Thursday, 31 October 2019


Mercury now in Scorpio, is retrograde from the 31st October till November 21st.Everything seems on hold. Although a frustrating time of block, delay and uncertainty, it is actually a period that needs to be used as an opportunity for reflection and a rethink and if necessary, to make adjustments and reassessments of decisions and projects that are pending.
The whole Brexit debacle of course comes to mind.  This retrograde motion will however impact us all in some personal way, according to what it is affecting in our personal charts.

Scorpio is an intense sign, with great emotion, desire and power, so this month’s solar period of the sign of Scorpio, often has a flavour of these qualities globally.  Endings and new beginnings out of the ashes of the old are also likely, for good or ill. Because Scorpio’s ruling planet is Pluto, the issue of power is strong under such an influence.  The word Pluto itself resonates, in terms of its potential for power, when one thinks of Plutonium and Plutocracy. In all issues of power, there is the option of either misuse/abuse of power destructively for self-gratifying purposes, or, for the courageous use of it for the greater universal good. It can destroy or regenerate. Saint or sinner are the two extreme manifestations of Pluto’s power. Motive is everything.

Hence, in a current global context, Pluto still in Capricorn (establishment and economic systems) since 2008 till 2025, has and continues to test the powers that be, in the use of a now global systemic economic power, either for the greater good of all, or for the good of the chosen few. The hubris and nemesis principle always applies with Pluto. Any abuse of power has fallout, that in the long run, always comes back to haunt.

In a natal chart, the position, power of and aspects to Pluto, always shows where one is likely to experience either the potential for positive use or misuse of power, either from others, or from within oneself.

This month, days of greatest danger in terms of misuse of power and bullying on the world stage, are around the 5th, when Mars squares up to Pluto.

Also around 23rd-27th there is troublesome, dangerous unpredictability manifested in both the behaviour of significant players on our planet and also in geophysical eruptions. This is when Mars opposes Uranus.

In the first week of the month, Saturn trines up to Boris Johnson’s Jupiter and sextiles his Neptune, bringing progress, success and practicality to his projects.  Mars also favours him through till the last week. However success then, may tempt him in the last week of the month when Jupiter opposes his Sun and Venus, to push for ambitions and desires, in a way that is potentially very over reaching and self indulgent and driven by a sense of overconfidence and daring. Others will also tempt him in a way he may come to regret.

Donald Trump has Jupiter supporting him till the 20th, but then Saturn squares up to his Jupiter in the last 10 days, bringing significant blocks to plans and unpleasant reality checks about his position and hopes in the world. Pluto is also now creeping up to join Saturn, both of which will oppose his natal Saturn which is ominous indeed for him, starting powerfully from the beginning of next year and this combination of Saturn and Pluto haunts him thereafter for 12 months.

Saturn conjuncts Mercury in England’s constitutional chart (25 December 1066) much of this month, which does not augur well for the economy or its status as a country, but positively it brings to consciousness the realities of difficulties that are created by unwise decisions and focuses minds on the challenges. Late month an unexpected breakthrough is possible in terms of international negotiations.

The USA chart (Independence Day 1776) has an interesting year ahead with Pluto activating by opposition its natal Mercury. Endings of chapters are indicated, not least in terms of its image in the world, and its status. Challenges are significant in terms of its economy and aggressive stances towards and from other countries. Next February will be the beginning of a very important reality check in terms of economic issues. Crisis mode is in the air, not least in terms of its authority figures.

The Full Moon falls on the 12th at 19 degrees of Taurus and the new Moon falls on the 26th at 4 degrees of Sagittarius. Full moons tend to bring eruptions (from the individual and collective unconscious) and endings, whereas the new, brings the birth of the new.


There is no choice but to get rather deep this month as superficiality won’t cut it.

Before the 20th, ongoing financial issues can be confused as Mercury is retrograde. 

However, before the 26th all of you will have Venus at some point trining your Suns which will bring days of happiness and fulfilment and it is also good for travel. 

However, after the 26th, if born up to March 26th, be careful about over-indulgence and over-spending and also falling for charm.  

Before the 19th, Mars is in your opposite sign bringing for all born after April 8th a sense that others are not a walkover and they will challenge you, so tread carefully. 

