SCORPIOS will feel a greater need for communication and will have much to say and offer in wisdom, they also are likely to find that the are able to learn and absorb much during this time.  So too all TAUREANS between the 2nd and 20th will be at the receiving end of much communication and learning. So too, before the 20th many Pisces may be pursuing long distance and academic issues more fervently than usual.  CANCERIANS too before the 20th may find creative stimulation via the arts a potent source of inspiration, and good communication with offspring and in a romantic context is invaluable.

 Venus and Mars are both in last decan of Virgo early month and are conjunct in the first 2 days of the month. This is a time of passion and intensity of feeling and is also very creative and financial /economic issues are powerful as motivators.

Therefore before the 12th VIRGOS born after September 13th are likely to be feeling the power of love/romance. /affection/the the motivation of money and a sense of well being in that first week. So too, before the 8th PISCES born after March 12th are in a self indulgent mode with amorous input, but possibly also a lack of moderation in expenditure. Have a care.
 In the first 10 days also TAUREANS born after May 11th may benefit from especially the Venus input romantically and through offspring and also with extra creative talent shining.. There will also be a string determination and passion also in the air re love and money CAPRICORNS too, in the first 10 days, if born after January 11th, may feel a sense of long distance benefit via travel or long distance gain in some context, especially re the affections and ambition.

Mercury moves into Sagittarius on the 20th, bringing for SAGITTARIANS born up to Dec 8th a period after the 20th of extra incisive thinking and also a great need for communication.  Also after the 20th GEMINIS born up to June 6th will notice a greater input of advice and ideas and interaction from others

 After the 8th when Venus moves into Libra on the 8th. All LIBRANS born up to October 17th, after the 8th will be enjoying extra charisma and attractiveness and a sense of well being and harmony and love is in the air, so too after the 8th ARIES born up to April 15th, will be feeling the love of others and possibly an over the top urge to spend /indulge in good times, with others being possibly the tempters. After the 8th AQUARIANS born up to February 13th the pull of foreign shores and long distance benefits are strong, and after the 8th, for GEMINIS born up to June 15th, creative skills excel and party time /romantic input is potentially strong… Fertility and joy via children is also on the cards.

Mars, god of assertiveness and war also moves into Libra on the 12th so many LIBRANS after the 12th born up to October 3rd will be also feeling unusually assertive and passionate in goals as well as in love life and indeed the amorous or competitive energies of others are around you.  So too after the 12th, ARIES born up to April 1st may find that others are being surprisingly competitive and assertive with you, in a way that is possibly uncomfortable, or which challenges your own over assertive side. AQUARIANS born up to January 31st may find that after the 12th may feel a surge of ambition /energy and determination related to travel and academic study and indeed ideological strengths are underlined. So too GEMINIS after the 12th if born up to June 1st will have an increased sense of libido and determination in the romantic arena. Also there is an increased creative energy of a very constructive sort in the arts. Energy put into enjoying life is strong as is fertility in general.

 Jupiter the great benefic and protector, is moving fast apace through Virgo.  Currently those most enjoying his happy and often lucky touch are VIRGOS born September 8th-14th who are enjoying feeling of growth, inner and outer and as increased sense of well being confidence and an ability to move forward with confidence and extra charisma in life.. Doors are opening and achievements are in the air as is expansion and travel.  PISCES born March 6th-12th are also being touched by Jupiter this month and the good times can roll, and luck seems in the ether, but there is a warning that there is a distinct risk of over expansion over confidence and a little arrogance, overdoing is a danger so look before you leap and respect a little moderation. Those also benefiting are TAUREANS born 5th-12th, who may be enjoying a little more passion and romance than usual and children can prove a big plus in life and artistic skills thrive, and you will be much in demand and more in a party mood than usual. Fertility is potentially highlighted in literal and metaphorical ways too.

 So too CAPRICORN born January 6th-11th are now blessed by Jupiter currently. Travel/vacations are favoured as are intellectual achievements and advantage. Your vision and boundaries are expanding and confidence is underscored.
SCORPIOS born November 8th-14th are also receivers of Jupiter’s benign powers now. There is a feeling of a luck combined with intelligence, re pursuit of goals and friends and good contacts are very advantageous. So too CANCERIANS born July 8th-14 are feeling this month a sense of enhanced wisdom/intelligence and excellent communication skills. Advantages are string re siblings and in educational issues. Others listen.. You are impressive. SAGITTARIANS born 7th-13th and GEMINIS born June 6th-12th are likely to be experiencing opportunities and good times, bur there is a danger of over pushing ones luck and of over expansion and over confidence in many ways, not least in career issues domestically.

Saturn, the karmic schoolteacher is now targeting with some challenges and to step up to the plate those SAGITTARIANS born November 26th-December 1st.  For this group, there is need to be mature grounded realistic practical and patient and not to give in to negative and there is a need also to take care of the body and be very grown up in response to challenge. Delays and difficulties may well give you a chance to reconsider certain issues, or at least to exercise more patience in the effort. Get rest and remember the march of time demands you respect the body.

