Friday, 1 November 2013


 By Leigh Oswald (London-based Astrologer and Teacher)

Uranus and Pluto are once again squaring each other as they have been doing on and off since Spring 2011.This is indicative of the current social stresses and strains on our planet that have been growing significantly since the economic crisis of 2007/8. It very much impacts the States and England. With Jupiter in Cancer there is current protection for the USA, but next year things do get tougher.

Mercury moves direct on the 10th, having been retrograde since October 11th, and that would suggest that much that has been put on hold and many frustrations that have been in the air, particularly re economics, will feel more smooth-running and more resolved… although in fact it really is not. Mercury retrograde is a period essentially when things are put on hold to force us to rethink our goals, strategy, values and timing. It is much more than just an annoying frustration and delay. .

Jupiter in Cancer moves retrograde on the 7th, suggesting that value systems may shift and there may well be a more humanitarian sensitivity showing itself on the planet, but no doubt this will be relatively brief or ineffective, so long as we are told we are “in economic recovery,” which is the only goal we apparently are supposed to focus on and care about.

Neptune moves direct on the 13th putting focus on; and accelerating the need to develop more awareness on the importance of nature and its preservation and particularly the health of the oceans. Also Mars being in Virgo all month, which is the sign of purity, may accelerate consciousness of ecological and environmental issues. The divide between the general population, who in their collective unconscious now just know in their waters/gut (Neptune in Pisces) that the ongoing ruthless exploitation of and the destruction of the planet in the name of economic progress is plain wrong and can only lead to our own destruction, are in sharp contrast to the “consciousness” of big multinationals who care only about mega profits (Pluto in Capricorn), with no regard to our collective tomorrows.

All extremes are pathological, whether it be ruthless state controlled communism, or ruthless, big business controlled super capitalism, they are both forms of totalitarianism by a tiny minority, an oligarchy, which destroy democracy. The power of the average individual is increasingly undermined.

When Communism inevitably and rightly fell, the true concept of democratic socialism, or social democracy was tacitly (and conveniently) banished along with it, which gave the total green light to unregulated, globalised, neo capitalism being the only game left to play on the planet (Pluto in Sagittarius). This inevitably, with no holds barred, subsequently led to the abuse of economic power (Pluto in Capricorn) and the crash of 2008. The same forces/habits/, behaviour are still being pursued that led up to the crash, so another one will be repeated… and soon.

The definition of insanity, according to Einstein, is to keep doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

All extremes of ideology have the seeds of their own destruction in built, bit unfortunately the damage they do in the meanwhile, can destroy so much and so many.

Pluto is nothing, if not but tenacious in its clinging onto power; and from Capricorn (establishment economic forces) there is a ruthless intransigence.

Unregulated, unfettered faceless market forces have largely little social or environmental conscience, and yet there is an equal and opposite force within the souls of many, that wish to reclaim the power of the individual to influence social and environmental justice. That is the big issue that the current long standing Uranus in Aries (power of the individual) square to Pluto in Capricorn  (corporate financial power) is reflecting. 

Neptune, so strong in its own home sign of Pisces, is also concomitantly operating on the collective unconscious in one of two ways. Either, for some, it operates as a force for collective escapism (Pisces), through alcohol /drugs/consumerism/partying etc, as a reaction to an overwhelming sense of powerlessness to redress what is wrong, (alongside a self protective denial) while alternatively, it can operate for others, as a spiritual force of deep awareness of our totally skewed value system and the passionate hunger for a revolutionary enlightenment and a shift of fundamental values.

The two frames of mind of course can coexist and alternate within an individual (or group).

We have a solar eclipse on the 3rd at 12° of Scorpio. A solar eclipse can only happen on a new Moon and it is, in traditional astrological understanding, when dark energies are allowed to escape from the Earth and the new can be reborn, which is hopeful.

The full Moon in Taurus on the 17th as with all full Moons indicates an eruption of stresses that need to be expressed, and it falls at 26° of Taurus.

Interestingly both Taurus and Scorpio are signs connected with money, as opposed to the established economic system as such, which is a Capricorn concern.

ARIES March 21st - April 20th

November is a time when you cannot be superficial, when you have to be more profound in your understanding and connect with other people on a deeper level, and if necessary help others, using the power of your resources, psychologically, spiritually or in whichever way, and this is particularly true in terms of communication depth. This will be most effective after the 10th when Mercury moves direct.