Jupiter is very well placed now for all born after April 13th.  Travel is particularly highlighted as a very positive experience and there is confidence, growth and luck in your life and academic and legal issues can also bring satisfaction.  

However, Saturn, still in Capricorn, is now challenging the Suns of those born April 5th to 9th, indeed as he did in February /early March and also in July, so this is the final hit for this group of a lesson that needs to be learnt about responsibilities and maturity in dealing with work issues and having to be patient and disciplined to sort out problems.  Also it’s a time to look after the health.  

Pluto is also now challenging those born April 10th to 13th.  Something you are familiar with now on and off since February last year.. This is nearly over., you will be glad to know. This has been a time of some intensity and challenge from within yourself, that has spilled out into areas such as close intimate ties and possibly some struggles re finances.  In fact this has caused some serious reviews of self and your sense of strength and destiny


Relationships figure very strongly as catalysts in your life this month,  but before the 20th communications may be very misplaced or misunderstood in that area. 

After the 26th, all born up to April 25th have Venus harmonising with their Suns, bringing love and happiness and overseas issues figure together and enjoyment of learning is part of the picture.  

After the 19th Mars moves into your opposite sign, signifying that for those born up to April 28th there may then be some confrontations with others who are not to be challenged without a fallout. 

Saturn is trining the Suns now of those born May 5th to 9th, enabling mature, disciplined, constructive, hard work and determination to bring progress and travel, for duty or obligation is possible, but it will be successful.  Its time for some austerity maybe.  

Neptune is currently still spiritualising and sensitising those born May 5th to 9th.  Empathy, compassion, humanitarian and caring qualities are powerful now and your ability to be there for others should not be underestimated.  Creatively this is a wonderful time and to commune with nature is good for you. 

Pluto is also continuing, for another month or so, to trine the Suns of those born May 10th too 13th.;  This long period of empowerment you have experienced since 2018 is now coming to a close, during which time you will have found your feet in terms of what you know is right and what you will defend.  Your inner core is strong now and philosophical understanding has given you courage and power. 

 Uranus is now in your sign and directly influencing those born April 24th-27th. For this group, there is a sense of the restless and the unexpected , which feels quite disorientating and unsettling .. Change is in the air and though unsettling , it has to be embraced , but impulse also needs containing and given  much forethought .


There is much focus on work this month, in which you can shine, but be aware that before the 20th delays and frustrations will demand patience and communications can go awry.  

After the 20th you can move forward as Mercury is retrograde until then. 

Venus, for all of you, is moving through your Solar 7th House this month, suggesting that you will get your portion of affection and much positive input from others. 

Before the 19th, all born after June 8th will have Mars, then in Libra, powering though your solar 5th house, directly benefiting from this will be those born after June 8th. The determination and constructive drive and energy this brings will enable progress in love life, creative pursuits and also positive energy around offspring.

Jupiter is power through your Solar 7th House now, bringing a special luck to all those born after June 13th in terms of very happy evolution and development and good fortune emanating from others and those who you meet.  Internationalism and relationships link too.  Fortune definitely comes from others, romantically and indeed in all contexts.  

Neptune however, for those born June 5th to 9th, continues to be bringing a potential for confusion and smoke and mirrors and even some deceptions from work.  Try and keep grounded and see things clearly and not as you would like to see them and don’t be a martyr to a cause that you are not really happy with.  You need to follow your ideals and what appeals to your heart and also keep grounded, but it is a time when you do realise that you can no longer ignore the power of feelings on the altar of pure logic. 


This is a good month for romance, children’s issues and creativity and for letting the good times roll.  It is important to remember that before the 20th, when Mercury is retrograde, you must check what you have said to people, and that they understand it and that you understand what they say to you, otherwise confusions and delays and mistakes can be problematic.  

However, after the 20th the good times can roll again, particularly if born July 3rd to 11th.

After the 26th also, those born up to June 27th can enjoy extra pleasurable input from other people.  Your popularity and attraction is strong and the world of affection and love opens it’s door to you and you equally are able to give out the same.  

Before the 19th, however, if born after July 9th, tread carefully at home as family issues, or domestic issues can be a little problematic and you are impatient and easily irritated as indeed are others.  Beware impulse also.  

