Friday, 31 January 2020


All the planets, especially the outer planets (Pluto, Neptune and Uranus) and Saturn, which links the outer planets to the inner planets, have negative and positive manifestations.. There is a dark side and a light side. Too often on the world stage the effect is dark. The concept of good and evil, is a man made one, which derived necessarily from religion originally, and now largely emanating from a positive humanitarian belief in the need for a moral compass and for love, respect and cooperation; and the realisation of what goes wrong, when that principle is ignored.   The definition of good action by some however, can be seen as bad by others, especially to those in power, so we are never in total harmony on that one, as a human race.

Astrologically, that means that our attitude to the use of power (planetary) when strong in our lives can be variable to individuals, especially to those in power. A classic example, (apart from the obvious potential for misuse of narcissistic power, when Pluto is involved) is the power of Neptune.

Neptune rules Pisces and is now in Pisces (every 165 years), so doubly strong..It has been there since 2012 and stays till 2025.  Pisces and Neptune, when in negative mode (as we define it) represent confusion, deception, trickery, smoke and mirrors, uncertainty and illusion/delusion about what is real or not. I think there is no doubt that we are and have been feeling, that we are living in what has been called a post truth period, building over the last 6/7 years or so. Social media (Neptune) and many of our leaders and their people now have become excellent at representing lies as truth, and truth as lies.  As a result, there is a feeling in a populist sense, that you can just choose to believe whatever suits what you want to believe … and it has split countries, conveniently.

Positively of course, Neptune in Pisces (sensitivity) has brought to our attention the power of nature, its importance and fragile beauty and also of the sea (Neptune), and its need for protection in our climate crisis times. .. Pisces rules the emotions and brings empathy for the pure and simple… However that is an inconvenient truth, to those who want to pursue the old fossil fuel consumerist obsession… so the battle between the positive and negative manifestations of Neptune in Pisces is massive.

Neptune rules no boundaries (sea) and hence in Pisces, it has truly underlined the powers of and the downside of globalisation. The Corona virus, is therefore now such a global issue.. This nemesis results from the hubris of the Chinese using/misusing live animals in markets and we can all pay the price as a result.  We cannot isolate ourselves from global issues any more. We are all connected.

The way astrology presents the manifestation of the outcome of ways we choose to use the energies of the planets, is exactly via the principle of hubris and its eventual nemesis. This is both Shakespearean and a biblical concept and manifestastion.

Pluto and Saturn have now seriously and very rarely, shaken hands in Capricorn and will stay in partnership till late March and then reunite in July till mid/late December this year.  The power of either the potential conflict between these two, or their potential cooperation cannot be underestimated.

It is the clash of power (Pluto) with the necessary limitations of power (Saturn). This can be a cooperative combination, or a colossal fight between the two.

This therefore is manifesting in either the force of the necessity principle and reality check principle of Saturn, being in direct conflict with the potential of the pure egotistical abuse of the self serving power of Pluto. Hence a huge symbolic battle and divide is indicated.

 However, this combining of planets has been called the “aspect of the magician” when it positively manifests.  That is represented by the acceptance of the necessity for hard work, discipline, focus and the long term wisdom of Saturn, combining cooperatively with the positive side of Pluto, which is the determined, healing and unselfish, transformational power potential of that planet, and therefore used for the necessary greater good of all, i.e. essentially for planet Earth.

 If the clash brings out the negative side of Pluto, it in many ways, is like an archetypal battle between good and evil, which there has been many times, but this time it is global and affects our very survival as a human race, especially in a growing post truth and post democratic era.  

We face as a planet collectively now, as never before, the real test of how we use our power. Misuse will bring certain global nemesis. This battle threatens our planet totally, environmentally and indeed morally.

We all have to be reminded, the hard way it seems, that we need nature, but nature does not need us.

Because Capricorn rules establishments, especially the economic establishment, it is in the area of value systems that we are being truly tested and forced into understanding the priorities we need to adopt about what really matters in the long term. Short-term self-interests in economics are so often blind and destructive.