Before the 5th many of you may find if born after April 14th that travel and romance go hand in hand and a passion for learning is inspired and your charms enhance your working potential.

If born April 9th to12th, Jupiter is bringing an element of luxury and self-indulgence to enhance life, but moderation may well be needed and don’t be over-confident. Excessive spending on family and domestic issues may be a temptation.

Meanwhile Uranus is sitting fairly and squarely on the Suns of those born March 28th to 31st and Pluto is also directly affecting this same group. This is a massive combination of transits that truly only happens once in a lifetime. Life is a whirlwind of change and the unexpected. You are struggling with your own power, how to deal with it, what to do with it, where to go with it and others are aiding and abetting that struggle. All you know is that change has to come and it is being forced upon you in some way, both internally and externally. This is a necessary journey, although probably not in your script.

You are awakening to new truths, new understandings and realising that you have to be conscious, not impulsive, and accept that a new chapter has to be born, even though you have to go through challenges to get there. A healing and awakening is promised in the future This long haul that is nearly at an end. This journey, though testing, is empowering. You will be a much stronger person as a result, because you have had to face some devils in self and others, and you needed to do so, for your own evolutionary path.

TAURUS April 21ST - May 20th

When the Sun is in your 7th house as it is now, it’s all about other people and their power to influence your life. If born between May 1st and 14th many of you feel that others are at cross-purposes in communications before the 10th, so if you want to get heard, after then is best.

After the 5th when Venus is in Capricorn, all born up to May 13th can experience a combining of love and or creativity with travel. A feeling of well being and affection is in the air.

Also all born April 30th to May 19th have Mars supporting them, bringing an extra desire to live life to the full and you will not take no for an answer. Romantically you are proactive, and creatively and artistically this is a wonderfully energetic and productive time.

If born May 9th to 12th, Jupiter is on your side, bringing wisdom, optimism, positivity and generosity from others. A sense of inner wisdom prevails, which goes beyond academia.

Saturn is still in your opposite sign of Scorpio and is leaning quite hard on those born May 3rd to 9th. Others are oppressive or disappointing, and obligations and duties loom. It’s a time to try and not see the cup as half empty, but work hard to make it half full. You are seeing situations and people clearly beneficially now. Retain self-esteem and do what ‘s necessary.

Pluto is magnificent however if born April 29th to May 2nd. He is bringing a profundity of understanding and power to your elbow and a will to regenerate and long distance influences can be key to this. Intensity of study can lead to real insight.

Neptune is lending a real connection on a telepathic and empathetic level, with friends and leadership abilities are enhanced through psychic sensitivity to others. Pursue artistic urges

The solar eclipse of the 3rd will be felt by those born around the May1st to 3rd, as an event that can correlate with a significant new chapter in personal life, whilst the full Moon of the 17th suggests that if born May 16th –17th   you may need to confront some difficult facts re significant others.

GEMINI May 21st - June 20th

November is a time for focusing on rationalising work, office, organisation, routine and the well-being of colleagues which can be done successfully. It is also a very good time to ensure that your health is as maximised as possible. Saturn also still in your solar 6th house is exhorting you all to be conscious of health issues and to work steadily but consciously to look after the body and maximise its harmony and to be very organised and structured in the work environment. Wherever Saturn is we have an obligation to work hard.

When Mercury moves direct after the 10th you can be particularly successful and constructive in all these areas. Prior to that there can be some confusion and lack of conclusion.

Before the 5th Venus in your solar 7th house augurs well for all those born after June 15th. Love life is stimulated and affections are highlighted.

However Mars is in an uncomfortable angle to your sign in Virgo, directly affecting those born May 30th to June 19th. There seems to be some trouble on the home front. Family and those with whom one shares home space and real estate issues aren’t exactly serene. Your own impatience and irritation is also unhelpful. You are stressed and intolerant and this is catching. Be aware.

For all born May 23rd to 25th there is a feeling that Neptune is maintaining his ability to confuse when it comes to your goals professionally, and others are not necessarily as trustworthy as they seem, or at least there is the potential for misunderstandings. Don’t be too idealistic about what you can expect and keep grounded.