However, after the 19th, for all born up to July 1st, Mars in your Solar 5th House brings passion into your creative and love life and you are eager to go after what you want with some success.  You are energised constructively. 

Saturn, still in your opposite sign of Capricorn, is once again opposing the Suns of those born July 7th to 11th, reminding you of last February and July.  This is the third and final hit or lesson of realising reality checks that other people can bring into your life and where you have to step up to the plate and deal with the necessity principle in relationships.  This is a very grown up time and blocks from other people and restrictions need careful assessment.

 Neptune is is kindly influencing those born around July 6th-8th. bringing increased sensitivity and compassion, and also  potential gain from creative inspiration and  happiness around children. Those born July 12th-15th are in the final chapter of dealing with some power struggles with others, and this needs handling with care, caution and not allowing others to control you, but equally not sinking to their level . Power needs careful use. 


Stabilising your roots is a focus this month, relating to home and family.

Mercury is retrograde until the 20th and before that date there may be misunderstandings, confusions and delays, not of your making, relating to real estate and family.  

After that date you can move forward, but with a warning to all born August 3rd to 11th, that even with Mercury direct, you need tact.

Right up to the 26th however, Venus is in your compatible sign of Sagittarius bringing for all of you at some point a boost of happiness, pleasure, fun and romance.  

Before the 19th, if born after August 10th, your determination in communications is convincing, to others.  

However, after the 19th, if born up to August 1st, beware of conflict and defiance from others in a domestic context and also be aware that you will be stubbornly intransigent, impatient and rash, which will get others’ hackles up.

Fortunately, for those born after August 16th, Jupiter will be very supportive, bringing enjoyment, luck, positivity, optimism, creative skills and possibly romantic opportunities.  

Uranus however, is challenging the lives of those born July 26th to 29th, as he was doing in May and June.  Your status feels unsettled and your ability to control things is undermined.  You are also feeling rebellious.  You don’t like change, but change is in the air.  Beware impulse.  This journey isn’t over until April, so watch and wait. 


Deep thoughts and wisdom is yours this month but beware that before the 20th, patience will be needed as things are delayed and there is a need for review and reflection.  After that date you can move forward, notably if born September 3rd to 11th.  

All month, for all of you, Venus is tempting much self-indulgence and generosity, particularly connected to home, real estate and family.  Enjoy, but with care. 

However, after the 26th, for those born up to August 28th there is a genuine feeling of happiness through children’s and romantic issues and in creative terms.  

After the 19th, for all born up to August 31st, your determination and insight and intelligent action will get you places.  

Jupiter however is currently square to your Sun, directly affecting now those born September 15th to 23rd.  Once again there is a danger for this group of over-optimism, over-indulgence, biting off more than one can chew and over-confidence which is a rare thing for Virgo.  

However a contrast is for all born September 7th to 11th.  Saturn is bringing maturity, groundedness, pragmatism, constructive and useful work and loyalty.  Working hard on creative issues and romantic issues brings great reward.  

Uranus is also beneficial now for those born August 25th to 28th.  As last May and June, there is a sense of awaking and enlightening through travel, other countries and academic issues.  Doors are opening to express your true uniqueness, as is the confidence to go with it. 
Neptune is now opposing the suns of those born September 7th-10th. this warns you to others  clearly and don’t see them as heroes to worship or victims to save.  Nobody is either.  Watch out for smoke and mirrors.

Pluto is still constructive and empowering now for those born September 13th-16th, not least in love life and creatively.


Finances may well be a focus but be aware that before the 20th, when Mercury is retrograde, financial issues can be subject to confusion and delay, thereafter things move more smoothly.

All of you this month will be able to combine charm with brains in order to get understanding and cooperation from other people.  Your communications are very convincing and kind.  

After the 26th, if born up to September 28th, there is danger of excess, generosity and over-indulgence.  

Before the 19th, all born after October have Mars ploughing through their portion of the zodiac bringing assertiveness, competitive skills and determination which can be very destructive so ensure it remains non combative.  

Jupiter is well aspecting the Suns of those born after October 15th.  Wisdom is yours.  Intelligent action, luck and confidence are yours too.  Your communications further you. 