So too GEMINIS born June May 25th-30th, may find challenges and blocks from others are causing stress and reality checks bought you from others or indeed about others, need addressing realistically.   Duty and obligation may be necessary and or something that you feel is unfairly imposed.. Humility and honesty is vital with Saturn transits, as is a need to be very grown up. Extra care of the body is also advised

Similarly PISCES born February 22nnd-27th and VIRGOS born August 28th-September 1st may be feeling very burdened by work or domestic issues and a need for analysis about how much the problem is one of lack of confidence and fear of ones own inability to rise to the occasion or whether there is a genuine need to reconsider the status quo … and maybe a need to acknowledge when reality needs faced. It maybe just needs more patience and an extra push of effort, so you can rise to the occasion and so get the deferred gratification of a better infrastructure as a result.  Look after your health and get sleep. Tiredness is often part of the Saturn regime

However ARIES born MARCH 24th-29th may be experiencing a great ability to conduct themselves with discipline effort and pragmatic intelligence in dealing with issues and challenges and with achievements in academic and legal and international dimensions. Equally you LEOS born August 27th-September 1st may be having a a great ability to create much progress when dealing wisely and maturely with love life and with offspring and creativity demands discipline and pragmatic focus. A very mature dealing with life is a great gift when Saturn is benignly at work as he is currently for you. AQUARIANS born January 24th-29th and LIBRANS born September 27th- October 2nd are also currently feeling an element of needing to address issues head on with intelligence and constructive realism., and can take on a responsible leadership role  with resulting much respect from others .  Following a health regime and some austerity can be advantageous too.

Uranus too of course is still forging through Aries in his once every 84 year visitation.. Since April this year till February 2016 ARIES born April 5th-9th   are feeling some real chaos and change. You are being kick started into a new life, and awakened to new concepts and your rebellious instincts are strong.. A need for change and authenticity and some adrenalin is indicated, but have a care that you do not jump into radical change that can easily be undone … change will happen better for you when it evolves and is insistent upon you. This is a journey more than an arrival. Avoid undue risk and danger, as there is an urge often for excitement under this influence. Similarly LIBRANS born October 9th-12th, need to be aware that others are the bringer of change and disruption, and are messengers to accept changes and to realise that things need shaking up, as comfort zones can become counterproductive.

 Also LEOS born August 8th-11th and Sagittarians born December 8th-11th are still experiencing a strong sense of the positive, the new, the exciting and the innovative in life with more freedom and inspiration being desired and on offer. This may manifest in love life, via children or through the arts, or in international change or opportunity or via new vision, and more philosophical insights that are enlightening and awaking with new and often esoteric concepts broadening you mind and understanding.

 Meanwhile Pluto is now just completing his input for those CAPRICORN born round January 3rd-6th.. This several years long transit has been intense and life changing for you, but it promises an increased strength as a result if the impact and through the intense to the new … and the courage and power you have shown to navigate through this stands you in good stead. Ends of chapters make way for a new chapter in personal evolution.  Similarly CANCERIANS born July 5th-8th have been dealing for some time on and off with power struggles or from the input of powerful individuals in some context.. Change and endings have been evident.  This is /has been a time to stand up for what is right, draw boundaries with dignity and walk way from any abuse of power by others, or indeed by your self, in retaliation. Use of power in a totally self-seeking sense can back fire very unpleasantly when Pluto is in the ether.  However for TAUREANS born May 3rd –6th and VIRGOS born September 5th-8th, can be finalising a 2 year period of improved personal power in terms of what influence they have on the world and others, with the ability to heal, transform, regenerate and reinvent self and others in some way. Scorpios too born around November 4th-7th and PISCES born March 3rd-6th have also been discovering their powers and strengths, both intellectually and in the ability to change things for the better. You are now rubber-stamping this empowerment.

 Neptune in Pisces for the long haul is still affecting strongly (in a rare once every 165 year event by conjunction) PISCES born round February 25th-27th and has been since April 2014, and leaves you by February next year. This has been and remains a period of potentially the greatest for emotional empathy and response and sensitivity to others and indeed huge spiritual influences have been and remain around you, as is a mystical awareness and it is simply the best influence for the creative arts especially re music/film and the visual arts. Negatively it can make one hypersensitive, negatively escapist and prone to confusion, over idealism, lacking groundedness and capable of self-deception/delusion and vulnerable to deception and seductions.  This at best is a transformation of your being and involves the downgrading of ego on the altar of the heart and soul somehow.

 For VIRGOS born August 30th-September 1st, Neptune has been opposing your sun since April 2014 and continues to so do till February next year … The above qualities for Pisces are at work for you too, but with a greater danger of being subject to confusion and deception coming from others and having to be careful not to see people as either heroes/heroines to worship or victims to save, but to see their reality, and not through the fog of a projected vision. CANCERIANS born round June 30th and SCORPIOS born round October 31st have had since April 2014 till February next year, the positive power of a trine from Neptune (every aprox every 82 years) He has and still inspires, sensitises, and softens the heart and adds creative power to the being.  If born SAGITTARIUS born round November 30th/ December 1st, there is a sense of being easily confused uncertain and prone to deceptive circumstances from self or others. Check things out, especially round family/real estate issues and don’t let things float too much, but do enjoy the arts and get sleep and avoid negative escapism.. Similarly if GEMINI born round May 27th-29th, have a care re career and reputation in terms of keeping above board and checking out the sound basis of others … Confusion and idealism is strong and there is need to honestly acknowledge the power of the heart now.

The Moon is new on the 11th at 19 degrees of Scorpio, and therefore if SCORPIO born around the 11th-13th of November, this is a good birthday to honour a new beginning. The Moon is full on the 25th at 3 degrees of Gemini. For GEMINIS born around 24/26th May, this a time to recognise the possible closing of chapters and eruptions from self or others can reveal some truths that have been repressed.  For both these signs, the year ahead may well have an ongoing reflection of the energies felt on the day.

The New Moon is for sowing new seed, whilst the Full Moon is for reaping what has been sown,