Uranus is currently bring real eureka moments and intuition and also opportunities for experiencing liberating new ideas, people and activities and a sense of new belief in self and your ideological passions, if born May 29th –June 1st.  New friends and contacts can be catalysts.

CANCER June 21st - July 21st

This is a month for creativity, romance and celebration of life, as the Sun passes through your solar 5th house. If born July 1st to 16th you may find that it is after the 10th when you really feel the fulfilment you seek in this area. Before that time communications in romance and with children can be a little complicated.

After the 5th when Venus moves into your opposite sign of Cancer, for all born up to July 15th there is definitely a feeling of the power of love and affection from others enhancing your life, and you are also very much reaching out to others with a reciprocating affection.

Mars is helpful now if born June 30th to July 20th. He is bringing power to your communications. You are ideologically passionate, and intelligent action and thought go hand-in-hand.

Jupiter in your sign is currently really powerfully positive for those born July 11th to 14th. He is bringing a once every 12-year sense of growth (inner or outer), travel, luck, happiness and radiance and optimism. Savour!

Neptune can be a real gift still, if born June 21st to 23rd.  He brings dreams and ideals that can be aspired to and empathy and compassion and a spiritual sensitivity that truly inspire and enhance you relations with life, the planet and others..

Meanwhile, if born June 29th to July 3rd Uranus and Pluto are making their presence felt hugely. This is a turbulent time with change, restlessness and unpredictable events and challenges from others all in the air. This evolution in your life is necessary for whatever reason. Be conscious, mature and try and understand the deeper meaning and accept that any endings of chapters that seem unavoidable are ultimately healing and empowering. .

LEO July 22nd – August` 22nd

Real estate and family and domestic issues are a focus this month and if born August 3rd to 16th, much communication may be necessary on that front, but before the 10th there can be misunderstandings and a definite feeling of dysfunction when it comes to getting heard. After that date, things ease, but delays and confusions may be in the air before.

Use the window before the 5th if born after August 17th for romantic opportunities and creative skill when Venus is compatible.

It is also important and has been for some time for your sign, to ensure that finances are thoroughly examined and practically rationalised, and this month, much energy can successfully be put into that very thing as Mars highlights your financial sector currently.

If born August 5th to 11th, Saturn is giving you a little bit of a test. Domestic issues are tough, family members are harsh schoolteachers; you are feeling tired and if you have avoided certain realities they are crowding in on you now. Work patiently, hard and with discipline to do what is necessary. You will be very glad of the better infrastructure you achieve later.

However if born July 31st to August 3rd, Uranus is very much inspiring you. He is bringing you a desire to take flight, travel to other lands, escape limitation, and make a new innovative start and to think outside the box. Your intuition is pretty sound and your sense of uniqueness needs honouring. Frustrations building for some time can now be released constructively through a new direction forged …and the timing feels just right. Broadening intellectual and metaphysical horizons are all part of the liberating journey Jupiter in your solar 12th house suggests that a very private guardian angel is protective. Reversals are to your advantage and enemies can become friends somehow.

VIRGO August 23rd - September 21st

Your mind is unusually sharp this month, particularly if born September 1st to 22nd but it won’t be until after the 10th when you really feel that your intellect gets heard and understood. It is also possible before the 10th, that communications, computers, vehicles; messages all just somehow let you down.

After the 5th if born up to September 15th, love life, leisure, enjoyment and the arts can all be very full on in your life and a sense of harmony with others is underlined.

Mars is in your sign this month, directly impacting all born September 1st to 20th. This implies an extra assertive energy that you possess and you will not be a shrinking violet and your normal self-effacement will be reduced. Competitive, compassionate drive is yours – handle it wisely and beware over assertiveness or even of rather full on energy from others.

Jupiter is also very much affecting those born September 11th to 14th bringing blessings from friends and from people from other cultures. Your social skills are underlined and generosity from others is significant. Protection is in the air. Romance is enhanced by luck and generosity.

However if you are born September 5th to 11th there is seriousness necessary in life currently. Careful thinking, academic study, grown-up discipline, austerity and integrity are all yours to benefit from.

Finally Neptune is still hanging around the Suns of those born August 25th to 27th. Smoke and mirrors and elements of deception still need to be carefully watched out for. Don’t be martyrs to others; your sensitivity can be taken advantage of. Use it rather than let it use you. Check the small print in all agreements and check others credentials. Get sleep and enjoy the healing power of music, film and being near the sea.