However, in contrast, if born October 7th to 11th, Saturn is creating a few blocks and restrictions, particularly to do with home conditions, family and real estate.  Look after your health, get rest and be patient with blocks and delays, but don’t turn away from challenge.  Step up to the plate and do what is necessary.  

However, Pluto is in his final chapter challenging the Suns of those born October 12th to 15th.  

This has been affecting you on and off since early 2018.  Deep-rooted issues within your self have been rather volcanic and may have manifested in relationship issues.  The struggle for your power, wisdom and independence has been strong and with consciousness you will have handled it well.  Old issues, which have held you back, have to go and the new and the courageous needs to be born. 


 This is your month, so you strengths are inderlined.

However, with Mercury retrograde in your sign be aware, particularly if born November 2nd to 19th that before the 20th, frustrations can abound re finances and patience will be needed.  

However, after the 20th, all born November 2nd to 10th can move forward constructively with intelligent negotiation. 

After the 26th, Venus will be bringing for those born up to October 28th the power of charm, added to your intellect to create a winning argument.  

After the 19th, Mars moves into your sign, which will directly impact all those born up to October 31st.  For this group, determination, intensity, competitive spirit is even stronger than usual.  This can be very helpful but be very aware of competitiveness and control issues creeping in that may be unhelpful.

Saturn however, is a very good influence now on those born November 6th too 10th.  He is bringing much common sense, reality, pragmatism and maturity to your communications and thoughts, which brings deferred gratification.  

Uranus, now in your opposite sign of Taurus for a long haul, is currently opposing the Suns of those born October 25th to 28th, as indeed he was doing last May.  This journey isn’t over until April and is a period where others are bringing unexpected change and challenge in your life.  It may be disturbing, but it ultimately may be liberating.  Life is out of your control and that is not easy for Scorpios.  Be flexible and listen to the message brought to your door by others. 

Neptune is inspiring to those born November 7th to 10th, creatively and empathetically.  Your spiritual side is strong.  And you connection with offspring has a spiritual dimension.  Pluto your ruling planet.. is still supporting  those born  November 12th-15th. This rare sextile is creating insight and truth and effective forensic communication.


Emphasis may well be on privacy and behind the scenes activity and  service to others and after the 20th, when Mercury moves direct, you may feel a little clearer about many things.

Before the 26th, Venus is going though your sign, bringing for you all a sense of happiness, affection, charm and a feel good factor at some in the month. 

Before the 19th, Mars, if born after December 10th, is giving you all courage, determination and focus on achieving your goals, particularly in cooperation with other people. 

Jupiter in your sign now, leaving at the beginning of December, is finally flourishing his favours on those born after December 15th.  For this group, travel, optimism, confidence, luck, positivity, growth and over-confidence potentially is strong, but usually all good. 

Neptune is backtracking a little bit at the moment, now squaring again the Suns of those born December 7th to 9th, as he has been doing, on and off, since last February.

 This transit is over by February and this period just reminds you that you have been experiencing some uncertainty and confusion and a sense of disorientation and tiredness for some months.  It has not been a time for making huge decisions, but for floating to see where life takes you.  Hypersensitivity and a more spiritual view of the world is strong, but vulnerability to self-deception or the deception of others needs to be carefully watched.  The sea, music and the arts and communing with nature are potentially great comforts. 


Pursuing your goals and working with other for humanitarian purposes is underlined, but before the 20th many of you may find that there are blocks and restrictions in that area.  Patience is needed, but after that date you can move forward strongly, notably if born January 1st to 8th.  

After the 26th, Venus moves into your sign favouring all born up to December 27th.  For this group all your charms are underlined and the affections given and received are strong. Your sense of aesthetics is also positive. 

Before the 19th, Mars is squaring the Suns of those born after January 8th.  One needs to be a little bit careful about impulse and impatience, particularly in your professional context.  Tempers are short, yours or others.  

However, after the 19th, for all born up to December 30th, there is a sense of constructive, powerful progress and purpose in whatever you do and your leadership skills are underscored. 