England is a Capricorn country, and indeed our royalty, a huge part of our establishment identity, is in a bit of a crisis, as the conflicting needs and interests of a young, relatively anti establishment couple, are finding themselves having to separate from the established status they find themselves in… which has become untenable for them.

 Meghan has transiting Saturn and Pluto opposing her ascendant currently, which affects massively all her significant relationships, and which are therefore currently being considerably tested and serious decisions have been made out of necessity. This Pluto transit will be in place for her on and off till December 2021. It will be a powerful and challenging transition for her.

 Her Saturn conjuncts her Moon (her ruling planet) at birth and Saturn rules her marriage house. She was always destined to have a marriage, which would bring hard choices in life about her spouse’s duties/life and its impact on her own personal freedom.

When Harry was born he had Saturn opposition his Moon (challenging events related to women/mother). His Moon rules his 7th house of marriage and significant relationships with women. When born, his Saturn (his ruling planet, as he has Capricorn rising) conjuncts his midheaven (duty and status) but its clash with the Moon, ruling his relationship house, inevitably would create a real conflict between his public status/duty as a royal, and his personal life and relationships with significant women. Choices have to be made. His experience surrounding his mother’s death certainly created a real and understandable lasting resentment towards the media and its implications for the lives of royalty.

As Harry travelled to Canada to join is wife and child late last month, he had Jupiter crossing his ascendant (every 12 years) a good omen for a sense of relief, pride and fulfilment, for now.

Trump is in the middle of his Pluto opposition his natal Saturn (every 248 years) and now Saturn has joined it, therefore opposing its own place exactly from the 14th –24th of last month.  This is a momentous combining and challenge, and as I have said before, it is as big as it gets for him as an existential and literal challenge.

This month, Saturn also moves to oppose his Venus in the first 10 days (every 30 years, and it repeats next September and October). Venus rules his public standing/position. He will be sorely challenged in status, but because of his personality type, he is likely to power through, as he seems impervious to pressures others would find impossible to cope with. Events then will be powerful and most people in power would, with this influence, be brought to their knees. However,Trump and his support base will defy normal limitations to power and their responses to events will likely be immoveable.  Saturn represents humility , but Pluto can defy it . This is all that is ominous about the power of Pluto combined with Saturn in Capricorn now, especially in concert with the parallel Neptune effect.

However, people defy Saturn , especially in its current position, with great risk, as Saturn is the lord of karma, as is Capricorn the sign of karma.

England, because of its Capricorn  rulership will be tested profoundly in terms of international relations, its status, and in its economy. Significantly, this will be strong next month, July and December, when Saturn conjuncts it’s natal Venus.

The fallout of Brexit will be more challenging than many think. Also from March, Boris Johnson has Neptune starting to square his natal Mercury, with him on and off for a full year. Confusion, smoke and mirrors, selective perception and deceptive circumstances from self and others, and being economical with the truth, will be rife in his life… not least, around international, trade negotiations and legal issues.

Affecting us all, Mercury moves retrograde in Pisces on the 17th and stays that way till March 10th. When Mercury is retrograde we all experience in some area of life (where Mercury is transiting in our personal chart) a period of delay or blockage and some frustration. In fact it is a time to re-evaluate our goals and our ways of doing things. Patience and self-reflection is needed.  Communications can also go very awry and clarity is elusive, so double check.

Mars in Sagittarius till the 17th certainly activates many Gemini’s energy, in terms of challenge and it indicates some confrontation from others for the two Geminis; Trump and Johnson. For Trump, that is in the first week and for Johnson it manifests at the end of the second week.

This month however generally, seems actually relatively calm and indeed seemingly constructive, compared to January, but around the 29th when Venus squares up to Pluto there are power struggles and some obsessive self interests manifest then.
The Moon is full on the 9th at 20 degrees of Leo and new on the 23rd at 4 degrees of Pisces.   Eruptions of the unconscious and endings are typical of the full Moon, whilst the new Moon brings the new and the innovative. One should sow on the new and we reap on the full.