Monday, 1 October 2012

PISCES            FEBRUARY 19th - 20th MARCH

Saturn’s shift into Scorpio is quite a constructive movement for your sign as it is in harmony with you. It brings serious issues to bear, connected to overseas and long-distance interests and events, and also brings a sense of responsibility, obligation and discipline in academic or spiritual pursuits. Serious but constructive is the message, and initially this month those feeling this are born February 19th to 23rd, but you will all be so touched at some time over the next 2½ years.

Emphasis on Scorpio generally implies long-distance connections for many of you this month, and between the 5th and 29th. Intellectual curiosity and satisfaction is definitely underlined for you all.

Before the 7th when Mars is in Scorpio, all born after March 15th will be very driven and successfully productive connected to pushing out boundaries in travel or thinking and academic pursuits. After the 7th, all born up to March 9th need to have a care about being too reckless in work. Impatience and impulsiveness can be counterproductive.

Also, those born March 5th to 8th should be aware that Jupiter currently is bringing a sense of being a little OTT in behaviour and indulgence on the home and family front, but celebrations and enjoyments do rather abound.

Neptune is currently in your sign and very powerfully so, and is therefore exquisitely intense for those born around February 19th. This is an influence that has been around for some time and will continue until the beginning of 2013. For this group your Pisces tendencies will be exaggerated to the nth degree. A divine homesickness, a divine discontent, a longing for some ideal and a great gentleness, sensitivity and an ability to absorb everything like a sponge are all really profoundly underlined. The sea and music are your food now and the visual sense is huge. For some of you, psychic experiences and spiritual insights are likely, but it is vital to keep grounded, to not escape and to not let the extra hypersensitivity drag you down. Use it to help elevate others by your compassion, empathy, sensitivity and insight. For some of you your body may become extra sensitive to things like alcohol, so have a care as purity is all now.

For those born February 24th to 27th, Pluto is now in harmonious relationship in his rare connection to your Sun. Your power now in a destined way to be a mover and shaker to others should not be underestimated, and your incisive intellect is honed. Use this power well for others and you will be hugely fulfilled. Regenerative and transformative insights can work wonders for many and indeed for you.

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