LIBRA September 22nd - October 23rd

Focusing on putting your house in order financially can be very productive. Thinking long and hard about money values and constructing your life with this in mind can be rewarding, but it may be after the 10th when you are able to see more clearly when Mercury moves direct. Before that time, finances could feel slightly confused and the cheque may not be in the post.

After the 5th many of you may feel very inclined to beautify your home, spending time in it and entertaining there, as that is where your heart and aesthetic sense is lying.

Before the 5th, many of you, especially if born after October 18th find yourself expressing yourself to others in a very harmonious way.

However because Mars is in your solar 12th house this month, it is important not to allow yourself to seethe with resentment. Passive aggression serves no one well. This is a time to say what you think and feel, calmly at the right time to the right person.

Be wary if born October 12th to 15th of being over-confident at work or with too high expectations and a general self-indulgence is in the air for this group.

If born October 1st to 4th others are bringing some chaos or unpredictability into your life. You cannot second-guess their actions and they are making you feel insecure, but in fact their purpose is to force you to kick-start yourself into a freer, better future. In the meantime, hang loose, stay flexible. Also, this same group have Pluto on their case and that will also include those born October 4th. Big changes are in the offing, including domestic shifts. Endings of chapters are in sight and just be aware that power struggles need handled with care, calm and wisdom and force you to grow in wisdom. Free your self from shackles with dignity and transform your self. Phoenixes want to rise.

SCORPIO October24th - November 21st

This is your solar return period (birthday) a time to shine, and if born November 2nd to 16th your intellect is sharp. Only after the 10th will the fruits of your mind manifest. Before then, communications are not fully grasped.

Money focus is very strong before the 5th and after that date, many of you will find, especially if born up to November 15th, that your heart joins your mind equalling extra charm.

Mars, your co-ruler benefits you if born November 1st to 20th. He enables intelligent cooperation with others, leadership skills, drive, energy and constructive courageous action..

For those born November 11th to 14th, Jupiter is very much smiling down on you, particularly enhanced travel and brings wisdom to bear and happiness and luck re increased understanding and learning. Long-distance news pleases.

Saturn in your sign, sits now right on the Suns of those born November 5th to 11th. For this group, life is serious and tough and you can no longer avoid some learning and reality checks. Austerity, self-discipline, hard work and maybe some karma need facing. No kicking this can down the road. You are forced to face facts and do what is necessary. Bite the bullet.

However for those born November 1st to 4th, your ruler Pluto is very much supporting you in his rare transit to your Sun. He is bringing a profundity and investigative insight into truths that serve you well, not only in wisdom and action, but also brings will power to achieve things.

Neptune brings ongoing romantic and creative idealism if born October 25th to 27th.

A solar eclipse falls in Scorpio on the 3rd at 11 degrees of Scorpio, affecting those born November 3rd to   5th. This is a time of new starts, new focus and new resolution. The full Moon falls on the 17th and will bring for those born around November17th an insight into some simmering energies at work in relationships that need confronting.

SAGITTARIUS November22nd - December21st

This is a time for some retreat and reflection, and maybe some visitation of the past would be in order. A need to commune with your soul, and communications with others may be rather secretive and private. However after the 10th you can think more clearly and have a little more sense of belonging to the world when Mercury moves direct and so others are beginning to read from the same hymn sheet as you.

Before the 5th all born after December 16th have Venus enhancing their lives. Love, harmony and creative abilities feel strong and after the 5th there is a sense of possibly more financial security.

However if born December 4th to 20th, Mars is creating a few stresses and strains work-wise. Others are irritating or coercive and disagreements are possible. It is important that you are not too assertive yourself, but you will need to stand up for what you believe in.

With Saturn in your 12th house now, many of you may find it hard to ask for help when there are problems. Overcome this feeling.

Meanwhile, those born the first two days of December have Uranus inspiring romantically, creatively and re children’s issues. You really need to think of ways of liberating your energy now in innovative directions, so that it fits more authentically who you are.

If born around November 24th to 26th ensure that you are seeing people clearly and that you are not deceiving yourself, or that others are not weaving some smoke and mirrors around you. Keep grounded; avoid excessive indulgence and addictive behaviour. Check the small print. Neptune is still at work.