Saturn of course in still in your sign and he is again, as last July/ August and before that in February, squaring the Suns of those born January 5th to 9th.  Blocks, restrictions, low energy and negative thinking are yours, unless you see Saturn as the positive force that he can be in terms of forcing you to face up to facts and change things that need changing.  Look after your health, get rest and have discipline to do what is necessary.  Don’t kick the can down the road. 

Uranus, however, is a helpful force for those born December 25th to 28th.  He is bringing a sense of freedom and a desire for the new and the innovative, not least creatively and romantically

 Neptune is once again inspiring and sensitising the thoughts of those born January 5th-8th as it did early this year. . Your heart needs to figure as much as you rationality, to be happy. .  

Pluto now in the last 10 degrees of your sign,, (every aprox 248 years). This is powerfully affecting those born 10th-13th; you are no stranger to this energy this year.

Remember you are the steward of power not the owner of it . In tense experiences are rather fated now and endings are followed by regeneration, if you trust.  Wrong use of energy and power however can come back to confront you..


Career may be a focus and before the 20th, while Mercury is retrograde many of you may be feeling very frustrated and blocked on that level.  

However, after the 20th, all born February 1st to 8th will feel that there is progress, but it will not be a walk in the park. 

Before the 26th, social life will get a boost.  Love and affections from friends and group cooperation is very constructive and brings joy. Popularity is yours.  

Before the 19th, Mars is very constructive for those born after February 7th and brings energy and drive in study, philosophical pursuits and particularly international dealings and travel.  Enthusiasm, vigour and success in indicated.  

However, after the 19th, for all born up to January 29th, you need to tread carefully in your professional capacity as short tempers and impatience is in the ether, yours and others. 

Jupiter is smiling on those born after February 12th.  This is a very sociable time.  Popularity is in the air and generosity from you to friends and friends to you, is strong and your goals are blessed with luck and expansion. 

Uranus, your ruler, is however, now squaring the Suns of those born January 23rd to 26th.  This is bringing restlessness and a desire for rebellion and to be more uniquely true to you, notably on the domestic front.  Change is in the air.  Innovation is too but it may be a little disruptive, but ultimately it can be liberating.  There is certainly an awakening to the new and an outside the box uniqueness that you need to express., which is typical of your sign. 


Internationalism, study and travel is in the air in a positive way, as are possibly legal issues too. 

Before the 20th however, there may be frustrations and delays, but after the 20th all born 1st to 9th March are feeling that headway is positive and satisfying, not least in  related to long distance, legal and academic issues.  

After the 26th, Venus is suggesting that those born up to February 25th are being very advantaged by the inclusivity of others and others’ warm responses.  Your ability to achieve your goals with harmony and satisfaction is also strong.  You gain admiration and affection. 

After the 19th, Mars also in inspires the energy very constructively of all those born up to February 28th.  Your determination, ambition and goals will not be thwarted and you achieve things with very constructive energy and drive, particularly in a leadership capacity.  Intelligent action is yours. 

Jupiter is squaring the Suns now of those born after March 13th.  This will create a tendency to overreach, over-enthuse, overdo or even misjudge a situation.  Self-indulgence is strong and over-ambition at work needs some caution.  The good times rol, but a price could be paid and over-confidence may create resentment from others. 

However, Saturn is being a real cautionary note for those born March 5th to 9th., but in a good way. He is bringing a sensible, grounded pragmatic approach to your communications that work well for you in the long term.  

For those born February 22nd to 25th, Uranus is bringing insight and intuition and eureka moments of understanding about your own uniqueness and its value.

 Neptune, ruler if your sign, is so powerful now in influence on those born March 5th-8th . There is a powerful idealism and potential escapism as well as sensitivity to life and a sort of divine discontent can be very powerful. Positively it emphasises compassion, empathy, intuition, almost psychic powers and great appreciation of and talents in understanding of beauty, nature and the arts.. Negatively it can lead to negative escapism and self-delusion.   The body is very sensitive too (as is the soul) , and needs care and sleep is needed .. The sea can figure strongly in terms of its draw too.

 Finally Pluto is a real boost to those born March 10th-13th.  A power drive that is intelligent and insightful is at work, positively. This will be channelled well, especially in a leadership role when working for and with others.. People with powerful influence can also be very supportive to your progress and goals..