CAPRICORN December 22nd - January 19th

Social life and friendships matter a lot this month in terms of support given and enjoyment brought, notably if born between January 1st and 14th, and issues that are pertinent early October get revisited around the 9th and 10th.

Venus moves into your sign on the 5th auguring well for all born up to January 13th. You look good, feel good, you feel the warmth of other peoples’ affections and your aesthetic sensitivities are heightened. Cupid is also in the air and charms accented.

If born between December 31st and January 18th, Mars is also on your side, inspiring philosophical understanding, wisdom, constructive action and energy. It is also good for active travel that has a purpose and which can evoke passion.

Jupiter is very much favouring those born January 9th to 12th now. He is bringing indulgence, expansion and unusual optimism to your door, and other people are very much catalysts for this. Luxury and generosity, on offer from others, is in the air. Beware over expansion and too high expectations

Uranus however is still creating some turmoil in the lives of those born in the last few days of December. The unexpected is in the air and with Pluto also affecting this same group, including those born January 1st; there is a sense of a real change in life and in intensity. This is an evolutionary period of your soul. Endings of chapters and a sense of the new, which maybe slightly scary are all in the air, but destiny is at work. Rise to the occasion and acknowledge the need to claim your power, without abusing it..

Neptune is bringing a delicate flowering of the heart if born December 23rd –25th. Creative gifts flourish and you heart overcomes the power of pure ego and materialism, and won’t be denied.

AQUARIUS January 20th - February 18th

Focus on professional skills is important now and you have to shine even if reluctantly. Communications re work issues and negotiations ideally should take place after the 10th when Mercury smoothes the path. Before that time colleagues or associates just don’t seem too available and progress on career projects can be help up  (for good reasons that maybe invisible to you).

Before the 5th if born after February 13th social life can be pleasing, but after the 5th a little down time, alone time, privacy and behind-the-scenes empathy and compassion serve you well.

Many of you this month may be focusing on complex financial issues. Energy put into rationalising this and paying bills, taxes, sorting out insurances etc. will all serve you well.

If born February 1st to 7th issues can feel a little like climbing uphill – one step forward, two steps back. Anxiety and lack of confidence may surround efforts and thoughts. Look after the body, get sleep and know that what is demanded of you currently is what is necessary and real. The karmic schoolteacher, Saturn, is at work and he really is ultimately a friend in disguise as an uncomfortable despot

However if born the last two days of January, Uranus who is your ruling planet, is inspiring you to a greater need for freedom, authenticity, innovation and lateral thinking, gifts that belong to your sign anyway. There is a bit of a genius streak going on and you should trust your intuition. This once every 42-year transit by your ruling planet can kick-start you through some awakening experience or influence, into a better future where freedom and your uniqueness can be more greatly honoured.

PISCES February19th – March 20th

This is a great month for a trip away or for studying happily. The higher mind is enhanced but after the 10th may be the most successful and glitch-free time for these activities as then Mercury resumes normal motion, i.e. goes direct, and if born March 1st to 14th, your mind is in great shape and communications far afield are in the air.

After the 5th all born up to March 13th have a vibrant social life and friends come up trumps.

However Mars stalking your solar 7th house of relationships indicates that for all born between March 1st and 18th there is a danger that others will be confrontational or at least irritable, so be careful you don’t exacerbate this situation.

Jupiter is truly enhancing, if born March 9th to 12th. Harmony, luck and happiness surrounds creative ventures and romance and fertility is in the air. A sense of protection is around.

For those born March 3rd to 9th, hard constructive work is on the agenda and brings deferred gratification. This is a grown-up period.

Blessed are those born February 28th to March 2nd as Pluto is empowering them in a way that gives them leadership ability, influence over others, intelligent insight and the power of self-reinvention and determination. Exploit!
Neptune, your ruler is currently and rarely going through your sign and is directly affecting, (as he has for a few years) those born around Feb 21st/22nd. For this group there has been and continues to be, an immersion in Pisces archetypal qualities. Positively this truly inspires, both creatively and spiritually and also brings exquisite (almost painful) hypersensitivity to others and even to other dimensions. The danger is self-deception, projection, over idealism and being taken in by smoke and mirrors created by others.  Enjoy music, film, the arts, and exploit your compassion and empathy but avoid excessive escapism and keep it real..